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Arteta eager to emulate example of Guardiola and Figo

Mikel Arteta says his professionalism on and off the pitch is the result of being mentored by some of European football’s biggest stars.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, the Spaniard, who is both lovely and should be given a chance to represent his country, reflected on his formative days at Barcelona’s Academy name checking an inspirational trio of first team stars.

“You have role-models, Pep Guardiola was one of them. When I was training with the Barcelona first team at 16 I was seeing him or Luis Enrique or Luis Figo.

“They were people who took the game really, really seriously and they were trying to help their teammates and they were brilliant with us.

“I was only 16 and they would really look after us and you see how nice it is when it is coming from someone like that.”

Talking about how the experience has influenced his own work with Arsenal’s younger players he continued:

“You felt really good being treated like that, why would you not do it to other people when you have the chance to help them? That’s what we try to do with the young lads here.

“Someone can tell you a lot of things, but when you see someone that you really appreciate do something the right way, for me there is no better example than that. You can talk and after [someone will] do something a different way, but when someone is always doing the right thing and trying to help the rest no matter the circumstances, it’s the best thing you can do.

“On the pitch and away from it I have been trying to behave the way I think we should, because I think we have a big responsibility [as footballers].

“Not only for ourselves but for what we represent to other people. We are in a very lucky position and we have to take advantage of that and use it in the right way. Sometimes we make too many mistakes!”

As one of the only first team players not to be on international duty over the next couple of weeks, Mikel will no doubt have the opportunity to pass on his experience (and hair grooming tips) to many of Arsene Wenger’s up and coming stars. Fingers crossed they take on board the advice of a player that commands respect not just at Arsenal but up and down the Premier League. Did we mention he’s lovely?

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This is the only player I can think of who’s testimonial match should come before his retirement. It should come in the way of a full cap with the Spanish National Team, regardless of whether it is a WCQ or Friendly. He oozes class and his example should be rewarded, would go a long way to show the young lads that hard work, patience, and professionalism are still the way to go about your business.


Arteta is just perfect. A fan favourite at everton and now even at arsenal. He ‘s just every persons type of footballer. A real gentleman, terry is a cunt, might not fulfill his international wushea but he’ll go down as legend in both clubs.
N/B See how terry is a cunt fits just about anywhere in a sentence!


*Wishes….yes I spelt this one wrong but I still got “terry is a cunt” right. I never miss this one!


Arteta is indeed perfect. He clearly deserves a statue outside the Emirates more than a few players who’ve spent much more time than him at Arsenal. I really hope he lifts the Premier League trophy with us.


I Clicked to reply this cos I the world can’t be wrong about Terry being the outstanding thug in the EPL. With every opportunity he passes up the chance to address this negative public perception. Such people think because their team is on financial steroids they need no behavioural compass. A player’s conduct should be exemplary because he must make a good impression on the millions of young people across the world who idolize him. Everything from your hair style to your tweets and whether you respect the fans and your opponents all add up to the image you project.… Read more »


Our lego-haired wonder giving hair-grooming tips to the future generation. I sense chamakh’s hair gel supply will dry out soon


What a lovely fellow


He is a perfect leader to be admired. I have always admired him since the first of his arrival to Arsenal FC because I already knew how hard he works.


Agree completely.

And now I’m going to say something that will make me very unpopular: He should have been given the captaincy.

I mean, I understand why Wenger chose a player who’s been with us longer, but Arteta has been in the English game for many years, and, in my opinion, is more consistently excellent than Vermaelen. Vastly experienced in Britain, talented, versatile, remarkably consistent, universally respected, dictates the tempo…is there anyone else besides Arteta who ticks every one of those?


Echoing all our sentiments is what you’re doing sir. At the time verminator seemed like the perfect candidate in the process overlooking Arteta: the subtle, dictator of play, smooth operator I could go on and on. Verminator is the passionate arsenal guy, always wants to win emphatically even when we’re anyway winning. I love em both anyway but deep down I know Arteta edges verm just a little for CAPTAIN!


I agree. He should be captain. Unless we bring eboue back. Then he’s the captain.


