Sunday, May 29, 2022

Confused Handsome French Bloke confirms shirt COC up

Olivier Giroud has admitted he thought Theo Walcott’s 95th minute equaliser against Reading had earned Arsenal a COC replay at the Emirates and insists that nobody had told him the game would go to extra-time.

The French international, along with compatriot Francis Coquelin, was caught by Sky’s cameras throwing his match shirt into the crowd seemingly unaware that the game was about to kick-off again until reserve keeper James Shea passed on the news.

After a brief panic, during which several Gooners are understood to have taken a deep and longing whiff of the Handsome French Bloke’s sweaty man musk, Giroud was reunited with his number 12 shirt and played on, eventually helping Arsene Wenger’s side to an amazing 7-5 win.

Asked about the incident after the game, Giroud gave one of those incredibly cool Gallic shrugs before casually remarking:

“I thought that in cup games when you drew, there was a replay. Someone told me that!

“Luckily, I was able to get the shirt back OK – the fan gave it back to me quickly so I could start the game again.

“But after the game, I threw the shirt back into the crowd again after that.”

That boys just loves being naked. Arseblog News doesn’t mind.

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And the girls goes wild!!!!


From the above report, seems that Blogs goes wild at the HFB’s body as well.

Simon Mulumbu Rakaguengo Tlisungu

u gay peson, do nt dare speak lyk dat or u get slaped sily fool.
i do not lyk dis gyrood, i fink he is lazy and weak-minded
butterfly eye of wolf praises the weak but da mind of lion is stronger dan butterflay eye of wolf

silly boy


@Simon Mulumbu Rakaguengo Tlisungu: What on earth are you rambling about? Off to another teams forum please, we speak the queens around here.


Simon’s response was borderline poetic.


not to mention homophobic!

also, JrGoonar’s is a bit racist too.

what’s going on!?


Simon, in this country it’s ok to be gay – nobody really cares. We even tolerate stupid, ignorant people from foreign countries. Careful you don’t get eaten by a lion.

Rad Carrot

I’m really sorry Simon, none of us speak potato. What are you gibbering about?


@ Simon Mulumbu Rakaguengo Tlisungu

English motherfucker, do you speak it?


@jamesv4……….That was very intelligent what you wrote there. Absolutely top class, high and mighty England!….fookin arse!

sagna's dreads

no need to be racist, disagreeing is one thing, being racist is another and makes you no better than terry or suarez….nobody likes a racist cunt……

santi's panties

No need to be racist, but in no way is being homofobic better. Grow up.


how is it that anti-homophobic comments are down voted? some of you need to grow up.


Now those were some hardcore fans! Well done!

Simon Mulumbu Rakaguengo Tlisungu

i canot reply 2 u insurancely bcuz of d websyt is shit but i wnted 2 say dat do not be racst or da grishna leapord of akwarde plain will sweep upon u r soul nd den u will regret u r mistaykes

i wuz taught english very well tank u by my teacher mrs mbanefo, so by insulting my lingistic talent u insult mrs mbanefo.

silly child.

@Simon Mulumbu Rakaguengo Tlisungu Mrs Mbanefo surely must’ve taught you better than that. Because the way you communicate you’re the one embarrassing her. Me having a different opinion than you and commenting on what I think is improper use of English (I’m a Swede if anyone gives a …). Besides, a language is not a race, therefore I cannot be called a racist just because I criticise the way you write. Also have a look at the rules regarding “text language” or in your case “looney bin language”. I have to agree with the talent part, because it takes a… Read more »


Banned. Idiot.

Merlin's Panini

jgmdf k;sgoj da kg;s 2 u n fpg,d;f;lkrjrj. Don’t you think?


Haha, not that I didn’t agree/like your post @MyArsenalView but Blogs pretty much just summed it up in a word.


Really the fans threw the shirt back? Why couldn’t he just grad a new one from the dressing room?


What an impact the Handsome French Bloke had last night. Hopefully he’ll play on Saturday and knock seven shades of shit out of the Dutch bastard!


@simon… Stfu. Twat.



Robin van Persie

You better all prepare yourselves for Sunday you pricks, Vermaelen is getting van Persecuted


Saturday 12:45.

