Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Report: Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

Arsenal lost their first game of the season going down 2-1 to Chelsea the Emirates this afternoon.

Arsene Wenger made just one change from the Man City game with Laurent Koscielny replacing Per Mertesacker in the centre of defence with Aaron Ramsey continuing on the right hand side.

However, it was the racist led Chelsea who started most brightly, with Oscar, Hazard and Torres all causing problems.

Arsenal were forced into an early change when Abou Diaby was replaced by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who took over from Ramsey on the right with the Welshman moving back into midfield.

The visitors then took the lead when a rash Vermaelen challenge gave Chelsea a free kick aboout 35 yards out. Juan Mata curled it in, the unmarked Sideshow Bob missed a free header before it fell to Torres who hooked his foot around Koscielny to finish at the near post for 0-1.

The goal boosted Chelsea who were on top in terms of possession and with the visitors pressing Arsenal high up the pitch and being given plenty by referee Martin Atkinson Arsenal looked to be struggling. Cazorla was set up by Gervinho but could only shoot over the bar.

Oscar was tasked with shackling Arteta, but when he was eventually booked after his umpteenth foul, Arsenal found a bit more freedom and close to half-time got an equaliser.

We moved it well down the right hand side, Oxlade-Chamberlain fizzed in a low cross, Gervinho killed it, turned away from John Terry, whose racism skills were of no use to him at all, before smashing it past Cech for his 4th goal of the season.

Late in the half Torres fired into the side netting after good interplay with Oscar and Hazard but the teams went in all square at the break.

Arsenal looked a bit better in the second half with Gibbs twice finding Podolski’s good runs inside the Chelsea area, the second of which presented a good chance for Cazorla but the Spaniard shot high and wide.

Arsenal then pressed the self-destruct button when Vermaelen gave away a needless free kick on Torres from more or less the same position as the first half. Mata again curled in a good ball, no Arsenal player got a head on it and Koscielny’s efforts to get back saw him deflect it past a fairly static Vito Mannone at the far post.

It was poor defending again from Arsenal, and it showed that even under Steve Bould there’s plenty of work to be done back there. Arsenal were wasteful in possession too often, and looked tired in the second half against a team which knows how to defend.

There were chances though. Cech made two great saves, firstly from a Podolski header, then from a Giroud shot which was deflected, forcing him to go the opposite way and just managing to keep it out. Gervinho set up Cazorla but again the Spaniard was off-target, and late on Olivier Giroud couldn’t quite get the ball out from under his feet after he’d almost rounded Cech after Oxlade-Chamberlain’s clever through pass.

When you consider the softness of the goals Arsenal conceded and the chances missed these are definitely poor points to have dropped.

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It’s easy to say this after the game but maybe with Per..
Can’t believe we just gifted them the game.
Crestfallen seeing diaby limp off.
Pick ourselves up, and just get on with it…

Bitch please

We were rubbish. Both verm and kos were fuck all rubbish


Wenger out!


lol, the thumbs down brigade are on it! I should know better than to attempt irony on here.


Ramsey was also a bit rubbish today. Podolski was anonymous and Cazorla wasn’t at his best – though even on his off day he was pretty decent. Only players who seemed up for it today IMO were Gibbs, Ox and Jenk.


VERM+ MERTESACKER asap till further notice!


We missed mertesacker I think but how much of the blame should vermaelen be shouldering?


Both Verm and Kos were pretty bad today, not the best partnership no matter how good they are on their own.


It’s the curse of the verminator:
Sometimes he’s programmed to fight against us, sometimes he’s programmed to fight with us..


I don’t care if Giroud hasn’t scored, I would really prefer him to Gervinho, no discredit to him, but we really need a proper CF, someone the other team’s defense can feel the presence of…


My thought too. Gervinho is not a central forward and despite him not scoring, we could do Giroud upfront and Gerv on the wing.


Well poldi would have burried that!

Anyway giroud will come good and if it ain’t now We’re fucked!!!

Bitch please

He’s ok but his clumsiness and genuine lack of class is Appalling.


