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Pleased Bould praises Banfield and team spirit

He may have steered Arsenal to a win, but Steve Bould maintains that being the main man in the dugout is as painful as Arsene has made it look over the last few years.

Speaking in the aftermath of the victory over Montpellier, the former centre-back breathed a huge sigh of relief at escaping from the Stade de la Mosson with three vital points.

“I’m not sure I enjoyed it,” Bould told press. “I’ve got a headache and a half! It is tough. It’s a different pressure than I’ve been used to taking the under-18s but we won and we had a great result.”

“I am really pleased. It was difficult. I thought we were excellent in the first half – we kept the ball and kept the crowd really quiet.

“The second half was tough and we looked physically a little bit tired. The crowd got right behind them and it is quite an intimidating place to come and play, so we’re glad to get the result.”

The newly installed assistant manager also took time to praise the spirit his side showed under intense pressure and the influence of new first team coach Neil Banfield.

“It’s fabulous to get an early away win. We’ve had a decent start to the season and we have kept the run going so it is important all round, not just for the Champions League.

“We have got some tough games coming up. We have got great team spirit and I think that was evident tonight. Everybody is digging in and things are looking OK.

“Any coach will tell you it is about being good players and we have got some good players who want to work. So far, so good.

“Everybody has spoken about myself but Neil Banfield gets missed and he does a great job, too. There are a lot of good coaches, there are great players and everybody is working hard. I think that is why we’re doing OK at the minute.”

Bould opted for the Pat Rice ‘active wear’ shorts and training top combination for his stint on the bench last night. On occasion he was seen calmly sipping water, although it must be noted that the highlight for Arseblog News was his nonchalant leg crossing (see picture) – it was like having a horrifically scary Sharon Stone in the dugout. Sort of. Well not really. None of this is relevant, but we felt like bringing it up.

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Didn’t get up for the whole games duration I think, was always sitted.

But I think a giroud goal would have had him doing a mourinho slide then ofcourse uefa to come In. “You celebrated so unusually and you are associated with arsenal, 3 match ban”


yeah I noticed that too – did anyone get off the arsenal bench at any point during the game?

this isn’t a criticism by the way, though it may sound like one. I think we all underestimate how difficult the managerial hotseat is, and it was Bould’s first attempt after all.

Would love to see Bouldy in a suit berating some cunny like Phil Brown or Mark Hughes. guess we’ll have to wait for an AW domestic ban to see that!

NA$ri's Hamstringed Brain

Surprisingly, someone was sleeping (oh, I mean resting his eyes) beside him….


Shouldn’t your name be “Na$ri’s Hamstrung Brain”?


And shouldn’t yours be fatshit.


If it was then I would know that I should spell it with a capital “F” – but then I’m not an illiterate moron like you.


Fatshit then. Okay?

Tenacious Defence

We might not have rotated our players much yet, but how cunning to rotate our manager. Definitely quite good experience for him to occupy the hot seat for a few games.


rotate our manager? ohhhh u mean U.E.F.A were in it with us to spring a cunning 3 match manager rotation in europe?…..the cunts


I would love to see Sir Alex try squaring up to Bould. He wouldnt dare, Steve’s eyes alone could scare the shit out of anyone


that’ll make ‘someone’ chew harder

Naija Gunner

I was a bit nervy in the second half, but always bring myself back to game at the Emirates on saturday against Southampton, and the confidence would just rush back, that yeah, “we can do it, we can beat this guys” and am sooooo glad we did.

Am loving and getting used to winning now, please God don’t make it stop!


As a player I always remember him as appearing to be a menacing looking, younger, much larger version of George Graham. Like a George Graham lab creation.

Now, 20 years on, he looks even more menacing. I like this fact. Really, really looks like someone not to fuck with.

He mentions ‘hard work’ numerous times. I would have loved to see how he would have dealt with certain ex-players egos such as TGPTEL or the lazy/unfit ones ie Denilson or Arshavin.


Well if the story about Song is true we know exactly what he does to slackers!


What story??? I love gossip!


“What story??? I love gossip!”.

Do you love shaving your vagina as well?.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

I’m reading Fever Pitch for the first time (unbelievable I know but yes I’ve seen the film!) and the pain Nick Hornby describes at being a football fan, especially and Arsenal one, was etched on Bouldy’s face afterwards!

…and his comments about not being sure if he enjoyed it and having a headache and a half just sums up just how much HE and WE bloody love the Mighty Gunners!


oh and citeh…hahah, Champions league? you’re having a laugh!

big black clock

Meanwhile Vermaelen has expressed his disappointment at Nasri’s injury which will make him miss the match against us.

He said, “I was looking forward to elbowing his chin off his cunty face. But now not only do I find out that he’s going to miss the match, but I also find out that he has no chin”


The more I think about it, the more I believe Vermaelen must be related somehow. Similar stature, same icey stare, very similar uncompromising attitude.


Uncompromising is a great adjective!

“Please Mr Vermaelen!”


as wonderful as santi is to watch, and as decisive poldi is showing himself to be, i think that our best summer ‘signing’ is bould and banfield

if we can continue to get the consistent team spirit and extra 10% throughout the season then we can really do something special


I’m just happy we did it. Well done Bould…….
Up gunnerzzz


Arsenal unbeaten 2012-2013


Bould LOVES the camp crossing over of legs. Spotted it in the game against Stoke too, hilarious.


Say it to his face. I dare you. I double dare you.


I’m actually really glad the next 2 games Bould is taking over are at home… cause that Montpellier atmosphere was mental (in both a good and bad way!). Playing at home will make it easier for the team a whole lot to be quite honest.


Is it just me or has Jenkinson improved massively? It was only last season people were wondering why we bought him and getting sent off at Old Trafford, now he’s playing every week and actually gets better every game! I think we can thank Bould and Banfield for that, I reckon they’ve took him to one side and told him what he’s doing wrong and got him to work on that.


Oh, that sounds like a quite unusual way coaching



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