Liverpool 0 – 2 Arsenal: Eat our goals!


Arsenal secured their first win of the season with a ruthless performance at Anfield. Lukas Podolski and Santi Cazorla did the damage with a goal in each half, but it was a victory built on the foundations of a third successive clean sheet and a majestic showing from Abou Diaby who ran the game in the centre of the park.

We started with confidence, knocking the ball around nicely, but aside from a couple of bookings to Mertesacker and Arteta for late challenges on the edge of the Arsenal box, there was little of merit to talk about in the first 25 minutes.

Liverpool seem to have accumulated a series of small, nippy players in the Arsenal mould and the likes of Allen, Borini, Suarez and Sterling all tested the patience of our defence. Jenkinson was tidy in the challenge for the third game in succession, but his passing still leaves much to be desired. Gibbs was terrific on the break, his pace down the left wing a fine outlet when turning defence into attack; his final ball though is incredibly frustrating. Vermaelen and Mertesacker continued their decent form.

If there was a man of the match award for the first 45 minutes it had Abou Diaby’s name all over it. The French international had a storming game in the centre of the park. Aware that Arteta was always behind him, he wiggled out of tight situations time and time again and carried the ball with all the dynamism of a young Patrick Vieira. I don’t say that lightly…

Obviously, there was still the matter of scoring a goal. Thankfully Lukas Podolski took the bull by the horns. On the half hour mark the German picked up the ball on the halfway line, played a ball forward to the ever-tidy Cazorla and then charged forward. The Spaniard spotted his teammate bounding into the box, made a slide rule pass to the six-yard box and our new boy tucked a lovely, tidy finish low past Pepe Reina. 1-0.

A goal…an actual goal! The away fans went mental singing, “He scores when he wants, he scores when he wants…Lukas Podolski, he scores when he wants.”

Sterling hit the outside of the post on 38 minutes and a couple of minutes later went down in the box, but despite the penalty calls from the home crowd, referee Howard Webb made the right call by judging Mertesacker to have timed his tackle correctly.

More brilliance from Diaby set up Giroud to double the lead, but the Frenchman squandered an absolutely glaring chance. It was on a par with his miss against Sunderland, but this time on his left foot. If there was a positive, it was that his run was nicely time and he found space with ease.

At half-time we were good value for the lead.

Within two minutes of the restart Martin Skrtel, obviously under orders from Brendan Rodgers, went straight through the back of the influential Diaby. It was a compliment of sorts to the Frenchman. That he managed to continue for the rest of the game is a major positive.

Liverpool certainly upped their game although both Arsenal full-backs, Gibbs and Jenkinson, had half decent efforts. Suarez, as you’d expect, was rolling around all over the place trying to win free-kicks and penalties, much to the chagrin of Vermaelen who enjoyed barracking the ugly little Uruguayan.

Cazorla, who’d faded around the hour mark in the last two games, was still ticking along nicely when he flashed wide from outside the box with 25 minutes remaining. Two minutes later though, he got the goal the goal he deserved. Played into the box by Podolski the little midfielder unleashed a fierce low drive across Reina, which the Spaniard could only deflect past his inside post. 2-0.

Ramsey replaced Oxlade-Chamberlain with 15 minutes to go, before Andre Santos took to the field in place of Podolski. Giroud continued to work his socks off on his own up front; the ex-Montpellier man won a corner and then headed over when again he should have scored. He will get goals, mark my words. Watch out Southampton.

In the final five minutes Shelvey had a couple of decent efforts which troubled Mannone, while Suarez continued to act like an annoying wasp. You wouldn’t say the Arsenal goal was living a charmed life, but we were certainly under pressure.

Thankfully, we held out for a third clean sheet – who would have predicted that after the travails at the back last season?

So it’s three glorious points and smiles all round. Onwards and upwards.

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Nice work.

Perhaps this’ll shut the doomers up.


Diaby! Like A Fucking New Signing. I hope Wenger has sorted his contract!

Bobby Pires

Am I the only one that every time Diaby got the ball got flashbacks to Paddy?



Rvp he hattrick when he wants


Rvp 4-2 arsenal


Vito Manone 2 – 0 Man United

Now shhhhh.

Eric Irish gunner

And the diaby haters,he was fucking excellant

What's my name?

