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Podolski up for the fight

Free-scoring Lukas Podolski says Arsenal’s win against Liverpool was welcome but says the team must continue to ‘fight’ for results in the Premier League.

Comparing the pressure at Arsenal to that of his previous club, Podolski says there’s an expectation that Arsenal should challenge for the title and that will only come through hard work.

“The Premier League is hard,” he said. “It is not like in Spain where it is only Barcelona and Real Madrid who fight for the championship.

“In the Premier League you have five or six teams who want the championships and we are one of them. We must fight, we have 35 matches more and we must play like we did today. When we play like this, we are in the first five in the Premier League.

“We played very well, we must keep like this, fight and run and then we have more of these games and more of these points.”

The hard work has brought about good results and obvious defensive improvement, something which Podolski’s German teammate, Per Mertesacker, says has filled the team with confidence.

Speaking to the official site, he said, “We had to believe a lot, because our squad has had many changes and some important players have moved. We didn’t know where we stood, but we are very happy now.

“You could see it in the dressing room directly after the match. We are very proud to play for Arsenal. We had a great opportunity here to show everybody what Arsenal is.

“We now have to focus on our strengths and that is vital for the next few weeks, to stay near the top of the league.

“A lot of challenges are coming after the international break but we are looking forward to them because we are full of confidence. We showed that against Liverpool.”

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Goldi Poldi Hallelujah


Es gibt einen fußballgott

Adam, Watford

Ganz bestimmt !



Big fucking Gerrrman, we’ve got a big fucking German


So the BFG brought another BFG. Perhaps it’s too early to say, but what a great attitude. This is what arsenal needs. Class.


They’re so efficient and well organised!

Adam, Watford

Just for the hell of it . . . maybe he might appreciate this, I think it’s right . .

” Großes verdammtes Deutsch, wir haben einen großes verdammtes Deutsch bekommen . . . ”



le spoiler alert: no it’s not 😉 but I’m sure the effort would be much appreciated.


I love the sack!!!
Am so happy to see him succeed and its an absolute credit to himself that every Fucking journo out there tore shreds off him last season. Just like they did boscielny!

From Nigeria with Love

Top Top Top Top PLAYER!!!

Brian Mendoza

Hearing Anfield explode with chants of HE SCORES WHEN HE WANTS for Poldi brought alot of joy to my heart. And a manly tear or two.

YOU guys


Brian Mendoza

You seem tense bro. Have a salmon puff.


I really wish we had a player by that name.


we were so defensively solid yesterday, was great to see.

At the same time, it was great to see Poldi get back and defend and frustrate liverpool.

great to see us finally defend as a team and actually have someone covering when vermaelen takes his foreward runs, which are much welcome.

I think selling Song was the right move, i prefer arteta there 100%, much more diciplined and focused on his job.

Midfield Corporal

I agree the team Looks better with Arteta holding, but as always the concern is squad depth. He can’t play every game and his replacement is Le Coq, who lacks experience. Think I’d have kept Song if we weren’t going to spend the money. Watching Diaby yesterday made you realise why AW perserveres with him, hopefully some of the Diaby bashers may re-evaluate their opinion of him. I know we’ve always said he doesn’t play the same role as Vieira but maybe he does. Paddy wasnt a DM, he was really box to box, hopefully Diaby will turn out like… Read more »


I understand your concern regarding coquelin but I think he’ll be a capable understudy based on last years appearances he looks strong in the tackle, good on the ball too, I don’t remember him making too many bad errors either.


I hope if he has a few bad games though, we won’t see everyone bashing the Coq


Why cant he play every game? he has no internationals to worry about. he wont ay carling cup till the final and if we do the same with the fa cup he would only play 38 league and perhaps 10 cl games if he we progress that far and he avpids the dead rubbers. even brittle bones rvp managed that last season.

Mr. G

He’s got exactly the right attitude, both on and off the pitch. Only three games in and I’ve already been very impressed with this guy. A hard working team player who’s strong and excellent in attack but also more than willing to do the necessary defensive work when required.


I think we can finish in the the top two, we’re not a one man club like 1ManUtd. They’re relying on one guy to get them out of games, if it wasn’t for him then they’d be bottom of the table and scrapping for a point here and there. If he gets injured they’ll be relegated!!! It’s not enough for them to win the title. We have an entire team that can score goals that’s why we’re better than them you see. Also, I’d like to point out that the entire of Manchester have now let in FOUR (yes 4)… Read more »


Wow! You really do live up to that name of yours.