I agree that Arteta would be a better captain than Vermaelen, but to be fair to Wenger, not only was Vermaelen senior to Arteta, and already the vice-, but it’s actually just this year that Arteta has elevated his leadership presence. I think last year it took him a little while to fit in and find his role in a changing midfield, and then he had a period on the sidelines (where we saw his value when we couldn’t win a game without him). This year, he’s been with us a year more, he’s a year older, and he naturally… Read more »


Wow, what a wonderful pro…
Thing is, you know what he says he means.

big black clock

I feel kinda sorry for our rival fans cause while we’ve got the ultimate professional in Arteta to admire and love, they’ve got the likes of John Terry and Rooney

Ian Right

Well, we used to have Nasir “No neck” cunt and Money Van Cuntsie…


To find modern day footballers like arteta nowadays is really that hard. But at arsenal we have one!, such a special player and person. This high life footballers assume when they get rich really is despicable imo. George best is one an example of those who lived in a wrong era where party hard was the motto. Arteta is just a gentleman something guardiola and figo have also perfected.


I’m a bit worried about the clamor for Mikey to get into the Spanish team. They stuck a Barca shirt over Cesc’s head. Why would we want him spending time with that bunch of cunthounds? They’re cunts!


This is the Qui… Arsenal player. Give the man a 6 year contract.


I just wonder if Mikel came in to Arsenal at an young age like Cesc wouldnt he have been on the spanish team?Well he has been a professional wherever he has played but was he less awesome when he was at Everton or was it no one considered Everton as big as TheArsenal so even if you shone there you will go unrecognized, i dont wanna beleive this was the case for him not getting in the team that just plain stupidity . For me he is miles better than that barka biscuits who just hyped and goes down with… Read more »


No doubt Arteta would be playing for the Spanish NT, had he been at Arsenal sooner. I mean, he got his call-up a few days before his big injury, and probably would be playing with them today had that not happened. That’s life, I guess.


What a classy player and man. It’s Great that we are able to get an insight into how he thinks and what makes him tick. I hope this is the start of a golden (or silver) generation for Arsenal and that his style (football, behaviour and hair) rubs off on future generations.

Top man, keep doing your thing Mikel and I’m sure you will get an opportunity to represent your country.

Finsbury Park Gooner

I don’t think we want his hair to rub off on anybody, it’s perfectly dreamy where it is.


The perfect example for the sort of apprenticeship Arteta was talking about ist the Cole-Bertrand-Twitter ‘saga’. Class breeds class, and apparently, twats breed twats…

Arindam Ghosh

If I were in the place of Arsene Wenger, Mikel Arteta would be the first name to come to my mind while preparing the starting line up. The most reliable and the most consistent player in our team. He is so reassuring. He has a perfect attitude.

kenyan gooner

The ultimate professional…GOSH!!!!i lack words to describe this man…his passes, perfect like his hair;his back 4 screening is imperious;tackling of the highest quality;game reading is almost godly;makes everyone around him look way good and most importantly a figure head and leader on and off the pitch…when they write a book on le profs greatest signings,let this great passing monkey be one of those who tops that list!!!!!


I just watched the video of Arteta “Close Up” on Arsenal IPlayer. I must say Arteta is a very sexy man. ( I’m a girl). He also is very intelligent. I agree with Arseblog that between him and Santi we will prosper this season.


Arteta is tremendously sexy and I am a straight guy!

And I agree with your agreement with Blogs that we will prosper this season


‘we are in a very lucky position’. OMG, how many players realize that. Loving you more Arteta.


You sir, are a real gentleman. Lets hope he wins some trophies with us.


Let’s hope we win some trophies with him 🙂


i hope arteta gets rewarded with one of those extremely rare (but much needed) things from us, a contract to keep him in the club even after he turns 30, he’s one of the few experienced professionals we have in the squad who can impart invaluable knowledge to our youngsters.

we really should’ve bought him much earlier, to think of all the possible players we missed out on because ‘we didn’t want to kill ‘insert random ingrate’s name here who probably has already left us’.


ps : we should call him Classterta.


Or Arteta.


Can totally see him being a coach at a top club someday, without a doubt.

