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Diaby: I am not like Alex Song

After his barnstorming man-of-the-match performance against Liverpool, Abou Diaby has spoken about his favoured position in the midfield and made clear that he does not see himself as a replacement for the departed Alex Song.

The lanky Frenchman, who has featured more in the first three games this season than he did in the entirety of last term, also paid lip service to the similarities being made between his box-to-box style and that of Manchester City’s Yaya Toure, before backing both Francis Coquelin and Mikel Arteta to flourish as holding midfielders.

“In our teams, Yaya Toure and me have very similar roles,” Diaby told the Press Association after Sunday’s 2-0 victory at Anfield.

“I am not like Alex Song. We have many players who can take his place like Francis Coquelin or Mikel Arteta, who likes to play deep. I want to get forward – that’s me.

“I have defensive duties as well so I need to have a good shape defensively and, as soon as we get the ball, go forward.”

Ever since Dan ‘call centre’ Smith snapped Diaby’s ankle at Sunderland at the end of his first full season in 2006, the Frenchman has suffered all manner of fitness problems. While many supporters long wrote off the 26-year-old’s chances of fulfilling his potential at the Emirates, the former-Auxerre man stressed that his self-belief has been bolstered throughout the dark times by Arsene Wenger.

“I have to thank the manager because I have had tremendous support and as a player it is really important to have that support,” he said.

“Support from your team-mates as well – I have to say that during this period, they helped a lot.

“I want to enjoy myself because I love football and to pay back the club, manager and team-mates as well.”

Arseblog News is certainly pleased to have Abou back and firing on all cylinders. While he certainly deserves all the praise coming his way, it is also pretty obvious he needs to be treated with caution.

A full pre-season will have done him wonders, but he’ll no doubt need to be rested to keep him from entering the fabled ‘red zone.’ Thankfully, given the midfield options at our disposal that shouldn’t really be a problem.

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never mind the red zone..
be cautious and keep him out of orange zone..

or would that be pink??


If diaby was spanish his name would definetly be DIABLO. A midfield beast, Iniesta, xavi can all dissapear.


And have a son called diablito, also a pet dog, papito.

Sol Goodman

I’m starting to feel like I’ve entered the twilight zone, another dimension where Arsenal keep 3 clean sheets in a row and Diaby plays 3 consecutive game, what’s next, Arteta having scruffy hair or Vermaelan not having the cold dead eyes of a killer? It’s strange, but i’m happy to live here for another while, the only thing that could make this world any better right now would be if nasri and rvp got arse raped by aids infected baboons……..or just another few wins and clean sheets.


“Arteta having scruffy hair”? NEVER, I tell you! I imagine his hair would be pristine even while swimming … in shark-infested sea … in a hurricane.


Your nasri and rvp dream might come true when Liverpool plays Citeh and Chelski.

straight talk

Also pay back the manager should mean staying at the club after 1 good season rather than disagreeing with the “direction of the club”


You can just imagine that Mancini will have read his comments about being like Y.Toure and now he’ll try and sign him for cover when Toure goes to ACN.

I hope Arsenal tell Man city where to shove it when they undoubtedly come calling.

Norn Iron Gooner

Right up no chins hole. Or chin. Or down his throat, whatever suits.


have no idea why but diaby’s performance reminded me of Arshavins killer performance against Barca at the Emirates last season , when he scored that winner , it was one of the greatest moments ive ever witnessed as an arsenal supporter , the fans just went wild …. i was jumping all over the place screaming with my brother !


I hope he has an injury-free season with an extended run in the team by merit…he deserves it more than anyone else

Little boys inside RVP

seeing Diaby’s interview post mugsmashers made me so happy, he’s been through so much pain, emotionally, im surre but his attitude just made feel so proud of him.

Here’s to a healthy on form Diaby!

Prove your critics wrong! have to admit, I almost became one myself//…

big black clock

Indeed. Last season Song was our ”DM” and Arteta our pivot. This season people are thinking that Diaby will be the new DM.

But like he says, Arteta has taken over the role of anchorman and Diaby will be the pivot who occasionally makes monster runs down the middle to scare the shit out of the CBs in front of him.

