Tuesday, January 18, 2022

PHW confident about our chances, hates Wembley

Peter Hill-Wood says that although the club can’t compete ‘in some respects’ with the likes of Man City and Chelsea, he feels Arsenal can win the league this season and that Sp*rs won’t be as much of a threat as they were last season.

In a wide-ranging interview with Mihir Bose, former BBC Sports editor and well known Sp*rs fan, P-Diddy said, “We have a pretty good chance of challenging for the Premiership. I don’t see why we cannot win it this year.

“It would be lovely to win but it’s not that easy. Liverpool haven’t won the title for 20-odd years. We’re very ambitious and want to win but, if you don’t have billions of petro-dollars to throw around, you’re going to have to do it some other way.

“That’s what we’re trying to do — with skilful selection of players.”

The cigar chomping Chairman also said that Arsene Wenger has got money at his disposal but that the club will not bankrupt themselves through over-spending [insert joke here about transfer window profits].

“Arsene has money to spend but there’s a limit. We can’t spend £50m on one player. At a certain level, we can’t compete. I don’t think Stan Kroenke is going to put the sort of dollars in that Abramovich or Sheikh Mansour are putting into Chelsea or Manchester City. That’s not the way he thinks clubs should be run.

“Luckily, Arsene understands that. He knows how a club should be run. That annoys a lot of people but clubs have to be sustainable. We’re not going to go bankrupt in the way one or two other well known clubs have.

“The Glasgow Rangers example is something we’ve all got to guard against. They spent far more money than they could afford. We’re ambitious enough but we’re not going to end in the same plight as Rangers. That is a fact of life. So my advice is don’t get miserable about it.”

Citing Sp*rs need for a new stadium, along with a new manager, as to why our nearest neighbours might struggle in the season ahead, P to the H to the MFing W paid tribute to Danny Fiszman for ensuring Arsenal built the Emirates stadium, saving the club from a much different fate.

“It would’ve been crazy to have gone to Wembley. I hate Wembley anyway. It’s a bloody long way away. And I would absolutely not have wanted to be a tenant of the Football Association.”

And while there will be many things to prompt discussion from the interview, that’s something I think we can all agree on.

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Time to retire. Bring on Usamanov !


Why? Don’t remember him making any kind of damaging comments about our club here, unlike Usmanov

Cygan's Left Foot

True, they don’t make “damaging” comments about the club. But, they know how to make profit EVERY year and qualify for the CL money/trophy. Why make a “damaging” comments about the cow that you milk it to death????. This fantasist also said…….. “It is not a worry to the board that we haven’t won a trophy since 2005.” If that is not a loser mentality I don’t know what it is. No wonder the manager doesn’t feel pressure on him to win with a board full of happy losers. And…… “Fans expected the club to do more in the close… Read more »


It’s time for YOU to retire, we need well minded fans.

Cygan's Left Foot

Goointy, Ok Mr Well minded fan. Lets see our squad, the PL allow us 25, we ONLY registered 23 players, Chamakh, Squad, Arsha and Eastmond contribute NOTHING. So, that leave us with 19 players plus Jack and we expect to challenge in 4 competitions after not wining anything for 7 years with ONLY 20 players????. If you count accepting that being a well minded, I really don’t know what your madness would be like!!!!. They told us we have 50 mil to spend plus the profit from the sell of players, they lie to us AGAIN AND AGAIN while charging… Read more »


I like this post because even though it’s short, it shows that you have absolutely no idea about how the club is run and who runs it.


Amazing what a win does, if he said that last week he’d have had 50 thumbs up.

I still don’t trust this man, Kroenke or Gazidis. We can’t spend 50 million on a player, he’s right; but do we have to balance the books in the transfer market to remain sustainable? I think not. It all smells a bit off.

Mikel Anon

I think your premise that “something doesn’t have to break even (in the transfer market) to be sustainable” sounds incredibly moronic and sensationalist.

Players don’t get bought (transferred from clubs) and shut up forever until 4 years later. They have wages. Weekly.

We have commercial deals to sort out at 2014, Emirates sponsorship was under a flat rate (before the 2008 crisis) so in hindsight it was a bad deal. Nike hates giving us good money. Etc.

Mikel Anon

Also remember how wages and transfer fees are inflated due to Man City, Chelsea, RM, etc.

Even Walcott has it.


I hope this is sarcasm….. For your sake.

Robins broken metatarsal


Gimme USMANOV or i’ll cry


Go cry to mommy, let her wipe your little posterior too and then put you to bed.


