Wenger reaction: credit to the whole team


On another clean sheet.

“It’s like scoring goals, as long as you don’t concede everybody defends a bit better as they want to keep the record, and that helps.

“But overall credit to the whole team, they defended well.”

On the performances of Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski

“It’s always a test when you arrive at a club like Arsenal. People have seen many, many, many great players so you have to convince people. They know what makes a good player.

“I think slowly they can convince our fans they are good enough to play for us. Everyone understood Cazorla would not need six months to settle. I am pleased for him, Podolski and Giroud.”

On Abou Diaby

“It is massive for us to have Diaby back. He looks in good shape, and there is more to come from him. He is a fantastic footballer who has had just one problem Let’s hope he gets through the international break well.”

On Cazorla

“He is a top player, he plays football the way you would like. It’s just a pleasure to watch him, I must say and we are lucky to have him.”

On the performance

“I am pleased with the quality of our display, offensively and defensively. We were more composed today, and dominated in midfield. I still feel Liverpool is a good team. I am confident we have good potential. It is down to us to build on that and improve.”

Sources: Sky SportsTwitter

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Nigerian gunner

You cant hate arsene wenger!!! I can bet my sperms on it!


That’s uh… that’s okay.

Bitch please

Jesus that persie guy is special. What a performance for united. Jesus.I feel a stab in my heart every time he scores. I still love him. Aaaaaaggghhhhh.


Man Utd a one man team, who’d have thunk it…


Don’t think I’d want to win your sperms.


Rvp he hattrickmwhen he wants


Rvp 4 – 2 arsenal


Man United = 1-man team.


Any takers on when when that troll Jin would be banned… 🙂


If there was an unlimited amount of content on arseblog I would be on the site for the rest of the day after a win! I’m so pleased

big black clock

I just put in a bet that Man Utd will finish outside the top 3 this season. Any arguments against it?


I’m guessing you put that on when they were losing 2-1? Even though I hate them, never bet against United. They’ll be top 3.

By the way, RVP, what a c**t. Seeing him celebrate with the Utd fans like that made me feel sick. Mug

Eric Irish gunner

Ye blowing kisses the fucking wanker

big black clock

Nope I put it because their defence is fucking shit and so is their midfield.

If you’ve watched their previous 3 games you would have seen that their non-pressing, long-ball game is being outdated and they will struggle against all the top-4 sides.


On a change of subject…

If Didier Drogba becomes a free agent as expected, I think Arsenal should sign him up (if he’d join us) as he’d be brilliant for us and good as an alternative for Giroud. A real handful and great experience that could be passed on to the younger lads. Just a thought as saw Liverpool were linked.

What do you think?


Surprised he isn’t kissing their badge yet…
Would love to have drogba but I don’t think he’d play for another prem team. He has more class than some other players we know


Goals, money, trophies mean nothing without integrity. The deepest pit of hell is reserved for traitors. Fuck you, Van Persie, you spineless, unworthy cunt.


jacka me too…i felt like vomitin and i told a friend of mine…


I can feel a shaky Man U. There is a certain degree of nervousness in the camp. They don’t look comfortable and I fear, even with RVP, they may struggle.


Man City megabid for Podolski next season while Barca players somehow say Cazorla has Barca DNA.

Now I know why we didn’t sign a CDM. We already have the best one in the league, Arteta.


Also, what is this feeling I am having awtching RvP in a MUMU kit, fluffing a Panenka while we have 3 clean sheets, a BEAUTIFULLY executed destruction of Racist Diverpool … Luiz Suarez he scores when he wants eh scores whe… oh.. kop *whimpers*… It was beautiful, we had a home game at Antfield because it was all Arsenal singing while the Kop halfheartedely appealed everytime the racist diver cunt got shot by an invisible cock in his arse…. it is.. this feeling it’s.. I’m… I’m a happy and content Arseal fan?!?! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY ARSENE.. OH IT’S WHY… Read more »


Wow, a bit easy on the caps lock and exclamation marks. I’m thrilled we won too though..


I hope you play fantasy football…


You just totally jinxed that!, now he’s doing a hatrick!. Fuck!


Great passion kid, but take your meds, yeah?

Red Cannon

That is, until Jack gets back. Then Arteta becomes the 2nd best defensive mid in the league.






Giroud’s movement is absolute class. Goals will come.
Also, shout out to mannone, jenkinson and the BFG. Proving doubters wrong.


I still aint convinced with Mannone or jenks. Mannone wasn’t good in the air and Jenks had some really dangerous ballloses and his passing isn’t top, top top. I think both will be good players for the future But I’m glad they aren’t our first choices on their position.

BFG was very good today though!

Suarez is still an asshole, but who had thought different?


