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Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea: By the Numbers

17 – Shots by Arsenal v. Chelsea
4 – Shots on goal by Arsenal v. Chelsea
17 – Shots per game average by Arsenal in 2012-2013
4.5 – Shots on goal per game average by Arsenal in 2012-2013
8.2 – Number of shots Arsenal average from distance per game in 2012-2013
8 – Number of shots Arsenal hit from distance against Chelsea
10 – Percent of Arsenal shots that they are converting into goals in 2012-2013
12 – Percent of Arsenal shots that they converted into goals in 2011-2012
6 – Percent of the opposition shots that Arsenal are conceding as goals in 2012-2013
12 – Percent of the opposition shots that Arsenal conceded as goals in 2011-2012
10.83 – Number of shots per game that Arsenal’s opposition are averaging in 2012-2013
10 – Number of shots Chelsea took against Arsenal
3 – Number of shots on goal per game that Arsenal’s opposition are averaging in 2012-2013
3 – Number of shots on goal Chelsea took against Arsenal
67 – Percent of those shots on goal that Chelsea scored
4 – Shots by Cazorla v. Chelsea
3.8 – Shots per game average by Cazorla
23 – Total shots by Cazorla in the League in 2012-2013
1 – Goals scored by Cazorla in 2012-2013
89 – Total shots Cazorla took in 38 games in La Liga in 2011-2012
9 – Goals scored by Cazorla in La Liga in 2011-2012

Chelsea midfield just slightly more efficient 

(Mata’s goal should be counted as a Koscielny own goal, but it’s not.)

3 – Offsides for each of Gervinho and Torres¹
4 – Total number of times Gervinho has been flagged offside this season
1 – Shots on goal by each of Torres and Gervinho¹
52 – Touches by Torres
34 – Touches by Gervinho
91 – Touches by Gibbs¹
81 – Touches by Jenkinson (second most for Arsenal)
72 – Touches by Mata²
70 – Touches by Hazard (second most for Chelsea)
0 – Touched by an angel

3 – Number of times Gervinho was dispossessed²
2 – Number of times Aaron Ramsey was dispossessed
1 – Number of times Santi Cazorla was dispossessed
6 – Number of times Juan Mata was dispossessed¹
5 – Number of times Oscar was dispossessed
0 – Number of turnovers by Aaron Ramsey
2 – Number of turnovers by Gervinho²
3 – Number of successful dribbles by Ramsey² (of 7 attempts)
0 – Number of successful dribbles by Gervinho (of 4 attempts)
5 – Number of successful dribbles by Eden Hazard¹ (of 6 attempts)
0 – Number of successful rabona’s by Eden Hazard
8 – Tackles by Gibbs¹ (of 9 attempts!)
4 – Tackles by Arteta
4.5 – Tackles per game average by Arteta
4 – Arteta’s rank in Premier League in tackles per game
5 – Interceptions by Gibbs¹
3.8 – Interceptions per game by Gibbs
3 – Gibbs’ rank in Premier League in interceptions per game


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All data via Opta sites and my personal databases

¹Lead both teams
²Lead just his team
³Leads the League

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Boombastic Shaggy

1 – Number of gunnersaurus that refused to shake a racist cunt before the match.


as long as were on race here:

1- The number of Chelsea managers who look Chinese but are suspiciously Italian


16th – Anniversary of Arsene wenger at the helm. Winning yesterdays match would be befitting this fine proffessor. But oh well.


best news i heard all day.
Any links to the video?


These numbers don’t fly with all the vitriol on the boards about Arsenal and Ramseys performance.

For me the game was decided by a few key incidents.
1. TV giving away 2 FKs that led to goals, for no good reason.
2. Kos and others failing to mark side show bob and la nina for the first
3. Kos and Mannone both failing to deal with the second.

I’d like to see the numbers on FKs conceeded by centerbacks for both teams…


A good game?


Yes, a good game. It seems that people just see him lose the ball once, and go “oooooommg lost the ball agaaaiiin damn you ramsaaayy!!”, and discount all of his other contribitutions. Granted, his performance dropped at the beginning of the second half, but his first half was very promising. His energy in pressing and driving forward particular highlights. I can imagine this won’t come across well, as it is a critisism of a fan-favourite (and one of my favourites too I might add!), but I felt the game passed by the Ox a bit. All part of the learning… Read more »


How old are you Bob? Are you blind? Ramsey was allover the pitch, but nowhere! He was lost, no composure at all… very very talented and great play?