Aside from Gerv’s footballing ability, am i the only one that’s a lil uneasy bout his celebration ritual…it’s a bit ummm…you know what i mean….lol


Yes! What the hell is that Gervinho celebration???? I’m pretty sure it means something and he’s not saluting the 3rd Reich but still… yeesh.


I don’t see how anyone could feel totally comfortable with Gerv as a CF. Well.. I guess Wenger feels comfortable so that discredits everything I have to say.
It was good seeing him score but I just don’t have that much faith in him to do that anywhere near the consistency we need of a true CF. I don’t mind him being a little more central though. Although he has the pace of a winger, I have yet to see him send in a decent cross. Something everyone seems to be capable of doing but him.


This season Gervinho has started 4 games as a centre forward and has scored 4 goals in those games.

I know he’s not the second coming of Henry, but the numbers say that the experiment of him playing that role has worked. Whether it will keep working remains to be seen.

Cygan's Middle Foot

ramsey being ramsey again. fuck!


Agreed. He played atrociously today. Once again proving he may be a decent sub but is NOT GOOD ENOUGH to start at the moment.


ramsey did not play terribly. him and gervinho got an unfair amount of stick but they were the only two players who pushed the ball forward and so lost the ball more often than others. The biggest flaw in arsenals game going on the ball was the lack of cohesion between cazorla and the deep lying midfielders; whether it was arteta, diaby, ramsey or chamberlain and that was due to chelseas midfield disrupting a lot of arsenals forward passes. Podolski was far too quiet on the left in the first half and never got a chance to impose himself upfront… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

New Cygan here!!!!. You never learned, here you can’t say a bad word about Mr 67 minutes sub no matter what is the game required or the results is manager and that Ramsey. Even if you come here after more 7 years with no trophy, it would still be anyone fault but not Mr 7 million a year poor socialist. Also, you will get the happy next window/summer we will sign what we need and Arsene will sort it out group telling you that Ramsey will come good next year and the injury of three years ago is the reason,… Read more »


Why the thumbs down? I like Ramsey, and think he’s a good player, but he still hasn’t found his form. What’s there to argue about?


Short memories. He was tremendous against Citeh


Right — I do agree. But I see him as a sub — much more impact, less pressure, win-win.


He started the City game and was outstanding.

Cygan's Middle Foot

once we conceded 2nd goal, everyone was down.

challenge for title? no, not with these kind of mentality. manure will never give up even after 2 goals down.


ManUre would get two penalties awarded and a Chelsea player sent off, because they’re Manure.

'desi'gner gooner

Yeah rite….Cech made two fantastic saves after we went 2 goals down. Losers wouldn’t have made those chances against a team that is well drilled in defense. To say that everyone’s head dropped after the second goal is in no way a reflection of the events that unfolded on the pitch.

I thought Kieran Gibbs was brilliant today….the number of times he dispossessed Torres was phenomenal.

Cygan's Middle Foot

ox think he is better than he is now. this is a good game for youngster to keep their feet on.
ramsey, missed pass like 10 times. long shoots off target. fuck. he is shit! he is cunt.


You need to calm down, mate. By the rate you’re going, you might pop a vein or two.


Polish on your engish sonny, then I might take ya serioulsy.


What is engish?


Fucking english, is that okay?

Cygan's Middle Foot

kos og was devastating. silly goal. i don’t blame him. ox was lazy and like walcott, he was headless chicken, especially on defending.


It was going in regardless and the goal was given to Mata. he just nudged it slightly more. Obviously should’ve gotten a better touch on it to clear.


Yeah yeah, you’re the same guy that said Ramsey “he is shit, he is cunt,” so you’re out of the running. My guess is that English isn’t your first language. If it is, then you’re knackered.


what a turnaround…mr arseblog has been advocating for verm-kos axis all along and when it didnt work he blames mr wenger..nkt

Der Springer

Mr. arseblog advocated starting Kos over the BFG. Without the benefit of hindsight it was a reasonable argument.
Maybe I missed it but where is it that “he blames mr. wenger”


check his liveblog punch line


Arseblog out!