Just keep thinking it’s Sunday you money-grabbing, Rooney-grabbing, turncoat.


My name.


Maybe he means he knows he’ll lose on Saturday, so he’ll be sending some henchmen after TV5 on Sunday.


I take it by telling us to watch out for sunday it means you watch the games a day after they air? Standard glory supporting, tv watching fool. Bet you’ve never even been to manchester, never mind old trafford. “you only live round the corner, live round the cooooorner!”


“That boys just loves being naked. Arseblog News doesn’t mind.”

wtf ?? is arseblog news gay ??


Olivier makes me question myself too at times…


absolutely no shame in that

Super Nicky Bendtner

Maybe a woman wrote it? Or maybe it doesn’t matter? either is fine by me.


Relevant? So what if he was?

steve boulds hairdresser

fuck right off van persie.

Pride of London

ha what a match. Im delighted for Chamakh too. Did we just see what a confident Chamakh has the potential to do??? Tricky one


I’m certain the world is ending as predicted by the Mayans. Chamakh’s brace is more evidence than I could ever need.


And Arshavin RUNNING in the 119th min!!

Were all doomed i tell ya DOOMED!!!


Yea damn right! Credit to the Prof for not making obvious, Useless substitution! Keeping theo and Chamakh and Andrey was vital for that come back…. For once he took out people who were confused or not ready for fight…. Miguel not a fullback could have started Nico…. Classic in the end but pathetic in the beginning! When are we going to stop forcing layers to play out of position? Play santos at LB… And it will not be pretty at Old T…


That would have been a good story if it wasnt for the homosexual undertones.


You afraid the story is gonna fruit you up?

Leave it yeah.


That’s enough from you thanks. The Homosexual Undertones are my favourite covers band. Ever.


Was it just me that thought Giroud and Chamakh made a very decent partnership, good link up and we won almost every long ball against the Reading CBs with them both on.


lol good title for the article Allen!


Was this interview conducted using HARDware such as microphones and tape-recorders?. Coz this article seems just so HARDcore. Giroud certainly has a HARDening effect on some of us.


CHFB (Confused HFB)


Sad to see so many homophobic remarks.

“That would have been a good story if it wasnt for the homosexual undertones.”

Oh, please go away and take your horsesh*t with you.


This is meant to be a blog about football, not how attractive you find the players.


I think the guy writing the article decides what the blog is going to be about.

And he’s clearly decided that it’s about Giroud’s rippling pectorals, rock hard abs and… uhm… yeah.

…anyway, if you don’t like it: There’s the back button.


21th century and people still worry about someone else’s sexuality. That’s just pathetic




Chamakh is the new Messi.

Heard it here first.



well said


I feel sorry for the people that caught the shirts the first time. Unless the fans that caught them the second time were decent enough to make sure they got them back – but somehow I doubt that…

Also, anybody know if that bloke who Sky ridiculed by highlighting him ‘leaving after 39 minutes’ had only gone for a beer or a slash and actually saw the whole match??

A Yank

He stayed. And found out everyone thought he left, so he Twit’ed that he stayed.

sagna's dreads

he stayed saw his twitter posted a pick at the end of the game


apparently they’ve got the work experience boys trawling the cctv to find who got the shirts first time so they can mail them some giroud and le coq replicas


I read the title as “Confused Handsome French Bloke confirms shirt COQ up”, and wasn’t sure why Coquelin’s name was capitalized.


*swoons* HFB had a spectacular game. I was really glad to see Wenger keep Chamakh on when he brought HFB on. I’ve been waiting to see what we could do from the threat of a scoring perspective with two CFs in the mix. HFB showed once again that if he gets some proper service in the air he will score. He really looked in the mood last night didn’t he. How cheeky was Chamakh’s little back heel flick that eventually saw him score. For someone who never sees the green on the pitch I found it rather inspiring for that… Read more »


I haven’t written this anywhere yet so here’s as good a place as any: Eisfeld’s introduction changed the game. He looked like he’d been in the first team for years – he was calm, controlled the game, didn’t make too many mistakes. Think it’s too early to drop him in against any actual quality teams, but he’ll be nailed on for the first team in a couple of seasons. Great buy.