I think Usmanov cries when he doesn’t get fucking seconds after dinner, the greedy cunt.

Hudson Hornet

The comment with regards to being unable to spend 50m is a little disingenuous. Apart from children I have not seen many people demanding this type of “investment”. We should and can fight for people in the 20m+ region to give us that little extra we need for a title tilt. Insisting on profit annually whilst admirable is not necessarily the best way to challenge. We understand Stan wants to run the club the “right” way – this is why he is a admirer of the Man Utd model. This is why you will struggle to find any of his… Read more »


yeah literally all of the teams he own here suck, aside from the colorado rapids winning the MLS trophy a couple season ago, every single team he owns are perennial whipping boys

Mikel Anon

The Man Utd model? The model where the Glazers leveraged too much and ended with Man Utd getting 1bn pounds in debt?

Yeah, I would admire that too.


With all respect, he makes some good points in the worst possible way. Why does he descend down to a caricature of himself at times? Not that I think he realizes it.


“I do not see Spurs posing a problem for us this season”

Who are these ”Spurs” he keeps talking about about? Are they a football club? I don’t remember being challenged or threatened by them any time in the recent past


Last year they were a beach volley ball team with cockerels balancing on ball for shirts. I remember one player looking particularly monkey-ish but maybe it was just me.


Spurs a long lost team that faded away last season, wonder where they went.
The dumpster maybe?

Robin's horse placenta

I begin every da by thanking god for not supporting the scum…or the oneManUnited



Cygan's Titty Fuck At The End Of Last Season

Fair points.

big black clock

Your name…just wow

Liking you a lot baby, how’s about we get together and do something really nice

Cygan's Left Foot

Thank you for giving me a hope, I thought I was bad.

Baby i can launch a whole new season for you. Wot do ya say huh!!!

Cygan, nice pic but I bet you’re 20 stone with whiskers.


Even the picture looks funny to me.

Cygan's Left Foot

This Cygan is a beautiful woman trapped inside a fat male lorry driver body

Baby could you take another pic….prove to these arseholes that you are not 20 stone with whiskers. Not that i’d care, i like 20 stone with whiskers


Would be nice to keep this shit off here


“And I would absolutely not have wanted to be a tenant of the Football Association”. Me neither!!!!


P to the H to the MFing W! Gold!

big black clock

This is actually a very good interview by PHW. Made good points and took some words right out of my mouth. Fair play to him. Looking forward to the AGM now.


AGM, I hate AGMS!. They’re so……”schooly”.
I hate school too.

Fergie the Gooner

Does this mean our chances are now going to transfer to Barcelona?

big dawg

This PHW bruv seems like a proper G, judging by his language.


Arsene has an economics degree from strasbourg. Did he pay his all his fee or is he still paying it in installements

Giving too much money away at once is not good business!.


I get the point he’s trying to make in terms of not being able to compete with City and Chelsea with some respects, but I’ve grown tired of the ridiculous “we cant spend 50m” comment.

I’m sure none of us wants Arsene to spend 50m on one player. We just want him not to refuse a player for 1-2m extra, or be afraid of spending 20m on someone, or not to be afraid to end a summer without a transfer profit! That’s where the board needs to set a few things straight.


“We just want him not to refuse a player for 1-2m extra”: What makes you think that we hadn’t already upped our bid by 5-6mil quid before we backed out of the deal due to the extra 1-2mil?


Its not arsene doing the refusing. its the board. If arsene wants a player he recommends that name to the board. its then down to gazidis fox & co. to sort out the financials just like they do with wengers pwn contract.


50 million on one player…?

Um that’d be falcao or the younger van persie with shit for brains. Don’t want him to get all “ambitiony” in the future.

big black clock

But there’s also a flip side to it. I don’t want Arsene to bring in more players than needed and they end up being dross who warm our bench for the whole season.

Arsene doesn’t succumb to fan pressure and he said he only wants to bring in players who will improve the current squad, and not just fill up squad positions. I trust his judgements.


Hence Liverpool and there sorry fucking excuse of a player in Henderson and Carrol. The day Arsene starts paying THAT much, for THOSE sort of players, will be the day i start booing and calling for Wenger out like some people do in these here comment sections, because he has clearly lost his mind! Arsenal are the 6th highest spenders in ten years of the new style transfer window. Of coarse teams like Shitty City and Chelski have pissed all over us with there spending and purchasing of silverware, but again look at where the likes of the Spuds are… Read more »

glory hunter

There’s nothing wrong with living within our means, dont think any real gooner has any problem with that!
But why do we have to make a profit in the transfer window every bloody season?
Cant we just break even for once, im sure no gooner would complain!!
I certainly wont.


