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Vermaelen hails beefy Jack and ‘clever’ Per

Thomas Vermaelen believes Jack Wilshere has beefed up during his time on the sidelines and looks forward to having the midfielder back on the pitch soon.

Praising the midfielder for his focus during 14 months out injured with both Achilles and knee problems, the captain made clear that the England international would be a real boost to Arsenal’s quest for trophies.

“When I was out with injury, I was in the gym a lot,” the Belgian told “Jack was in the gym even longer working hard on his weaknesses.

“You can see that now in his body on the pitch. For me he looks much stronger and that’s good. Sometimes you have to take the positives when you’re out for more than a year and I think he’s done that.”

“You know what he did in his first full season for Arsenal – he was amazing. For me, he can be one of the best midfielders in the world. He has the potential for that.

“I’m really happy he’s coming back now. He’s working on his match fitness and that’s the most important thing. I think in the future [he] will lift the team.”

Wilshere wasn’t the only member of the squad on the receiving end of kind words from the Verminator. Reflecting on the vast improvement of Per Mertesacker, he continued:

“In the first season players need time to adapt and with him he had a big injury at the end which meant a few months off so that wasn’t good. But now you can see he’s adjusted really well to the Premier League. Because he’s so clever on the pitch it makes it easier for him.

“The first couple of months (this could be something else, tough to tell from Vermaelen’s accent) he’s been really amazing I think. He’s a really experienced player, he reads the game really well and for us he’s an important player.”



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A defence of vermaelen and mert sure looks good for now. Per has that finesse approach to play while vermaelen is the engine: always wants to push forward. Koscienly is also there, the no nonsense steely defender abit guilty at times but he still stood out last term as our best. I wouldn’t want to be Arsene right coz it’s just too exciting, Competition in each and every position!. Jack, sagna, frimmers are back. Rosicky not so far away from full trainning…hmmh, who to pick, who to drop?. Fuck!, my head hurts.


Agreed, but Frimpong is so far down the midfield pecking order he’s almost not worth mentioning. And that’s a good thing, shows our strength in depth in that department.

Aaron Wakelin

I disagree. If Arteta happens to get injured and Diaby is out (highly likely given his record), who do we use to fill the gap? The Coq is a good option but if we’re playing the likes of Stoke at home, would you rather not have Frimmy sat in the middle? I reckon he gets a huge amount of satisfaction shepherding the back four and making a few trademark tackles. Loves to get stuck in too. Can you imagine him going up against the likes of Shawcross and Huth? Think we all know who would come out second best. Look… Read more »


Frimpong and Coq are in competition for the utility sub/Injured Arteta spot at the moment. Though I think Frimpong will be off on loan again after Christmas, as Coq is edging him for experience at the moment thanks to Frim’s injury problems.


I would have Frimpong ahead of Coquelin anyday, for the simple reason he is Arsenal through and through, and we can see the improvement this season watching players who really want to play for the Arsenal


Per makes both verminator and koscienly a better defender. He has the brains to position himself supremely well, knows when to play a back pass and when to initiate an attacking move. Just like arteta in midfield. He can never pass to you knowing very well you are under pressure! instead he’ll keep the ball alittle and either pick out a free player or just dilly dally with it abit in the hope of drawing a foul. IMO he’s the most important player for arsenal right now.


Bring it on boys. Can’t wait to see Santi and Jack play in mid field together with super cool Mic shepherding the back four. Traditionally, November has always been the month where we seem to drop points as in previous seasons.
This year I am quiet looking forward to it. It will give us an insight how far this team can go.
Up the Arse!


I’m expecting wilshere to have hulk’s body now.


Do you mean the big green comic hero, or the dirty, fouly Porto player?!


Come on, the dirty fouly guy rejected Chelsea for some Russian club this summer–he can’t be all bad.


Don’t fucking talk about HULK like that. HULK is a ledge.

Also he plays for Zenit now.

Double also – he did this:


I love that players like JW#10 have the passion and desire to do what they can when not playing. He has bulked up a great deal and will surely be a stronger player for it. Then there are players like hairplugs Rooney who get fat even when they aren’t injured for 14 months like Jackie boy!


Can we stop all this JW10 initial and number bollox please?

Two reasons:

1) I have to think for second to figure out who you’re on about
2) It always reminds me of the twat who started it – CR7 (Cunt Ronaldo 7, as opposed to FR9, Fat Ronaldo)


CR7 to me is no cunt, he’s just a massive egotistic awesome player!
R9 is a world footballing legend so leave him.

JW10…….sounds okay to me. Come on.


Sorry, but C Ronaldo is a fully paid up member of club cunt.

And I wasn’t knocking fat Ronaldo, he was indisputably fat at the end of his career!


Hey rvp is the cunt. Ronaldo defected man U, this other rvp cunt joined it. I do realise we don’t like ex united players but I don’t remember CR7 doing anything to provoke us. Ronaldo brazil was fat at the end of his career but he still got the goals nothing fully fit owen can right now say.


Ronaldo is a cunt = He scored too many goals against us/is too pretty.

You know he came within a pubic hair of signing for us, you know. Then you’d be all like “Ronaldo’s a legend!”

…or actually, you’d still be like “He’s a cunt” because he would have fucked off to Real five years ago.

Still though.

Le sausage

Didn’t C Ronaldo push Guardiola? Doesn’t he play for Real Madrid and hate the cunts at Barca? Sure he is a cock from is manure days but for me him being happy=Cuntalona being sad=me being happy. I for one stopped hating Ronaldo the moment he left manure and started appreciating him for being a good player!


Add to that, number 10 at Arsenal is always associated with the God himself, Dennis Bergkamp


Don’t have to be a dick to ronaldo. Is he the enemy, well not anymore. He plays for real and enjoys taking a regular piss off those barca every once in a while they meet at the elclassico. So he’s just what we all like eh?.

Terry, cashley, busquets, nasri, rvp now this here are the cunts!

Big Dave

Can’t we just all agree that everyone who doesnt play for arsenal is a cunt.


Wilshere and Sagna: L2NSs! Haha 😀


Thought myself that Jack looked more square in both reserves highlights. Hope we don’t lose the lithe, wriggly Jack. Class is class though (Fabregas survived filling out) it might just take him a little longer than normal to adapt.

David O'Leary's Dad

If we play 4-3-3 then midfield/forward could be:

Jack, Arteta, Diaby

Carzorla, Poldi, Giroud

With plenty of great back up/options

We are going to be a fucking awesome unit and I am having wet dreams about that puce faced Glaswegian c**t turning purple and exploding when we stuff Manure and restore the natural order of things. Not to mention Dutch Skunk crying cos his little boy had actually told him a load of old bollocks.



How is David?

David O'Leary's Dad

He’s alright HB, bit lippy sometimes


Apparently koscienly has seriously been injured in trainning. So bad, he was stretchered off. More to follow.
But for now, stupid internationals!!!!!!!!

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