Wenger lays down gauntlet to Sagna


After revealing that Bacary Sagna was closing in on a return to first team action, Arsene Wenger also spoke robustly about the comments made by his compatriot in a recent interview.

Speaking to L’Equipe during the international break, the right-back openly made clear his dismay at Arsenal’s policy of selling its best players and revealed that nobody from the club had approached him about a new contract.

“I had a chat with him about it,” said Wenger sternly in his pre-Southampton press conference. “I think he loves the club and he will stay here.”

Pressed by a second journalist as to whether he was disappointed with the manner in which Sagna chose to publicise his concerns, the boss laid down the gauntlet not just to Sagna, but to any disaffected players in his squad.

“I believe any player or any employee has to defend the company he works for and if he’s not completely happy with it he has to go somewhere else. That’s basically what I think.”

“This is what I tell everybody,” he retorted, when asked whether he’d made such sentiments clear to Sagna.

Wenger then clarified that a new contract for the player will be discussed.

“I expect him to stay and I want him to stay because the interview doesn’t reflect at all what he thinks about the club and the love he has for this club.

“When he is on the football pitch Bacary Sagna has always shown total commitment to the team and the club and that is for me much more important than a little bit of a twisted article in a newspaper.”

It’s noteworthy that Wenger hints at the article being ‘twisted’, despite the club confirming just days ago that the player was happy with the final copy of the interview. Perhaps Sagna wilted a little when one-on-one with Wenger.

If you get a chance to watch the press conference on Arsenal Player, you won’t fail to notice the boss’ bristling tone when first pushed on the subject; it’s obvious he is not pleased with the decision to go public and you can hardly blame him. His judgement has been called into question by someone who works for him.

We’ll have to wait and see whether this incident has an impact on Sagna’s time at the club, but you can’t help but think strained relations aren’t a great basis for future contract negotiations.

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Hudson Hornet

“I believe any player or any employee has to defend the company he works for and if he’s not completely happy with it he has to go somewhere else. That’s basically what I think.”

True to an extent yet when preaching the law regarding wages maybe he can have a look at his own?

A tad hypocritical.


I bet you went through the whole article just to find something negative to pin on wenger. classic.

Cygan's Left Foot

Oh well ..you might be right. But, you have been reading articles trying to find positive and defend this loser for 8 years.


Go spread your bullshit somewhere else. We are obviously past your constant whinning and we have decided to support. It may not be so wise according to you but thats what here for in the long run. Supporting!

Cygan's Left Foot

Gunripper, I support the team and OUR boys, I want him out to give OUR boys a manager that will spend ALL the money available for him to give OUR boys best chance to win something. You, support Arsene and don’t mind him not using all our budget to please Stan the yank, keep his job safe and win nothing. I support The Arsenal more than you and your shepherd Arsene will EVER do. My heart bleed when The Arsenal not win EVERY year for 7 years, I am a winner Sir, you are a loser and love following a… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

You SIR seem to think that insulting other fans is the way forward. In your eyes, everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a sheep and you are like an all seeing guru. What you actually are is a condescending tool that would be more at home reading Ian Wrights column in the sun while having cock waving sessions with the people over at le grove.


so if a gooner speaks up against wenger, he is automatically attacked. since when did supporting arsenal require you to blindly support wenger as well? last time i checked no one is bigger than the club. oh wait, that clearly doesnt apply to wenger in your eyes, it only applies to players. right, okay, got it


CLF, are you suffering from Messiah Syndrome?

Are you views will somehow change the fortune of the Arsenal? How does calling someone a sheep change anything? If you want your views and opinion to be respected then respect others.

Seriously when did this website turn into some kinda of angry slugfest of who’s right or wrong?


“True to an extent yet when preaching the law regarding wages maybe he can have a look at his own?”

…huh? Look at his own what?