Pretty sure that will happen once the stadium & current sponsorship constraints are out of the way. All comes down to the stadium and the finances needed at the time of the move. And to be fair, the payments for that are ahead of schedule and the sponsorship is up for renewal soon

glory hunter

Are you suggesting that we using the transfer profits to pay off our debts quicker???

If that was the case it would be understandable but our dear chairman himself confirmed that the contract we had for the initial stadium loan means that if we attempt to pay off our debt any quicker, we’ll have to pay some extra fees/cost which the club aren’t willing to do.

So i have no idea where all the transfer profit is going!!!


its not just transfer fees, which we tend to do quite well out of compared to other clubs, but the wages we’ve got a pretty high wage bill and thats where the money goes, as well as the stadium debts etc over the past 4/5 years we’ve managed to build a massive shiny stadium and compete in the champs league every year without digging a massive debt hole. obviously like everyone else i wish we had done better in the league and that we had come closer in the champs …. nearly, bendtner + the worst yellow card for rvp… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Great point, why do the board always quote extremes to try and illustrate/defend their position? I’ve not heard fans asking for £50m signings, but a couple more good 15m ones to add depth and competition to the squad is what many want and the club can afford. To use Rangers as an example to scare Arsenal fans is churlish, when all we ask is the club uses it’s available resources to try and compete at the maximum level we possibly can.

Mikel Anon

When you say ‘not afraid to spend 1 – 2m extra’, that’s what people who do the prices really want.

First it’s 1 – 2 mil extra, then we’re like OK that’s not so bad.

Then another 2 mil extra, OK 4 mil extra isn’t so bad cool.

Rinse and repeat until we get to how much Andy Caroll costs. Liverpool probably did this with Newcastle. Oh another 2m for the 11th time? Okay! That’s just an extra 2m!

YOU guys

Poor Arsene, bravely taking all the flack for not spending more money and then having his chairman come out to say that he did have money at his disposal, and that basically, it’s Arsene who isn’t willing to spend it. I don’t believe it for a second (see his comments last year re:Nasri and Fabregas) and I don’t think Arsene wanted to sell RvP to Bacon Face either. What I’m saying is: Arsene is only spending the money he is allowed to spend, he’s not making a profit after last season’s disastrous start just for the kicks, but he won’t… Read more »


I kind of suspect the same, but that would mean the board has blatantly lied to us for years! I wonder if they’ll ever explain it.

Fairly recent Gooner

Agreed, there seems to be a disconnect with Arsene’s statements about being ambitious and this statement about his potential spending power, compared to what has been spent. But the proof is in the pudding and Arsene has achieved a lot within tight constraints, happy he’s our manager and I’ll take his word over the boards any day.


Disagree. Our finances are terrific, as the published accounts prove, and there’s clearly money to spend. And I do not for one minute believe that anyone other than Wenger is in charge of the decision to spend and whom to spend it on. Wenger has time and time again spoken out against board-level interference at other clubs in regards to the manager’s duties, and I find it hard to believe that a man of such principles would stay here and take it all, and still gladly sign contract extension after contract extension, all the while “knowing” his hands are tied,… Read more »


No one said it’s a grand conspiracy and the board are actively undermining Arsene. It’s a straw man argument. PHW is saying that Arsene has money to spend, and he didn’t spend it because he didn’t want to. I don’t believe that. Arsene shares the “sustainable model” philosophy, but what he also wants is to use all the resources available to him. If you think that Arsene doesn’t have disagreements with the board, and they’re all singing from the same sheet, then let me remind you if what he said about selling Nasri and Cesc. “You can’t convince people that… Read more »

Mikel Anon

“I don’t think Arsene wanted to sell RvP to Bacon Face either.”

Widely reported that Arsene told RVP to GTFO after his shitstirring when he thought of staying.

JodyThe goon

I don’t think any of the afc fans (with brains) want the club to bankrupt it’s self. Just use the money we have? We don’t want a 50 million player. Why won’t someone challenge him on this.


I’d take terry for 50 million then keep him on the bench for eternity. The only way for him to play would be if he has sexual intercourse with an ant, which is impossible but hey we also thought someone actually looking like terry was never a possibility but look what we have now!.

Gooner Splat T Spuds

By the end of this season Cazorla will be a 50 million pound player if he keeps it up. Gooners!