Goner Al

We’ve got a BFG, and we need him for ‘top four’ clashes. The team panics when he’s not at the back. I know one man doesn’t make a team but his stats when he starts for us are fantastic. Today was a day to make a statement in the league. Fuck the Manchester clubs, the Chavs are the ones to beat this season. We failed today; it’s not over by a long shot but we need to pick ourselves up. Up the Arse!


Of our three first-choice center backs, I think Per should be the one constant. Verm & Koss both have similar styles relying more on pace, while Per’s reading and position are his strong suits (not to mention height). The contrasting styles of BFG on one side and Verm or Koss on the other fit like a glove complimenting each other perfectly.


1. Whenever one of our players talk about statements and messages, we find our selves in the back foot. I’m not blaming the boy for our poor show, but Vermaelen committed two costly fouls today. 2. I think Diaby’s injury unbalanced the team. Ramsey was doing well in the wing, but moving him to the midfield caused us to get out powered. 3. Starting Gervinho upfront instead of Giroud (who is a proper center forward) or Walcott (who have a good record scoring against Chelsea) seemed mistake. 4. Manone could have done better covering his near post. 5. Our passing… Read more »


You had that all copied to the clipboard ready to paste. Bless.


No. I typed in—like a mad cunt.


Hah! In that case, good work! You needed to get that off your chest…


As long as you didn’t type it like a racist cunt

Glen Helders Hair gel

You keep banging on about Giroud can do this & that & yet he has cost us 5 points already this season. Late misses against Sunderland, Stoke & that sitter today go to prove he isnt ready yet


we werent ourselves for sure, we lacked desire & urgency. why did we lack desire? why?


I think we may be underestimating Chelski a bit here. They’re a very strong side. Annoying thing is that it sounded as if both goals were totally preventable (didn’t see the game but was listening on the radio)


They don’t mind winning ugly.

Horrible, though, that they wouldn’t have even gotten close to scoring, had Vermaelen not made shockingly bad decisions.


Valid points… Gervinho was rather frustrating to watch he needs to show as what Wenger see’s in him.. I would have left Poldi in there and taken him out. All in all a good lesson for the boys…lets pick ourselves up, we are the ARSENAL!!


Completely agreed with #9 there! I often find myself screaming at the TV for the sub. Certainly not saying I know better than the manager, but we do seem to call subs a lot later than other teams.


I sometimes wonder if Arsenal’s subs are pre-planned. Too late substitutions, making the odd subs, etc.


All good valid points and I totally aggree with you


All valid? Weren’t both goals on his far post?


Well now fuck!!!!!!!.

We’re back to earth with a bang. Still coyg

Calvin Alias

That was just bad. Two horrible goals to concede.


You have to say we were poor today, Gibbs and jenkinson apart the rest were average at best. Ramsey was back to his frustrating worst, wanting to much time then giving the ball away. And gerv was the same. Really lacked up front and that more than anything this season could punish us. Had crosses going in at times and absolutely no one there. Don’t think the bfg missing had a direct impact on the result but on principle I don’t think swapping center halves just for the sake of it is the right thing. Just one of the those… Read more »


Gibbs and jenkinson did great! They were our best today… I will be very happy if they play every game like that. They are really in a good form.


Thought Arteta did a lot of good work regaining the ball for us and making clean tackles — only for Ramsey to lose the ball the second he got his feet on it.


In the first half ramsey was quite good(one of the best players in the team) but badly faded in the second.
Cazorla had a poor game by his standards. We missed diaby and to a certain extent BFG


Girrrrrrouuuuuud…. Oh sorry.


🙁 didn’t see the miss at the end… was it a howler? He seems to be very much a confidence player. If only we could inject TGSTEL’s confidence directly into him…


Wasn’t an easy angle (just difficult, not impossible) in my view.


Here’s the video– —-> HE FUCKING MISSED!!!


No, it was a difficult one to score and he wasn’t far.


He opened it up and made it a difficult angle for himself.
1. Should have moved a step and blasted it. You never know it might go in

2. Should have cut it back to an open.walcott.

3. He should have still burried that no matter the fucking angle. It wasnt that bad. (podolski vs liverpool? Remember?)

4. Should have Tried to win a penalty

5. Laid it off to an onrushing player.

6. Terry is a scummy cunt!


@Heh, is that sarcasm or do you really mean it?