Bitch please

If that’s Ramsey’s good game….shudder


During the game yesterday I felt our numbers (as above statistics show) were enough to win the game. I played in goal for a few years and felt that the difference between winning and losing was a result of not having a good keeper between the sticks. Mannone should have saved the second one. Yes he saw it very late, yes it took a little deflection but ultimately he was very indecisive and conceded a goal I think cech or szsz would have saved. However the root of the problems were the unnecessary freekicks.

Johnny D

Don’t forget we gifted them possession with a sloppy pass in midfield…. Arteta I think it was ( I’ve had a few beers since then ). So yes TV5 did give away the foul but he shouldn’t of had to make it in the first place.


Actually, TV shouldn’t have been at the other end of the field and so out of position that he had to give it away.

Gooner Al

1 – Number of BFG’s we missed on Saturday.


1. I hate Chelsea and it pained me to say this but its midfield probably just about edged ours today. The numbers above probably painted a different story but from what the eyes of a layman like me we didn’t manage to replicate the composed, cohesive, fluid and pressing game in midfield that helped us dominate possession in the last few games. 2. Verm + Kos or Kos + Per or Per + Verm – honestly, as long as the result didn’t go our way, it would be deemed a wrong selection and there would be cries that the “dropped”… Read more »


I just don’t think the BFG would be so reckless, to be honest. (Said it BEFORE the game, too, and got a sinking feeling in my stomach when I saw TV concede that first one.)


why did wenge change our defense. i read somewhere he changed it due to the personal we were facing but surly if bfg did well against aguero and co he would of handled chelsea, the 2 goals we conceded are the type that bfg has been outstanding at , oh well on wards and upwards , i hope bouldy is having a word with vermalen and hes insistence in giving away needless fouls


i love wenge. Two shots on the rocks please.

shaun is jamaican

Hmmmm…well it’s our first taste of defeat since the start of the season and we can only hope that we will remedy the problems we had today with our rash tackles and undisciplined approach to the contest (perhaps we were suffering from the high of City game and the thrashing of Coventry).We weren’t poor…we were just naive.We need a REAL goalkeeper though…Manone is just not ready.Not yet. Also we may blundered when we inserted the Ox and not Coquelin to prevent the play of Hazard and Mata…Gervinho could have been replaced by the Ox when he began to tire later… Read more »

Johnny D

57,000 The number of fans that knew Terry’s a racist cunt,
3,000 The number of chelshit fans who still cannot get it through there thick heads what he is!


0 – percentage chance that has anything to do with our loss yesterday.

dink arnold

1 – number of dives by side show and booked

1 – number of ridiculous dives than Jenkinson better not attempt again.

Though Carl had a great game, making wonderful progress. But I remember last season him being dirty in his shoving and for the most part it’s been corrected, but that dive was hideous. I’d rather we went about trying to win trophies without resorting to such tactics


Agreed -embarrassing and we are the Arsenal, we are better than that.


Pretty surprised he got away with it. Hope you’re proud, granddad. 😉


^ Massively distasteful comment ^

What's my name?

Shame on you waitressinthesky for bringing his late granddad into this. Totally classless.


waitressinthesky, you are a nasty cunt


Admittedly so.

Singapore Gooner

1 – Cheating racist bastard in the game.


Number of turnovers by Ramsey – 0. Number of succcessful dribles by Ramsey – 3 (out of 7). Something dont add up Bro. Shouldn’t the number of unsuccessful dribles by Ramsey be equal to the number of turnovers/number of times Ramsey gave away posession?


Really? I’m with Thorough on this one, why shouldn’t the number of unsuccessful dribbles be equal to the number of turnovers? Doesn’t a dribble that was non successful count as a turnover? If not, why is that so?


forgive my ignorance, but i’d also like to know why it isn’t

H. P. Arsecraft

An unsuccessful dribble might not mean that you lose possession of the ball. A team mate might get it or said player might retain possession.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

A failed dribble is often a case of the ball running off of the pitch. Happens a lot when a player tries to hit the ball past a defender and runs out of pitch before he can get a cross in.