And not forgetting our real ‘Defensive Midfielder’ Arteta, who was once again immense in his role. Are you taking notes on how its done, Song?


Yeah, it’s quite amusing to just go back one news post and read the comments there.


thats what i’ve just been doing. even on twitter. so called ‘fans’ spouting sheer hate toward their own club. this win meant a lot for me because I knew there were people ready to jump on the piers morgan wave. well done the arsenal and well done wenger bould and the other staff there, because we look damn good. about as good as i’ve seen us for a few years..

Sol Goodman

That was fuckin beautiful!


A scoreline to bring a tear to the eye.

And how the fuck did you get this report up so quickly?


WTF Arsene ??!! How can we loose against this shitty Liverpool side ??! We should’ve bought on the deadline day !! We’ll definitely fight relegation !! Every season the sa…. Oh wait…


Diaby is boss!!!

Sahin, better than Arteta or Ramsey?

BFG, Jekinson, Verminator, Gibbs, Manone………….


Specialy Jenkinson, he was fantastic, kept that sterling guy real quiet, to think he’s the same guy when we lost 8-2. brilliant


Curious case of Jenkinson 🙂


Jenkinson looked good when he was defending one on one, but his passing could improve (a lot). I’m sure it will.

Also, anyone else notice that our fullbacks are much more judicious about coming forward than they were last year? Can’t say I remember Jenks coming forward once.


He really grew into that game. Hardly looks trouble by the fleet footed Sterling.


Jenks did go forward, and let fly a decent shot from outside the box with his left foot. I definitely like that sort of proactivity once in a while.


I dont care if the 4 defenders dont cross the ffing halfway line. all that matters to me is that they can defend. along with vito cleansheet mannone they look unbeatable. honestly people clamouring for new back up keepers and yet more defenders when we have 3 decent keepers and 9 decent defenders. wenger has hardly ever used more than that number unless in the case of extreme injuries. please all lets run with it till january get behind the team the players and the manager and i am certain with bouldy in and song out that we can build… Read more »

Honest gooner

You need super fast full backs if they’re gonna keep bombing forward


I though Mert had a real solid game, really impressed. He’s giving Kos something to worry about.


3 World Class defenders on long term contracts. The future surely looks bright!


Agreed. They all have different strengths too, which is encouraging.


Where was lu lu lu lukas podolski???
Maybe will debut at emirates or did i miss it.

Mills N7

All you thumbs-downers, he/she means the song, not the player. Listen, it will brighten up your day!


Sorry, comedian.

Chris Thompson

Got this song on repeat y im reading the comments love it 🙂

gooner kai

excefuckinglent :-]

indian gooner

love the song.. im learning it 😀


goldi poldi hallellujah


Gonna take this time to give Mannone credit. Wasn’t expect this much from him.


Arsenal is now the only team across England’s top four divisions not to have conceded a goal this season. Doff of the cap to Mannone and the defence: job well done.

Eric Irish gunner

And bouldy

Glory Hunter

Most especially Bouldy!


Any chance of Mannone taking Szvchevcney’s spot? I wouldn’t think so, but then again, who’d want to change anything about this back four, at least in the short-term?

Competition is good.

There was this one time where he tried to catch the ball when he should have just punched. Other than that mannone had a good game


Who needs Song and Van Persie when you’ve got Diaby and Podolski?




As good a finish as you could’ve expected from that other striker we used to have.

Now what was his name again…..Robert Von Pisspot? Robbie Vag Penis? Nah, it’s gone. Can’t remember.

Bitch please

Bitch please. Watch the united game. I’d Still take robin over giroud. He’s class. But it’s ok. I’m sure Giroud will score a few.

big black clock

United have chosen to become a one man team. Doesn’t bother me. I prefer things the way they are now

Master Bates

don’t bring up those cunts


How come blogs gets to bring them up then?


Arsène 1 – 0 You “ambitious moaners”


i like this.we should do this every game.
oh and 3-0 to bouldy.
bring on southampton,


Talking of Bouldy, besides the scoreline, our first corner was another nice little trip down memory lane.

BFG stationed on the front post for the flick on, just like the great man himself.

I’m filling up here.


at this point i would like to give banfield some credit too.


would be awesome if we set the all time consecutive clean sheet record

Mrs Bendtner's Greatest Son That Ever Lived

Don’t forget the tea lady!