Gooner Till I Die

Come on u Gunners!


There is a gulf between the ability to spend £50m on a single player and making profits from player sales, to act like there isn’t as he appears to do is kind of insulting. Still, I have no problem with the policy if they really think we can win the title, but there are no excuses this year after sitting on all these funds, especially if we are derailed by a few injuries.


He was probably pissed when he gave that interview with Mihir Bose. We all know full well that we have absolutely no chance of winning the Premier League – especially when the club refuses to spend real money on a title bid.

We have had a good weekend but let’s be honest: we are not going to finish anywhere near City. Their squad is just to powerful.

Hill-Woods’s bullshit would be easier to take if he and the Board were really committed to winning trophies, and not just making money – and if he were sober more often.


I’m a fat person so telling fatgooner he’s fat will make me feel good about myself. So
Fatgooner, you’re fat!, a big fat ball of meat.

Dr Baptiste

YAWN!!! Is your brain stuck on a loop where it only has negative things to say? The same rubbish spews out from your fingers every news story FG, it really does become tedious.

'desi'gner gooner

So transfer windows decide titles and not football on the pitch you mean!!!
Well then your season’s over already…come back for a month in january – in between stop bothering yourself and us as well…


Actually, I’m pretty sure we made one of the tip three signin in England this window. So, you’re both full of shit. We may not win the league, but it will be a lot closer than last year me thinks. And one thing I know, in sports, if your in the mix at the end, you’ve got a good a shot as anyone of taking it home.

Dave Gooner

Personally I wonder who these “one or two top quality players” are, who will win us the league if we had signed them in the transfer wiondow? Did someone else sign them? Who are they? I think the players we brought in are really top class, but I don’t see any signings elsewhere this transfer window that I thought “Oooo I wish we had him”.

Who are these players we should have signed? And who would they have replaced? Specifically who I mean?


Spot on Dave. I said it the other day. There were three marquis signing is England this summer. 1- hazard to Chelsea 2- some cunt to united. 3- Cazorla to the arse.

Who else signed that we should have tied up? Liverpool and city even had a hard time WASTING money.


Well, obviously, one of the two would have been RvP. That is a perfectly valid claim by the board’s detractors. On the other hand, the player himself set fire to the bridge between himself and the club. I also understand the argument that draws a line between paying Man U and City wages and financial instability of the likes that brought down Leeds lo those not-so-many years ago, and a fair number of other clubs since. Let’s not forget the small matter of RvP’s asked-for wages. It’s well within the realm of possibility that meeting his demands at up around… Read more »


My problem with PHW is his apparent contempt for the fans that pay an inflated price (compared with probably everyone else) for his ‘product’. It would appear we lack intelligence for even thinking about questioning whats going on at the club.


He also said “It is not a worry to the board that we haven’t won a trophy since 2005″ in the same interview. True it’s largely up to Arsene & the team but it should be a ‘worry’ to all involved, the board lay the groundwork for the footballing side of things. An area where many feel they’ve let Wenger down, and allowed him to take the brunt of criticism. The PR is piss poor, always with the extreme example of £50m players. Nobody is asking this, we would however like you to invest the profits we seem to make… Read more »


Gathered that but even as an occasional mouthpiece he sounds out of touch.


No but he’s still really good at embarrassing the Club every time he opens his mouth sober or otherwise. If you read the full interview, it’s the usual straw man arguments about not spending £50 million – find me one Arsenal fan who has said that ! – combined with his usual paranoia about Dein and his pathetic new found affection for Kronke. The same Kronke whose sort “we don’t want round here” – at least according to him five years ago. He also attacks Arsenal fans for having the temerity to voice discontent at the ground. The same fans… Read more »


if he’s not active then his statements are of no value.let the real owners come out and talk.that has been our problem all along.
from outside it looks as if arsene wenger is running the club.


Every fan is entitled to his/her opinion, I get that. But enough with the “I don’t think we’ll win the title” or any of its variations. We may not have the best squad that money can buy, but it is our squad. Writing off our team (and I’m sure they do get a whiff of what fans are saying in the blogosphere) this early in the season doesn’t accomplish anything, does it?


Apart from being realistic and honest, I suppose not.

Santi Caz

Dempsey was 6-8 million Llorente probably around 20 million or a bit less Afellay available on loan Mvilla availble for 15-20 million What do all these players have in common? NONE of them are even CLOSE to 50 million. If Giroud gets injured then Poldi has to play thru the middle and everyone can see how much more effective he is at the LF/LW position. We need another striker and just bc we can’t go out and buy Hulk or Falcao (which no true Arsenal fan expects) does not mean there were not some strikers available that would have added… Read more »


I think PHW meant spending 50 million pounds on transfer fee + player wages for a single player. That’s how executives look at these transfers.