Oh, and he’s also not a cunt like Song and I’d love nothing more than to see him succeed with us after all he’s gone through and lift a trophy with the Arsenal crest on his chest.


Song wasn’t our DM last season. It was still Arteta. That fact was glaringly clear towards the end of the season.


Yes you got it right, all the defensive work were done last season by Arteta because Song has no defensive brain, the clear evidence can be seen towards the ending of the season where Arteta got injured and Song was really exposed. Am sure that is why Bould and Le Prof decided to sell him due to the pattern we want to play this season.


There is no DM. Even last season there wasn’t. Song was playing the same role as Diaby, just that the Frenchman is more suited to the role than Song. It does mean however that some of the criticism aimed at Song for lack of defensive discipline was off the mark.

Norn Iron Gooner

Shuuuuut up eeboooue.

damien joyce

Think calling Song a cunt is a bit harsh, he’s done well for us in recent seasons, almost always been available for selection odd red card apart, rarely out injured, often deployed at CB when needed and was a huge part of us qualifying in 3rd last year, whatever the reasons for his leaving, he shouldn’t be tarred wiv the same brush that we now paint RVP, Na$ri and Adebaywhore with. We can look back at his stint with us being quite successful in terms of play, pay and profit. Just my opinion though, I actually thought he was expendable… Read more »


Good man…I like men who will give credit where it is due and thank the manager when he showed him faith through so many injuries. You don’t have to look much past Manchester to see a man who forgot that so quickly.

Sajit Kunnumkal

I thought he meant that he wasn’t a self-obsessed prick


He’s definitely not like Song-he’s in a team’s starting eleven.


Really pleased for Abou…I thought he was a ready made replacement for Paddy sp many similarities until that horrific injury put paid to his playing.
Hope it goes well for him I still have faith in him and know he can make it. Welcome back !


Put me on the list of people who wouldn’t have felt bad if Diaby left the club. So OK, Arsene knows more about football than I do. Hard to admit but it is true.


“hard to admit” joker


He’s been with us for a very long time indeed.
He joined on the same day as Adebayor (Jan 13 2006) and the same week as Theo.
Mad Jens was in goal, Dreamy Bob, Thierry, Freddie, Sol-man, Ca$hley, Ralph, Gilberto and God were still on our books.


i prefer 100% arteta to song in that position. he works harder and is much more focused on the task. big personality on the pitch too.

Cazorla and Diaby can create while arteta orchestrates on the break.


I’m almost afraid to ask…. but what’s his contract situation?

Fergie the Gooner

You can just see it coming can’t you!

I think he’s ok for another couple of years thankfully…


until end of 2014/15 season


He was Abou Diabeast yesterday. I’ve never doubted his quality, but had pretty much written him off as a guy who will struggle to get back after that horrific tackle. I hope to continue to be wrong.. what a player

big black clock

I’d also like to state that I find it absolutely hilarious that the Liverpool fans think it actually would have made a difference if Andy Carroll was in the bench against us.


Say whatever you want but I’m sure he would’ve been a better attacking option than a cm and a player who assisted and scored a grand total of 0 goals in the prem last year. Which makes you realize that we aren’t as doomed as some people would like to think compared to some other clubs; ‘pool are in their third “revolution” in three years and have spent a gazillion pounds and still are shit. I personally find it hilarious.

big black clock

I’m not saying Pool wouldn’t have been better if he had come on instead of Downing.

I’m saying he’s shit ass striker who would have only increased the weight of Vermaelen’s back pocket.

Liverpool fans are deluded, their entire strike force needs a revamp. Their best player ytd was a 17 year old and a buck toothed cunt who falls over more times than a bowling pin during an earthquake. I personally find it scandalous to even compare us with such mid table clubs.

Runcorn Gooner

BBC.I think you are being over complimentary calling Liverpool a mid table club this year


Not quite as hilarious as those who hold forth with the “Sack Wenger and spend loads of money” mantra regularly.

Yes, we could be like Litterpool, but why would we want to be?