Surely banfield is on a decent crust? why would he need credit?

Yeah right

Lukasz Podolski 1 assist 1 goal, Cazorla the same. Gibbs is a better defensive AND offensive Clichy. How many times was Podolski back defending? Machine!
Arteta and Diaby were great, Jenkinson and Merta fantastic defensively, even though there were some strange mistakes in their passing.
Giroud got his oppurtunity again, he’ll come!

BB: the away fans.

Oh to be a Gooner!


So proud of the lads. All of ’em. :*

Bendtner's Ego

I didn’t like our non-chalance in our end at the end. We gave up too many chances when we should have put in a bit more hustle to get a boot on the ball for a clearance.

This wasn’t out best attacking game. Liverpool clearly wanted a win and showed it. Still, three clean sheets is quite a feat. I’ll take it.

What's my name?

Some people….still finding something to gripe about after such a solid, convincing win whereby the entire team were so solid and cohesive? Oh well….

Well done AW and the whole team….now lets go on a long unbeaten run to the top of the league!

Dr Baptiste

Liverpool wanted the win by losing the ball, missing the goal and letting us dictate possession at Anfield? Very strange tactics to use if that’s the case.

big black clock

Why the fuck aren’t you in Juventus


Covers all of Europe mate, that’s why.


He is, his ego is omnipresent.

A Yank

We’ve still got issues. Be stupid to overlook them. Hard to not be pleased with 4 points from @Stoke and @Anfield but we were giving the ball away easily the last ten minutes. B.E. is just being honest. But for now… Winning cures just about everything.

Bendtner's Ego

My point exactly!

Oh, I’m happy with the 3pts, but I’m confident we’ll work on sorting out the issues.

I’m just thankful that Liverpool didn’t finish and that even Howard Webb thinks that Suarez is a diving cheat!


players were running their socks off , tiredness could’ve been a contributing factor. that was a pre-injury diaby performance. hope he continues the good form, to me he’s been a player who plays well when he feels like it.
Cazorla, what a player. The others like ox , giroud must improve their first touch. Arteta a model profesional.
Nows to hoping there wont be players interviewed this week on how we are going to win the league, leave that to us fans. COYG.


Did anyone else think Liverpool were a lot like stoke today? Nothing to offer technically and just tried (unsuccessfully) to bully us off the pitch


Suarez looked very dangerous. Or at least he would have been if he didn’t take every opportunity to fly around at the slightest contact as if hit by a grenade. Any other player would have got a pen but it’s clear referees are sick of his shit by now.

Oleg Luzhny

Suarez is a cunt.

Master Bates

a dangerous cunt


he’s the boy who cried foul


turns out the little boy inside van quisling is none other than suarez.


A diving moaning cunt.


I think its just our new brand of hard ass defending that made them look a bit shit up front, it also doesn’t help that they are a bit shit up front, and that suarez is a little compressed package of cunt.


Nearly jumed right out of my pants with cazorla’s goal! I could just kiss that little guy!!

Mills N7

Is that a typo for “jumped”, or have I just learnt a new word for ‘ejaculated’ or ‘got an erection’?
Who knows!?


I didn’t think it was going in at first. I was like ah, a mis… GOOOAAAOAOAOAOAOAALLL



Brilliant result! Great performances all around the pitch. Delighted for Diaby, he played very well and kept it tidy in the middle of the park. Vermaelen and the whole defence kept Liverpool quiet.

Suarez isn’t doing himself any favours when complaining on every incident.

Yeah right

And still Kosc, Sagna and Jack to come. COYG!

Rat wool

And the Little Mozart…

gooner from bangladesh

One does not simply forget the Little Mozart.


This just shows what whinging dipshits are on here sometimes: Mugh mugh mugh why didn’t we sign anyone?! We need to replace Song! ONE DAY after an article explaining how the squad size system works and why we don’t have the room to just spunk money on players just because we can. And that’s not even mentioning the fact – exactly what player was available on Friday that was so much better than a fit Diaby, Rosicky and Wilshire that would justify signing them to a 3 year (at least contract) and taking up one more space on the pitch… Read more »

Red Cannon

We could have gotten Dempsey. He went to the Tots for a complete bargain for what he offers. While I support all of our current players (even though there are ac small number of them that I’d rather we had sold), and I think that Diaby, Wilshire, & Rosicky are all fantastic when fit, the problem with our team– or actually with any team– is that the players won’t always be fit. To succeed through a long season, you need depth. Dempsey could have added another reliable & dangerous player to our squad & helped with depth when others become… Read more »


Right. We have Gervinho, Walcott, Rosicky, Wilshire, Podolski, Cazorla, Diaby and Arshavin but we should put another anther attacking midfielder on a long, expensive contract (not to mention an expensive berth in an already packed squad) because he was good at fucking Fulham for a season.

