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Gibbs and Gervinho: We had to improve

Kieran Gibbs and Gervinho both hailed Arsenal’s result against Olympiakos as an important step in overcoming Saturday’s disappointing defeat at home to Chelsea.

The Ivorian snaffled his fifth goal of the season to give the Gunners a first half lead, before Lukas Podolski and Aaron Ramsey killed off any chance the Greeks may have had of a shock win following their equaliser.

While Steve Bould’s side were far from their best, left-back Gibbs made clear that the most important thing was to secure another three points.

“No game in the Champions League is easy,” he told UEFA.com. “The extra quality in our squad came through in the end. The win is what it is all about.

“We know our qualities and we showed it in this game and the previous one. We had stages in both games where we were on the back foot but we soaked up that pressure and our individual quality made the difference.

“After a defeat at home [by Chelsea FC on Saturday] the players wanted to shake off any doubt in our minds and we have certainly done that tonight. This is what we have to keep trying to do.”

Gervinho, who again led the attack with an energetic performance, was similarly bullish after a stern test.

“It was a good result because we had to win this match and get to six points. We want to win every match and after the last match it was even more important.

“We could have finished with four points, but we want to give our all and show what we can do for Arsenal in every match.

“We had to improve because we knew they can play well and have very good movement. We had to improve from the first half because we were not at our best.”

Arsene Wenger actually stated in his programme notes that he has been slightly concerned by our home form recently; a state of affairs which dates back to the tail end of last season. No doubt, from his position in the Directors’ Box, he was pleased to see his side knuckle down in the second half to secure a vital win.

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The Ivorian for 20+ goals this season hopefully?


we build em up and then knock em down. Let him be.

Arshavin's Defensive Work

Any ideas on why we were ineffective going forward in the first half?
Is it the lack of a focal point for the attack? Their defensive organisation?
I think before our goal I saw a stat that said that we only had one shot on target up to that point (and that was Cazorla’s FK I think), whereas olympiakos had 3 or 4.

We’re trying to play like Spain/Barcelona but we can’t, at least with the current set of players, it’s not something to be ashamed of.


They all were hangover until Stevie facepalm each of them during the break.


The reason why we were not effective going forward, was the fact that Olympiakos played very deeply like the most team against us at home. They have been waiting all the time for counter attacks and they effectively used the free flanks areas when our full backs were attacking. Their goal was simple example of that and also our sloppy defendsive work of our centre backs. Vermaelen was very bewildered.

Whatever. 3 points it´s all that matters. COYG !

glory hunter

Maybe they view/treat the champs league the way we treat/view the capital One cup?!?!?!

An Arsenal person's something.

They were really deep and organised, and our passing and movements were sub par as well, we couldn’t disrupt their lines.
Also, no physical presence in the box to get on the end of some decent crosses by our fullbacks.


Here’s something interesting olympiakos were.missing almost half of their established starting 11. We improved in the second half yes but we’ll have to give an allround better perfomance when we go there. Coyg.

Also happy for gervinho, seems he now knows where the goal is, could only be a plus. Gibbo is just magnificient, it’s really that hard go find a fault in his play…..
And finally, when’s westham?

Eboue's toe

actually..he could cross it a little better.


Actually, we also had almost half of our starting 11 missing too: Sagna, Wilshere, Diaby, Woj, and Per. So there! 😀


Think it just took us a while to get going, really. Gervinho as our lone striker is working decent at the moment, but he is an unconventional centre forward. Add that to the fact that we are building a new side bit by bit, I think it is only natural that we need some time. Thought the team as a whole looked pretty good, actually. Nothing extraordinary, but a solid performance. It’s the CL; no team are pushovers, not even our Greek buddys.

big black clock

Not in the mood for negatives today because it’s our Rozza’s 32nd birthday!

Happy Birthday you Little Mozart! Ytd’s result was your present. You prolly jumped up from your couch with a cake in one hand and a guitar in the other, celebrating Poldi’s goal which was as beautiful as your goal celebration in the 5-2.

Come back quick, I miss your swivley turns in midfield.


Well said sir. He’s probably my favourite player and I miss him dearly. Happy birthday tomas!


Whenever our player off from the treatment they will be thrown directly into national team. After that they come back on treatment table again.

32 is enough to retire from national team?

Mach III

You mean 30th Birthday… Remember he missed 2 years 🙂

gervinho's forehead

who needs the Dutch skunk when you’ve got Gervinho

Mina Kirollos

The win shouldn’t distract us though from the worrying defensive moments we had and which some thought were over in Bould’s era. A lot of work need to be done, and someone has to whisper in Vermaelen’s ear that storming forward is not always great specially when you’re winning by one goal with few minutes remaining to final whistle.


Gervinho has been good for us but I just hope his country get beaten by Senegal so they don’t make the nations cup. It will distract his development if they make it there, I certainly don’t want what happened to demba Ba to happen to him.


We must play with two forwards when playing at home. Especially against sides like Olympiacos, Sunderland etc who sit back and defend. 2010-11 we dropped 20 points at home and last season we dropped 17 points at home. It can’t happen again if we are looking to challenge for the title.


It’s the same old trash written by Barlow and much of the rest of the tabloid hacks with regard to Arsenal. half way through this article and still reading all the negative bluff that was no doubt written before the match began – this time it is Olympiacos didn’t travel well, defence is sloppy blah, blah, blah. When Arsenal play well and lose it is ‘over-complicated’ or missing a ‘cutting-edge’ blah, blah,……meh. Here’s one thing, we were not at out best but still managed a 3-1 win. This time last year we scrapped through it, just to get a result.… Read more »

Bacary's right leg

I dont understand why our defence is always unlighted to much when this season shitty’s and manures havent look great either. I would even think about suggesting that its perfect because well come on we all watch the sames games but it’s not as bad as the media try and make you believe. shitty still have kept a clean sheet I dont think.


One man team united can kiss my arse. Even ramsey has scored more goals than fatrooney. Bash rambo anytime soon and i’ll really fight you over the internet!. I’ll caps lock you and everything!


Fuck ramsey. One day he is ok one day is shit. Passing ball to opponent.


Here now come the insults just like I promised………oh wait, you’re an irrelevant little twat who cares what you have to say!

Tony Adams morning breath

Terry. Cunt.


Commendable performance from Gibbs last night, delighted to see him really getting into his stride now. He is looking stronger and confident all the time, I can see this guy showing leadership as the season progresses. The Chamberlain furore/craze of him being the next great thing has somewhat subsided now he has had a few games. Glad actually too much pressure piled on the lad… he’s got huge potential but getting him to provide a consistent impact on the game is his next target. Giroud, I am going to go nuts when he knocks in a couple, feel for him… Read more »

Fairly recent Gooner

Gibbs joins Ox and Theo in the England squad. Well deserved and congratulations to him!


Congrats to Gibbsy for the England call-up. Well deserved, boy! His play this season has been stellar.

I would’ve loved to see Jenk get a call, but I suspect he’s not quite ready, at least in the googly eyes of those who make the decisions. Still, he’ll be there in no time.

Jack Wilson

I think we’ve been missing Diaby, he was running it. The 3 little men in the middle Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla will play like Barchelona though.

Midfield Corporal

Gervinho looks like he should be in Boney M.


Fairly enough Gervinho is getting the goal but I think is high time Giroud started games. He was bought as the main striker and I think deserve his time up there

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