Wenger and Mertesacker give Szczesny backing


Arsene Wenger has backed Wojciech Szczesny as his number 1 keeper despite the Pole’s rather shaky display during the 6-1 win over Southampton on Saturday.

Szczesny was at fault for the goal we conceded, dropping a simple catch to allow Foxy the Fox to score a consolation goal for the visitors, while his kicking was more akin to that of a club-footed mule than a Premier League footballer.

But it was his first game back after missing two with injury and as well as Vito Mannone has done the manager retains faith in his first choice keeper.

Undoubtedly to try and give him a confidence boost the manager told the official site, “Wojciech is No 1 unless I change my mind. That is clear. That’s why he came back in goal.

“You cannot change a goalkeeper every time he makes a simple mistake, because then you have three bad keepers. The confidence is needed.

“It’s a special position where confidence is needed. Maybe he put himself a little bit under pressure because he knows Mannone played well at Stoke and at Liverpool. I think he played better in the second half.”

Szczesny has also received the backing of Per Mertesacker. The BFG told Talksport, “It was disappointing but everyone makes mistakes. We’re a team and we have to stick together especially in such moments.

“Our goalkeeper is important for us, especially in the next few matches. We’re happy to have him here. That wasn’t our first thought, but our second.

“We have to keep our chins up, especially him.”

It is symptomatic of the modern game that there is such in-depth discussion of a player after one mistake in a game which Arsenal won easily, but it’s clear that to both manager and players Szczesny is the number 1 goalkeeper at the club.

It’s up to him now to prove it through performances.

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Lord Teddy Ears

Cut the boy some slack he will be a legend for this club of which I am sure !!!


The right call by Le Prof, at least for the time being.

Nicklas Bendtner

Silly mistake! I can be better keeper than him.

The Nick Bendtner show

Awkward nick coz shezzers is your guest on next weeks show…


Szczesny comes across as someone who’s constantly reflecting on his own performance and not shy to own up for making mistakes/putting in a bad shift. That’s the difference between him and Bendtner. As long as he’s willing to work on his weaknesses and seek improvement there’s no stopping of him becoming a truly good GK.


I think you’ll be too busy with your shorts to bother with the ball.

And can you even jump right now?

Gooner Splat T Spuds



Common cut this guy some slack. TGSTEL should be allowed have ambitions to be TGGTEL!

Cygan's Big Black Clock

You know what they say, mediocre minds think alike.


Good leadership shown by Per and Arsene to support their keeper. Well said.
IMO Szczesny should remain number one for the foreseeable future. He has proven his quality throughout last season. Admittedly he’s had a shaky performance, but that just shows he’s a little rusty and lacks confidence. More than any other position on the football pitch, the GK relies heavily on self confidence. Per and Arsene said exactly the right thing in giving him a boost and letting him know he is trusted. I’m sure we’ll soon see Szczesny back to the world class keeper that he is.

Tenacious Defence

It’d be interesting to hear what Szczesny has to say about his performance himself. Has anyone seen/heard any quotes?


Hes not allowed to talk to the media after the chelsea and spurs incident.

Ca$hley Cole

Szcz > Majority of keepers in the Premier League in my opinion, even on his shakiest day.

By the way this is a little off-topic, but does anybody else get as much as a laugh as I do that Spurs spent 15 mil or whatever it was for Lloris (a guy we had not-so-ironically been linked with for a while) and then wont even play the guy. You pay all that money for a shiny new keeper who comes from abroad and is a “top class international” and then make him ride the bench. Ah who cares anyways, their shite

Tenacious Defence

They’re shite. Yes, I get a laugh, and they’ve also got a couple of other ‘keepers too haven’t they. Poor management.


Yes, I cannot imagine a situation where Arsenal would pay a big sum of money for a top class international French player and then drop him to the bench.


We used to stress about losing every match, this time last year. Now, we’re stressing about letting one goal in. What a turnaround!

Gerard Collins

One swallow does not a summer make!!

Dean '67

If this is how he’ll be turning up for games after a short injury lay off then i’m kinda afraid. We all know how a confident goalie is essential for the team and the guy btwn the sticks on saturday looked nothing like it.

He’s still my number one and I really hope he gets his usual charisma back. For him (i dont like the thought of schezzers on the bench) and for us. A top goalie on his day.


(I just think that shows it’s important to make sure he’s REALLY ready to play before throwing him out there. He looked like he wasn’t quite fit, or hadn’t had enough time back training.)