And then you’d probably be here in January moaning about “deadwood we should let go because all they do is sit on the bench”.

North Bank Gooner

we dont want the sort of player that ” goes on strike ”

we have what looks like a great TEAM taking shape, and teams win titles!

Cygan's Middle Foot

Prince Poldi
Jenkinson, yes Jenkinson. I am waiting for 7amkickoff for his tackle stats
Of course BFG, Vermalean
Gibbs, Diaby, Arteta
I shall say that Giroud movement was fantastic, he will settle with a lot of goals once he takes his time to shoot
Bould’s effects!

gnarly charlie

He kept winning headers of the long ball too, just no-one reading the second ball. Good outlet when we need it, and when he and his team mates link up more cohesively.


enjoyed that! suarez = floor-loving twat.


honestly the most depicable, cheating little cretin I’ve seen in the sport for a long time.

And that face of his just makes me cringe every time I see it


he is a wrong. just a wrong.

Cygan's Middle Foot

Take that Sahin, we don’t need

big black clock

Diaby > Sahin


Arteta > Song

Nigerian gunner

Goota admit.. I tweeted some awful things bout us yesterday… Each and erthing i mentiond were really dealt with today.. I regret what i did…#coyg!


Well than its a good thing twitter is for 16 year old girls and nobody gives a shit about what you tweet.


Heh. I just read that, and I must say, man am I an asshole.


is a frog’s arse watertight?



Me: I dont understand why Giroud didnt score that
My friend: I know, he just looks so pretty
Me: wtf???


After seeing Suarez consistently missing every presentable opportunity this season, your friend obviously assumed there is some sort of looks:finishing ability ratio.


Very very happy with that, a great performance from all of the new boys. Podolski in particular seems to have slotted in seamlessly today. Giroud’ll come, he’s getting himself in good positions he just needs a bit more time to bed in.

3 points, another clean sheet, and yet another chance to laugh at liverpool. As bad as shit can get, always take comfort that it’s worse over at Liverpool.

Rad Carrot

Really, really, really happy with that result. Excellent defensive work, good on the break… it was brilliant.

Maybe some work needed here and there, but I’m confident that the more this team play, the better they’ll get. And nice work getting this report up quicker than SSN can manage it.


Diaby man of the match. So pleased for him a top top top performance.

big black clock

You guys know we’re still in crisis right?

the only sam is nelson

Not stuffing liverpool 10-0 = FAIL

if only we’d bought some mediocre players from fulham like spuds


Yes we are, and Liverpool was poor … but…. Diaby the Invincible!


Just shows again how delusional talkshite and other pundits are, haven’t heard a good word on Arsenal for ages, but take Liverpool, they are going to kick us to the [email protected] etc (according to shite radio)

big black clock

On the radio? I was watching the game and the commentators were going on about how Liverpool completed dominated us while we were making passing triangles like we own Anfield.


You were “watching on the radio”… cool radio?
Where do you live?
Arsenal You beauties.
SOTON 2 Manure 1 and RvSicknote has just missed a penalty?


Omg that was immense, for a moment (I believe it was after it was 2-0 already) we were zipping the ball around, one touch and Liverpool couldn’t get near it, dare I say it was tiki-taka

Double '71

Talkshite radio are just a bunch of provocative inbreds that get off on winding up their listeners. I stopped listening years ago. They couldn’t get the fucking date right much less hold a reasoned debate on the beautiful game. Our performance yesterday along with the best defensive record in the entire football league must have those pricks in meltdown looking for something to antagonise us with by now.



One thing for sure………THIS is a TEAM. A very hardworking TEAM..