If turnovers are when a player gifts the posession to the opposing team, shouldn’t it still be counted as a turnover even if it went to throwing? Afterall the throwing is still a way of giving posession to the opposing team. That said I’m not even sure that was the case. Ramsey seemed to have a problem knowing the difference between blue and red and thus constantly gave it to Mata, Oscar and Ramires.


Sorry Tim but I dont think your stats show that Ramsey had a good game. 2 turnovers and 3 succesful dribbles out of 7 for a winger cum CAM? Remember everytime Diaby – whom Ramsey later took over his position – loose posession it is usually very decisive ie Montpellier, Man City. In a nutshell I am trying to say the defense wouldn’t have been under so much pressure if the midfield had kept the ball well and the defense hadn’t been under ceaseless barrage of assault. At a stage the possession was 65 to 35 in their favor. Even… Read more »


Really? He played?


Remind me of the home game against chelsea last season and all I would remember is ramsey, a bunch of times being caught in possesion by toress, whom I’ve noticed like to sneal in from behind and rob you of possesion. Again yesterday ramsey was not at his best, negatively contrasting to the ramsey we saw at the etihad last week. Does he switch off after knowing he has secured a permanent place in the squad or what?. If so then rotation would be key to get the best out of everyone. Good thing rosicky and wilshere are well on… Read more »

dink arnold

It’s nice to read a drunk fatcunt’s comments

dink arnold

Damn, I’m drunk too.



@Tim. I still dont feel satisfied my curiosity has been satisfied or my question answered. @Fatcunt. What actually is this ‘Ramsey’s best’ that people often speak about?

Sir Cecil

Odd how people here go on about Terry and tell us how the Olympics showed us true sportsmen and no racism. And there, as a guest of honor, with the Olympic flag, was Muhammad Ali, the man who, more than any other in sports history, racially abused others openly, calling, for just one example of many, Joe Frazier an Uncle T** and “a White Man’s Champion” and and much much more. It’s all still on videos, to be heard and abhorred. Hypocrites.


Ali wasnt racist.
He lived in a different world to us.
The black people of america needed someone like him
and its not racist to suggest someone is a whitemans champion its just saying hes not really black, like cashley.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“its just saying hes not really black, like cashley.” Um, no, that isn’t what it meant. Suggesting that Joe Frazier was a “White Man’s Champion” meant that as far as Ali was concerned Frazier was a favourite of the “White Man” because he was not seen as a threat to the status quo as Ali was. Ali was too outspoken. Too popular with other black people. Not sufficiently malleable by those running the country, and definately an inspiration to other black people to better themselves. All this was a potential threat to the established status quo. You have to realise… Read more »

Voice of Reason

Well said Gutbukkit Deffrolla, i couldnt have articulated it any better.
Ali wasnt racist and if he was, who can blame him?
I think its important to remember who actually started this racism shit and we all know it wasn’t black people.

And if another race hates my race, i sure as hell wont like that race, why would i??!

Sir Cecil

Chelsea fans should not get carried away at this stage. It has to be remembered that they have not yet played any of the top teams in the PL this season. All their results have been against mere make-up-the-numbers sides. They might not fare so well when they eventually come up against higher-level opposition.


1- trolls spotted


100%- How thankful I am at this point compared to last season. The future is bright.


Was just thinking this time last year we were recovering from a 8-2 scoreline (that yes, a certain Mister Robin Van Persie was a part of).


1. Yes caz needs to shoot!. He often finds himself free for a shot on goal but instead chooses to spread it wide. Smh. 2. I think that wild shot diaby took on goal might have caused the injury. He stretched abit too much imo. 3. I’m impressed with gibbos movement to the by-line when crossing in. It opens up the opposition defence more and allows for more arsenal players into the fray. Giroud should benefit from these. 4. Walcott is not an impact sub, he needs a few 25 minutes on the pitch to finally get going. This 20… Read more »


I think Tim meant Cazorla needs to get more shots on target. Cazorla is 4th in the league in terms on shots per game – and only has one goal to show for it.