Dempsey will have no resale value, so it’s not a typical Arsenal buy. Arsene apparently didn’t want M’Vila despite the rumours (various reports have said no contact was made at all with Rennes over the summer). Llorente would have edged into that 50 mln total outlay range.

I’m not trying to defend our transfer policy, but just pointing out the mitigating factors.


It’s hard to refute anything PHW argued. I just hope he and the other board members realize how tenuous and how fine the margin for the club is with their, seemingly, uncompromising strategy or model. If we fail to qualify for the Champions League can we expect an even greater exodus of top talent, or less revenue from sponsors along with the lost revenue from UEFA and gate receipts from home games? And if that all happens, which is likely plus other negative externalities, the immediate future of the club could then be quite depressing.


Seriously… He really should stay away from doing interviews.
It’s bad enough he’s still got a job at the club, without talking shit to the paper’s

meh moody gunner

nobody is asking for a £50m rated player, but can we atleast keep hold of our £50m rated players.


Or sell them for what they’re actually worth. I feel ill every time I think about the bargain that pack of cunts got on cesc. Special circumstances no doubt, but fuck me, that one really hurt.


good point.


It’s true in what phw has said we can’t compete with city etc and I don’t think many gunners fans expect us to, but we have plenty of money in the bank and the need for another striker could yet bite us in the arse this year. Giroud will come good no doubt about that the midfield is probably the best in the league, the defence seems sound, but not having another good striker as cover could prove our downfall. Injuries are part of the game and players need rest with the games we have. With the cash we have… Read more »


Completely agree. The thought of Wenger looking down the bench for striking options and seeing only Chamakh is a terrifying one for me.

I wonder if he sees Podolski or Walcott playing there in case of injury or rotation? Gervinho got a run up there too in the pre-season if I’m not mistaken.

Merlin's Panini

wow, that’s the first time I’ve seen PHW say nothing controversial. I agree with everything he’s said here.


Hill-Wood’s a colossal buffoon and always has been. Probably walks around the Emirates drunk all day stinkin of cigars – the rest of the board treating him like their senile old pet cat.

Wenger’s economic degree didn’t serve him very well when he put 20 kids on


The biggest issue about not being able to spend large is the new stadium we built 6 years ago. The wages are also an issue, but at least theyre working on changing that. Still, matching the likes of shitty and shellsea in spending is not possible.


Hill-Wood’s a colossal buffoon and always has been. Probably walks around the Emirates drunk all day stinkin of cigars – the rest of the board treating him like their senile old pet cat.

Wenger’s economic degree didn’t serve him very well when he put 20 kids on £60a week and 80% turned out to be shit – leaving him with no transfer spend exacerbated by the fact he still can’t get them off the club’s books. Wenger is to economics what Paul Gascoigne is to sobriety.


Le grove is that way >>>>>>>


Broken record. Every time he talks he has to remind us that we “can’t compete with the likes of Chelsea and Citeh in the transfer market”. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy when you bring these things up. It’s like saying “we can’t win but we’re gonna try”. We don’t have to “compete” with those clubs because they only go after the high priced flavor of the month boys were we always go after proven players who aren’t high profile or we go for diamonds in the rough. I hate hearing things like this because it lays the groundwork for the excuses… Read more »


Believe me, Arsenal tried to get rid of their overpriced and overpaid players who never play this transfer window, but it’s very hard to sell if there are no buyers. To use Wenger’s supermarket analogy from last year, there aren’t many clubs that shop in the overpriced, rotten cheese aisle.


And who’s fault is that?


Arseblog: He deletes my comment when he wants. I must have been out of line.

P/s. It was about you FG. So you might just want to appreciate arseblog a bit more

Dial Square

Talk about stating the bloody obvious, we know we cant compete financially, but could we not do a bit more to stop our best players walking away at the end of every season….And why doesn’t silent fucking Stan speak up…..

Wicked wickets

With regards to the transfer window profits, it wouldn’t surprise me if with his current spending levels, Wenger is taking into account that the future is the time when we will need (transfer) spending money the most, as the current crop (due to their age) will not have the profit generating resale value that we have become accustomed to over the last few years.


Frog your being far to reasonable. Stop it your beginning to freak me out. It’s like some Wierd experiment.