Yes because 4/2 = 10. Genius!


Get off the internet.


arsenal blog…. no man u talk on here what they do wont concern us as long as we’re winning games

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I see what you did there. 🙂

The funny thing is that United are in about the same situation we were. They aren’t really a one man team, but it’s easy to see that they are going to rely heavily on RVP this season, just as we did last season.

They’ve bought themselves a great goalscorer, but who will step in if he gets injured? Rooney? Rooney could yet suffer some Diaby-like problems after a nasty injury like he had.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Oh, and Fuck the lot of them!


I’m really excited to see how long we can go without conceding, our defence is solid as a rock and Mannone doesn’t worry me as much as I thought he would


Let’s see if we can beat the Chavski’s and conceed 15 or less.


Didn’t we only let on 13 in ’91? I’ll have to look it up.

Oh, forgot, that was pre- Premier League so football hadn’t been invented then, according to Sky.

Midfield Corporal

I thought it was 17, I think seaman needed to save a pen against Utd the day we won the league to stay equal with Liverpools record but I think they scored, memory a bit foggy on it though. I do remember smudger scoring a pen for his hatrick though, happy days.


Looked it up Corp – 18 goals against.

The ‘NB’ under the league table I checked also noted that ‘Arsenal made it clear that the FA could stick their fuckin 2 points up their arse’

Midfield Corporal

18 was it, and we didn’t want seaman. I still dig out my old video of that season to watch the mass brawl. MacLaine kicking Nigel whilst he’s on the floor was hilarious, then in came the’Soul Boys’, Rocky, Thomas and all.


Yep. And I was one of those at Loftus Road in 1990 (probably) for a cup game, chanting loud and proud ‘You’ll Never Play For Arsenal’ at Spunky, as he single handedly kept us out.

I mean, how dare he think he could replace Lukic with his odd wonky goal kicks. How dare he.


Midfield Corporal

What do we fans know eh? Was that QPR game the one where Adams flicked the V’s after scoring?


Don’t think so. Don’t remember us scoring without googling it.

Only remember it was fuckin cold, raining and horrible.

Dean '67

Ol’ timers. We appreciate you.


Just got that pic printed on my shirt

It’s beautiful


Great to see him smile althrough the match and put in a good performance. More please.

Fergie the Gooner

Yeah, it was great to see the reaction to scoring that both he and Santi had. It looked like it really meant a lot to them. There was a shot of him chatting on the bench towards the end of the game after he was subbed and he was still beaming!

Hopefully Olly will get his name on the scoresheet against Southampton.

Adam, Watford

Thereis a bit of pedigree there for Frenchmen to get their first of many against Southampton . . . eh ?

Also, I think Poldi’s link play really showed through yesterday and he seems to be really forging a good partnership with Cazorla. Nice little interchanges between them both ! Obviously after that shot against Sunderland on the opening day they had a friendly chat about who goes for which ball !

I think we might just come up on the outside rail and nick it this season !
Sorry, is it too soon to say things like that ?


Nice to hear from our senior Germans. Take note, Theo!


Seeing the smile beaming on Podolski’s face after he tucked away his goal was just amazing.

Finsbury Park Gooner

LOVE this guy!



Andre Santos

What is it?


What a finish it was by Podolski! Good to see him back to his usual self. Was really happy when we signed him, always been a fan, but now I’m chuffed he’s settled in. If this continues, I can only hope we’re in a good position come January – and if we are and we still feel we’re short a player or so, then really do hope that this time we bring in a reinforcement or two to push us all the way to the top! Have to say, I know it’s early days, but I can’t help but be… Read more »


Podolski was pure class both upfront and when he was back defending.The little Russain can learn a thing or two about doing his share of defending.Overall,it was a solid performance. COYG.


We should sign more Germans

Dean '67

Sebastian vettel?.
Whoops, wrong sport.


I’d probably take him over Squillaci.

Gunsen Gunner

We’ve signed a German in the last three transfer windows.Let this new-found tradition continue.


2 in the team and 3 bubbling under eisfeld gnabry and siemann. Thats where we should be looking next bednar would have been a good signing. holtby has already declared his interest and i think there has to be another german defender that is versatile to take the place.of squillaci and a forward to replace chamakh


yup.. mario goetze in jan 2013……………. WOHOOOOOOO!!

