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One nil to the Arsenal: Arsenal v. QPR By the Numbers

5 – Arsenal shots in 90 minutes v. Schalke
1 – Arsenal shots on goal in 90 minutes v. Schalke
5 – Arsenal shots in the first 30 minutes v. QPR
3 – Arsenal shots on goal in the first 30 minutes v. QPR
22 – Arsenal shots v. QPR
9 – Arsenal shots on goal v. QPR
10 – Shots on goal Arsenal would have tallied, but for Cazorla blasting a wide open shot into the stands
39 – Shots between Arsenal’s 3rd goal against West Ham and the goal against QPR
3 – QPR shots before Arsenal took the lead
3 – QPR shots after Arsenal took the lead

14 – Crosses attempted by QPR
11 – Crosses attempted by QPR on Santos’ side
8 – Crosses attempted by Hoilett and Shaun Wright-Phillips on Santos’ side
0 – Successful crosses by QPR
31 – Crosses attempted by Arsenal
4 – Crosses attempted by Arsenal on Traore’s side in the first half
16 – Crosses attempted by Arsenal on Traore’s side in the second half
8 – Successful crosses by Arsenal
6 – Successful crosses by Arsenal on Bosingwa’s side
4 – Successful crosses by Andre Santos²
1 – Successful cross by Andre Arshavin on Bosingwa’s side which eventually set up Mikel Arteta’s goal
19 – Passes in the final third by Andre Santos in the first half v. Norwich²
19 – Passes in the final third by Andre Santos in 90 minutes v. QPR

5 – Interceptions by Andre Santos²
4 – Interceptions by Thomas Vermaelen (all on the left)
4 – Successful tackles by Andre Santos (of 4 attempts, same as Bosingwa)²
3 – Successful tackles by Lukas Podolski (of 4 attempts)
1 – Successful dribbles by Junior Hoilett (of 5 attempts, all on Santos’ side)
3 – Successful dribbles by Shaun Wright-Phillips (of 7 attempts, all on Santos’ side)
100 – Percent chance that Mark Hughes’ cunning plan (a plan so cunning you could shave a Mowhawk into it and call it Cisse) was to play everything at Arsenal’s left back.307 – Aerial duels contested by Arsenal in the Premier League this season
153 – Aerial duels won by Arsenal in the Premier League this season
27 – Aerial duels contested, Arsenal v. QPR
20 – Aerial duels won by Arsenal v. QPR
4 – Aerial duels won by Vermaelen (of 4 attempts)
4 – Aerial duels won by Mertesacker (of 4 attempts)
23 – Arsenal tackles per game season average
21 – Tackles attempted v. QPR (18 successful)
12 – Arsenal successful dribbles per game season average¹
13 – Arsenal successful dribbles v. QPR
540 – Arsenal short passes per game average¹
557 – Arsenal short passes v. QPR
580 – Arsenal short passes v. Schalke
21 – Passes from Vermaelen to Mertesacker, Arsenal’s most common pass combination v. Schalke
15 – Passes from Arteta to Jenkinson, Arsenal’s second most common pass combination v. Schalke
14 – Passes from either Mertesacker to Vermaelen or Mertsacker to Jenkinson, Arsenal’s third most common pass combination v. Schalke
29 – Passes from Sagna to Ramsey, Arsenal’s most common pass combination v. QPR
20 – Passes from Ramsey to Sagna, Arsenal’s second most common pass combination v. QPR
17 – Passes from Santos to Podolski, Arsenal’s third most common pass combination v. QPR


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¹Best in the League in this category
²Lead both teams in this category
³Lead just his team in this category

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So glad Jack is back, he’s proved again he’s a different class altogether.

ack ack ack

thinkin’ bout changing my handle to “jack jack jack”

jack jack jack

but then how will people tell between us?


Wilshere is just a welcomed revelation to us fans and players too in this bleak times. Keeps a cool head, makes it look easy and just quite frankly bosses the midfield.


I all over sudden fucking hate Armand Traore. Such ass.


You’ve just taken spelling to a whole new level


Must admit I’m struggling to interpret the Santos stats.

I moved down to the Clock End today, left of the goal, so was on his side 2nd half and he gave me the massive heebie-jeebies with his positioning.

And going forward, 80% of the time he seemed to go infield, closing the space down rather than sticking out wide and stretching QPR. Then if the move broke down, he was in bother.

Tim – what’s to do?


I find the Santos stats rather odd too, it was a surprise that he was given the highest rating and MoTM by Who Scored: Maybe it says more about the the limitation of stats than anything else. I remember last season thinking that Santos at LB felt like a bit of a liability but the stats on his defensive work didn’t reflect that at all. He got in a few good tackles today but his positioning was awful and was lucky to get away with it. I guess the stats don’t measure positioning. If he wasn’t there to defend… Read more »


All? Qpr attacked solely on the left. Santos not only stood up to it very very well, he didn’t abandon offense. No side survives a one-sided attack like that without help.