The goals must be bigger in france!


Lets put it this way, if he was outside your house kicking balls at your windows, you would have nothing to worry about.


1. Mertesacker needs to start every EPL match from here on out
2. Giroud and Podolski need to be on the pitch at the same time since they combine well together


Easy to say in retrospect, but I was genuinely disappointed when I saw pre-game that the birthday boy (BFG) had been left out, especially given that he really was the man-of-the-match against Man City. I assume Bould will be giving the defence the hairdryer treatment right about now (I mean, what else is he going to use a hairdryer for?), so let’s hope the discipline we’ve seen previously returns quickly. It’s a disappointing result but I think the side has shown enough skill and cohesion up to this point to suggest that this was an *uncharacteristically* sloppy performance, not a… Read more »

Der Springer

One bad game does not mean Kos is better than the BFG. Kos was our best centerback last season and I find it hard to fathom how so many posters have forgotten that so quickly..
Yes, Kos had a horrible game and I agree that Mert should start the next one but we did not go from having 3 quality CBs to only having only 2 in the space of 90 minutes.

Rajesh Mahadevan

Yeah. I don’t see why Arsene insists with Gervinho. He does not connect with anyone and keeps the ball too long.


its simple. with diaby, we win the league.

without him…


Hope the injury’s not too serious. Any news on that?

Eric Irish gunner

A slight tigh strain but with diaby you don’t know how long he’ll miss

50 Shades of Ramsey

3 weeks minimum i read, eurgh.


Aw jeez. You’ve gotta think one more bad injury and he’ll retire from football. Not sure if mentally he could take another long layoff.


thigh strain. 3 weeks out.



But you’re infact righf we do need a fit diaby in this team, much of our astuteness in midfield depends on whether diaby turns up for the game or not. I hope he does return soon, we sure need do need him.


I Seriously loath Chelsea, hopefully we’ll beat those lucky sons of bitches at Stamford Bridge.


They weren’t lucky. We should’ve done better. Hopefully we can pull it back at their home


They won ugly — that’s always how they win. We have to do better.


Win ugly, draw ugly, lose ugly. Every game of theirs is ugly with that racist cunt in it.

My name is CAZORLA

They didn’t win ugly, they retained possession better than us and looked more likely to score. They also defended properly. Both the goals were terribly defended. The second goal also came from our free kick in a promising attacking position, which instead of putting the ball in the box, we made some pointless short passes and basically lost the ball, and the next passage of play resulted in vermaelen conceding the free kick.

Agree with an earlier post, we lacked urgency and desire, poor performance, poor team selection, but hopefully early enough in the season to recover from.


Bad result which our players and coaching staff can learn a lot about themselves and hopefully improve! So far the goals we conceded could easily be avoided!


What a fucking racist result.


Per were missed badly today…. Verm and Kos weren’t up to standards.


Both are good, but both need Mertesacker at their side.


With their midfield it easy to understand why they were picked.
It is also easy to say per should have played after the fact.
If they had a better match we’d all be talking about how per may not be a sure starter.
They need more matches playing together preferably against lessor opponents.
The biggest problem is that tv is capt. Makes it hard to not play him when at times he is our 3rd best CB

Arsene's Anti-wrinkles cream

I made the same point regarding Vermaelen’s captaincy the other day, saying I hoped I wouldn’t make it harder to drop him, and got thumbed down to oblivion.

Even Bloggs made the same point this morning. Oh well.


Our centerback combined to devastating effect to gift Chelsea the game. vermaelen gives away two FKs and Kos helps the ball into the net, although I would say Mannone could have done better with the second since Kos’s touch barely moved the ball.

otherwise not too bothered, the title is won over the course of the season, we need to beat the small clubs consistently


Agreed that Mannone could have done better, but I think he probably thought Koscielny had it, and altered his movement. Ugh.


I think wenger should have bought an experienced keeper, mannone is not ready and fabianski has always been flappy


Chelsea is a small club


An injury in the first openning minutes is never a good sign. Come on you wilshere!.

Ox was top!


He had a lot of misplaced passes, especially in the last 15 minutes.


