Koscielny likely to return for Schalke


Having missed the trip to Carrow Road on Saturday, L’Equipe are reporting that Laurent Koscielny should return to the Arsenal squad for tomorrow night’s Champions League fixture with Schalke.

The Frenchman missed out with ‘back pain’, but appears to have recovered sufficiently to be considered by Arsene Wenger. The likelihood is that he’ll find himself named a substitute with the manager set to continue with the Vermesacker axis that has, for the most part this season, been pretty solid.

Jack Wilshere, Bacary Sagna and Emmanuel Frimpong all came through 90 minutes against Everton U21s yesterday and could be in contention for a place on the bench.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is a real doubt, having picked up a hip injury against Norwich, while Kieran Gibbs has a chance to make his comeback having limped off during the West Ham game a few weeks ago.

Full team news to follow as Arsene Wenger meets the press later ahead of tomorrow’s game.

Merci, Ollie.

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Brian Mendoza

Instagram filters? On my arseblog??


Are you sure you pay enough?

Carson Wells

What is all this crap with not being able to criticise something just because you don’t pay for it.

Not sure when people began to earn the right to criticise something only by handing over dosh.


Hoping le prof plays Coq against Schalke. Should allow Arteta a bit more freedom and take a bit of responsibility off the shoulders of his comrade. Also, interestingly pointed out in the tactics column that we should expect the forehead to start as a CF. Personally think he’s better suited there since he doesn’t know how to cross, but who to play on the right? Ramsey?

Can’t wait for the boys to redeem themselves! COYG


Gervinho certainly looks better at CF than coming in off the wings. I think his mevement causes the opposition defense more problems when he plays in the center and he is more likely to get free early and fashion a chance, something he rarely does from the wing.

Problem is, if Gerv only works well playing CF then who do we have for the wing? Walcott and the OX, one is gone and one is still a kid. Also, do Gerv. and Giroud take turns at CF? What happens when we buy Falcao/Benzema/Cavani (more likely Odenwinge) in January?

big dawg

Surely Ramsey would do well on the right, he done amazing against man shitty


No the real problem is gervinho sucks. I’d be happier than a pi in shit if we actually bought odemwinge in January. You know though, we’re not going to buy anyone. We have arshavin and chamakh. Duh.


Time for a massive reaction from these boys and the manager after Saturday. Show some pride, show some commitment, passion and fight. Show some fuckin balls. Show us the spirit of Adams, Keown, Winterburn, Vieira, who’d dare the oppo to try it on. Who earned the right for the team to play. You want that ball, you wanna get past me, think you’re gonna win a 50/50? Over my fuckin dead body. These were players that knew a game is won through each player on the team winning their own battles all over the pitch. You lose your battle and… Read more »


not just a reaction but a consistent reaction one which should last till end of the season.


My sentiments exactly. After the Norich game I wanted to scream obscenities at the telly, what the bloody world did I waited 2 weeks for this unmotivated performance?!?
I want to see the motivated and animated Arsenal, not


Is Szczesny back?
I’d have Kos come in for Verm (highly unlikely as his captain)
Coq for Rambo hopefully.
And hopefully at some point in the game see Gnabry come on.






Just put koscienly out there, tell him that all dutch are skunks regardless of which team they play for and he’ll have hunteelar in his back pocket for the whole matchs duration.!!!!.

Win this one boys, it’s been three weeks! without an arsenal win.


Maybe having strikers in his back pocket is what causes Koscielny to have back problems 🙂


Wow are koscienlys back pockets actually on his back?, peculliar this.

Tony Adams morning breath

I know of one dutch that most certainly is not a skunk.


Not so fast……. Arjen robben!,
But it’s okay since nobody knows him!

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I agree, Coq & Arteta in the middle and Gerv up front. I say give Gnarby the opportunity, we gave it to Walcott at his age because I don’t see us having anyone worthwhile down the right unless we play Ramsey but that’ll compact the game as him and Pod cut inside often.
Verm won’t be dropped so I see it status quo but our Captain needs to take up his role, direct the defence and motivate the team.


I would be reluctant to change the CF forward, I thought Giroud made some great runs against Norwich and he got a couple of very good knock downs in the box when the ball was played to him. If we keep switching CF we will never get any consistency in that position, a goal scorer needs games to make his mark and for me Giroud is getting better each game I see him. Gervinho will have freedom to roam in field once we have the ball, this has always been the way, he just needs to be intelligent enough to… Read more »


with walcott and the ox out i reckon we will see gervinho on the wing again…..but If i was wenger i would play cazorla and podolski on the wings, with giroud in the middle, move arteta up and play le coq in his place. that way we have to wingers who can cut in and create trouble and arteta and le coq would be good at stopping play from schalke


schalke beat dortmund away in the weekend…it wont be easy this game


Mannone Jenks Mert Verm Santos Coq Arteta Gervinho Ramsey Giroud Gnabry What I think were missing in the two defeats of the season is the link between cazorla and arteta, due to diaby’s injury.. Could well be other things that they lacked but a big part of it is; when the opposition take out that link we struggle in the midfield. That why I will like to see arteta in cm closer to the am so they can combine.. Also give certain players a rest so they’re up for it come saturday. Ramsey bossed that right wing against shitty and… Read more »


It’s a brave man that picks a team without our best player thus far this season – Santi. Brave or foolish.
Most Chanmpions League teams will come at us with open attacking play. That will create space for Poldi , Giroud, Gerv and Santi to do their best work. Schalke will not be a “Norwich” in their style of play


Agree, but know and then even our best performers need a rest, and from what I saw on saturday santi and poldi need that.. Or at least they can come in during the game tomorrow.. Gervinho behind giroud is just a thought though, the former running in spaces opened up by giroud.. Just a thought..


Don’t forget, Cazorla can easily play on the wings too. Vito Jenks Verm Mert Santos.
Coquelin and Ramsey…Arteta in an advanced role. Cazorla and Gervinho on the flanks and Giroud upfront. Or Ramsey could play on the wing.


Not so fast……. Arjen robben!,
But it’s okay since nobody knows him.

Rohan Sood

Koscielny BACK, Now its time to fuck Schalke 04 !


Any chance Arsene will show some balls and bench vermaelin? You know, send a real message to the team. You play with no balls, you sit. No matter who you are. I know that’s what Jose or ferguson would do.


I don’t quite understand the frustration with Giroud’s performance against Norwich. I thought of everyone, he looked like he was trying to make something happen. He had absolutely no service. Even he who shall not be named from last season couldn’t do anything without service.

August Orellano

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