Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Sagna pleased to be back. Hails Jenkinson

Bacary Sagna says he’s not yet set a date for his first team return but made clear he has full faith in Carl Jenkinson after watching the young pretender’s development during his absence.

The French international played an hour for Arsenal’s under-21s last night as he stepped up his recovery from his second broken leg in twelve months and speaking after the match was clearly relieved to be kicking a ball again.

“It is amazing to be back,” he told “I have been waiting for this moment for five months.

“This was my target: to come back and play, firstly for the under-21 team. Everything went well and we won, so I am very happy.

“I have been working really hard. I spent some time in the rehab centre, then I came back and worked really hard with the fitness coach and the physios to be ready to play – and finally I have.

“When you have such a big injury once, you take it, but twice is hard. In my mind I was a bit sad, but the next day I was ready for the challenge, which was to come back stronger and I am in a good way today.”

With Sagna unlikely to be ready in time for Arsenal’s next match against Norwich, Carl Jenkinson has another shot at consolidating his hold on the right-back slot. Tipping the 20-year-old for a bright future, Sagna continued:

“He has been really good, and has learned a lot. He is a bit more confident with the ball, and is very solid as a defender.

“He brings a lot to the team, and I am very happy for him because he is a hard worker, a very good guy and is going to be one of the best.”

Obviously in a far better mood than when he jabbered to the French press last month about Wenger selling Song and the Dutch cunny, Sagna even went so far as to back Arsenal’s title chances after a promising start to the season.

“We have been solid,” he said. “I think we can win the league: we have to take it step by step, but we have the quality necessary to play until the end of the season and win.”

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“Sagna pleased to be back: winks at jenkinson.”

the only sam is nelson

hipster photos on arseblog? blimey

Arty's Art

Is a ‘hipster photo’ any photo that looks nice?

Mikel Anon

It’s a photo that is nice/crap/decent/okay to begin with, and you put it instagram and feel like a pretentiously good artist/photographer after publishing it, when in reality it looks MUCH BETTER without the instagram.

Not to say I think all people who use instagram are cunts, I have friends who use them and I still make clear that instagram is shit.


Now I’m worried about why you have a special photo file of Sagna. And what are those stains/smudges on it?


I’m just pleased it was THAT kind of “hipster photo” and not one of Kings of Leon or Mumford & Sons.


to be honest, i’d have nothing against the Corporal keeping his place. with the pace he’s developing at he can soon be one of the best right backs in the league. and he’s Arsenal right down to the bone, or even bones of a couple of his generations back.

still, there remains one little issue.. Sagna is just a top, top player.

i wish we’ll soon have more problems than this.


*more problems LIKE this!


Is jenkinson good enough to play on the right wing, I think he and sagna are both brilliant and they would make quite a defensive and offensive pair, jenks has one hell of a cross on him, pace and very solid defensively and on the ball.


Oh dammit sagna now you’re giving wenger yet another selection solution.

Wenger's Glasses

So happy we got 2 strong RB this season.

Andre Santos

yeah baby yeahhhhhhhh…….
Sagna??!!! GOoooooooooooD….
Jenkins??!!! GOOoooOOODdd….

big dawg

Sagna at rb, Jenkinson at right wing. No-one, not even the welsh diving championn, can scratch Arsenals right hand side.


maybe when a 2 goal lead is in place and AW hasn’t subbed theo for gerv yet

Dial Square

This is the sort of competition for places we need throughout the whole team, and as well as Jenkinson has done i can’t help thinking that some people have forgotten just how good Sagna was before he got injured, he was by far the best RB in the league.(and let’s not forget that header against the spuds)…


Maybe last year Sagna wasnt the only one watching and learning from Sidelines there was a certain Jenkinson as well.


I already know what AW will do next year ..sell sagna and excuse will be …..i didn’t wanna hinder jenkinson’s progress . He has been doing so well . Anyways I hope sagna signs a new contract while they share the duties at right back till jenkinson matures full in 3 yrs.

my left foot

Sagna’s my favorite current player and I think he is miles better than Jenkinson right now, but I think this will be his last year with Arsenal.
Arsenal do not like to give large, long contracts to players in their late 20s and Sagna’s favorite team growing up was the now-uber-rich PSG.
I hope he stays but I would be surprised if he does.
And as long as he doesn’t force a transfer and write a bs letter trying to get the fans to side with him, I will continue to support Sagna wherever he goes.

Mikel Arteta

“Arsenal do not like to give large, long contracts to players in their late 20s”

Hello everyone, were you talking about me and Santi just now?

Mach III

Bacary is back! 😀 I’m sure Jenks wouldn’t mind watching from the sidelines and learning a bit more from the king!


Very pleased to have Bac Back! Hope his recovery goes as planned with no setbacks. We’ve finally go some real depth at RB in my opinion. Sagna is undoubtedly our #1 but Jenkinson will surely help Sagna get some rest during a few games and will likely be the starter in the Capital One Cup.


…and FA Cup, and QPR matches ;).


Stanley – Next summer he will be 30 with one year left on his contract. We have a solid back up to him ready to take his place and he is recovering from 2 fairly long term injuries.

It will not make any sense to keep him on at that point, for either him or Arsenal. I am not sure why you think it would be a good idea.