I’ve got to second Mooro. I’m starting to hope again here, although the Liverpool squad we were up against wasn’t really quality, looking at their front 3. Sterling did really well, I thought, out of the three. Still, it’s encouraging but I can’t but worry about Giroud – not that he’s not good, but he’s snatching at chances and all these misses must be eating at his mind. A confident player is a happy and better player, as Chamakh will tell you. On the upside, the back four were solid. The closest thing to a nightmare moment was Sterling’s shot… Read more »


yep the coq is always ready to be unleashed!


Giroud is like that gay son that you wanna turn hetero – you just have to let him play the field untill he scores at the right end!

Glory Hunter

That’s hilarious, but I hope I never have to experience that!


Liverpool trying to play tiki taka?. Move over please. (We define that)
I honestly loved podolskis’ defensive job and cazorla, no words, what a guy. (MOTM)
Arteta as DM is just top stuff.
Diaby, um long story short let’s the whole team was pure awesomeness.



We’ve never played tiki taka, and we certainly don’t now. A few years ago we had a much higher tempo than that style. And now we’re more direct.

Tika taka isn’t just a passing game.


I’m talking about this match. It’s todays match report isn’ it?.

Moving on………


Wenger knows.

big black clock

If i see one more post criticizing Giroud I will piss on a Spurs shirt in public. It’s his third game for god’s sake

the only sam is nelson

Giroud is the French Heskey

now post pics of the spuds shirt/toilet

thanks in advance

the only sam is nelson

I hastend to add that the comment above was made in order to ensure a spuds shirt is pissed on, which is only fitting

clearly olivier is dreamier than bob, more scorey than theirry (we hope) and more all-round-in-your-face-english-centre-forward-elbowing-vidic-in-the-face than the one and only grant holt

Double '71

You could take a dump then wipe your arse with that sp#rs shirt but more shit would come off the shirt!


Really pleased with the performance today. Diaby is an absolute beast, chuffed to have him back and fit.


Just heard from Diaby post match. Seems pretty down to earth kinda player. Said he’s just happy to be playing again. And long may it continue. What an engine on that guy.


I have utmost confidence in Giroud. Brilliant movement and very intelligent. Soon as he gets off the mark, the rest will be history.


I noticed Diaby didn’t go in for every 50/50 because he’s still scared some fucker will break his legs, but that’s what I expected from him.
He played brilliantly, I’m proud to say he plays for us.

the only sam is nelson

i noticed that – although to be fair the ones he ducked were in their final third rather than ours

and he was absolutely fucking boss today. and he didn’t even score. more to come from abou. good lad, about time.

anyone thinking diaby or ramsey are surplus to requirements are a bit wrong in the head i think

gnarly charlie

Ramsey looked good coming off the bench. Shows what a little competition for places does. Lights a fire under all their arses: “Work hard and Improve or you’ll be benched!”


I’m just so glad he made it back ok, this is the diaby we were starting to see at the back half of the 09/10 and at the world cup. His control of the ball is something else.

This guy has so much ability, I’m really glad Wenger stuck with him, he’s always been a player I enjoyed watching

Boom Boom

Wenger out!


Boom Boom OUT!


Good to see so many people understanding sarcasm…


Yea, completely agree, the man knows nothing about football hahaha…

Verminators should kill all the moron pundits with his eyes to be honest 🙂


How have we had all these comments without:

Diaby = LANS.

gooner odst

if we had lost it would have been due to lack of signings,now we’ve won its now LANS talk and mental fortitude. nuri sahin looked anonymous for Liverpool, perhaps our style of play would have suited him better but diaby was showing signs of brilliance.
The problem is that when the diab-teta alliance isn’t working (against orcs etc) then we are short of cutting edge combinations. And Giroud up top definately needs to step up his game missed a brilliant chance again and was looking lost at times.

lukas podolski…santi carzola….2-big fat ZERO…get in you beauty!


we dominated stoke totaly just didnt have a match fit diaby. these are his first full games for nearly 2 years it obvious hed take time to settle.


Total quality, always knew the boys had that kind of game in them but, fantastic to watch. All the players old and new looked like a team that’s going to win things; plus our bench looked pretty darn good too!! And Giroud will score a shed load of goals once he’s off the mark!


Wow, Diaby absolutely bossed the midfield today and it was a real joy to watch a dominating performance in midfield.

Why do we have to wait two more weeks for the next game!!