Love SZCZ. Legend in the making.

gunnersaurus rex

“Wojciech is No 1 unless I change my mind. That is clear. That’s why he came back in goal.
You cannot change a goalkeeper every time he makes a simple mistake, because then you have three bad keepers. The confidence is needed.”
–Does this mean the other two are bad?? :O


Why i love Szczesny’s confidence as a young lad, his over-confidence and lack-of-concentration at times are just too funny. I hated the fact that we were on able to maintain our clean sheet record on Saturday. I love you Szczesny but please you have to stay focused 100%!!!


The guy had a sip of the beer bottle that was thrown at him. He starts for eternity, just for that.

Big D

what? haha.. seriously? video clips?


Haha, he pretended to sip it. (Said in a later interview that he was too afraid it was piss.)


Szczesny’s form had dipped towards the end of last season. And he also admitted having troubles with concentrating in the matches against lesser teams(http://www.soccerway.com/news/2012/August/26/szczesny-admits-concentration-problem/). A nice telling off from Bould might do the trick.

underage stripper

If Mertesacker is our BFG, than Santos is our FFS

fucking friendly santos


And you are ofcourse our UAAS.
underage arsenal stripper. Tgstel’d luv ya.


I think Tottenham has invested for the future with Lloris, whom AW almost signed because he is good. Friedel has been exceptional so it is natural to let him continue. Lloris will get his chance and isn’t it better have two highly experienced and confident keepers instead of 2 nervous keepers. On this issue, I would not support AW. Keepers have always been his blind spot. I wonder why? Right now we have 3 keepers who all have confidence issues of one sort or another. Szcz is a good keeper but he has his vulnerabilities and he has been plagued… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Good grief, Lloris is so good that he can’t displace a 40 year old veteran.

Szczesny is still very young in goalkeeping standards and so has lots of time to learn and will do if he plays week in, week out with an established back 4. Seaman wasn’t exactly great at 21 but improved and when he joined us at the age of 27 turned out be our best ‘keeper in decades and, in my opinion, England’s best ever goalkeeper.

Dean '67

“Good grief, Lloris is so good that he can’t
displace a 40 year old veteran”

Missing the point totally, its all about easing in a new signing and with goalies it taks time especially when the 40 year old veteran is showing the best of his last days. Lloris is good just coz he went to spurs doesnt mean he stopped being good.

But szcz is young and will def do a seaman maybe even surpass him.

Goon Squad

Don’t agree with you there my good man. Szcz is a great keeper! You can point out his few mistakes, but what of the majority of the time? Indeed, the fact is, he can only get better! I’ll never forget how he single handedly kept us in the champions league last season by having a MOTM performance against Udinese in which he saved Di Natale’s penalty. Szcz is class.. Will definitely be a legend and needs our support. With the defence we have this season, he will shine and if not, we have Vito to keep him on his toes.

Holdin Mygroin

nice one mate

Dean '67

When will you stop holding your groin mate?


The fuck are you talking about? He lets in ONE goal and suddenly we should be considering our options?

I guess you don’t remember his work against Udinese – fair enough, it was only a year ago. Or that double save against Liverpool.

Midfield Corporal

I assume you’re referring to his shots/save stats which are in the lower end of the keeper table. Unless those stats can separate what shots were ‘savable’ they’re pretty meaningless. There is no reason to doubt Szechny’s ability just yet, he’s young and will make some mistakes, as all players do. The fact that no-one was concerned about him at 3:00pm on Saturday, tells you that some fans opinions are being formed after one 90min spell.
More concerning is why the BFG is talking to Talkshite Radio.


strength in depth*wenger wearily smile*


he is still a kid. he needs time


Chez is a better goalkeeper than Mannone, but there is a principle in football that you don’t change a winning side. The Italian was excellent in the two games that he played, so Wenger should have kept him in goal for the Southampton game. That would have sent out a clear message to Chez that he had to earn the right to get back in – and Mannone would have been rewarded for his fine performances.

If Chez has a bad game in France, will Wenger have the bottle to bring back Mannone for the City game?

fight against fickleness

Positive as always Fatgooner!!!

Dick Swiveller

Thing is though, a keeper can’t come on for the last 20 minutes in a game you’re winning to get a runout and earn his place back, it’s different to outfield positions.

Whilst I’d usually agree that you don’t change what’s working unless you have to, if a no. 1 is out for 2 matches, he should come back into the team unless he was Almunia or a similar stop-gap type guy being replaced by a younger, hungrier guy with potential.