You know, I learned a lesson or two last year after cesc and the lesbo left. The fact is, Arsene, boro, and bould have forgotten more about football than I ever will.

Honestly, we have the best midfield in the league rite now, and with jack and rosicky coming back it’s only getting better. Our defense looks like they may have actually figured it out. Tv, koss, BFG and sanga are all world class. We have a rising star in goal who’s only getting better, plus the don looks a capable back up.

Up front podolski


…… Looks the business and hopefully giroud comes good. The only weakness I see is on the wing with theo and gervinho, but, I think we’re going to see the ox there quite a bit with theo becoming our cf for cup games.

Add to that we have a proven winning manager and the best away support on earth.

WHAT THE FUCK are you wankers moaning about??????????????????????


We are one quality striker short: if Giroud get injured or does not work out then we will be in trouble. We also need a defender who can play at right-back or in the centre. And we should have replace Song with M’Villa.

But we are defending better.

We will finish either third or fourth.


Fatgooner, m’cahill wouldn’t get a game in our midfield. Hed be behind arteta, diaby, coquelin and Ramsey. That would be a waste. I agree anoth rsteiker would have been nice but who was really available? I think theo is going to get some games there and podolski can play there too. That’s three strikers not even counting chamakh and the lazy Russian. We’re ok.


Who kidnapped the real Frog!?


[jedi mind trick]

This is the real Frog.

[/jedi mind trick]


Look, if we don’t concede goals and we boss the midfield the way we have to start this season, we will the league.

Just keep chamakh and arshavin the fuck away from me!!!


I honestly don’t get the fuss about PHW. For me he’s just another hypocrite!. Why?, I’ll tell you why. The guy comes out to speak now after things are starting to look up again, we’ve brought in good player who many dim to light up the premier league so honestly speaking he’s just as excited as any other fan. Tell me, are you now not optimistic about our chances at the title?, I’m sure you are just like anyone is. I’d have taken him seriously if spoke when we needed him the most.eg no new signings, selling of our players,… Read more »


I wish this guy would either shut up or fuck off and retire. Why is he a figurehead now…? Surely some lovable ex player should be doing that job


Fatgooner, I agree with a lot of what you say here, you call it as it is. And Ill give you the striker, it would indeed be reassuring to have another that we could rely on, but in regard to Song and M’Villa. We have to assume that AW, as a football manager who’s French, a fan and commentator on French football and the manager of a football team with French players would have a fairly decent knowledge of French footballers. He would also probably be the one to decide if that footballer fits into his plans. Granted another versatile… Read more »

Pong of the OxCoq

An interesting article in the Denver Post a while back about Kroenke Inc…


I’m an Avalanche fan. I think it’s completely different situations. The Avs haven’t lost any high-end talent that they’ve drafted (at least not yet). The team had a successful core for years, but once that got old, the Avalanche had to blow the team up and start anything. Due to free agency rules in the NHL and the fact that the teams with the very best young talent can draw high priced free agents much more easily, even if Kroenke overpaid the odds to try and lure top talent, it wouldn’t necessarily work. Back when there was no salary cap… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

I think the extra money should be used to secure better contracts rather then over spend on players, look what the mugsmashers spend on Carroll, Henderson and Downing to relise higher price dos’ent mean quality and look at cazorla,wenger gets players in and makes them world class and then some get greedy and want higher wages which leads to other clubs paying world class fees so arsenal end up in profit, so sorting out the wage structure for the better players is more important than overpriced players in my opinion

[…] doesn’t tell the full story. We can’t compete in some respects, we know that, and that’s what the Chairman said. “At a certain level, we can’t […]

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Cesc tells Marca he’s unhappy with warming the bench at that Spanish club who likes nicking our players. http://www.thesportreview.com/tsr/2012/09/cesc-fabregas-barcelona-compete-substitute/ Unusual that the spanish rag includes a story that alerts US, rather than making up crap to turn our player’s heads and cause their own monkey like players to urge our players to sign for them…yes I’m talking about you Puyol, with your inbred looks and fucking greasy perm! While it’s massively unlikely he’d leave any time soon and he’s said he went there to finish out his career, we have the first option on our former captain and I would… Read more »


The thoughts are we 1 coudnt afford his wages and 2 woudnt pay the fee barca would ask. 3 he ain’t coming back.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

what’s the point in having the first option then?


if we could, would you want him?

Eric Irish gunner

No it would be like an x bird who dumped you wanting you back because she got dumped plus jack is on the way back

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