Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Arsenal plan ‘major development’ of Hale End Academy

Arsenal have confirmed that the club are planning a major extension to the Youth Academy at Hale End.

The venue, which plays host to trainees between the age of 9-16, gained Academy status in 1998 and has become integral to the evolution of the club’s football philosophy under Arsene Wenger and Liam Brady.

While details of the plans are in their infancy, the club hinted at an overhaul of existing facilities with the following statement in the annual report:

“Looking ahead, the Club is in the process of agreeing the necessary planning consents for a major development of its youth development training facility at Hale End.”

Last year Arsenal opened a state-of-the-art medical centre at London Colney, while extra pitches and a media briefing room have also been added in the last decade as part of the continued evolution of a training complex built using funds from the sale of Nicolas Anelka to Real Madrid in 1999.

Such expenditure on infrastructure is all too often overlooked by supporters who are blinded by the figures associated with player acquisition.

Given the relatively new home-grown player regulations and the exemption made by UEFA for spending on similar developmental facilities, despite Financial Fair Play rules coming into play, it’s very apparent that Arsenal’s focus on youth is being held up as the blueprint for other clubs to follow. Indeed, just two weeks ago Manchester City announced a huge training complex project of their own.

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Seaman's Index finger

It may not be the most glamourous way to spend money, but if it allows us to cast our net further in the search for future stars, and provides the best atmosphere for turning promise into actual talent, then I am all for it. Anybody notice how Arsenal have always been pioneers?
Arsene knows!

Nicolas Anelka

Yes but is everyone missing how all this came from my sale?

Sacrebleu! It must make me the most useful player to have ever played the game!
Peut-être I should win the ballon d’or this year.


Go home Nic, you’re drunk

Nicolas Anelka

‘ow dare you contend wiz zee great Nicolas Anelka, founder of state-of-zee-art medical centre at London Colney, while extra pitches and media briefing room ‘ave also been added as part of zee evolution of a training complex built using funds from mah sale?

Ah will ‘ave your ‘ead you useless Englishman wiz zee spanish name of Carlos!


Maybe instead of London Colney, it should be renamed to London Anelka. Or how about: The Nicolas Anelka Memorial Training Center With High Regards To Real Madrid’s Pile of Cash (NAMTCWHRTRMPC)? Maybe?


Agreed! if it uncovers 1 more player of the calibre of Jacky WIlshire, than the money has been well spent.

You cant put a price tag on a player like Jack.


Not too mention the passion that he has for the club. I see nothing wrong about the direction the club is in at the moment. Really sick of hearing people say we’re going nowhere. We have passionate players that love the club, for the most part, while other clubs pay for their loyalty.

Mark G

Sounds good to me. I’m sure we’ll see the benefits of this in years to come. Here’s to the next batch of youth breaking through 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You make them sound like a rash 🙂


Also heard citeh will soon be building an academy complex.
Petro-dollars for construction…..check!
Eye for talent………!


The huge training complex City are building is to house disgruntled players being made to train alone and strikers on the annual ‘Tevez holiday’.

Rad Carrot

Too… Much… Positivety…. GAH!


I’ve just had a nostalgic pining for the constant DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMs that populated the Arses circa 2005-2007.


We should rather spend the cash to buy big name players.
Who needs a youth system?
Lets have a record number of red arrows please.
Arsenal Youth 6 Coventry 1


I don’t understand your post :/


It’s just and excercise to see how many red arrows I can get.


It’s ok, he doesn’t understand it either.


i know it’s annoying when mentioning Barca, but when it comes to youth systems they are the example really.
We seem to be going in this direction already but imagine if we can have 7-8 of our first team players come through our youth system. It would be amazing to turn up and watch local players playing fantastic football every week and winning things.

You may say i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one…………..


well barca get all the news many around europe are doing as well starting with real madrid (even so many are sold and have buy back option in case they become very good). most german team are full of home local player (yes even bayern) with every year the latest wunderkid coming on newsnow linking to arsenal,and plenty more…. look like most of the english (and the rest of the UK) team are still 10 year behind everyone else in europe,and the size of the country excuse is bullshit, even belgium is really staring to produce quiet few very to… Read more »


Barcelona train their kids all day. they become so technically efficient because they literally have a ball at their feet for 7hours a day. This is the same with all spanish clubs and it clearly pays off. The F.A have rules which are aimed at protecting players that do not make the cut (remeber only about 20% will make it into league football) and hence kids untill they are 16 have to study and can train up to a maximum of 3hours a day. With such rules in place its no wonder the England team is nowhere near a trophy,… Read more »

Foo Type

Surprisingly they spend very little time with the ball (according to the beeb anyway). This is an article about Barca’s La Masia academy, worth a read I reckon.