Okay so he was top of the lacklustre display out there. Happy?.

My motm—–> FUCK ALL!


Soft goals. Kos had a stinker of a game. Oh well. Long season and all that


We do need to move on but title winning team we ain’t!!


Win against westham then suddenly things will be looking up again. I’m just gonna lay back, not expect too much and see where this season takes us. 🙁

Der Springer

We certainly did not look like one today but judging a team on 90 minutes does not mean much. I think, based on our season so far, that the jury is still out.
Have hope.


Every team can have a poor game once in a while. Look at Real Madrid over in La Liga. The season is young and there’s still plenty of time to make up ground. It does hurt giving Chelsea those 3 points and falling 7 behind them,

It’s not like Chelsea dominated us. Both teams had a lot of half-chances. Chelsea just took theirs better / we defended a bit worse.


Mannone have to go for the ball on the 2nd goal. You can not expect a deflection.


Was Per hurt? Tired? Why he wasn’t in the lineup, I’ll never understand. This was not a game to get Koz up to match fitness with. Bad decision from AW. A lot of sloppy passes too, as you said, blogs. Just a frustrating game for the players, and for anyone watching….


Agreed. Also felt that Ramsey was a terrible choice as a starter. I would probably play…

Mannone, GIbbs, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Kos (or Verm), Arteta, Cazorla, the Ox, Podolski, Giroud and Walcott (or Gerv) as my starting XI. That’s a lot more solid.


Ox was poor. He hardly worked cole.
Ramsey has a poor half. (COme on he was our best player in the first half) and we start picking on him. Whole team was poor.
My MOTM- jenkinson


Can someone please teach Gervinho how the offside rule works


Come on! He was just couple times offsides.


A collective deep breath now! We didn’t play well and we didn’t get anything from the game. It’s not the end of the world but I suspect the usual doom merchants will be out in full force over the next 48 hours. Just like how a win here wouldn’t have us nailed on as title winners a defeat isn’t conclusive. It seemed like many of the players were apprehensive and even hesitant to get going. Surprising really notwithstanding our decent start to the season. But, like I said we need to take a deep breath, knuckle down and carry on.… Read more »


We are not a title-winning side – and deep down everybody knows it. we were slightly unlucky today but the truth is that we just don’t possess a strong enough squad to win the Premier League.


Disappointed by the performance more than I am by the result, though that too is disappointing. Other than Jenkinson, everyone else played averagely.

Still shake it off and make up for it next game


aside from a couple of misplaced passes at the end, i thought Gibbs was really good


Also felt Arteta was hustling and making clean tackles and doing all he could today.


Koscielny was poor today. Chelsea was physical. Bad luck really, with both of our centre mids injured ox had to play as a centre mid.


If you think they were physical wait till we meet the fat pricks maulers next week away then. Big mistake not starting Mert, we missed his calming influence and experience at the back. No a good day but its not all gloom and doom

stephen murphy

We definitely gave it away.

HOWEVER, we looked like we could come back at any time. Overall they were sloppy goals. I was surprised Gervinho stayed on instead of Podolski. He had a great goal, but kept getting caught offside and killing counter attacks with pointless hold up play. Chamberlain looked a little lazy with some passes.

Honestly it feels much more like simply a ‘bad day at the office’ for a great team than when last year every defeat felt like we were exposed as pretenders.

Rajesh Mahadevan

agree very much


1. Diaby injury(he would have added height for set pieces, Ox defended poorly for first goal)
2. Poor set piece organization for both goals
3. Giroud miss
4. John Terry and Cashley Cole are still cunts

Hope we really thrash Fat Sam’s cunts next week.


BFG </3


We conceded very soft goals. It’s high time Scz came back. And let the bfg play all the big games if he is fit; the rest of our defence can learn a thing or two from him in terms of organisation.


Szcz can’t solve all our problems. I am 100 percent confident that if the BFG had been playing, we wouldn’t have conceded AT LEAST one of those goals.


But season is still a long way to go guys! It’s always the darkest before dawn. Let’s stay put! I believe arsenal have quality! The season’s not over yet! COYG! COME ON! WE BEAT THEM AT STANFORD BRIDGE!