I found Santos’ performance not perfect….but very commendable. I noted a few worthwhile one-on-one tackles which he stopped dead on. But there were also a few ones which managed to go past him. A further observation was that our defense was capable of handling QPR’s attack and that we needed a little bit more from the right wing. Maybe we could benefit from having a proper winger out there instead of Ramsey who by the way was very good during the match. Lastly, it was refreshing to see AA23 put on an influential shift for us. The attack became more… Read more »


thought santos was good. thought Ramsey did decently but not quite in the same class as Wilshere.


Crucially, his execution of offensive responsibilities included a willingness to shoot. All in all, he didn’t make any real blunders, made a few notable contributions and if it gets him a confidence boost while helping us gain a clean sheet and three points, well, so be it!


Cisse’s hair on the 10 point offensive scale


Giroud today exclaimed at my face after a missed opportunity on the near post. I wanted to touch his face but my wife was close by. Blast!


She has a right to feel threatened…


How do you think your wife felt with Giroud that close to her? I think if anything you should be worried, instead of her being worried.


No offense intended…

A. Usmanov

I have tattoo in honour of wilshere above buttcrack,
You want see? You sell shares first.


Ooooohh… Is it just above your whale tail?


Well atleast we created chances tonight. I’ve no idea what arsenes thinking using Ramsey as a winger though, he simply can’t beat his first man out there. As soon as arshavin came on he put in that delightful cross for the goal. As soon as Ramsey moved bak in the middle he looked like a new player…. He is definitely not a wide man arsene…


To be fair the guy Arshavin skinned was Jamie Mackie. Still I agree, Arshavin is a better dribbler than Ramsey but Ramsey has a better workrate and contributes defensively, as well as effectively acting as another midfielder when we are defending. Having said that, would like to see more of Arshavin.


I have really waiting for by the numbers stats of Wilshere since last season and finally it’s arrive. I keep wondering what makes him the great English hope base on stats and now I get it. The simple thing to say is Wilshere is the player who keep on trying to make things happen and not afraid to dribble past players, which will help unlock thigh defense. Welcome back Jack.. On another note, I hope next time Tim will reveal why he think Arshavin is the best crosser in our team, even better than Cazorla. That’s because just after he… Read more »


Cazorla had just enough time and space needed to whip that in comrfortably. He would have unfortunately been the villain were it not for Artetas late heroics.
1- number of weeks Cazorla needs to rest.

N/b Jacks amazing pass completion in final third could just be what we need. We’ve been found wanting in the final third based on the past two games. He isn’t afraid to take on a player and when the opportunity presents itself he’ll shoot good!. Special talent.


Agreed… the wide-open shot he missed was worse than any of the wide-open shots Giroud’s been lambasted for this season so far. Thanks, Arteta!


Also, with Arteta sitting so far back (filling in the DM role), we were sorely missing a more offensive-minded, creative midfielder to go alongside Cazorla. Wilshere does this much better than Ramsey or Diaby. This is apparent after even 60 minutes on the pitch today. Watching Wilshere, though, I can see how he might incur injuries — he will barrel through two big oafish players with complete conviction. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pleasure to watch because he’s so good at it, but once in awhile, if you get a real c-u-(you know the rest) with no concern about… Read more »


Seeing his give and gos was a treat. We’ve been sorely missing that kind of attacking movement off the ball.


1 – Number of times Granero should have been sent off for his wicked tackles on Jack


Can’t wait to see Rosicky back in this team. He would be perfect on the right (in place of Ramsey) against teams who sit back and defend. Theo is perfect against teams who attack and leave space in behind.


Agreed. Little Mozart was one of the highlights of my first time at the emirates last season… It was like art watching him turn and glide past people… Not to mention the only guy who doesn’t need his left foot… His accuracy with the outside of his right foot is incredible. Come back soon Tomas! Me and eisfield miss watching you play


Not to sound crass but shot accuracy wise, I’ve seen him aim for the goal and end up hitting the corner flag…


I’ve also seen Cristiano ronaldo and Lionel messi and Santi cazorla miss from 5 yards out… actually anyone who watched tonight saw the last one… Doesnt mean he’s not class…


Ramsey really played well today,considering he was out of position on the wing.
Im nervous about the trip up north but united plays chelsea next – TWICE. I cant think of a better time to go to old trafford.

Ill be singing “you should have stayed with us!” Off of my back deck for all the turkeys to hear. Yes – Im a yank.


I thought he was awful out wide, spectacular when brougjt back in the middle…. Seems like he didn’t even know what he was going to do when he got the ball out wide an few times looked like he left the ball behind him as he tried to beat a player. Top top first time volley deserved a goal. Fair play to Julio Cesar though.. still not a clue wtf he’s doin at qpr….