How you have not noticed all those balls flying high and wide every game I will never know.


yeah Caz shoots all the time, what games have you been watching?

I agree about Diaby, looked in pain after the shot

I think Walcot should have started on the right, or at least moved in when diaby went off.

As for gibbs, seems like he forgot about corssing yesterday, many times with arsenal players in the box he just checked his run and played it to the center. he gets free on the left so much, he should really start whipping crosses in and look to get lucky or at least put some pressure on the defence.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Was Cazorla shooting so often when Giroud was playing? I’m probably wrong in thinking it, but I can’t help wondering if all the space Giroud was making was giving Cazorla easier or more effective options than merely blasting a shot and hoping for the best. Has Cazorla started shooting with less of a target available than the shots he was taking when Giroud was playing? Just idle musings.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I almost said that Cazorla is the new (non-racist) Suarez, but I didn’t because only a cunt would make a joke that in any way compares our very shooty not veryy hitty player with Liverpool’s very shooty not very hitty player. Good thing I didn’t do the Giroud / Torres comparison either. So, after eliminating all the stupid stuff from my post I’m left with “Damn, I am really unhappy that we let Torres score against us. I want him to stay useless, but a goal like that will probably help his confidence. Wish it had been ruled out for… Read more »

Bitch please

Not a fan of Ramsey ATM. Not a fan. Too sloppy. Give him a kick up the arse for that performance and send him to the reserves for a while.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sorry, as a Bitch you don’t please. At bitching you seem OK though.

santi's panties

I agree. All this Ramsey bashing is pretty pathetic. There were many problems with the team yesterday, but his mistakes happened to be the easy to spot individual mistakes so everyone is like “yay scapegoat”. Handle a loss people, and support your players.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

As easy to spot as the “Oh fuck. TV!. You didn’t get the ball straight back in a one-two so you are now at the wrong end of the pitch. Stop hanging about in the penalty area. Get back in defence!” moment?


He did. Last week against the champions. It led to the equalizer.


Yes but this is one of those cases where stats don’t tell the story. Maybe the stats says cazorla was a bit more wasteful, but there is no stat for intent. I think what infuriates a lot of people about Ramsey’s game is that he often gets caught up trying to hold the ball for too long and not just making the outlet pass. Song was slaughtered on these boards for trying to make too many “hollywood” passes instead of shifting play to arteta 6 yards away. Ramsey is guilty of the same shit. That’s not scapegoating him, it’s a… Read more »


Ramsey doesnt need number to show he is shit


this game passed us by. can we forget it and look forward to the next one. we were unlucky with the second goal we conceded, and the only issue i had was not having coquelin on the bench ready to come on for diaby.

gnarly charlie

For all the personnel changes we still have a team that is making all the same schoolboy mistakes its been making for the past 7 seasons.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You didn’t say that after any of our wins or draws, did you? Had to wait weeks to finally get that one said, eh? Back into the woodwork with you, and all the other suddenly-vocal whingers.


Cazorla = Poor game it has to be said!
Its also odd how Gooners see it important to keep booing Terry and Ashley but can hardly find the voice to spur the team when it’s being passed off the park. It doesn’t matter what happened on twitter or wherever, Ashley is Ashley and he left ages ago and that’s all there is to it so move on!! Terry..well, wouldn’t bother booing him, he actually plays better when you do. All in all, Arsenal needs a finisher and neither Gervinho nor Giroud offers the answer.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Twitter? We don’t dislike Cole for some bollocks he may have said on twitter? We hate Cole because he sneaked behind the club’s back to have secret illegal meetings with Chelsea and Jose Mourinho in order to move to Chelsea at the height of his ability and popularity at our great club. He was so desperate for the big paycheque that he broke the rules of the FA and Premier League in order to get a transfer to them against our wishes. He was caught and fined. Mourinho was caught and fined. Chelsea were caught and fined. Traitors are remembered… Read more »


plus the fact we don’t have dangerous wingers. Players who can beat their marker and pick out their man for a tap in. And with theo and his people and their circus one wonders if we entered the season a winger or two short. Poldi aside you dont see a goal coming from the wide areas. The ox/rambo might ‘do well’ on the wings but you wont see as many quality balls played into the box or any goals from wide areas. Thats not to say they are bad players, they are still developing. Gervinho is the new Adebayor. He… Read more »

Wenger's Glasses

Yeah I agree, perhaps it would be better if they replaced Diaby with Coq instead of Ox.

