Chamberlain: Cazorla’s flair boosts us all


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain believes the whole Arsenal squad has been boosted by Santi Cazorla’s quality and that the Spaniard’s arrival is a sign of a continuing shift in English football towards a more technical game.

The former Villarreal and Malaga midfielder has been exquisite since moving to North London earning plaudits not just from his teammates and manager but also from usually xenophobic half-wit former-professional ‘pundits’…a sure-fire sign that he must be doing something right.

Speaking to the Arsenal official matchday programme Oxlade-Chamberlain took stock of the flood of diminutive playmakers who have moved to the Premier League before touching on the influence of Cazorla.

“I think a lot of people have stepped back in recent years and looked at Spain, the success they’ve had and the style of play they use.

“You could say that’s being introduced more in the English league and I think it’s a good thing.

“It’s still one of the best leagues in the world and we have all sorts of players.

“We’ve seen Santi Cazorla come into our team and bring that Spanish flair, along with guys like Juan Mata and Eden Hazard elsewhere.

“It’s just a good thing for English football to have different styles coming together.

“Santi has given everyone here a big boost and has shown already that he is a fantastic player.”

So far Cazorla has let his feet do the talking, but there’s no doubt that when he gets to grips with the language he’ll be a fine tutor to some of the young guys coming through the ranks.

While Chamberlain obviously senses an opportunity to learn, you can’t help but think Jack Wilshere is another who could hone his trade under the watchful eye of our new man.

Let’s hope to see the two of them on the pitch together soon…

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Santi would have been great last year. Would have also helped Ramsey a great deal. But better late than never!

Chris Skodjereite

Santi would no doubt have been great last year, but I wonder if we would have bought Arteta then.. Might be a blessing in disguise? 🙂


Definitely glad we have them both. Cazorla’s a star, but Arteta makes the whole team look better, even when he isn’t standing out himself.


Santi offers flair, while Arteta is the glue that solidifies our midfield. Both are necessary.

Bitch please

Arteta is a star!

Lord Teddy Ears

Santi is just great and he is our player no Barca DNA nonsense !!!


Flair and glue, two things Arteta uses to style his hair.


Ah yes, Arteta, the player who had his best days behind him, who would never show for Arsenal what he did at Everton…. What a f’ing legend!


Cazorla certainly helped Ramsey on Saturday for our 5th. Was a stunning pass to get him in.


I heard a radio station saying if cazorla gets injured were in trouble,will these assholes ever learn we are not and never were a one man team.


we definitely would not be as good if he got injured…but the in trouble part depends on the form and fitness of the rest of our midfielders ( wilshere rosicky diaby ramsey ).


You miss the point, cesc viera hleb rvp nasri fuck them all,it’s all down to Wenger


fact is we played with ramsey in his position last season and he had a great run there are many who could do the same and give solid if not outstanding performances in that position these faces for radio need to have their arseholes sewn up so we dnt have to listen to the shit that comes out.


Ramseys attitude is recommendable I must say. He was a regular for sometime last season when wilshere and diaby had all been sidelined, after some below par games towards season end, he was dropped for rosicky after the latters energetic finish to the season. Most of arsenal fans critisize him every time he puts a foot wrong, thus undermining his previous standout performances but fail to remember his horryfying leg break but Still he pushes on. He might be reduced to a sub right now but his zeal is still ever present. I see this everytime he’s about to come… Read more »


I guess that radio presenter didn’t see a game that Rosicky played last year.
He didnt get voted 3rd best player for us last season for nothing. HE WAS IMMENSE.


Santi is absolute class.
Signing of the season

B Hill

And we got him for pennies it felt like…


Actualy because the others praise the player too high via their sugar daddy. How they are doing to win PL like to kill flees with nuclear weapon.


Wouldnt be surprised if he scored with his head. He is unbelievable.


He does constantly for me on FIFA!

Naija Gunner

“Who needs Robin, we’ve got SANTI”


Robin Hood steals and gives to whom he chooses like, er, … Manure?

Santi Claus gives every time and we don’t have to wait till Christmas!

Best in the world

Could ve won the title last season if we had him .. atleast a trophy .. awesome player cheers

ezigbo onyearse

his arrival has activated my jolly jolly mood,wow what a santi flair?


The thing that excites me most is how well Podolski is linking up with him. So many times they’re nipping in behind defences with a quick one-two.


Te amo Santi
J’aime tu Giroud
Ich lieben sie Lukas
I love you Arsenal


I don’t think that last guy knows how to use spell checker.

Simao Segunda

You need a spell-checker, so that you can follow Santi’s magic feet.


I didn’t spell my username wrong did I?


How should we know?

ARi SEymour

Where will Wilshere play when he comes back? Do you see him displacing Cazorla in the playmaker role with Santi moving wide?

In the early season, Arsenal haven’t dominated possession the way Wenger would like them to. As they keep the ball more, they’ll move away from the 4-4-1-1 that has been successful so far.

Cazorla likes to work the channels so I could see him on the wing with Wilshere in the middle. Add Ox on the wing and you have 3 players that are creative and play both sides of the field.


Are people ever going to get bored of asking this?


No, not really. I gloat about it to my friends. What a strong team we have here me mates, so I ask ’em

Where will wilshere play?


Jack will play in Diaby or Artetas place, as he is capable of both of those roles. And he will be rotated with them, provided they are fit. He is not an out and out CAM in my opinion. More box to box. Cazorla is needed in EVERY Arsenal lineup in my opinion. His fitness is of the utmost importance.


Santi class!!