In the home loss last year Vermaelen dominated him completely, however Suarez rarely gets in the box and although static as a moai he would at least have given them an option. Pretty shit one though.


Have to wonder how Arteta feels abt this. He’s obv class in the deeper role and 100% professional but he is/was a flair player too! Not that I want anything to change!


I guess with his age (- ing legs ) he’s probably more suited to using his tactical awareness and slick passing than doing the sort of box to box work diaby is doing..


This is based on the assumption that its more satisfying to play the creative role than the deeper, defensive role. Whos to say this role is not more satisfying to him?


I could see Arteta playing (quite capably) any role Wenger gives him. I enjoy Arteta scoring goals, but really, he IS the best DM option we’ve got by far. (And far better than Song ever was, too.) Could be a top DM in the EPL, I’d say.

Maybe not his first-choice/most natural role, but he owns it and he’s getting older. I’d love to see him play for us another 4 years, so it probably is better to have him in the DM role.

Sol Goodman

I think Arteta is just a really sound mature player who would work hard in any position that Wenger played him, and characters like him are just what the team has been crying out for. It’s amazing the difference that adding a few experience players has made, the team looks a lot harder that it has done for years.

El Blondo

When fit and healthy he’s a beast – fingers crossed he never enters the dreaded red zone aka Sunderland ever again…


His reconstructed ankles have more technical ability than Song could ever hope to have.


“I am not like song”.

Yes sir, you’re not.
You’re a well groomed gentleman who doesn’t expose his thighs to the society. They may be good but please keep them covered.

Diaby lans

big black clock

I’ve watched this more than a thousand times and I still can’t get enough of it. This club man…I love it.

big black clock

No surprise that the final commentary in the vid came from Steward Robson. Le cunt

Tenacious Defence

Disappointing commentary from Robson. A couple of good insights but spoiled by his over the top criticism of players – seems to enjoy bagging the Arsenal.
As former players, these comments guys should know better and be less critical. Guess it just makes Robson feel better about himself. Even top footballers make mistakes – it doesn’t allow viewers enjoy the game when you’re slating them for errors or perceived, cliched, generalised weaknesses. The prick. And don’t start me on that Tommy Smyth…


I hope we can see this beast mode every time he plays


You have to give an enormous amount of credit to Arteta for Diaby’s performance yesterday.

How great must it be, knowing you’ve got a player of that quality behind you to watch your back, rather than turn up elsewhere, totally unexpectedly, when you’ve already bombed forward, thereby exposing the back four?

Playing the role he’s currently in, I can see Arteta knocking around for a good few years yet and that will be invaluable, not only in performances, but also as a role model for Coq, Jack etc, which is something we’ve desparately missed since The Invincibles broke up.


This is the year of Arteta. (I mean, he was excellent last year, too, but I feel like he’s finally getting the credit he’s due.)

Mike Kowalski

With all these midfield options I feel all giddy


Unlike song I like his hair, Oh wait..


Well, if you don’t like his hair I’m sure he can take it off and clip on a builders hard hat, space helmet or the same hair cut, but in brown.


Just noticed we’re talking about Diaby not Arteta, which makes sense as the artical is about Diaby… But that shouldn’t stop Diaby wearing space Helmets and other amusing lego style hats


I have to say, going into this summer I was one of the people who filed Diaby under the category of “should go.” I’m glad I’ve been proven very very wrong, as Diaby has looked like a veritable force of nature in midfield. In particular, his performance vs Liverpool was exactly what Wenger had seen in Diaby all these years, pace and power and vision in a complete box-to-box midfielder. All I hope for is Diaby to continue to generate these performances, to not get bolloxed by some brute playing for some other barbarian club, and to repay Arsenal for… Read more »


Well did you had chamakh and squilacci too??
Please say you did will only fair us better.

Le Sausage

From day one I could see this guy becoming a star…until some wanker assulted him. Then I started doubting whether he would be able to regain fitness and form, but now he has…hopefully this will be the start of many games in which he runs the midfield! I can see him BOSSING the midfield against manure in the same way Fellaini outclassed them, they can’t handle the physical presence; simply put their midfield sucks. What a guy to have the mental strength to come back from what must have been torture over the last few years!