His on 9 million euros a year. 4th in the world for managers wages http://www.7amkickoff.com/2012/arsene-wenger-4th-highest-paid-manager-in-world-football-and-worth-every-pence/

I’m I big supporter of wenger, but he is just a tad hypocritical taking high wages while they wouldn’t offer RVP what he wanted


So Wenger’s on 9m EUR a year. Ok. Now let’s have a look at RvP. Taking the widely reported parity with Rooney figure that puts him on £220,000 a week or £11,440,000 a year. At today’s exchange rate, thats something over 14m EUR. Now two questions: 1) Is Wenger worth more or less to Arsenal than RvP? I reckon more myself. 2) Is RvP a lying little shit who would have stayed had we matched that figure, or would he have fucked off on principle anyway due to his touted disagreement with direction? Personally I think we’d have had to… Read more »


Spot on TeeCee. In what world is a player paid more than a manager? Shows how fucked up the financial situation is in football these days. 9 million Euros – good on him. It’s what he deserves for being an inspirational, intelligent and brilliant manager over the years. We were in the shit when Wenger joined. He transformed our club, let’s not forget that. Are people suggesting that he should take a pay cut? Why? I guess some of the trolls on here are too young to remember the tougher times we went through before Arsene joined. It’s easy to… Read more »


Isn’t it about time you fucked off up the seven sisters road or to darkest manchester where I am sure you will be far happier. The Arsenal are a great club and will not miss you miserable gob around the ground or your backstabbing support.

I have yet to see you write one positive reply on here about The Arsenal.


Here , here


Lol mate I think it’s

“hear, hear”…….lol


Its called an opinion. Everyone is entitled to one.

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. “

big black clock

So you’re saying Wenger should reject the money that the board decides to offer him, and demand something like 1 pound per year for his contract to set a good example for his players?

Yea I’m sure that’s what you would do as well.

Hudson Hornet

No, I am saying it’s very difficult to ask your staff to respect a wage structure yet the manager earns maybe 2nd highest wages in Europe.

Bound to cause problems and maybe a few whispers.

I could agree that the best deserve the best wages, yet one rule for players and different for manager?

Norn Iron Gooner

That response is total nonsense. I support Arsenal, not Arsene. While he is our manager (and i do suspect he is under restrictions, hence ‘the book that will never be published ‘ comments), some people on blogs blindly support everything positive that is spouted in the press/interviews.

That, for me, is as bad as being negative about Arsene/the club puts out in the media .

We are all Gooners, stop fucking moaning at each other.


Will someone please think of the children!


A few years ago the view was that if a players earn more than the manager then the said manager would be somehow undermined by the players. Fast forward to today, if a manager earns more than the players it somehow sets a bad example for the players.

It’s really a lose lose for everyone.


In my view, Wenger has transformed the club and football into the most beautiful game and is worth more than every penny he gets paid. His comments are absolute and correct. Sagna has his right to comment just as you do. Neither one is perfect and neither one makes sense.

When the report on the cover up at Hillsborough came out, I realised how much still goes on with the Associations that run football. Bless all those who were wronged so that they may react with the honour that the victims deserve.


Couldn’t agree more


As much as I hoped to have been numb-ified by the departures of Song and the Little Boy Inside, this just makes me sink in disappointment.

Come on Sagna. You know better than that…


Sagna is not a player I’ll be pissed about if he leaves. Granted he is the only player who is the best in the league in their position & we’d all prefer him to stay but Le Prof has a reputation for producing world class full backs. Sick & tired of players who have no patience

Cygan's Left Foot


I have met people like you 3/4 years ago and they all screamed the same “PATIENCE”. Now they still ask for the same 3/4 years down the line. I bet you are from the same school as them.