Andre Santos

I would really like the Bender twins to be brought in…if you know what I mean.


“We played very well, we must keep like this, fight and run and then we have more of these games and more of these points.” – Wow! When is that Dutch cunt coming to the Grove?


Just three competitive matches for the Arsenal and i am already in love with this guy. I am not gay ok but he won my heart with his defensive prowess !!! Top, top, top player!!!!


I can see that all arsenal players both old new are hungry lions. starting from podolski who is deadly look at goal, I say gud one then the services of mifielders in person of Cazorla, Atetar and Diabi were hugely welcome. with the entirely team doing well like that will totally forget the services of VRP and Alex Song. Up Gunnerz!

Mills N7

Somebody needs a spell-check, and to take those boxing gloves off whilst typing.


van Robin Persie!


Dably was my MOTM.
His movement on and off the ball is just sheer artistry and can’t be learned from a blackboard on training days. Was that ball super-glued to his foot on Sunday? My only hope is that he doesn’t get injured – especially in a meaningless international.


Who’s Dably?

Merlin's Panini

Dwayne Dably!


He must be related to Carzola.

Sol Goodman

Atetar? VRP? Dably? Wongur is a genius!


I loved the effort Poldi put in yesterday. It was brilliant to watch.

And it was great to see Bould going absolutely mental on the bench! One scary motherfucker.

gooner from bangladesh

I remember saying, before the season started that Podolski will be a better signing than Hazard and Kagawa, I stand by it. Hazard may be leading according to the stats, but stats doesn’t show how hard he has been working defensively.


well he is kinda mental but i love it.
i think he was gonna hit giroud but wanted to pat him up as well for that miss.
does anyone have that clip?


I looked at it carefully it was actully Gibbs, screaming he’s ass off for a pass… I suppose if he did pass, gibbs coulda just tapped it as Pepe came to block pretty boy.
P.S gibbs wouldnt have been offside also


He’s been here 2 weeks and speaks english great, Tevez been here 6 years and cant say a word 🙂

Diaby voice sounds like RnB Singer, Omarion or someone haha
but such a down to earth guy! hope he stays fit!

damien joyce

I’ve only found “Arseblog” around 3-4 years ago and I’ve been meaning to ask people where does the term “mugsmashers” originate??

Also blogs, just want to commend you on your subjective commentary on that Suarez lad, I like this, his racist mannerisms on the pitch most certainly deserves the odd bit of highlighting.

Merlin's Panini

I believe it’s in reference to Blogs’s brother (a Liverpool supporter) who smashed his mug when they were kids. Something like that

Adam, Watford

I think it was an accident, though. I am sure Arseblogger will re-hash the story one day again in the blog, if not here and now !

Merlin's Panini

I fucking love Mertesacker:
“You could see it in the dressing room directly after the match. We are very proud to play for Arsenal. We had a great opportunity here to show everybody what Arsenal is.”

That says it all right there. I love the way we’re playing at the moment. Really quick fluid football, lots of power, and solid at the back.
Since that period where we kept coming back from behind last season it feels like we have a whole team of fighters, and that sense has just grown stronger with the displays so far this season.

Tenacious Defence

Yeah, and I think a lot of us are feeling proud of our players too.

Speaking of power, how about Diaby turning and surging away from defenders… just had me saying “wow”. So glad to see him fit and playing well.


Slight subject change: I’ve just been watching Match of the Day 2 on my recorder, and I can now confidently predict that Man United will not win either the Premier League or the Champions’ League. Why? Their defending is awful. They will concede at least 40 goals in the Premier League alone, mark my words. Five goals let in against the might of Everton, Fulham and Southampton already tell you everything that you need to know. Vidic and Old-Man Ferdinand look well past it. Van Persie can score as many goals as he wants, but if your defending is shit… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Agreed, looks like they’re going to concede a bucket load and rely on one Dutch cunt scoring all their goals.
Weird, I could’ve sworn…


How is it that people have somehow forgotten that Rooney was the 2nd top scorer in the league last year?

Merlin's Panini

because he’s a fat overrated cunt and he won’t be close this season.