Mills N7

Diaby: I am not like Alex Song.
Bear: I shit in woods.
Pope: I am Catholic.
Thanks Abou!


now THATS funny…hahahahaha


Okej! When Diaby is playing like Diaby should – he is magic!
But how on earth we fans can say to Wenger and a Board: “Look, please try to extend contracts with Diaby, Wilshere, Ox, Szcz … Keep Arteta and Rosicky and Sagna even they are older cos they can influence young players and still play some important roles… How we can do that?
If those guys stay together at least 2 more years with just a few top top top (not LANS) players then we can really rule!

TGSTEL's First Touch

Diaby you were amazing yesterday.

You can thank the manager not just with words but by continuing your fine form at Arsenal, not disrespecting or leaving us after 1or 2 good full seasons.

Guys, let’s not get emotionally attached, fool me once and all that.

Merlin's Panini

There aren’t many more exciting sites than seeing Diaby dragging the ball and spinning his man then bombing past a couple of players before slipping a nice pass into the area. Great to have him fit and fighting hard. He seems more confident.
I really hope he can last the season because he certainly has something none of our other midfielders have and he’s a great option to have.


How many more years is Diaby under contract with us? Tie him down now !!


right…we’ve never lost a player under contract…wait…?????what ???


Bloggers, I think Diany got injured not against Sunderland but Southampton. Been a Diaby fan all through, fought a particular friend over and over cos I thought VAD is class. So sad the guy didnt watch yesterday’s match cos he was fed up with Wenger and his ways. I believe he is reading this blog though. About time someone swallowed some pies spiced with humility.

Absentia rose

What are the odds for Arteta to gain Spain cap if he continue to keep his form? He truly deserve at least one friendly. I got to say, when I think our midfield and option on it, it gives me goosebumbs. They are so good!

Jack Jumblies

More likely to play for England. They could definitely use him.


He said a few years back he’d like to, but he is apparently ineligible because he didn’t have an England passport when he played for Spain’s youth national team. (Or something like that.)

Also, there were rumors he was about to be called up before he had that nasty leg injury when he was at Everton.

(He definitely deserves a call up!)

big black clock

I heard FIFA13 is so realistic, if you play career mode as Gareth Bale, you start from the zoo.

Merlin's Panini

do you start at a swimming pool if you’re Ashley Young?
And some old whores bed if you’re Rooney?

big black clock

No I heard if you’re Rooney you start in a old tree house in a swamp beside a sexually deprived donkey


Heh. Joey barton ofcourse from jail.
Terry you go through a court case first, if you win you still don’t play coz he’s a cunt.


Doubt that donkey is deprived if Rooney is there


Heh! Where would you start as John Terry the Cunt? In prison hopefully!

Merlin's Panini

either that or an STD clinic with a small scraper up your nob.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Merlin’s Panini… that’s a novel way to describe A$hley Cole.


Sorry Diaby.

Please forgive us as fans for putting doubts on you. We had lost faith in your ability to recover from the horror tackles you suffered. Believe me, we carried the pain you suffered in our hearts and we will love you like we loved Eduardo. Please stand up and be our hero.


I’ve just stop spitting bullets after listening to talkshite… Those presenters are so f’ing bias against our team…I can’t wait for Coq to ream him out.


Diaby just need to get the confidence to shoot when he is in that position, it can be so frustrating


come on diaby you will be viera soon if you do like that congraturations keep same spirit.

Rad Carrot

Hey! We forget you,
Cos your legs’re crazy!
But wear that number,
And call me Diaby!

I’m so sorry.


Cmon Diaby you can do it m8, i hope you have a good season, and i hope arsene and the rest of the team prove everyone wrong again this season. AFC4LIFE.


So you should be

A N Other

Hear hear RVP..

henerys statue

Keep it up Diaby son !


Every Arsenal fan that doubted his ability and called him deadwood have ate their words, I was one of them and thought he’d never fulfill his potential but wow, i’m so glad I was proved wrong yesterday. The Arsenal faithful are with you Diaby!

