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Wenger hails his latest Transformer

Arsene Wenger admits that Gervinho is far from being a traditional centre forward but insists the Ivorian has the necessary qualities to succeed up front.

Described just weeks ago by this very site “as the only man in the squad capable of making Marouane Chamakh look composed in front of goal,” the 25-year-old has surprised all and sundry by decisively netting five times from five shots on target so far this season.

Signed as a winger from Lille, and deployed as such in his first season at the Emirates, Gervinho is probably as bemused as anyone that he’s now a striker. Of course, you never know what Arsene has up his sleeve, as he made clear by recalling the transformation of both Thierry Henry and a nameless Dutch cunny.

“The thinking was to use well his quality of movement and his pace,” Wenger told journalists ahead of Saturday’s match with West Ham.

“But of course you have to overcome a little bit of an obstacle that he doesn’t correspond well to the traditional image you have of a central striker.

“I did that [changed position] with Robin van Persie. He was more a technical player, it was not obvious to put him as the central striker.

“I did it with Thierry Henry, I did it now with Gervinho and I think I will do it as well with Walcott.

“They have other qualities that is well suited to our game. Our game is based on movement and technical ability and they have that.”

Arseblog News obviously owes Gervinho an apology. So err…we’re sorry.

As for name checking Walcott as a striker, trying to figure out if Arsene was being serious, polite or just playing mind games is too much for us on a Friday afternoon.

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Wenger's Glasses

Sign the contract, Walcott. Ffs.


(Nice username. I only just got the reference.)

the only sam is nelson

Gerv reminds me a bit of Martin Hayes – target for the boo-boys, slated for not having the ability, will outscore more celebrated and popular team mates this season

And his forehead is quite frankly magnificent


Did you see your boy grant holt talking shit about the England set up?


Fair play 5head, keep the goals coming and all will be forgiven!


fire some mor goals gunner..!!! we are not one man army nw..!! 😛


Dont think we’ll get a chance to do it with Theo. I think Theo thinks he is already TGSTEL 2.0 and will leave us soon. Having said that, well done Le Boss! Who could have ever expected Gerv to be our striker and top scorer when the dutch skunk departed


I can see it with Gervinho but I don’t think Theo has the “technical abilities” Wenger is touting. He’s got speed and that’s pretty much it. Theo is far more useful on the wing as proven. If he wants a crack at striker then he needs to sign a new contract and commit to Arsenal before they should commit to moving him to a new position. In the end I don’t care who scores for us as long as we’ve got more when the final whistle blows. But I do want Giroud to start getting some more game time and… Read more »


Walcott is actually is a much more assured finisher than Gervinho. The Ivorian has scored 5 from 5 shots on target. Well and good, but it glosses over a great many high-and-wides. 5 goals will tend to make one forget them.

But let’s also keep in mind that Walcott has scored 3 goals in 8 appearances, just 2 starts, with zero minutes as a CF.


Walcott is definitely a better finisher than Gervinho currently. A lot of Theo’s ill finishing reputation comes from his earlier years at Arsenal when he scored ~5 goals a season.

Of course, hopefully Gervinho will develop into a better finisher than Walcott.

7 year itch needs scratching

Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Gervinh O O O!

If he keeps scoring, well, he will.

Hat trick against these mugs will do me, oh and an over head volley from 45 yards by The Verm.

Happy match of the days.

7 year itch needs scratching

A side note……Anyone think Theo is going in the Jan window???

Seems like the boss isnt be haggled with IMO.


How many off-target shots were there by Gervinho in achieving his 5 goals?


That’s a very fair question, quite a few would be my guess. I’ll bet that he has a better return this season than that Argentinian rodent in Liverpool though.


He’s also a likable guy rather than an abhorrent cunt.