Merlin's Panini

We were pretty awful today. The passing rhythm was off, most everyone was guilty of holding on to the ball too long and not playing the simple pass. I felt we missed Diaby’s presence in midfield when he came off. I hope his injury doesn’t keep him out too long. That said, we did have the chances. The goals conceded were just pathetic, there was no defensive focus for either. We didn’t really deserve to lose when you look at the actual chances they had compared to ours but we didn’t really deserve to win that either. We must improve… Read more »


We did deserve to lose, because our defenders were RECKLESS. Come on, Vermaelen, you know better than that. BFG needs to get in alongside one of these guys ASAP.


What happened to our home fans? All I could hear were those racist chavs.


You need your ears checked. Until the last 5-10 min our fans were more vocal.


I was there, the vocal support from the home support was pretty flat, a few guys a couple of rows behind me were trying to get things started (as did I with the usual chants), but hundreds around us were very quiet. I didn’t feel we (collectively) did much at all to try and lift the players. I appreciate crowd reaction can be influenced by how well the players are doing on the pitch (certainly after the start of the match, the loudest we got was when Gervinho equalised, and it would’ve been great to have maintained that level of… Read more »

Sagna the Magna

Poor points dropped at home, indeed. Soft, soft Chelsea goals, but we gave them away. Di Matteo again better lucky than good.. And Walcott was forgettable as a sub. Silver lining is on another day, this game is 3-1 Arsenal with all the chances missed, which is a problem, but we certainly were never bossed.


Ramsey isn’t consistent. I was really disappointed to see Podolski come off. Seeing as we were loosing I would have taken one of the central defenders off (kos or tv) and added more attacking players to he mix. Father this round of games we could find ourselves in 12th place!!!!


How can anyone disagree that Ramsey is inconsistent? I’m not saying he should NEVER get played, but he’s obviously not good enough for us RIGHT NOW to be a starter. I got tired of watching him dribble into nothing, especially after Arteta was putting in so much hard work winning the ball back repeatedly.


Koss you boss??..what the fuck happened today.
And thomas “make a statement” vermaelen you were shit!!!!

we were shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its just öne bad day padi, ko si wahala.


“Padi ko si wahala”?

Are we now communicatig like this, forgive my english then!


So many things went wrong today.
After such a promising start to the season to watch that was just awful.
Kos had a nightmare, Vermaelen also, Giroud enough said, Ramsey and Gerv just wasteful (apart from the goal), Mannone had zero postioning today, the list goes on… So want to remain positive but after that performance it is soo hard.


I still think Giroud can be OK. I’d give him a start — he and Podolski link up well. Would have subbed off Gerv instead of Poldi.


we were beaten by cunts.a SHAMEFUL result

Arsene's duffel coat

🙁 first loss of the season and to chelski really hurts I thought arsenal should have stuck with the BFG because the cb’s were woeful, vermaelen is still making needles challenges and koscielny scored a terrible own goal and was more interested in hugging torres than heading the ball. blaming vito is a bit harsh as the ball could have easily gone out for a goal kick before kos decided to shin it into his own net. then again gervinho played okay but still uncertain about him being a striker when giroud seems perfectly good, and why did he sub… Read more »

Rajesh Mahadevan

should have kept Podolski on and taken off Gervinho


Disappointing result, and a bad day at the office. Still early days in the season though lads, we’ve got to pick ourselves up from this and move on.


on a lighter note the full backs were great, especially jenkinson. turning into a great player


Road to succes aint smooth, things like this are bound to happen, we deal wiv the mistakes and move on…gunner till the trumpet sounds!
on a lighter? note, one idiot just said carrol(lina) is better than giroud, i really lol! culdnt argue just kept laughing..a


Chelsea was a stronger team today! Thats the truth, we are not good enough to beat them. And after Diaby got knocked we lost a battle in midfield for some time. Dnt know why they kept him for so long inside after that? Then we didn’t have Rosicky/Wilshere to go in, and left Ramsey play who again had a fantastic, in form, talented performance. Shit he had! Gibbs and Jenks done great! Gibbs ruled his flank and Jenks stoped Hazard, but… What a drop! From Henry and van moneysie to Giroud and Gervinho! Yes Gervinho scored and he knows how… Read more »


Nope, also TV’s for such bad decision-making so close to our goal.