Kcosby snr

Diaby vs song? song:hello mr abou d beast. Diaby:hi d bench warmer,sorry i dnt mean dt! Song:guy i’m a dead man here, Diaby:why say dt man? Song:fab complained2me&said its like d coach doesnt trust me anymore,he said he prefers busquet,xavi&iniesta combination,meanin i’m now biddin my time here! Diaby:ru serious? Song:yes,thta means i’ll be dead on the bench4a long time2come,hmmm,dt’s really funny,pls abou,can u hlp me appologise2 l’prof&tell him that i wn2be back,cos after watchin lv’pool vs d gunners,i now c that i’v made a wrong decision leavin,kai kai!sobbin! Diaby:sorry young man,i dnt think it ll wrk out again,especially now that… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

I can’t believe you took the effort to bother writing that. I agree with the sentiment but fuck me…


Nobody wants to fuck you!!

Except me, possibly, if you pay enough.


I don’t understand how everyone believes Diaby is over his injuries completely and is suddenly praising Diaby now as though he’s never done this before? He’s had some blinding games in the past in periods where he played a few consecutive games. Everyone knows he’s problem was never ability but rather consiatency and fitness. We should hold off the Godlike praise till he’s played 20+ consecutive games and is doing this on a regular basis. Hate how our fans will praise our players one week then completely turn on them when they have a poor game.


He deserves praise after the amount of stick he got from fans, he’s clearly trying to get back to his best and that can only happen when the fans support him.


So you hate it when fans praise a player and then completely turn on them when they have a poor game. And the solution would be to not praise a player at all after coming back from a hard and long period of injuries? And why the 20+ game limit? Is it the raging or the praise that bothers you? I don’t like how we fans go raging on players or the manager after one bad result either. But your philosophy seems to be even worse. Diaby really deserves praise after what he has done so far. I don’t know… Read more »


Diaby was superb. We have no one else like him and if he stays fit Wilshire will do well to take his place in the team. Arteta is literally a legend. He has such an assurance about him and so selfless for the team. Another leader on the pitch to go with Vermalen and now Podolski too. With no Walcott or Gervihno and the likes of Cazorla, Diaby and The Ox, our ball retention was excellent and we attacked with composure rather than the hit and run we’ve been used to. If I see Gervihno on the starting line up… Read more »


Attaboy … support the team.

You still haven’t quite got the hang of what it is to be a Gooner, have you?


Hundred bucks says this time last month he was like “Diaby is shit. Sell him now!”


Did anyone notice that wenger get rid off the glasses and we won first game playing very very good football ?


I really didn’t think too much of Diaby’s performances in the 1st 2 games but my oh my did he ever have a game against Liverpool!
It’s only 1 game, but if he can do that on a consistent basis without getting injured, then just maybe the lack of shopping on deadline week won’t come back to haunt us.
More play like that please Diaby and the terraces will have to come up with a song for him!

big black clock

Even if he doesn’t play like that, we still have Coquelin and good old Jack coming back. So hey, no pressure Diaby, just do your thing.


it’s wierd diaby has often done well vs liverpool if i seem to remember correctly.


Brilliant comments above LMAO! So happy at work this morning….. Orite dare la, … Up the gunners! Great to see committed players. Are you watching Walcott?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I like this team the way it is. I think we may make the concept of a holding mid redundant.

What a performance from the Spanish Lego haired legend. Yes Arteta is a legend, he is. Once Jack is there, and has found his feet again, hopefully by December, the midfield will be insane.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, with Jack in there we;ll be fielding 12 players. Beat that United!

The question is, if we continue to play as well as we did yesterday, who will lose their place to allow Jack back into the team? it’s a conundrum, that’s for sure.


Well, we’ve gotta play Arteta and Cazorla, I think. (Especially since Arteta’s now playing the DM role.) So that would be Diaby. And it’s probably best to alternate that third spot between Diaby and Wilshere, since they’re both injury-prone.

(Also, I don’t expect Wilshere to be a starting player for us until late in the season, if at all, given all the time he’s been out.)


Erm, you’ve clearly forgotten that Cazorla can play on the wing.

Diaby stays in the team for as long as his form is up – end of.

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