Fergie the Gooner

I agree, it has been quickly forgotten, but to be fair I think even United have forgotten about him to a degree! At the start of the season I thought Judas would play second fiddle to Rooney all season. The timing of his injury and the dutchman’s form in his absence might well mean that he doesn’t get straight back in the team when he’s recovered though and if he does make the eleven it probably won’t be up front. I was going to say that I’d love to see the look on Rooney’s face when he realised that, but… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Until his injury Rooney showed every sign of being the fat, lazy and disinterested Rooney we all know and love. Hope he comes back late, fatter and lazier and even more disinterested than ever (and that Fergie keeps picking him, futilely waiting for him and Rude Van Pursey to click as a partnership.)

Dean '67

I reckon teams should exploit that rafael wing. That fluffy brazilian I think is the weakest link. The only thing defensive about him is his pace otherwise nothing there.
Aerial balls will win teams alot of goals against united. That would make me really happy.

Fergie the Gooner

How long until we’re allowed to brand United a one man team?

Merlin's Panini









To be fair to them they have had a load of injuries at the back… But what’s the fun in that!

Gunsen Gunner

Fair to them?That was pretty much their first choice back four yesterday bar maybe Rafael.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

What’s the difference between Man United and Arsenal statements?

When we said that we had our four first choice defenders out at the start of last season it was true. Fergie’s just making excuses to cover his team’s inadequacies and frailty.


Yes Fatgooner, I agree.
Looks like Ol’ Red Nose has bought a copy of “Kevin Keegan’s guide to football tactics.”.

Merlin's Panini

I hope he’s also bought a copy of his guide to going mad, flaking out and spectacularly fucking up in the title race.

Mrs Bendtner's Greatest Son That Ever Lived

I would love it. Just love it.

Jack Jumblies

Vidic is coming back from serious injury, so might improve as he knocks the rust off. Choc Iceman though is turning into Carragher 2.0.

I don’t know how good their deputies are because, really, fuck them. We’ve got 3 guys in the back who could start for any team in the EPL.

Adam, Watford

” Van Persie can score as many goals as he wants, but if your defending is shit you win nothing. ” So, you echo my thoughts pretty much in your comment and this struck me in the quote above . . . RvJudas has just left a side he considers aren’t up to the cause because it ( us ) couldn’t defend so well last , so much so we were single handedly rescued by their all-star striker ( him ) . . . only to join a team that appears not to be up to the cause because .… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Once he spots their defensive problems and realises that he has to score three goals EVERY game if he wants to win trophies (and get paid all those lovely bonuses) you can expect to see an open letter from RVP to the United fans…

“This club does not have the same ambition that I have. They lied to me.”

which translates as “Fuck Me! I just found out that it’s the BLUE Manc’s that have bottomless pockets!!!! Hey Agent-mine, get me the fuck outta here”

Dean '67

Ain’t enough that we’re finally ticking upfront. Poldi just needed to come out and express his joy. I’m happy too podolski, now if you could only get that giroud one of those ‘on a silver platter goals’, once he does that i’ll stop googling “giroud shirtless”.

Dean '67

And here’s something interesting.

Bergkamp took seven games to get his first goal and Henry took eight games. Both were
against …….. Southampton. Fairy tale in the making ?.

Surely giroud should too.

Mills N7

And Ian Wright scored his first league goals against the Saints. I still remember when Dennis broke his duck… after headlines of ‘Desperate Den’ and the arsenal away fans chanting ‘what a waste of money’ (which was a bit silly, although he was the club record signing), the first line of the report I read the next morning (before I had internet) was excruciating in its horrible puns, but I loved it just the same: ‘Dennis Berg-BLANK became Dennis Berg-CHAMP yesterday…’ I still chuckle over that… I wonder if the tabs will come up with anything as silly for Giroud…… Read more »

H. P. Arsecraft

Ah, so that’s what the delay of Giroud-goals is all about. He wants to walk in the footsteps of legends.


Podolskiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!..We are going to hear many of this from the commentators this season! love it.


Curse of the number 9 can fuck right off


Cronaldo is unhappy at real.
Do you think they would accept a squillaci swap, just for the story. I bet it would be a hit. Newspapers internet everywhere.


That guy has problems. How can he be unhappy with a bunch of cups, playing for the team he was a fan of as a kid, that’s pretty much built around him, for £fuckton per week with the universal adoration of the fans and every pundit in the world ever?

What more exactly does he need?

Actually, I can imagine him walking into the dressing room after the game and Mourinho going “Ehh… 6 out of 10. Get two hat-tricks in the next game.”