And plus there are a whole bunch of rules that limit the radius in which we can recruit talented kids. Someone else can explain better, but the kids need to be living within a certain radius of the training ground etc.

In spain, Iniesta is the clearest example of the above rules being a pain in the ass, as he came from the other side of spain.

big black clock

Off topic:

Looks like Terry has been slapped with a 4 game ban for racism. Yea that’ll teach him! What a reasonable punishment by the FA


£220,000 is that all?. That’s a slap on the wrist really for terry.

Will he be missing for saturday game or do chelsea get to invoke when the ban starts?.
Anyway the premier league will be one cunt less for four weeks!…yeiy


No he’s not missing against us, as a) he has 14 days to appeal and the ban will start after that and b) everyone wants to see him fall over again

Titsan Arse

I think that Teret has 14 days to appeal the ban and that it will not take effect util he either accepts it or appeals it. So he will be eligible against is tomorrow.


2 weeks?, Agreed. We need to be treated to another terry slip (such a glorious event) We just have to!. The ban can wait.


4 matches for racist and 3 matches for Wenger for I don’t know the reason?

Jack Jumblies

It’s these little things that make my love for Arsenal keep on growing.

Frank de Boer

Yes, but what about training U-25s such as myself? There must be a very deep well of talent waiting to be tapped in the heavy drinking, occasional smoking world of marauding right backs like me.

Built THAT facility! Make sure there’s lots of places to sit down.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

First thing they plan to complete is the bar. You’ll be fine. Don’t worry there’ll be travelators to take you from the bar to the pitch, and a small travelling bar will be on hand in case you need a snifter between kicks.

Ronald De Boer

You, You, YOU!!

It’s always about you! For once, why don’t you give me a bit of credit?

An occasional “Nice nutmeg, Ronnie,” would go a long way.

P.S. no fooling anyone. We’re both past it for youth development.


I said on another story earlier- to bankrupt ourselves to chase the limitless wallets of others is ridiculous. Even if FFP is a pipe dream, the principle behind considered and thoughtful development of the club is not. If this development helps us dominate in 2018-2023, and if the new deals allow us to ratchet up the pressure starting in 2014, that’s a decade of title contention. I’ll take that over going into administration for a chance of immediate satisfaction. A chance because in the current climate, we can also be outbid by Citeh, Chelski, or PSG. This is great news… Read more »


The links appear to have a mailto prefix btw.


“The venue, which plays host to trainees between the age of 9-16, gained Academy status in 1998”

What does gaining academy status mean? And what criteria go into designating it an Academy?


Build it with a special section for excorsising players of little boys. Don’t disturb managers of the future.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla



City building a youth training center? Preposterous. Im sure its to have a place to send their excess players when they get bored of not playing, with 5 pitches for every player.


Does anyone know any good sodium
jokes? Na.

Naija Gunner

I believe all these youth stuffs will only work, if we mix the youth and the experience players together, just as Wenger is doing now.

Before now it’s only youths and youths, with one or two experience men and it failed when the youths became experienced( I wouldn’t say stars) players, they jumped ship and betray the trust, time and money the manager spent on making them what they are.

Aesene has changed now, he doesn’t give a shit to any player who is disloyal and a gold-digger, he’ll deal with them accordingly.


And the Lord said unto John (terry), “Come forth and receive eternal life.” But John came fifth and won a toaster.

My name is CAZORLA

John Terry is a disgusting human being. Racist scum. Horrible man. Playing the victim card with retiring from international football because the nasty FA. picked on him. Pathetic little fucking cunt. I truly hope he plays on Saturday, and that we dick his team, and that we humiliate him and his horde of Chav apologist fans in the process.


Yes. He just a two faced utter cunt. and 220k ? It don´t make sense if he earns 150k a week. Off topic. I´m from Slovakia and we have here a player from Guinea, which have been racially abused from the fans and THREE opposite players for the whole 90 minutes in a league match. He was provoced and the result was frustration and anger which concluded to a red card and little stick to the referee. the result? 6 month (!!!) ban from Slovak FA for the player and NO police investigation. What I am trying to say, that… Read more »


I’m a proud Arsenal fan and also a proud business student.


btw…I heard Roman bought submarine for saturday ! Bus not enough ! COYG !

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TR7 > CR7


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