I bet you shout at your microwave when the food is not done yet. Our patience is one of the strongest virtues we have at the club, we are a top filght that yes hasn’t won anything in a while but we still keep it together. Players come in, players go but we still keep fighting to remain among the top. Without this patience we would have had a crisis in the managerial sector, we have stuck with wenger and I think it’s just a little while before we get something. Take chelsea for Instance, I for one i’m sure… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

How can we keep fighting while “our leader” keeps letting us down to make a profit, don’t give us the TOOLS/PLAYERS to fight instead of falling 1/2 players short EVERY season. Aren’t you tired of not wining ANYTHING for 7 years while hearing the same BS and making profit EVERY year????. Our leader/manager ONLY think of how to make profit for the Stan the Yank to keep his 7 million a year job and not poor you and me. Do you think Arsene is an Arsenal fan??? I hope you know he is a pro football manager and not an… Read more »


Being a great manager is not just about winning trophies at all costs but being able to manage men and resources with high level of ethical conduct. Wenger wants to win trophies within the resources available to him and with integrity. I cannot respect any manager who virtually buys a trophy through sugar daddy owners and/or FA & Referees favour. So as far as getting rid of wenger is concerned it’s clear wenger is still the man for the job. All this “blind sheep” that you call us are infact fans who know when to be positive and when to… Read more »

Forza Gunners


Forza Gunners



Oh please let Arsenal win the quadruple so you would just go away and moan somewhere else!

Where’s your faith? Haven’t you noticed we have kept 3 clean sheets thus far with 3 games played?? Probably not!

You’re not a supporter with your constant negativity…


I’ll be gutted if he leaves, he’s a fantastic player. Probably our most consistent performer over the last few seasons. But his comments are worrying, not a million miles away from Robin’s statement.

You wonder how much of this shit is coming from the players, and how much from the agents. Either way, these kind of comments are designed to strengthen the players’ hand in contract negotiations. Wenger and the board have shown that they won’t be manipulated – as soon as a player feels that they’re bigger than the club, it’s pretty clear what the outcome will be.


Sagna’s mighty spirited goal against the Sp*rs is the reason we ended in the top 3…. without it, who knows were we would/could have been, but it would be much uglier that what it is today. Sagna is a warrior and I believe he wants to be reassured that he is in a fighters team. Can’t blame him for that. I just happen to think that he is in the best team in the world and I truly hope that he also believes he is. He, the team, the club and the fans all need to show some fighting spirit… Read more »

Little Dutch

Clubs make hard nosed decisions just like players do. Sagna will be 30 in February and suffered two broken legs in 7 months. If I were running the show, I’d hardly be offering him a 5 year deal on £80k a week until he’s proved his fitness. Not the most popular line of thought given the popularity of the player, but that’s just life.


With all these wenger stories today i’m starting to feel wengertastic.


All this he loves the club and I think he will stay, just pissed off with it all. If he goes he goes and the love he supposedly had will have gone to his next club. Not knocking sagna but it’s all stuff we heard so
Many times before from wenger. Let’s just get on with the season and trying to win something.
We know players will leave at the end of the season and some will come in. All this loves the club bolox is just rediculas.

Dave Gooner

I agree. All that “I am a fan” stuff from van Persie? Its just an an insult. I was really surprised (and really really disappointed) at Sagna. After all, Arsenal made the guy what he is.. And if I were AW, I would be preparing new options to replace him for the rest of the season, including replacing him throughout the season on the first team to bring through new players, Because as sure as Nasri is a cunt, Bacary is off at the first good offer. So let’s prepare for the inevitable, get what we can for him and… Read more »

G. Uner

Opinionated players? Anyone remember Wayne Rooney’s row with Sir Alex?


Were they arguing over a banana?.

One’s a chimp and one has a particulary queer red nose. I associate red noses with bananas.


As a reply to Dave Gooner’s “After all, Arsenal made the guy what he is.”…

I’ve seen this said a lot (a lot!) lately on this site, first about RVP, then about Alex Song, now Sagna. Things like “Arsene Wenger made this player, he should be more grateful to the club.” I hope you understand that players don’t really think like this. They believe that their hard work and talent has caused them to rise to the top. And, to a large extent, I think they are right.

Dave Gooner

Witoldo. just to be clear, I didn’t say Arsene Wenger made any player, I said Arsenal made Bacary Sagna. There is a huge difference. Playing for Arsenal elevates a player. Obviously AW is part of Arsenal, but it is the Arsenal part that is important, and I believe AW is a major reason we are sao special as a club.

But get it straight: playing for Arsenal elevates a player like BS, to a level that he would not be playing for most teams in the PL or anywhere else.