I don’t think I would have given him his shirt back to be perfectly honest :/


We forgot to mention that John Terry is a racist cunt!


Oh come on! Cheap shot ain’t it? What the hell…. He is at least a Cunt! John Terry has proven that much….


Is it school holidays or something?


Actually cuntiverse just ripped open releasing effluents of utter shitcunts to arseblog. It’s up to you to pass em on to Le grove.


Seriously ! The amount of cunts commenting are too damn high.


All the kids are hopped up on halloween candy


Just thinking ahead to Sat
In the event (unlikely I hope) that that dutch traitor scores…do you think he will celebrate…esp if on the side of Arsenal fans??
He most probably wont be doin what adebayor did a few seasons ago at Man City…but what you think would be his reaction?
The best of course is to not let him score so that we don ever hav to find out…

Dr Baptiste

I’d personally prefer him to score an own goal, rip his utd shirt off showing an Arsenal shirt underneath and then him running over to Arsene, who’s giving Ferguson the finger, showing his departure was all a cunning plan. Now that would be exciting and highly unlikely… A bit like last night so it’s now bound to happen

Eric Irish gunner

The way he’s ball licking the scum fans with his salutes to them at every opportunity and throwing his tea towel to them after games I’d say he’d celebrate the cunt

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Fancying giroud doesn’t make you gay. It just means you have eyes.

Interestingly my missus doesn’t fancy Giroud at all, says he looks “cheesy”. She’s much more partial to some Arteta.

Mach III

I don’t know where Arseblog gets it from. Going with the hype, I asked (rhetorically) my girlfriend if she thought he was good looking. She said, “no, and he has a big nose.” However she did think Poldi was good looking!

I told my brother, and his girlfriend said the same thing.


Sp*rs and Mugsmashers gone tonight. Feels even better.


And Man U are playing 120 minutes, could not have been a better night

the only sam is nelson

bradford away hmmmmm

but leeds vs chelsea hahahaha that’s so fucking 1970s


Decent draw. We’ll see how many senior players Wenger puts out though. I bet it depends on how many are injured.


Decent draw? It’s fucking brilliant!

God clearly wants us to win this trophy. Despite some of our players’ attempts to fuck things up yesterday, we got through. Now we’ve got by far the weakest side left in the competition. We could play our Youth team and still get through to the semi-finals.

Hopefully, Chelsea will go out to Leeds, and then we’ll get to the final and then play a weak side, in the relegation zone , then we’ll… Oh shit!

the only sam is nelson


personally i’d like to see our blend of yoot and reserves hump chelsea’s first team

but i accept the more likely scenario of grant holt yet again demonstrating his superior understanding of the traditional forward’s role in the english game which will lead to wailing and gnashing of teeth etc etc

[…] 来源: [ArseblogNews] […]


Any ideas who the ref is going to be on Saturday? Hope its not Webb.


Mike Dean mate


I hope le prof is making them practice with 9 men.


@ mblublu mufasa guy was he high, i mean how can people sound so stupid, even if i tried hard i wouldn’t be able to write that crap


* @ = that

[…] the game, some journos caught up with the hunky Giroud and he had this to say, I thought that in cup games when you drew, there was a replay. Someone told me […]

Mach III

Another Arsenal Chelsea final… NOOOO OH wait, they don’t have Drogba anymore 😀



Arsene should be rubbing his hands with glee, the Wenger. Came back from 4-0 down to win 7-5 and got Bradford. Someone really loved us this week.

And it couldn’t be a better midweek. The trophiless side of Manchester throwing away a lead and conceding 5 goals. Swans beating the diver XI and SunderHorriblePitchland losing to Boro.


Why is everyone acting like kids,here I believe when we say gay–we are only kidding,and even if someone’s gay it is totally acceptable these days,the lawmakes in many countries have accepted it,so should we.Simon’s comments seem utterly stupid,perhaps he thumbed up his own comments 10 times,cos I can’t see anyone agreeing with him.THIS IS A BLOG WHERE WE DISCUSS ARSENAL,NOT RACE AND GAYS.


I can finally laugh at some Rottenham twitter fans who were mocking us when we were 4-0 down at reading,look who got them a struggling Norwich team,It feels even better cos Norwich also did us.

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