Obviously team loyalty, but you do make a fair statement. Keeping him on would be the right (back) thing to do as he could in-turn become the solid backup (even though on in years) and play in lessor competitions, giving Jenks a rest.
Sagna is one of my all-time favorite Gunners, but truth is (sadly) truth, and years do not lie.


What a stupid fashion to sell everything above 30! Or maybe you are afraid that he will leave so “you better dump then to be dumped” ? Sagna has to stay and play and be an Arsenal strongehold. We were missing that in the last seasons… We are selling our “old” players to easy.


Always a good problem to have when you have two solid RBs from which to chose!

Glad to know Bac is back!


What’s this selection problem you guys are talking about? If sagna is fit, he’s picked. End of. Ya Carl has a nice story an all, but bac is the best rb in England. Plus he’s proven to be a consistent preformed in a side full of inconsistency. Jenkinsons time will come, it’s just not now.


It is obviously selection options not problem.

Mikel Anon

Selection solution actually


Bac mayb knows that he might be in for a little competition on his hands to wrest back the RB position…but he still has my vote over Carl. Carl has to settle for the Cups games & Bac for the big ones…CL & the League.


Welcome back! I for one am thrilled to have yet another position that two very competent players can compete for. I hope I’m not alone as seeing this in a 100% positive light. We have depth! It’s the one thing I’ve felt that we’ve been missing in the past.. oh… 7 years or so. Two VERY good RBs, two VERY good LBs and don’t even get me started on our midflield! If Arsenal doesn’t spend in January I definitely won’t be whining.


If we don’t spend on a striker in January, we won’t be wining for another year. I’ll whine about that.


You don’t think Podolski and Giroud can cut it? Any available strikers in January would be bargain buys anyway. IMO Man C has the strongest set of starting strikers and yet they look quite vulnerable this year. I’m of the opinion that our current midfield and defense are enough to challenge this year. Whether they’ll come out #1 is another story.


I think podolski and giroud were both good buys. I don’t think that podolski is a cf. nor is gervinho, nor is theo. that leaves us short up front. If we are serious about winning the league this year, we are going to have to buy a cf in January.


Titi was not CF either.

Mikel Anon

Nobody thought Thierry was a forward in his first and second full season either.


We are already positioned on the table somewhere around where we will end up on the end of the season. January shopping? Too late. We had to buy at least one (two) more players to fight for the title or be competitive with others at the top. I don’t care for title that much how I care that we aim for the 1st and not for the 4th spot every year. Manone and Ramsey are not ready to be in first 11 as much as Gervinho and Giroud are not Henry and rvp.

Dial Square

Couldn’t agree more, too little too late. Why do we always seem to be 1 or 2 players short of a title winning side Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh


We are already positioned in the table somewhere…blah blah. Really now?. So after winning two games drawing 3 and loosing one. You can clearly acertain this?. Wonderful just wonderful. You know i’m not saying we’ll win the league o anything but after the positive start to the campaign we’ve had I don’t see room for you to be so pessimistic as you are right now. I do think wenger is an alright guy, come january he’ll make additions where he dims fit. Gerv and giroud are certainly no henry and rvp but remember players come and go, their replacements might… Read more »


What does loosing mean?


*winning 3. I almost forgot we destroyed litterpool. And I obviously meant losing, Come on you frog.


Jesus people, why are you comparing just last season like world started from that season? Last season we had a bad start but also this one now is not that great. I mean I am happy cos it is better then the last season but the fact that we finished good last season doesn’t mean that we will be better this one just cos we started better. It is not that simple. Actually we had a miracle last season and it is not pessimistic if I feel that miracles are not happening all the time. I hope I am wrong… Read more »


If you think Chelshit is good performance, they don’t face top team yet except we were in the weakest performance.


Yes and they have 19 points from 7 games played, cos they are so bad and not strong at all? They are much better then the last year and fraking United also.


uhm goal scoring probs..? Podolski, giroud, gervinho, carzola, ramsey, walcott.. Thats only the midfield nd striker/s.. Not keeping count or anything.. Just texting.. What was our goal difference last season at this stage compared to this 1..? We lost 2 quality players yip.. But we have a squad of quality.. We league contenders this season.. If untd cn compete 4a title with 2nd rate players.. Why can’t we with our more than capable players..? Don’t know which season this guy has been following..




As one of his biggest critics I must admit that young Carl has improved way faster than I expected. He’s no longer a liability. He’s become a solid RB.


Love Sagna, but I don’t see a single thing not to like about Jenkinson. Jenks-Per-Gibbs have been excellent back there.


Honestly FA silverware will be massive boost for us this season. PL silverware is a great bonus. Let grow step by step. COYG.


I can’t stand the assumption Jenkinson has only been a decent player for two months. Normally in concurrence with the Arseblog but to say his injury may have been a good thing is sheer poo poo. I rate him highly and can see Wenger sticking with him. I chose the Chelsea raper Sylvinho as a case reference to my point.

Adewusi Felix

Personaly i choose Carl over Sagna, watch d game against manshity again and see him going toe to toe with their defence with full confidence.
Sagna already said he want to be like Gael n Nasri, meaning he will desert us soon. Now he turn to say our back is solid, yeah without him!


The guardian reported that he has not signed an extension and will be available on a free transfer this summer if he’s not moved on in January. Everyone is so concerned about Walcott. . . has Sagna’s situation been ignored or forgotten by the public?

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