Dr Baptiste

“but there is a principle in football that you don’t change a winning side”… Ummm, didn’t we win on Saturday? So in 4 games we have conceded 1 goal, the best return of any team in the top 4 english leagues, and you feel the need to complain. Always complaining about something, it’s like you can’t even be neutral about Arsenal. “The Italian was excellent in the two games that he played, so Wenger should have kept him in goal for the Southampton game” Szczesny had a good game against Sunderland and didn’t concede but injury stopped him playing against… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

Agree said it in an earlier post that he should have to fight for his position back just like kos is going to have to fight for his and this should lead to healthy composition for places in the team

glory hunter

I think its good that hes’ getting some criticism, it shows that we expect a certain standard from our goalie, which is a far cry from seasons past.

We concede a goal and we are all actually disappointed & surprised!!!
How times have changed 🙂

Everyone knows Sczc is class and our undisputed No.1.


I can never slate Szczesy after what he did to Bale! Enjoy!



Did anyone else see cesc’s comments?sounds like he wants back in.He made his bed now he needs too lie in it with a load of catalonian cunts.

damien joyce

Leave Cesc alone, at the end of the day, he done well for us, he was probably the most technically gifted teenager the Prem has ever seen and unfortunately for him, some may disagree, but I feel that Wenger put too much on him, we didn’t strengthen around him. He went back because he idolised Pep, I’m of the Pep, Luis Enrique era and I too loved that axis so I can understand he wanted to go before Pep left, unfortunately he probably quit one year too early to hav desired effect on Cesc’s role at Barca. I like Cesc… Read more »


Fuck cesc he left us when we needed him,as for pep he was just a poor man’s neill Lennon ps. I think you have the wrong site if ya want to swoon over those barca DNA fucks.

damien joyce

This away game in Montpellier should give a chance for fringe players to stake a claim but I wouldn’t like to change too much with 0 pts on board at moment, when we have 12pts maybe but with City and Chelsea coming up we need to keep fluency, the Coventry home Cup game sandwiched between the two, that can allow us to try a few others again to keep fresh. I’d like to see on Tuesday night: Szcz Jenks, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs Arteta (45-60mins at least) Ramsey, Cazorla Walcott, Giroud, Gervinho bench; Mannone, Djourou, Mert, Coq, Ox-Cham, Podolski, Arshavin All… Read more »


Seriously??? Its the champions league and not some carling cup, you field your strongest side, unless you have already qualified for the knock out stages, Get the 10 points with your first 4 games then you can think of resting players.

damien joyce

i appreciate that but if you want ur bench players (Walcott, Ramsey especially) to actually be ready to make an impact then they also need match sharpness, therefore 3 changes to personnel rather than tactical changes shouldn’t be to damning on performances.
These players have to be used soon but i’d rather do it tomorrow night and not next sunday. If we can’t beat Montpellier with said team then we won’t go far anyway this season


Haha Foxy the Fox, such Classic Blogs…

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Merlin's Panini

Szcz doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy that will let this hamper his performances. He’ll know he made an error of judgement and if in the same situation again he’ll make a good catch or give it a solid punch. I do worry for his rushes of blood sometimes, but the guy is so young you can’t not expect it sometimes. At least he did this when the game was already well out of sight and it didn’t put us behind or anything.

the only sam is nelson

The Ox was on Fox (heh) for in our final third but decided to trot upfield to receive the throw Scz was about to send his way when he saw our #1 come for the ball. So Ox clearly believes Scz is capable of catching a ball, and the evidence suggests that yes, he can do the basics. Of course just because he fucked up this time we all get over analytical although why, when we were 4-0 up at the time, is anyone’s guess. I’d be happy to see us drop a bollock every once in a while if… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Sam, Are you saying you enjoy watching young mens bollocks dropping?? They stick you on a register for that sort of thing nowadays. 🙂


Szczesny is “injured” and out of the champs league game, so Mannone is back in


after all the slagging, we ALL know SCESNY is CLASS! No more comment please.


I think lot of you guys missed the point about my post earlier. If you see the history of my posts, you would notice that I am the last person to write knee jerk reaction kind of comments. I wrote about Lloris in response to comments earlier by some Gooners that derided the fact that he was on bench and a waste of money. I support Arsenal passionately and have been a fan of Wenger from Monaco days (when he cooked for Weah after finding out that the African players were surviving on fruits). However, that doesn’t mean that I… Read more »