Taking The Mik

Sounds to me like Arsene made him Bac down.


Are we going to be looking for a new right Bac?


Would he be like a new Sagna?


But bac should be bac soon. The right bac position is his bac yard.


Wenger to jenkinson:

Bac off, Bac’s here!


I wouldn’t Sagna as a comedian so mind your bac!


Hassan are you mental?!?!?!? I’d be more upset if Sagna leaves than I was when Cesc or Van Pursefiller left! As you said yourself he is the best rightback in the league by a country mile! Personally I believe that when the big players leave the blame lies with Wenger and his inability to change. If he doesn’t win a trophy this year he has to do the decent thing and walk away in my opinion.

Dr Baptiste

So when do the “big players” take some of the blame from fans for not winning a trophy then? Once the tactics have been set, they need to follow them and bust a gut. RvP, Fabregas, Clichy, Song, Nasri and now Sagna were all in the team together at one point and didn’t win anything but I guess this is Wenger’s fault too….
So if Wenger left and the drought continued, would the players still be absolved from all mistakes and the manager blamed again? From the comments of some fans on here, the answer would be yes.

Cygan's Left Foot

He added to this great players for three years a clown in goal called Almunia. A useless Brazilian called Denlison. Not to mention the headless sprinter Theo and his like to make sure those players pissed off and wanted to live to find a manager that WANT TO WIN not a manager that care about the European economy more than his team.

Midfield Corporal

Are you advocating sacking Arsene? It amuses me that on one hand fans bemoan the lack of loyalty shown by players, then in the next breath want to get rid of a man who has shown the utmost loyalty to our club.


The manager has more influence on a team than any player can, just look at Chelsea last year. So, if you’re going down the “they never won us anything” bollocks argument, then by the same definition you will be looking for a new manager too.

Fully behind Arsene but at the end of the day he put the players on the pitch if they don’t win, whatever the reason, he’s to blame. Not Nasri, not RvP, not Sagna, not John Terry, Arsene.

G. Uner

Headless Sprinter! Brilliant!

Midfield Corporal

Headless sprinter that scored 10 and set up 11?

Dr Baptiste

This was the starting 11 that lost in the 2011 League Cup final: GK 53 Wojciech Szczęsny RB 3 Bacary Sagna CB 20 Johan Djourou CB 6 Laurent Koscielny LB 22 Gaël Clichy DM 17 Alexandre Song DM 19 Jack Wilshere AM 8 Samir Nasri RW 7 Tomáš Rosický LW 23 Andrei Arshavin CF 10 Robin van Persie (c) Seems to me that we had a lot of our “world class” players in that team who have complained about lack of silverware. So I asked again, when do those players take some of the flak for the lack of trophies?… Read more »


Is ‘Wenger out’ really the answer though? Who would you get in to replace him? The wage structure isn’t going to change, we’re never going to be able to compete financially with City, Chelski, etc – we know this. It’s such an easy argument to just say replace Wenger. I’m not saying there’s not a great replacement out there, but can we attract a better manager to the club in our financial situation? We finished third last year – one heck of an achievement really when you consider all the money teams around us. Could you see a different manager… Read more »

Pebbles Berlin

Fear the writing is on the wall where Sagna is concerned, unless we can get our act together this season. When he said to L’Equipe that Nasri (and Clichy) had been right after all, it reminded me of Nasri’s jibe about some players who were happy to sit back at AFC and collect their wages. Maybe Sagna was one of those it was aimed at.


At the end of the day, Sagna is just another player. As self-obsessed as all the rest. He was only ever here because we offered him more money than he was on in France. He will go because he can see inferior players like Clichy get more money for playing fewer games and thus prolonging their playing careers. I just get hacked off with all the bs from players though. If they came out and admitted it rwas about money rather than hiding behind other things (we havent won anything, I want trophies etc), at least I could respect their… Read more »

Dave Gooner

“unless we can get our act together this season”?