Also, shocked he’s never been capped for Spain, but he would have gotten to play for the NT, had he not gotten that horrible injury when he was with Everton. Really too bad for him, but good for us, I guess…

Also shocked that no one’s tried to snipe him from us. But I’m guessing that’s one player Arsene would never agree to sell.

west belfast gunner

Did I here he’s eligable for England ?? He’d walk into that team


And then walk straight back out when he sees the bunch of cunts that have accumulated there.

I will name no names…….



I dunno imagine a midfield trio of arteta wilshire and chamberlain. jenkinson and gibbs the full backs with walcott up front. even i would buy a brief for that.


I think that Terry has been replaced as the England football team’s biggest cunt by Ryan Shawcross….

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arsene Wenger effectively said that Shawcross is “not that kind of player any more” a few days ago. This is the first time that I have ever felt the need to question “Arsene Knows”.


He’s not eligible, though he has said in the past he would have been honored to play for England, since English football has done so much for his career. (Yet another classy answer!)


not that I dislike TV at all, but for me – Mikel is class on an off the pitch and should be Arsenal Captain!

David O'Leary's Dad

If we do great as a team this season and actually win something it will be in a big way due to him. Then he’ll get a call up.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Even if he doesn’t get into the Spanish team at least we can be happy that our club have given him the chance to return to the Champions League. However, I do believe his growing connection with Cazorla will see the two of them given the chance to play together for Spain. You have to admit they’d make a pretty damn good ‘Plan B’ for the Spanish midfield.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…especially after we knock out both Barcelona and Real Madrid from the Champions League 🙂


I like that Arseblog is now basically Arteteblog. (Seriously, this is a wonderful thing!)


His name is Art… what could be said more?

gooner odst

He grew up watching masters, was battle-hardened in Scotland, tempered at Everton and now sharpening at Arsenal.
He is becoming (to maintain the pun) our most reliable weapon, the shield. The shield on which the canon mutually relies on.


I always liked him when he was at Everton. You could see he was their best player by far. We definitely should have signed him in summer of 2008 or even 2009. But he is world class and his playing style ensures that he still has another 3 excellent years left in him. He can stay til he is 36 or 37 and be a mentor for the younger guys while still being a class player who can do a job on the field. United have had that in Giggs and Scholes and Neville. It makes a big difference. But… Read more »

Bould's Hair Dryer

Interlull !!! What the fuck am i going to do with my life now?!


Yes it must be a real problem for you with everyone else away. Arteta’s hair is already perfect and has no need of your services.

[…] just when you thought you couldn’t like the guy any more, he talks about how he, as a senior player, has passed on to younger players the same advice and treatment he got […]

Freddies lost hair

Top man!
Imagine if we hade signed him four years ago to play with Cesc. THe thought itself makes me break down on the floor crying like Terry (the cunt) when Diaby kicked his head off.

As someone above mentioned, this guy truly deserves a testimonial even though he probably wont play ten years for us. My idea for this would be to play Everton and have Arteta to play one half for each side.


Just reading this interview puts a smile on my face. I’m an engineer by profession and I can completely relate. Sadly though over the years we’ve (my company) lost some of the better known engineers in the industry and it just doesn’t feel quite the same. I can only feel the effect Arteta has on the youngsters will be massive.


Words to describe Arteta=Lovely,sexy, class Art, metronome, slick operator,leader, future captain,professional, a truly non cuntly gentleman!!!

Freddies lost hair

Noncuntly gentleman indeed!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Uncuntliness personified.


it is natural that players look to Arteta, as he is one of our most experienced players now. He’s obvoiusly a great professional.
But Vermaelen is doing a great job as captain, and if i was in that dressing room i would feel great, knowing that he was my captain. Yes he’s made a couple of individual errors recently, but his ‘never say die’ attitude is inspiring, and i think he could go on to become one of our greats.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, he has an excellent opportunity to learn things like “positioning”, “calm”, “steady”, and “don’t charge up there every ten seconds, save it for the right moment, you plonker” from Arteta, so he is sure to become a better player and captain.

Die Hard Gunner

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arteta one of the greatest spanish player never to have played for spain i hope he gets the call he deserves it more than anyone

hats off to arteta what a player 🙂

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