Sol Goodman


What ever about the own goal, the defense looks a lot better with Mert in it.
Thought Gibbs was great today.
Pity Giroud didn’t come on a bit sooner he looked dangerous.

Didn’t even get to see John Mississippi burning Terry fall over.


1. Second Dreamiest’s comment about Ramsey being moved into the midfield and Diaby’s injury unbalancing him. He wasn’t going to be able to outmuscle Ramires or Mikel. 2. Also thought Dreamiest was right about starting Giroud instead of Gervinho. Of course it’s easy to say this afterwards, and the Boss will have had his reasons. 3. Our passing was really poor today when I started watching (after the second goal. about from 69~70 I think. I was busy on a family thing.). We misplaced our passes and for the 20 min I was watching I thought we panicked a bit… Read more »


Oh yeah. David Luiz completely unmarked for the first goal. Luckily it wasn’t a header by Luiz, but Torres scored in the end.


Wow.. Just a bad day at the office hey.. Nothing more.. Average performance.. Season still long and with wilshere and rosicky coming.. Hopefully the only way is up from here.. Still a gunner.. #Hate loosing to that racist team..


i am so gutted for giroud.i don’t blame him for the miss.he should have started the game.he’s an out and out CF.
a defeat is not the worst thing..the fact that we lost against a bunch of cunts is disappointing.well anyways you don’t go to big games with an expectation.for me we have to thrash smaller teams this season.if we can do that consistently and manage to win a few big games the championship is ours.
let’s pick ourselves up and move on.


Second that, Giroud starting. Could have been potent.


OK stop playing ramsey on the right, bad luck with diaby, he would have turned the game for us i feel, perhaps coq on there? dont play gerv as a striker every time, he can do it yes but mix it up a bit like walcott or gerv as the other options, was poldi as striker with walcott and gerv on the wings not considerd strongly enough? bould needs to put our captain in a room with himself lock the door and have some stern words about when to go in strong. put an ultimatum with compromise to walcott publicly… Read more »


Good comment man!


Sorry, cant agree with you. Ramsey played in the centre after 15 minutes of play and ox was piss poor on the right. Diaby’s injury really affected our balance.
Kos was off his game as was verm. It was a poor display from the lads.
But the good thing is media will stop hyping us. We seem to enjoy being underdogs


Are the goals bigger in France?


We never seem to catch a break. No point in being critical. Shabby performances were all out in the open.

Just one of those days. Just gotta shake it off and march on. But so disappointed. It’s the little things that make or break big games, Got a lot of work ahead of us.
Alas, Invincible v 2.0 no more.


No point in being critical? I just hope Wenger and Bould put the BFG back in.

Cygan's Middle Foot

minimum 60 of ticket price = minimum of 3,6 millions per match!
and yet, the players gave these kind of shit performance? i don’t care if we were losing, but ffs show some arsene’s “mental strength”!


are you CLF in disguise?


Bollix !!!! I hate losing to those plastic tossers. Especially at home. The blunt truth is that they looked the more composed side over 90 minutes. Don’t blame Kos’ for the first goal but the second was definitely his fault, the dozy berk. We are and will remain one class defender away from silverware. Stan’s bank balance and Ivan’s bullshit are one thing. Trophies are something else. And we are ‘close but no cigar’. Ramsey disintegrated in the second half and we should have brought Girod on earlier. Still, we’ll just have to keep going. But we need some movement… Read more »

O Death

Why did we drop Per???!! All of the maturity from the prevoius games was gone.


Yep. Spot on. Hope we’ve learnt from this mistake and can move on.

Cygan's Middle Foot

ox, stop the fucking ox tv. go and watch the film and study your football brain. dont be like walcott.

Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle

I have read your comments over the past few weeks and I have to say something.

Either you are an ADD-riddled 12-year-old who plays too much Football Manager or you are a horrible little troll. Please either ‘kindly make your way’ to Le Grove or refrain from spurting out your inane, ignorant comments. They are invariably misguided and clueless.

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