And I still think Poldi & Giroud should play together from the start, they can cause more of a threat to any oppositions defense. Those two are a proper offensive force.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Gerv, but he look amateurish sometimes.

Still, I support this team no matter what!


sorry Tim but it’s bloggers like you and Arseblogger who aid the Ramsey bashing. Adding a ‘Ramsey did well’ into every post match analysis every time he plays opens the debate. Unless the player is man of the match fans will always have a divergent opinion, and a few cunts will always abuse.
Time to move on from this.


Yeah, you cunt, stop giving somebody credit they deserve when they deserve it.

Me So Hornsey

Both Ramsey and ox were concentrating their efforts too much on being creative due to cazorla being snuffed out in midfield. This left only one real holding player, arteta (who was also being pressed very quickly) lacking in an outlet alongside him, forcing TV to come forward a bit to compensate. I think Chelsea’s high pressing tactics worked to an extent but it was actually a very tight game and no where near as one-sided as the sky pundits, who crucified arsenal, would have u believe. Agreed though, that the Coq may have been a better option alongside arteta rather… Read more »

Me So Hornsey

on the way back the shortcomings of today won’t be there much longer anyway.


Everyone!!!!!—> number of people at the pub who thought I was freaking nuts when gervinho scored.

0—> number of people In that pub who thought I was not an arsenal fan.


Arsenal still look short of two or three key players including a keeper. When diaby came off from then on we looked disgruntled, never really looked organised as we have been in the past few games. Meaning there was a drop in quality as far as the midfield was concerned. Yesterday were we exposed for the pretenders we are? Or is it just one of those off days?…….time will tell.

For now coyg and please beat Olympiakos!

Runcorn Gooner

0 – chance of AFC being invincible this year


You learn more about yourself after a defeat.
Personally I think we saw the league winners. Shame they were wearing blue.


Terry didn’t even fall over.
Chelsea 2 (verm + koss) arsenal 1(gervinho)
Manu loose….yay!, still totts wins…..fucked up!
We have to endure a full week of totts above us!
Beast diaby again injured. 🙁

An overall bad weekend for the gunners battalion.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


My views (having been there) Cazorla looked tired after 70 minutes, ‘going down easily’ a couple of times – Arshavin should have been on the bench to add a spark, he was good in midweek and looks fitter and sharper. The whole team didn’t seem to have a spark when needed in the second half. Centre backs were too similar, we need a thinker as well as a sparky CB. Koscielny works best on the left ie in Vermaelen’s position, he is weaker on the right. He played v well there in partnership with Djourou previously. Gervinho finished surprisingly well… Read more »

Absentia Rose

Yes, we did loose but what we all can be sure, to a team which is a main titel contender for now. Chelsea got a lot of possession but very little end product with it. We got a good chance to take it all but our lack of guarding in set pieces was the difference. But it’s really useless to point our fingers to kos and especially ramsey because we loose as a team. It seems to be latest fashion to blame ramsey as in afc facebook page already after first defeat, there’s these ” nou weger mus go” comments.… Read more »


What does loose mean?


Not tight.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The last time I heard “loose” used I also heard the phrase “It was like throwing a fag end up the Mersey Tunnel.”

ivanovics annoying arse

Just wish this childish trend of bashing Ramsey every time the team (yes the fucking TEAM) has a bad game/result would stop. We are supposed to be fans for cannons sake! How can we expect our team to win trophies if we can’t even be arsed to support them through thick and thin?! making a scapegoat out of a player that has a (not so) bad game really shows a losers mentality from some of the “fans”. Its easy to target just one player when the whole TEAM (bar 2 or 3 players) had a bad day!. Cmon people wake… Read more »

H. P. Arsecraft

0 = number of full seasons Diaby will ever play.


Ramsey started well but when he took a knock he never recovered


Easy to oppose arsenes selection of the koscaelen axis after the match. Easier when you haven’t suggested that it’s the best partnership for this kind of game a few hours prior. Heh.