But then again he’s hardly in a position to take offence…

the only sam is nelson

hurrah, thank you for proving my point


I’m someone who thinks Gervinho should be used as a backup CF to Giroud but having said that, he’s numbers aren’t bad at all, actually according to 7amkickoff’s by the numbers:

16 – Shots by Gervinho for Arsenal in all competitions 2012-2013
5 – Shots on goal by Gervinho
5 – Goals by Gervinho (stat via @Orbinho on twitter)

that mean he’s scored roughly every 3 shots! and whenever he’s been on target! not bad at all in my opinion


*spelling correction: his not he’s


theo is a typical striker,and he knows that in his heart,a player knows himself,cant u see tht when he gets the ball all he thinks of is striking, he doesnt know the other things but striking only,when he is in the middle field he runs short of ideas but he loves to beat defenders running to the goal posts,thts wht u see in natural strikers

The oX

Giroud is and will be our main striker for many years too come! His movement is amazing and its only a matter of time he will start scoring goals for the fun of it exactly how rvp did last season. Hes gt a good left foot and very good movement and ball hold up and he always knows where his team mates are! Anyone that dissagrees is an asshole dont hate just support and wait…


We need to inject some gervinho into giroud in terms of converting of your shots on goal.


*pictures post-injection Giroud with disproportionately large forehead*

… Still would


“I will do it as well with walcott”

This is wengers version of telling walcott he really, really needs him in his squad. If walcott doesn’t get this then fuck him. Le prof has spoken!

Ivan Gazidis

Walcott Walcott sign the ting!


Wish he’d cut out that Nazi salute, though. Cringeworthy.

Dick Swiveller

Yeah, I’m not sure of the point and he’s going to get in trouble doing that after scoring a late winner against Spurs, someone should have a word.

On the plus side, nobody’s going to touch accusing him of racism with a bargepole so he might be okay.


I kind of read that as a reference to RVP, i remember him doing that salute for a little while. Kind of a “who the fuck needs him’ which I’m completely on board with; because honestly, who the fuck needs him

Mills N7

I only remember van Persie doing that at Chelsea, but I’m happy to be corrected. I do think it’s a ‘brushing your shoulders off’ thing, although I don’t know what that means either. But it does look very much like a Nazi salute (which van Persie was accused of after Chelsea away), but I do think he is an unlikely candidate for accusations of racism.

The JD Flick!!

I thought it was a tribute to the Jay-Z song “Dirt off your shoulder”?
Surely he feels like a Pimp after he scores.


The Nazis hijacked that salute. No it has been hijacked by the PC lobby.
Ask Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire.
Great salute with unfortunate undertones.
Up The Arsenal!


switch to 442…play walcott and gervinho upfront …cazorla and poldi behind them…arteta as holding and ox/wilshere free role..left wing gibbs is enough….we will bulldoze any team !!


4-4-2 is pretty out dated


one should invest in a stock market when no one else in investing….likewise !!

Dick Swiveller

Yes and no. a rigid 4-4-2 is pretty much impractical but if you have 2 solid midfielders and a no. 10 type playing off a front man you pretty much have the 4-3-3 we use; you’d only be sacrificing some technical ability (probably, depending on the individual) for a better finisher (probably) and relying more on your wide players to create, something we’re having to do more this season so it wouldn’t be a major departure.


4132 is the future


4-3-2-giroud….. IS the future!

Mills N7

Walcott *and* Gervinho up front? Why on earth would that work? And Podolski as a withdrawn striker, how would that work? I think by definition you can only have one “central striker”…


If he does it with Walcott that doesn’t count, because he signed him as a striker then moved him to the wing. I’m not giving him that one. But Thierry did OK, so he can have that. I don’t know who the other guy he’s talking about is, but he sounds like a grey haired disloyal flappy armed rapist to me.

igor stepanovs

Even last season, Gervinho had something – the movement and pace didn’t always lead anywhere, but it was clear why Wenger bought him. He’s a natural footballer. Walcott is not. Arsenal have largely taught Walcott to play football at the highest level, and found a role for him where his main attribute (being quick) can be used to devastating effect in certain situations. He will never be a complete footballer, and nor does he need to be. He can really make something of his career and I hope he does it at Arsenal. That said, for all the hard work… Read more »

Glory Hunter

An I the only 1 who has noticed that Walcott is more assured on the ball?
He’s hold up play has definitely improved, it’ll be a Shame to lose him now that hes appears to have finally blossomed after nurturing him through his dodgy years!!!