As a backup second-choice keeper, Mannone hasn’t played a full game until this season. Our young Jenkinson is expected to start in place of Sagna. They may not be perfect and of course there is room for improvement for both, but they have been really solid. Jenkinson was a stud in defense with sound tackling. Granted his passing needs some work, no other defender was perfect in passing either. For instance, Mertesacker made a couple of questionable sloppy passes that led to loss of possession. Mannone may not be the most conspicuous player on the pitch, his performance has been… Read more »


Yeah, BFG was just spectacular. Muppet commentators gave him like no credit for that beautiful sterling tackle.. oh no, it was all howard webb with the amazing decision.. no mention of the what was literally a treading the needle tackle under pressure.

gbenga awoseye

You’re really a good writer. how do i add u on facebbok.

gbenga awoseye

You’re really a good writer. how do i add u on facebook.


…And Giroud is still a beautiful man


If Cazorla is only “a top player” then i do understand why Wenger is having trouble finding top, top, top players!


The little boy inside gave away the direction of his penalty. Even the keeper, had no ambition but he still saved that.

Yeah right

Off topic: is United now slowly becoming a “one man team”? It’s the van Cunt syndrome. Let’s all have a laugh at his penalty!

Yeah right

Juat threw up..


Did I mention we already bought that top, top, top quality. Cazorla-giroud-poldi. So wenger was right.



Good Omens

Has someone been a little too hard at the Crystal Meth today ? Don’t over egg the pudding matey.

Nigerian gunner

Uhhhmmm… Heard we are playing southhampton next…. Waz their captain’s name?

big black clock

Fucking piece of shit cunt suck my dick


Don’t you mean your Clock?



David s Mayanja

Credit to the entire team for not coinciding goals in these three matches and especially the away matches!
Well done Arsenal!


RvP will probably lead the league in scoring again. We just have to face it–when he’s not injured, he really is that good.

A Yank

Yep. Still think we should have kept him. Even if it meant walking on a free. We’d be stronger and a rival would be weaker. Oh well. Spilt milk and all…


On the upside, we’re no longer the one-man team. Man U will likely take on that mantle. (And it’ll only work out OK for them on the tiny, tiny chance that RVP makes it through the season without injuries.)

Come on, they almost lost to a team that just got back in the EPL!!!


Can’t wait till RVP gets injured, it’ll be great! Treacherous cunt. On another note, well done Arsenal. Great performance by Cazorla, Arteta and Diaby.

big black clock

“Without RVP’s goals Man Utd would be bottom of the league.” – If the media analysed Utd like Arsenal


That said, RvP made way for two more players which has double-effect in this team.

1) It allows the team to take different approaches to goal while spreading the scoring burden around.

2) on the Wing, Podolski is a better presser when Arsenal loses possession than any of Arshavin, Walcott, or Gervinho. He can close down the full-backs and is a threat to muscle a midfielder off the ball when tracking back. Aside from Giroud not scoring yet, I see no reason not to play Podolski on the wing when they are both fit.


I don’t know what you’re talking about with Gervinho – he is up and down the pitch chasing every all day.


OK. I’ll bite.

I said Podolski is better, as in, more effective. Are you arguing that Gervinho is, because there is more to defending that running?


I’m saying that you’re wrong. Gervinho tracks back all the time and has great defensive skills – check the Sunderland game, Villa at home last season and one of the Wigan games for that. Also: Podolski has played about 180 minutes in an Arsenal shirt, so he hasn’t been more effective yet at all.

How you’re coming to all these conclusions based on that slim evidence, I don’t know.


i got slaughtered here last week for sayin that diaby seems to be getting better.people sayin ramsey should be startin ahead of him.ramsey hasnt got a quarter of the talent diaby has.he was a machine today.vieira the 2nd.
arteta was class we need to keep them both fit.
wheres all the idiots slagging diaby today?


No need to slate Ramsey there.. They’ve both suffered career threatening injuries. Ramsey will get back to where he should be as a player, and people will be creaming themselves over him too. Great to see Diaby turning in such a stunning performance though 🙂


Arteta was class as always, Vermaelen had a superb game aswell.

Giroud works his socks off every single game goals will come.



Spurs fan in the house… You lost RVP and have 2 shit Strikers from Shitty france, No chance of a top 4 without any of your best players. The Sun 44 Major Honers for recently ex-arsenal players. hahahahahahhaha. Loosers.


Thanks for reminding us that things could always be worse.


have you won a match yet?
cant even beat norwich or west brom at home you clown so wipe the dribble of your chin and eat your meals on wheels you gimp cunt


Blogger, he should be insta-banned and comment deleted for his pseudonym alone.

santi's panties

I just gave you a last minute thumbs down

Eric Irish gunner

Your mothers a whore now fuvk of you spurs cunt

Eric Irish gunner

Don’t know why thumbs down some spud cunt is on here calling wenger a peado fuck him and his bitch

big black clock

These losers are still higher than you in the table


Can’t even spell “Loosers” right.