Clearly some stats are hidden to protect ramsey. I know he is good looking but we dont need to protect him everytime. How many shot on target / total shots he has all season?


strange our whole mifield was overrun by chelsea including arteta,carzola,ramsey, ox and all the shit land on ramsey footstep.agenda me think

Tee Song

This is probably going to get lost in the chaff but our chance conversion rate is actually 8%. Remember that two of our ten goals are own goals and shouldn’t count in shots converted into goals percentage.

Absentia Rose

Anybody know the reason why there isn’t motm poll in Did we play so bad..


I put this up yesterday and got thumb downed……….seems also agree.

My motm—-> fuck all!

He's got no hair but we don't care...

The last 7 years, albeit playing the best football in the league, have been VERY thin years indeed and we the supporters have supported the team. So, if we want to knock Ramsey, or any other player, not for the sake of it but constructively, then we are allowed to. We were not naive either, we were a combination of not good enough and not putting in the kind of effort against in front of your own fans, especially against a team like chelski. The last thing I want to see (again) is players, especially the young ones, getting complacent,… Read more »


It’s a good thing that your name is not Fatgooner. You would now be thumbed down and slagged off for simply stating the truth. It’s ironic that at the end of the week when the club was boasting about its profits, it is now finally beginning to dawn on some fans that we didn’t spend enough this summer. By not signing a third striker, and just hoping that Giroud would make it in a much tougher league, we have blown any chance of winning the Premier League. And you are dead right about Gervinho – he is not the answer.… Read more »


Ya but how good does Liverpool look? Fucking hell, they’re just destroying all the competition.


Fucking arseholes the lots of ya. Ramsey this ramsey that, how about you STFU and worry about your amazing talent at not shutting the fuck up!


Sirnz…. Chill. They are opinions and there will be different ones the next game. I like Ramsey too and I know he’ll be the first one to admit there’s always room for improvement. I’m yet to see the best of him that I think he’s capable of. He will change minds to his side soon enough.

Rad Carrot

I don’t understand a lot of people on here. We had a bad day at the office, we slipped up, and we lost. We’ve not had a terrible start to the season given that I’d say we only had one ‘easy’ game in the first six. It’s not good, but the cynicism on here is incredible – suddenly Ramsey is shit again, suddenly we didn’t spend enough, suddenly we’re not going to finish in the top four, let alone put up a title challenge. I was horrendously thumbed down for saying that we played shit in the second half against… Read more »


I’m not hating Ramsey — just saying he’d be more effective coming on as a sub. I don’t believe all the gloom and doom around here (still think Arsenal will have a great season), but said BEFORE THE GAME that I wouldn’t have chosen that lineup. Felt that it was more the lack of BFG that hurt us, though. I’m sure Arsene will have it sorted before next game.


True he was actually caught and fined as was everyone in the said setup, so why the need to keep going after him? And just wondering, how young can one be not to know what transpired during Cole’s transfer (that was recantly infact – June 2005)? That wasn’t so long ago. I simply expected it to be stuff he’s been posting on twitter because in my opinion you cannot stay bitter for ages about a player who left your club years ago. They say if you want to know who lost the boxing match look at the guy who’s still… Read more »


And turn all that negative energy into positive energy to cheer the team on.
When the fans abuse our own players it must lift the morale of our enemies and makes it easy for players like van Persie to make trivial decisions to leave our club to play in a heap of manure in a toilet instead of playing for us.
Support the team! Up The Arsenal


‘ 0 – Number of turnovers by Aaron Ramsey’

Going to need turnovers explained to me then.


I think what’s really interesting in those stats is that the shots / shots on goal for both us and the opposition are pretty much bang on the season average. Now, the difference at the business end of things was Petr Cech. Two top-notch saves turned 3-2 into 1-2. Nothing much we can do about that, so we have to look at the 2 that went in at the wrong end and work out what changed to produce a defensive mare straight out of last season. Anyone got the stats for average goals per game conceded with and without the… Read more »


You forgot the must important stat of all:

1 – Number of goals scored by Arsenal
2 – Number of goals scored by Chelsea


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