I dare Wenger to play 4-4-2 against West Ham – with Giroud and Gervinho as the front two. Bet he won’t.

By the way: isn’t Ashley Cole the most complete arsehole in the history of football?

igor stepanovs

i’m drained by all the hating i’ve done over the past years. cole, nasri, rvp.. i am left wondering if, emotionally, i’m capable of hating them all equally (as they deserve); or if i have a finite amount of hate that i cut up (like a cake) and share between all deserving traitors (meaning that with each additional act of treachery, the average hate bestowed upon the players concerned decreases). much as i utterly despise cole and nasri, this season i’d much rather van rapist feel the pain of a trophy-less season than the despicable na$ri (who, truth be told,… Read more »


Some people say they hate the world…and if thats possible, then hating a handful of cunts surely are too.

Glory Hunter

Embrace the hate & hostility it’s very therapeutic!

Merlin's Panini

Well, I do agree with him that the FA are a bunch of twats, but that’s more because they should’ve made John Terry’s ban longer. Should have had the same length ban as the scouse sewer rat.


That scouser sewer did after all provoke evra repeatedly but with terry it was alleged he did it once. So the f.a being the completes plebs that they are decided he was worth a shorter ban. Both top each other as cunts, so the same punishment oughta be fair.

Sol Goodman

Why all the thumbs down for this comment, any statement with the words Ashley, Cole, complete and Arsehole in it is thumbs up material for me……and he’s a cunt too!

Merlin's Panini

I always thought Gervinho could come to the fore, head the attack…


Saying Theo Walcott has technical abilities is an insult to people with, um…technical abilities.

Gervinho's hairline

Does anyone else think that’s it’s actually a combination of Gervinho’s hairline (that seems to start in the middle of the top of his head!) and choice of hairstyle that makes his forehead appear to be huge? Either way, it does look magnificent.

Merlin's Panini

It would look huge whatever he did with it.

The only sensible thing to do would be to just shave it all off, if he wanted to hide it, but I actually think he looks more fun with it as it is, especially with his wonderful divider headband.


He looks absolutely ridiculous. I love it.

Mills N7

So, basically, he is trying to cover up hair loss via the “look! some strands of my hair are long!” school of thought… It doesn’t work, but he’s allowed to his delusions, we all have them.


I Reckon he looks better with his hair short. Lets start a petition to get Gervinho to shave his head! lol

Wenger's Waterbottle

I knew I liked him the moment he pushed Barton’s face. Well worth a red.


Had gervinho head-butted joey barton then I think the earth would have moved just a wee bit off it’s axis.


don’t know about the earth but joey’s little balls would have come right out of his mouth


What an irrelevant little fucking coach who knows fuck all as compared to wenger.
The title should even read.

“Wenger: Deswho?”


This comment was for two or more articles infront. W.t.f….i was defo drunk.

Per's Nimble Footwork

The key word from Le Boss regarding Walcott becoming a striker is ‘think’. A veiled threat right there, and a bait for potential buyers: ‘he can become a striker’ *mischievous glint*, ‘but only I can do it! Ask Pennant, he’ll tell you….. Hahahahahaha’.

So, Theodore Rowling, take heed and append your scribble on the dotted line. Like now.


I think its some kind of west african comb over equivalent


Not to toot my own horn or anything, but i saw the great potential in gervinho last season when everyone was bagging him! Even when Arseblog gave him a shocking mark for his end of season review. I gotta say i LOVE arseblog, but we really should have seen his success coming guys, his change of pace, and quickness off the mark (first 5 yards) gives his qualities that very few posses. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS GERVINHO! COYG !! (btw another stroke of genius to add to the list by Wenger, is anybody keeping count?)



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Naija Gunner

Transformer 3.0, Gervinho!

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