Jack will have no prob playing beside cazorla,with arteta just behind.(remember there not gerrard and lampard)they both have a good footballing brain.


I agree….Wilshere will probably replace Diaby, It totally depends on Wenger though, he’s definitely got a lot of choice in midfield this season. I know how a lot of people compare Diaby with Viera as being box to box midfielders and I personally think of Wilshere as the same albeit with totally different style and appearance (height, weight and all that shit). The plus point is he’s also got the vision of more creative midfielders of the Fabregas mould.


I also think that Cazorla is the man who can unlock the true potential of the much maligned Walcott by sending him on them blazing runs that most defences absolutely dread. I don’t want to play against Walcott. Although his departure does look like a possibility now.

Dick Swiveller

Having the guys to make the passes is useless if an opposing team sits too deep to utilise them, Walcott’s runs are damn good and really useful against any European team but most in the Premiership don’t let us.


Hold on a second…Santi is class no doubt, but lets give some credit to Mikel Arteta, a true pro


and I do see arsenal using that false 4-6-0 formation with a midfield of Arteta- Wilshire- Diaby- Podolski- Cazorla- Ox…mouthwatering


Cazorla is just an example of how things have changed at arsenal…not only bould but Wengers attitude to the team and players. They are a lot more disciplined because i think Wenger has had enough and Bould is no soft bloke either. With Sagnas interview normally he is soft on things……..but he said if he doesnt like things at Arsenal he can leave. I feel that Wenger and Bould are no longer pandering to players. Look at Walcott, wont sign a contract and instead of the usual stance of giving him priivildges almost pleading with him to stay and bending… Read more »


Here here,hopefully the penny has dropped with Theo and he signs a new contract and get back to doing what he does best running the ball out of play(I kid I kid)


And blaming the nearest inexperienced player to him


In sadder news, Lukas Podolski has brought shame and dishonour upon himself, his club and his family:

It should go without saying this is Not Safe For Work or Life.


Listen to that deep beastly voice. No wonder our opponents are scared shitless of him.

Hope he grows to love the Arsenal as much as I am growing to love him!

big black clock

No idea what you’re talking about, my entire family is singing that song right now

Podolski is a part time rockstar isn’t he?


poldi sounds like the singer of Ramstein (Typo?). I saw Germans wearing Kilts today…now I’ve seen everything..


“The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”


I have to move, again?! the wife won’t like this…


Cazorla will be more influential this season than RVP was last. He is classy and everything can go through him. We are much less predictable and one dimensional. But no Cazorla praise can come without equal helpings for Arteta. He allows Cazorla and the full backs the ability to go forward freely, covering everyone. If Cazorla is the icing, Arteta is the cake.


And the coq supplies the cream.


Thought the Coq inserted nicely yesterday.



comment of the year!


The Coq can easily slide into and out of the starting XI during the season.


And spray his long BALLS right across the goal.


Best thing about it all is our strength in depth compared to past seasons. Considering a first 11 of
Sagna vermaelen mertesacker gibbs
Arteta cazorla wilshere ox


Not a math major eh mate?


such sweet failure….


looks like we have ozyakup’s cousin here.

big black clock

It takes some real balls to start a game with 10 men. I salute you


What a mighty concursion you’re having mate.

We are still in last season and somehow we managed to snap up cazorla for that season How peculiar that our captain rvp is missing. Injury perhaps?.

We will probably sign podolski and a french guy named giroud for next season, rvp should sign that contract asap.


Now THAT’S a false striker formation!


if England have at least one of these type of player, i will have no doubt England can be one of the force in the next world cup…

santi's panties

wrong tournament bub, this is the PL


And who exactly is it that gives a shit about England? As English as I am, I could never support a team with the likes of terry, cole James Milner, frank lampard and Stewart downing.


I’m happy that as an American, with a much smaller pool of international players, I can whole-heartedly support my national team without regard for them being spoiled, egotistical, reprehensible in general – John Terry. However with Clint Dempsey a lilywhite, I’m presented a bit of a quandary.


Giroud I see he’s taking his time to BED in.


Santi i love the guy

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Youve just got to love this! Past legend and legend to be…




No, Gervinho is not false 9. He is right 9 because he score when he want. LoL. If you have JT as a player and Tony Pulis as manager then it become false team :).

I know what you mean but your capital is painfull to my eyes.


That game was probably the easiest on the eye since Milan. Spotted Chambo with some good flicks and Ramsey with a bit of skill before that shot, maybe Santi’s flair can boost us by giving us 2 mini-cazorlas by the end of the season, he seems pretty infectious

Igor Stepanovs

Amazing player. And i’d pick Arteta over Xabi Alonso all day.

The Erotic Hands of Wenger

Mrs. (Contract) Klaus is being milked at Man United while the man who wears the pants Santi roasts Premier League asses on an open fire.


Seriously,this blog is awesome and the folks that comment on here are just funny as hell,last 3 nights I read this I was laughing with tears in my eyes,great time lads…=)…

Glorious Coq…=p

Abolade Bossman


Mrs Bendtner's Greatest Son That Ever Lived

No need to shout about it…


@ alex..ur damn [email protected] frog u got a sticky tongue..funny tho! @ matthew..with a 4-4-1 formation we cud beat anyone dis season. and guys no comments abt ma spellings…lol. COYG…we all love arsenal. A trophy for the fans this season.!!!

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Carzola n poldi combining well gervinho is back who needs Walcott when ox is pure class?

so are we really missing van persie and song?

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smart shaku

the combination of rosicky,cazorla,arteta and jack will be fantstic