You’ve got it the wrong way round Pebbles, Arsenal doesn’t have to prove anything to Bacary Sagna,


I would go as far to say, it is Sagna that needs to prove himself. Especially after this comment, the performance of Jenkinson, two leg breaking injuries and reaching 30s at the end of his contract.


I think we shouldn’t take it too serious, as the Arseblogger himself said (if i recall correctly) it smells a bit like an agent preparing for the negotiations of a new contract. I also don’t think that it’s a surprise that nobody spoke to him about a new deal, he’s still got 2 more years. As salaries seem to increase all the time you have to take a bit of a gamble between not giving a player a new contract too soon or too late and I guess now’s about the time to start talking about a contract extension


Yes, but arseblogger speaks a lot of shite, most of the time.


That would be Allensportz. Arseblogger talks a lot of shite everyday. 😉


Hahahahha yes that guy is unbearable. But I just read the quotes and leave his interpretations alone. (What`s happening here? I’m being voted off by ants!)


Haha I wonder why you spend your precious time reading everything they write then? Couldn’t you find something less shit to read? Anyway, i think i disagree with you and i’ll give you a thumbs down, even though i like your name 😉


Well, at least he’s not pretending everything is roses and butterflies and then leave all of the sudden.


I can’t fully defend Mr Wenger- a yes for solidarity but also I think some frustration and criticism in the right manner induces necessary change. However, I think Mr Wenger would agree with me the unfortunate thing about Sagna’s comments was the manner in which they were delivered. I hope Mr Wenger made it clear that those frustrations and concerns should be spoken first in the clubhouse or manager’s office before charging off to the press. As shown with Rooney or RVP, it can have an unsettling effect on the whole changing room, which is antithetical to the team concept.… Read more »


Sorry dude but Sagna has no reason to comment on financials. He has appointed an agent for that. His opinion on sale of players is understandable.

Don’t for a moment assume that Song didn’t want to go. He was led by his agent and could have dismissed his agent and stayed with Arsenal.


I won’t disagree with most of your statement, but I wasn’t implying that Sagna would speak to financials with any more authority than you or I. I simply meant to say that he seemed to echo the sentiment of a portion of supporters, but to cast doubt because of frustration must have upset Mr Wenger and should have been communicated firstly in the manager’s office. I think he is best served by speaking directly to the manager about his concerns and personal desires with respect to AFC, and asking for his agent to work on the details to make those… Read more »


I don’t really see what the fuss is all about. Its natural for Sagna to be disappointed about the club losing its key players every season. Aren’t all the fans worried about the same?? His statement could mean a lot of thing. But the fact is he is our player right now and you can be sure that he will give his best for the club once he is out on the pitch.


The main thing that bothers me is the timing. Why would Sagna come out with this now after the start we’ve had?


You can see why we were looking at right backs in the final weeks of the window


sagna is within his rights to voice his concerns, if he didn’t care for the club he wouldn’t have spoke out, no one wants to c their best players leave, although i believe wenger has bought well, he’s just left us a little short on quality cover!


He’ll sign 🙂


Meh. Easy come, easy go. That’s my new motto on footballers.


Mine is “play or fuck off, Don’t whine”


In a world of “what have you done for me lately”, wenger has sold our best players repeatedly year after year, brought in lesser substitutes on HIGH WAGES, placed his faith in ridiculous players who only he thinks are world class (players that would not even make the reserves for other top european teams), all the while charging the true FANS the highest ticket price in the land. there is clearly no ambition to win trophies, the only ambition is to keep making the top 4 so we dont lose out on the CL money thus breaking even and making… Read more »


Why are you a Gooner. The team is second class and has no ambition. The club robs you at the turnstiles. And the manager is a lying money grabber. Go fuck off and support Manure. Don`t let the door smack your ass on the way out…… See ya.. All the players who left. Left because they wanted to. Apart from Song. And who knows why, only the club really knows, And if you knew our club then you know we have never washed our dirty clothes in public. Song came out and said in the Sun. “I didn’t want to… Read more »


soooo just because im not blindly following wenger, that means im not an arsenal supporter. right, that makes a ton of sense. so you think cause you’ve been a supporter for longer, cause you’re old, makes it easier to dismiss my opinion. yeah, that makes a ton of sense too. clearly ive been mistaken all these years of growing up as an arsenal supporter with arsenal in my family, the true goal of football is not to win. right, okay. thanks for educating me.


