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Arteta pleased for Giroud

Olivier Giroud may have been the very late thorn in the Spanish side this week, but his Arsenal teammate Mikel Arteta is happy for the Frenchman.

Speaking to RMC, Arteta could see the benefits of the goal from an Arsenal point of view.

“I’m happy for him,” he said. “It was a bit hard at first because he had pressure and had to come after van Persie ; it wasn’t easy.

“He always works very hard and has a very good attitude. I’m very happy, last week he already scored for us and now he scored for France. He’ll be even more confident now. That is a good thing for the team.”

Giroud also spoke of his delight with a goal that might have silenced some of his critics on the far side of the English channel and one can only hope it serves to kick him on and boost his confidence further as real football begins again.

Arteta was also asked about his absence from the Spanish squad at a time when he’s in the form of his life, but the lego-haired hunk was pretty sanguine about the whole thing.

“Because the others are better than me!” he said. “I didn’t have the chance to come from the same generation as them, for me, It’s really the most successful one. We never had such good Spanish midfielders.

“I understand that for me it’s very difficult to have a go in this team, they are all great players who play in very strong European teams.”

Whether he gets the recognition from his national side of not, we still love him. And we’re all that counts.

Thanks to @grooverblog for the translation

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Double *swoon*

Alike Matter

Guess I should lay my pillow for you before you hit the ground.
One of us is going to have to.


Merci beaucoup, Senor / senora. (two beautiful languages)

Fergie the Gooner

I think all of us gooners are happy for the HFB! After scoring two important equalising goals in his last three games his confidence must be good and hopefully that’s exactly what he needs to really establish himself up front for us.


So HFB … what is the actual for this, have so many variants in my head would like to get it pinpointed if anyone would be so kind

Fox Gooner

Handsome French Bloke?


Hunky French Bastard?


I just listened to the interview, he speaks an amazing french. This guy’s brilliant.


I always forget he played for PSG for a couple of years.

He’s an intelligent guy and a class act, for sure.


That Giroud fella does pretty well too…


Arteta + giroud = a scene in trueblood. Only this time I really want to watch!


I am slightly worried that if Giroud, Arteta or Vermaelen look each other directly in the eyes a black hole may rip open…


Seriously, who saw girouds movement when ribery had the ball?. He timed his run to perfection, he took cute little steps and even mark-timed – with only one thing in his mind “i have to connect with this ribery cross” and when he did, he fucking scored!……thats a top, top, top striker right there.

big black clock

I think it’s us who have let him down with the poor quality of crosses so far tho. Before the Podolski cross for the WHU goal, Gibbs put in several overhit crosses when Giroud was in great position.

Maybe the only weak point in Gibb’s play is his crosses. Improve on that son


I totally agree. It seems odd, but for some reason I think that the quality of crosses suddenly dropped as soon as Giroud has been coming on as a substitute! The team suddenly starts trying to give them elevation and begins to overhit them! It seems however, that with only a solitary headed goal in last years Ligue 1 (IIRC), and by watching his runs, he seems suited to lower crosses that he can lose his marker and dink in. He really does have top quality movement (and thats top top top quality ;)).

North Bank Gooner

The HFB has all the tools, you can see that from his movement, and the fact he gets into such great positions. Hes made a massive step up from Ligue 1, and will take time to acclimatise, can you imagine how good he will be once he gets used to the pace of the premiership?

Jack back soon, cant wait to see him smash it with Saint Cazorla, and Mik, what a midfield that will be!! Bet even Oli has a semi at the thought of it!!


Honestly Arteta should have been in the Spanish national team years ago. He’s a player who makes me proud to be an Arsenal supporter in these lean times

Big Chief from Antarctica

This French bloke is making me fall in love with the French football team again. It started with the WC ’98 and EC ’00 but after WC ’06 France has been disappointing. (Gotta give credit to my mom, the woman made sure that I wouldn’t forget Henry).

I hope that Sagna, Koscielny, Diaby, Coquelin and Giroud can bring back those first sentiments (ever) of football, I had back then. Just for the sentimentality.

Love this club for having captain-esque people like Arteta.


Who else miss Dutch Skunk? (not me)

Pak Gooner

His movement is exceptional, he’s really got the traits of a top top top striker! Proud of him and Arteta’s professional sportsmanship.


Am putting my money for Giroud to score any time against Norwich


I’ve got the feeling that it could be a cricket score on Saturday,


arteta saying: they are better than me is as modest as one gets,complimenting his national team. is there a spanish player ever so deserving of atleast one cap being left out more than him?

I do recognize that Spain is gifted but arteta is ARTETA….come on del Bosque.
I think one outing for his national team can even spur him more to do greater things.


Del Bosque, he deserves it. You know what I mean.

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Dial Square

It’s clear that what makes Giroud such a good player is the timing and direction of when and where he makes his runs, and if he has the inclination and desire maybe Chamakh can knuckle down and watch and learn from Giroud in training, but as his running and off the ball movement is so good maybe it is instinctive and is something you just can’t teach someone.

Jamesy Boy

Giroud to bag a brace this weekend.

As a bet in play Ray winstone would say, “Av a bang on that”!!!


Arteta isn’t just a handsome man, he’s also fluent in 4 languages. English, French, Spanish and Glaswegian.


And his staunch follower of the LEGGGOOOO! Religion!


First goal 4rm oli. Up up up arteta, saint and poldi. See u on sat.

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