Because Blatter is a cunt. Yeah, a very big cunt. The last international break was about three weeks ago and here comes another boring international week.

big black clock

Honestly I’ll never question Wenger again. I can see now why he didn’t buy anyone else. Diaby, Arteta, and Coquelin are more capable than any DMs in the market.

The striker situation annoys me but let’s keep the same faith in our players that the Prof has.

big black clock

He could do less with the misleading interviews tho. Love you Prof!

Dolgion Ch.

I learned a long time ago not to question Arsene Wenger’s judgement. He’s the Prof, the fucking Gandalf of football.


we still need some players.if we can carry on like this until jan we will be in contention.

gnarly charlie

Based on Wenger’s pre-Liverpool conference his statements on signing sounded like we’ll make moves in January! But, the Prof is a wily one!

meh moody gunner

chelsea,manu,spurs and even manc all leaking goals.
our defence looks excellent! just need to score 1 or 2 every game and we’re top 4 or better.
thankyou arsenal for saving my Shitty day:D


Another clean sheet!! A first victory!
Giroud needs a bit more time to adapt to the speed of the PL but it will come soon.
Congratulations to the boys!

gooner from bangladesh

Bouldymort for the win!


To all you moaners and fear weather fans: Arsene, Podolski and Cazorla just cut open the Liverpool defense and the part of your brain that does the bitchin.


The Diaby preformance is especially funny after I read the Guardian online comments this morning when Arsenal fans questioned why Diaby has a place in the starting 11. If you’re one of them this is why. <3 Defending, Diaby, Carzola, Arteta and Podolski are major positives I take from this game. Since I'm in a good mood I'll add Ramsey to that, though he only played half an hour. The negatives I take is how long it took us to settle against a poor Liverpool side and some of the passes that the back four made had my heart in… Read more »

Oleg Luzhny

Bould and the beautiful. For all the possession Liverpool had, how many clear cut chances did they have? I’m struggling to certainly count.

Diaby looked good, and I love Santi Claus.

Give us Sagna & Wilshere back, and Arsenal are looking that much better!

big black clock

MOTM: Err..Jenkinson… Mertesacker, Vermaelen, uh….Diaby, Arteta, Cazorla…Podolski…shit there’s too many.


Henry's beard

As imperious as Diaby was, I think the real MOTM was the away support (or Sky’s sound engineer at least). They made so much noise and were as close to a 12th man as it’s possible to get. They did us all very proud. Up the Arsenal!


Didn’t sing the Podolski song though. THEY’VE LET US DOWN!


At Anfield no less. Up The Arse!

Le Sausage

Abou Diaby. Take a bow. Stunning performance, what a shame his career thus far has been hampered by injuries. Dan Smith I hate you as much as Ryan Shawcross.


Ryan Shawcross also hates that callcenter bum Smith?!?!

That’s a real positive quality, that. Fucks with my world view:(


We should have signed m’cahill and samba. We’re shit.

the only sam is nelson

hahaha you know it, although isn’t there a self imposed ban for mentioning the centre back who’s name cannot be said? unless you are saying the m’frenchifying of his m’name m’obviates the m’ban


Ya the ban is lifted due to the good feelings today. As of tomorrow, the rule is back in place. And since I have on day free I’m going to say it: Fuck Gary Cahill and Chelsea. Ahhhhhh that feels better.

A N Other

I was hoping that Giroud scores as well to completely bash the myth of theory of adaptation.

Oleg Luzhny

I hope people don’t get on him too soon. He only had a couple of chances in his defence, but his movement without the ball is evident. The goals will come.


This time last week, people were saying Podolski would be shit for us.


He, didn’t score. But great movement and good runs. And he’s pretty.


Gibbs looked like he was about to rip Giroud’s face off after he missed that chance which Diaby created wonderfully. Man of the match has to go to Diaby – who would have guessed last season he’d put in such a performance?


I’ll tell you who saw that performance of Diaby’s coming – Arsene Wenger.


now i know why he stuck by him all this time… Wenger’s vision is most important asset for AFC.. who would have thought we have a hell of stadium and at the same time profit making club in the midst of worst ecomomic times europe has seen over half a century..

it would have been possible without Wenger’s vision.

Arsene Knows…

A twat with a keyboard.

It feels good to win finally. Liverpool, you should try it some time.