Short answer: getting paid lots of money and living in an exciting metropolis.


Ramsey played well based on Ramsey standards. But I believe people have to agree that he hasn’t really consistently excelled in any position he has played in for Arsenal. The right side attack was dead when the ball got to him because pace was needed to get past the player/s, that’s why he passed back to Sagna in the stats and caused Arsenal to move back or to the middle when this happened. When he replaced Wilshere in the middle, it got slightly better for him, but if you compare to Wilshere’s performance, he was way below. I look forward… Read more »


I agree.

Ramsey’s best games this season have been as a sub (for Diaby). I look forward to more of those as he develops his game, but it depends on injuries. Now that Walcott’s back, we should see Ramsey back on the bench.


Mannone got criticized for spilling the shot against Norwich last week. He is Arsenal’s third choice when all are fit. How many times did the world class Cesar spill a shot?

My point is, I think Mannone is doing ok till Szcz gets back. These run of games can only help him.


Julio Cesar is not world class in 2012. In 2009 or 2010, yes. If you’ve been watching the highlights, you’ll notice that he’s actually been quite shit for QPR. Why do you think no other team in Italy picked him up after Inter dropped him?


Why still play ramsey on the rite when we hav theo? Why?
Giroud is still underperformin for me. Play podolski there instead of Gervinho.
These are simple decisions…why make it tough on ourselves with things that is clearly not workin well!!


Why spell “right” as “rite” when the difference is only one letter? Why spell “have” as “hav” when one extra “e” makes the word so much better. These are simple decisions!!!


Stats smats, just glad that we are back in business now. sort of.

Santos's Ass Hair

Is that Barca football Mr.Hughes?


Give him credit.
QPR do a fairly convincing impression of a bunch of monumental cunts.


What I really loved about Wilshere’s performance today was his willingness to actual run forward with the ball and play forward ball into the feet of cazorla, podolski, Giroud. Too often in the last few weeks Arteta and Ramsey have been lacking creativity and just passing back to Mertesacker. I personally think we’ve being trying to hold onto the ball for too long. Let our opponents get onto the ball and then counter attack when their ‘parking of the bus’ organisation/system is temporarily out of order. We’ve simply been holding onto the ball for too long allowing them all to… Read more »


Tim, Rather than having to listen to bs from Hughes about how unlucky his side were, and given the fact that the tv companies hide time wasting by the expedient of cutting away to managers, crowd scenes etc, is there any way you can show average time taken by the away teamv for a restart prior to and after conceding? The time wasting yesterday was so bad. At one point t looked like the referee was colluding in it when he refused to even turn round and look t their keeper when Sagna pointed out, for the umpteenth time how… Read more »


I’d completely forgotten about that Traore incident it really was woefully incompetent. Just as bad was the way he tried to get the R’s wall back 10 yds and just gave up when they got back 8 yds and said this is as far as we are going. Is there any way of getting hold of the assessors reports on the ref I’d love to see how they handled this abject performance. Aside from all the time wasting, all the hacks, the kick in the face at the top of the column which I am certain wasnt called for the… Read more »

[…] but after going through the game stats (via ’s excellent column on arseblognews: by the numbers) I realized that Santos had the highest number of interceptions, and he was our busiest defender […]


Snapshot of yesterday: Santos fared better but still lacks positional sense and gets tangled in his own feet too often, trying to ‘Brazilify’ a simple give ‘n go or first time pass situation. Ramsey is a despair – Lash89 comment spot on. He is NOT ever going to give us the width we need (nor Giroud the crosses!). But more than that – having watched him very closely for the past 9 months, he has lost it as a player. Hardly ever commits to tackles and invariably fouls when he does; too easy to dispossess and doesn’t chase back with… Read more »

[…] Report – By the numbers – Player Ratings – […]


I think Wenger must find the pattern that plays on the strengths of the squad. I have one that i can propose. The pattern is a generic Here is how i envisage it. ————-Giroud Podolski, Wilshere, Gervinho ————-Carzola ————-Arteta any of the back four selected would do and For now Mannone would do. Here is how this works. Giroud upfront. He seem a good danger causer and frees others to get into scoring position with his hold up play. But if there is enough support he can get into positions and get the goals coming. Podolski, Wilshere and Gevinho… Read more »

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

[…] and brought Bosingwa up from right-back, Santos and Podolski did very well to hold them off. Santos was perfect in every tackle (4/4) and Podolski was near perfect (3/4). Still, the Rangers attack did manage several crosses, almost all from that side and most of them […]

[…] Report – By the numbers – Player Ratings – […]

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Arsenal can beat United today this is a fact Rugby union jobs

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Arsenal can beat United today this is a fact

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