Good Omens

Is it too early to say ”Mind the gap” ?


It’s not too late to say – What’s the difference between Tottenham and a triangle?

1 point.

Good Omens

Ah, there was me thinking it had some shape to it. 😉


What’s a looser?


learn how to spell you silly boy.

I want to be Bergkamp's BFF

Oh, why hello there. Not often we get an outsider here so I’d like to take the time to address the points you make to the best of my WHAT THE FUCK AM I READING?!

Lord Teddy Ears

Yes of course selling Modric and Vander Vart and counting a money grabbing ex-arsenal wanker to score goals is a sign of real intent.

As we have always said look at the logo (Cock on a ball) to understand the level of intelligence so why dont you fuck off now as we are going to smash another 5 past your useless team and we will finish above you as we always do.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Spurs fan in the house… You lost RVP and have 2 shit Strikers from Shitty france, No chance of a top 4 without any of your best players. The Sun 44 Major Honers for recently ex-arsenal players. hahahahahahhaha. Loosers. 1) You didn’t need to introduce yourself as spudshuite, your odour preceded you! 2) France takes a capital…but apparently the totts don’t, 3) You must mean Spuds chances of a top 6 don’t you? 4) Honours not Honers and Losers for Loosers…I see you graduated from the Seven Sisters’ Simpleton School of Spelling you scumbag idiot! 5) We have 3 clean… Read more »


Did you hear bout that ship that sunk last year? Tottentanic. So keep swimming.


haha…it’s funny how the comments begin about Arsenal and then all of a sudden it jumps to how much RVP is cunt and a traitor.

I know there’s still a lot of hate remaining but we should all try to move on and focus on The Arsenal


Did Vermaelen come out of that game without any injuries? Got quite a few knocks this game, but I hope he is okey.

Thomas B

Today, Diaby showed that he’s LANS.


How the fuck is Arteta not part if spain’s national team? I know theyve got midfielders in depth, but Jesus!


Including Jesus.


Pretty unlucky, I think. I thought he was about to be called up before another cunt broke his leg at Everton.

Eric Irish gunner

I’d rather he rest and stay away from those barca cunts when international games are on

Nigerian gunner

(off a friends facebook wall) what will you do when the striker that shouldnt be mentioned scores against us and the kisses manure’s badge?

Gunsen Gunner

We’ll jeer the fucker because it’ll be a consolation goal after our boys are 3 up and the only trophy in his direction will be the golden boot.

Holdin Mygroin

Fuckin RVP man, fuckin….


I’m in love with Miki. Beautiful man, great footballer. Shit, I’ve just realised Song might have cost us a whole lot of games.


Arteta doesn’t LOOK imposing, but he’s got crazy eyes and always goes in for the tackle. NO FEAR! (Also, he’s way more disciplined and more of an offensive threat than Song will EVER be.)


Plus he has the magic hair. Dude could go through a hurricane and not a single lock would be out of place. Magnificent.

Andrew Maher

Surely a Gillette or some kind of hair fudge sponsorship coming his way.


That there’s this kid here that snubbed us.

His name goes like this… Nuri sah-oh fuck off!


I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK WHAT RVP DOES! He’s gone! He wanted to go, we’ve moved on….case closed. He’s a damn fine player but he plays for scum now…so let’s celebrate oyr team and noone else thank you very much.

Merlin's Panini

Credit where it’s due. Excellent performancr today. Well done Arsene. Well done Arsenal. Really pleased. Let’s hope everyone can keep up that standard throughout the season


@Nigerian Gunner,pretend we didn’t see it i guess.We need to get to over this Rvp thing already.The more we talk about him,the more significant he remains in this post-era of him,we really should focus on our players.They are the one that matter most now.
That said,kudos to the guys for a great perfomance.We will surely get there.


I hope Wenger doesn’t sell Podolski and Cazorla next season. I love how Abou Diaby has come back. Watch out teams. The return of the new age Patrick Vieira.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

I said it before and I’ll say it again, when our new boys click like they did today (& we still have the excitement of when OG’s amazing runs start paying off with goals!) any defence in the EPL will literally crap themselves! Especially the leaky northern muffers!

I know we all fucking hate the thought of judas celebrating with those inbred monkeys but just sit back and laugh at them biting their nails on their extra webbed toes when he’s on international duty soon, hoping he doesn’t get injured. Twat.

Well done boys, awesome display! COYG!