You want trophies? Go buy one in the pound shop!!

I pay to watch my team play beautiful football and I know the difference from poor football to what I watch now. Wenger has brought entertainment on grass to a new level. If the officials ever got to being fair, Arsenal will win many competitions.
We don’t need players, we need referees!!


spoken like a true wenger supporter – always blaming outside/external circumstances, never looking at the problem from within. under wenger, it’s always always someone/something else’s fault. ohhh it was a bad pitch, we didnt get the right calls, the ball wasnt inflated properly, our tank was on empty, there was a handbrake on, we didnt use the clutch in time. blah blah blah


Spoken like a true anti-wenger supporter; Always blaming on inside/internal circumstances and never look at the problem from outside sources. It’s always Wenger fault because no matter how shit the pitch is at Sunderland or AC Milan or how the referee sent off RvP at Nou Camp for shooting. Ohhh Wenger is a greedy money mongering old man that feeds on the youth of footballers and his hobby is to purposely not win a trophy and sell all the players he nurtured for years and years to become a laughing stock. That sly frenchman dismantling the Arsenal for fun! Blah… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

You claim the profit goes directly into the pockets of the board and Wenger but you do know that the board don’t take dividends and have a wage right? The wage totals are provided every year in the accounts, that anyone member of the public can see, so they can’t hide a massive payment in something else as it’s illegal and opens them to massive fines from the HMRC (just look at Rangers for confirmation that the tax man doesn’t care who you are). Our board take director sized wages sure (ranging from 50k to 100k a year) but they… Read more »

Bye Bac

Bac will be sold this summer. 29 years old. in summer, he will have 1 year left. He will want to win something before he leaves the game. there aren’t many better RBs in the league. We will cash in and bring in a 24ish year old player in.


I dont see a big problem here, Sagna has a right to say if he’s discontent and in French press often get these kinda stories out of French players. Besides, I guess he’s just sharing the frustration felt by many fans, and it affects him as much as any of us. He always gives 110% on the pitch which is more than I can say about some other players, and so long as he continues id see no point in taking a risk replacing him


The appears to be a number of unhappy folks at Arsenal Football Club; however I have some sympathy with Sagna. He has seen friends from Flamini to Song leave the club (all very close friends) and he is unhappy and sad. I’m sure someone will correct me but Sagna must be the last of the few of the original team of 7 years ago. He has seen Eboue, Cesc, Flamini, Senderous, RvP, Song plus some in management leave the club… and he feels empty. Consideration and understanding must be given… however speaking to the national press about internal matters is… Read more »


So now I’m supposed to give a shit about twitter posts from players wives? Fuck rite off with that shit mate.


For me it sounds all too familiar. club hasnt opened up talks with an injured player. player comes out in public stressing how much he loves the club….but. manager states player loves the club and is certain he will sign a new contract.

we all know what happens next!


i smell an agent lurking in the long grass.possible contract extension coming up. im sure if hes not happy at this great club , he will do like all the others and move for money. good luck to him if he does. arsenal will still be here. but, have a feeling he will stay


I will stay too!


I love the Bac man (and his beautiful wife) and hope he signs a new & improved contract. My only thought about the whole situation and the club having not addressed re-signing him may be due to his leg break injuries and their desire to see how he’s recovered from them. Why push to sign a player who might never fully recover?

Seven year itch needs scratching

Hi everyone, my first post of the season. I feel a lot of unrest in the squad, a knock on effect of the last few years. I think we really need to do something spectacular this season to get everyone tuned back into the main focus.

Arsenal football club.