Dean '67

Speculation has it that he’s unhappy with the treatment of fellow professional and friend kaka. The guy has been treated badly and ronaldo thinks he should somehow intervene. And with modric coming in that’s likely to continue. I know this sounds a bit farfetched but if it’s somehow true then i’ll be okay with ronaldo.

Or maybe they just got him the wrong hair product. Maybe.

Merlin's Panini

Sounds familiar. Maybe his kid inside is being a cunt?

Lord Teddy Ears

Guys the Arseverse is happy and jubilant and it feels so so so good. We just need to keep this team fit and with the likes of JW coming back we have depth in midfield to keep this style of play working well for us. I know when Bacman comes back things will really hot up and that is by no means a slur on Jenks but his time will come. I am going to throw an idea out there but what about Theo down the middle as a striker maybe ? Either way I love Pod’s attitude and the… Read more »


In Arsene We Trust. And those words are ringing more and more true. Man United should be rebranded Van United because they’ve become a one man team. Absolutely love it! COME ON YOU MIGHTY ARSENAL!

H. P. Arsecraft

I’m sick to the bones with all this “In Arsene We Trust” or “rusts”. Some fans wants a change and some fans doesn’t. No one is right or wrong, it’s just different opinions on a subject we all love, The Arsenal.

So please cut out all the “In Arsene We Trust” and “In Arsene We Rust”. It’s just boring, stupid and counterproductive and the only thing it does is to drive a wedge between fans.

Nothing wrong with a heated debate though…

big black clock

He is right tho. In Arsene We (all should) Trust.


Since the departure of Henry, we’ve been written off. Wenger at the helm, he has kept us competing with the likes of chelski or united. And after losing our top striker, he once again is proving that he the one to lead us to glory.

H. P. Arsecraft

I`m not against supporting Wenger. He`s the best manager in the world and I support him wholeheartedly and with a passion. That doesn’t mean I think he is right all the time and can`t do anything wrong. We should have signed a back up striker!

What I am against are those fucking phrases. They have become something negative that we use against each other when our opinions differ. I hope blogs bans them.


And I’m not saying Arsene is perfect either, he has made mistakes. But the good he has done outweighs the bad by ten fold. Arsene is the man you’ll need to trust, because he is running the club, like it or not. As for the phrase, you just seem to get pissed off at the phrase. There are some of us who don’t just say it but believe in it. As for signing a back up striker, we have Podolski who has started producing the goods and Giroud, who I’m confident 101% will be the one everyone will speak highly… Read more »

Andrew Maher

Okay well I’m for this, but not until after we sort out the “Gooner” head lines. It’s “going to” not “Gooner”, it’s not even a good fucking pun. I mean jesus christ, my niece writes better puns than that and she is seven.

We should just change it to “In Arsenal we Arsenal” or “Arsenal, it’s Arsenal” or “Arsenal, a club so Arsenal it has a chap called Arsene as its manager. That’s only 2 letters away from having a manager called Arsenal at Arsenal. WOW, OH MY GOD, 2 LETTERS AWAY. You couldn’t write a pun about it.”

Fairly recent Gooner

My only gripe with Podolski is that he scored just after I subbed him out of my fantasy team, typical. Was cheering and cursing at the same time on Sunday. I thought we were sloppy at times with our passing (especially at the back), but that presumably is early season rustiness. TV5 was immense though, hopefully Suaraz had nightmares about him last night.

Adam, Watford

TV5 does ‘ no-nonsense ‘ just like a proper old school defender.
For example, blocking Gerrard from shooting from Suarez’s ( ? ) second half parried effort.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding Row Z when necessary !


He’s been here 2 weeks and speaks english great, Tevez been here 6 years and cant say a word

Diaby voice sounds like RnB Singer, Omarion or someone haha
but such a down to earth guy! hope he stays fit!

Lord Teddy Ears

You guys are so so so happy I love it !!!

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Very happy with this German experiment at the club.
Arsene, feel free to bring more Germans to the club!
They’re winners and have a great attitude!
And they come from the land of chocolate!
mmmmmm . . . .. chocolate!


Err think that is belgians?
but fuck it near enough.

Lu Lu lu kas podolski

my new favourite song for podolski!


This might already have been covered but does anyone know the reason for tv5 coming off against the scouse?

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