Please all of us pray that RvP always gets selected for Holland against the international Orc team, (the international version of Stoke)


great performance by the team arteta , diaby & santi ruled
may be they had a point to prove to sahin and co
i still think arsene should bring on kos instead of mertesacker or play him as our defensive midfield which would allow arteta to go further up and give more attacking options
hope sagna is back soon cause jenkinson will take time to mature and against the big guns he ‘ll be outclassed
but the very good point is we defend as a team! something i haven’t seen for ages;

Gunsen Gunner

Kos is fine as backup for now as Vermertesacker is a great partnership and our midfield has great balancre.Also Jenkinson showed that he can be a very good backup for us today and potential to be first choice when Bac retires a gunner legend.To think that we still have Jack,Ramsey,Rosicky,Sagna,kos,Szcezsny,Feo,Gervinho,Santos,JD and maybe Arshavin if he stays who can do a job


mertesacker scares me at times his lack of pace against the likes of world class strikers is big trouble ahead hey seriously we had stoke lilverpool and sunderland strikers who test our defense! no tevez dzeko rooney van pussy &co so kos is better for me arsene has to find a way for him to start in the starting xi like in nba its defense time if we are going out about to win something this year because of our style of play we will always scores and create chances no worries any way mate u right our bench look… Read more »


Yeah because we should change the formula that got a 2-0 away victory vs a team that drew 2-2 vs the current champions.


Santi Caz is coming to town 🙂

Should be a song


Easy. For away games:

“You’re gonna shout, you’re gonna cry
You’re gonna pout, i’m tellin you why
Santi Caz is coming to town!

He knows he’ll catch you sleeping
You’ll bite on his hip fake
You’ll miss a tackle in the box
That’s a penalty for fuck’s sake!

You’re gonna shout, you’re gonna cry
You’re gonna pout, i’m tellin you why
Santi Caz is coming … to town!”


Can we just forget van persie? Today was really good,i am so happy,will never doubt wenger again


On a change of subject…

If Didier Drogba becomes a free agent as expected, I think Arsenal should sign him up (if he’d join us) as he’d be brilliant for us and good as an alternative for Giroud. A real handful and great experience that could be passed on to the younger lads. Just a thought as saw Liverpool were linked.

What do you think?

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck drogba he’s chelski scum and would want 200,000 grand a week


Fuck Van Persie. Yes, he’s great player – that’s how he got into our first team – but he’s also a Judas and a money-grabbing cunt, so he can go and fuck himself. I just hope he wins nothing this season.

Slight subject change: apparently, Drogba could be available on a free transfer from that Chinese club (nobody can remember what they’re called). We need another striker and he would be a great addition. Shouldn’t Wenger have a good look at signing him?

Gunsen Gunner

Although i hate him for the years of pain he caused us Gunners with his goals i think he could do a job for us and is still a better option than Chamakh.Stranger things have happened recently…

Gunsen Gunner

This was a reply to the drogba on a free comment not the RCP one.


Is there a statto available? When was the last time we went three games without concedeing?

RVP is like an ex. You thought they were the bees knees at the time; then you come to realise they’re just another money grabbing whore.


She’s still smokin’ hot, though. You wouldn’t care as much if she were just some run of the mill left-back, uh, for example.


yeah, she is smoking hot but she is still a whore.

jim jimminy

someone asked earlier about how long its been since we went 3 games without conceding. LieSports said 88 years…


88 years is just the last time we’ve started a season with 3 clean sheets. Not the last time we’ve had 3 in a row.


great game and very promising but still concerned about the overall strength of the squad if we have injuries e.g Podolski gets injured and we have to play Chamakh….


Or we can play AA, Walcott, gervinho….


Arshavin is lazy, Walcott is incosistent and Gervinho can’t finish!


My favorite hobby recently is searching through tweets of doomers and opponents before our games. Priceless.


Can we castrate Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini? Why the fuck do they play international games anyway?

I don’t know if I’m the only person that cares less about international game.


Hope diaby won’t be like RVP.


Hope diaby keeps it up.


Diaby – the best! Strong, mobile, good vision! over all team played very very good , V can feel potential as Wenger said! Main Player to think about is Giroud….. Both new player scored except him, But we must still believe in him, his movement is excellent! missed opportunity bt tht matter much, we can c Podolski n Cazorla are very well linked bt Giroud has no partner… HE is given ball accidently, so he didnt performed tht much gud! i thnk it vl take a little more time to Win players trust cox he missed two golden opportunities… Wenger… Read more »


Guys, I’m sick of all the comments about van Quisling. Let’s give him the reception he deserves if he has the balls to return to ashburton. But until then, I frankly don’t want to read or hear his name again. Agreed?


i loved when the fans started chanting DIABY DIABY DIABY…..im sure hez got so much motivation from this game and will keep up his super perfomance