Pele of Romford

I wouldn’t mind not winning anything for a few more years if it would guarantee most of the glory hunters would fuck off- players and fans alike. Some on this website. We don’t need you, never have never will. If anyone is deluded enough out there to think that if they got their way and AW left, we would be better off and he would not get a job fucking instantly in any club in any league needs their head looking at. Madrid would sack Jose in a heartbeat for arsene. In my book, AW is the only stand up… Read more »

Glory Hunter

You would rather the club not win if it would guarantee glory hunters fucking off!!! And you think that makes u a real fan??? Shame on you. I don’t give a fuck what other people think, as long as Arsenal is successful. All gooners appreciate what Arsene has done, but it’s also important that a footballers top flight career usually spans 15yrs, and they have to make the most of that time. I once had a job where all my work colleagues starting moving on to new job opportunities. I felt left behind & inevitably I moved on too. I… Read more »


best post of the week pele … all this idiot insulting the best manager and most successfull we never have are discuting. As much i have been upset with some of his decision( and the board) in the last few year ,i will never abuse him , you can critisize him but abuse him the way some of you lot has you are not less of a cunt than nasri or a.cole clough got forest relegate and still you would never hear any forest fan say a bad word about him. too many supporter who watch too much modern tv… Read more »


True fans support their club even if it hasn’t won a single piece of silverware for a long time. True fans are those that follow the club even if it means demotions after demotions. If true fans are all about success then isn’t that just a tad plastic? Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see the club earn honours after honours but Pele of Romford is right in one aspect that the fans need to start supporting what the club does, not point fingers and demand heads to roll when trouble starts brewing. We don’t need them, just… Read more »


Josh it’s true what your saying true fans follow the club through the rough times as well as the good, but because some fans do not like the direction of the club or whatever doesn’t mean they are lesser fans.
It’s about opinions mate, I agree that some may voice those opinions in the wrong way maybe but there has to be room for debate and for those that have a different view to yourself.

Pele of Romford

You’re right there voldermort, without question. However, it gets right on my goat when AW isn’t given the respect for what he’s done, and we ain’t even in hard times, people of a certain age will remember going away expecting to get turned over. In my eyes (like you said- my opinion) there’s being a fan and then theres being a supporter. And I genuinely believe that what AW has done with the club, making us independent so we don’t ‘buy our history’ like some clubs, will be his greatest achievment by far. NO ONE ELSE could do what he… Read more »

glory hunter

lets not kid ourselves! We all have a right to voice our opinion. But if we can be honest with ourselves, we all know RVP didn’t join United for money, ofcourse the money made it easier but are you suggesting if Aston Villa, Liverpool, Newcastle etc (hypothetically speaking) offered him the exact same money as United he would have joined them? Ofcourse not! I agree that there are many plastics who dont really understand what it means to support a Club, we are a club going in the right direction and with a bit of luck, we could have won… Read more »

Per's Nimble Footwork

All this talk about AW’s wages makes me want to walk up to my Boss to demand he reduces his salary. But he is the Boss: I work for him, and I would know nothing about my business if he hadn’t taken the chance to recruit me. Many seem to miss the point: AW’s remuneration is probably not only dependent on what the trophy cabinet looks like. His Performance Indicators are not restricted to “number of aerial duels won”. His job includes picking players that will deliver that, and much more. It is either you support The Arsenal or not.… Read more »


the biggest farce about the gooner community is some pr1cks think that they are on a high horse and that everyone who questions the manager or the club should fuck off. Well, when I invest my resources into the club it gives me the right to criticize it. And I cannot just fuck off to some other club. By that same logic, if your kid is an asshole , are you just going to forget about him after 10-15 years? there is always an intangible element of love and loyalty to the club. Just because a lot of gooners have… Read more »


Some people just dish out insults and moan at any given chance for the sake of it. If you can’t offer a solution then I’m sorry I’m not going to take your opinion seriously. Yes everybodys entitled to an opinion but that doesn’t mean it’s not stupid. It’s bloody annoying seeing people moan like bitches then offer F All to the debate. Ok CLF, we sack Wenger, then do what exactly?


So Arsenal starts and ends with Wenger , does it?

In 1996, if you told me you were going to hire some unknown guy from Japan- I would have been skeptical.. But the risk was worth it right?

Now is the time for the club to show some balls and learn to look beyond Arsene.

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