Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Wenger praise for Walcott

Arsene Wenger has hailed Theo Walcott’s professionalism after his display against Reading in the Capital One Cup.

The fleet-footed forward scored twice (actually three times but his second goal was given to Carl Jenkinson after confusion as to whether or not the ball crossed the line or not – it did), and put in two tantalising corners from which Giroud and Koscielny scored.

Afterwards the manager acknowledged there’s still an issue with his future but was quick to praise his contribution.

“Despite the contract issue, Theo has been extremely professional,” he said. “He cares about the club, he’s 100% professional and I’m very proud he’s put in the performance tonight.”

Clearly the situation goes beyond Walcott’s desire to play as a forward, he’s got 7 goals this season and all of them have come when he’s played wide of the front man, but it remains to be seen if he’s out to prove to Arsenal he’s worth more or if it’s shop-window stuff.

Either way, it worked well for us last night and Walcott admitted a sloppy Arsenal had to buck up their ideas.

“It was an unbelievable game. We’ve scored seven goals away from home – it was great going forward. Maybe defensively it wasn’t great at times, but we’re in the draw and that’s what matters.

“The first half wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t Arsenal.”

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Theo looks lethal in front of goal at the moment.

Him and the HFB Make a cracking combination up front.

Sydney Gooner

I think that our 4th goal is credited to him now. Don’t forget that he also got three assists as well because that last goal from Chamakh was hoofed by Walcott.
So he got a hat trick of goals and assists.

Italian Gunner

Sign da ting!


3 day ban


sign da ting!


Wenger, improve on the ting so he can sign!


it’s not wenger. it’s that fucking ivan. the same person that let rvp go, the same person that raise the ticket price.


The problem with Walcott has always been his lack of consistency. Last season v Chelsea and Spurs he was sensational, and he was brilliant last night, but too often he doesn’t turn up. That’s what so frustrating.


Funny thing about that Spurs game last year! Theo was almost boo’d to death off the pitch at half-time, then he absolutely nailed those dirty scumspuds second half! Talk about lacking Consistency Would love to be able to keep bringing Walcott off the bench in the premier league. I don’t think he has the will and concentration to run out a full game, but if he were to come on every saturday at the 60 min mark to work us that goal we need, that’d just be lovely, unfortunately Theo think he is better than that (and he probably is)… Read more »

Glory Hunter

It’s never too late!
Give him what he wants!!!


Well last night he could so easily have humng his head low, but no he didn’t. He ran his legs off all game, it was unbelievable. I kept thinking he must be knackered but he kept going to the end.


Its almost as if he needs to get riled up a bit, in order to put in a performance sometimes. Seen that quite often with Theo, he’ll have a shocking start and something will get his back up and suddenly – different player. Hesistating to read too much into Wenger’s choice of words as well but praising his professionalism sounds very much to me like he’s definately off and they know it. Be very sad if so – whether he’s worth 100k a week I don’t honestly know, its hard for a normal person to imagine anyone being worth 100k… Read more »


I don’t think there are many that would disagree with you historically, FG, but Theo does seem to have been contributing more often than not when given the chance this season.

Difficult to see him staying, and passing up the opportunity for his agent to get a whopping percentage of his signing on fee. I’m beginning to thing once more that I’d be sorry to see him go.

Trex d' Gunner

Wonderful performance. COYG

Lifetime Gooner

Please oh please sign him up. Much improved


We simply cannot let him leave on free. Consistency will come with age and if he stays I´m pretty sure he will score plenty.


Walcott has been sensational this season….and he’s hardly played.
Just want him to sign da ting, but i don’t think he will :(.

Los Polandos

When was that exactly? Sunderland, Chelsea, City, Stoke – when he was our least involved player? He’s had a decent cameo last week and played a very good game last night indeed. Hardly a fantastic season.
Oh, there was Coventry. Team that is21 in League One.

^^^^Fuck you man



Los, you’ve got it all backwards

Praise the team when they win and bash them when they lose, otherwise you’ll get idiotic comments like the one above mine.

Los Polandos

Yeah, I got a bit carried away trying to be rational whilst talking about eleven sweaty men of mediocre intelectual capabilities who run around the pitch chasing ball to my amusement (and despair. and loathing. and joy. and everything else for that matter, for they are most important)
You are right. There is no place for rational in the game. What the fuck did I think about? I ban myself for a couple of days.


The playing upfront thing is all bullshit. Its money and to some extent Arsenal and Theo’s ambition.

I don’t for one minute believe Theo would want to be the focal/pivot point of our attacks and have to compete for balls in the air, hold the ball up and alot of the other selfless work that HFB does…. No Theo wants to get on the end of this knock downs and score goals.


Agreed! I honestly think the playing up front thing is a trump card he can play when he gets a big money move away. He can claim it’s because he wasn’t given a chance to play as a CF but the huge pay raise he gets will be the real reason. If he makes a big move and plays on the wing wherever he ends up (** I hope he doesn’t leave Arsenal**) he will get slated by the fans endlessly.


How is it bullshit? He’s wanted to be a striker for the past 6 years. It’s something that he’s fabricated out of mid air.




Walcott has proven himself over and over again to his haters at Arse


Walcott has proven himself over and over again to his haters at Arsenal but its obvious the hate wouldn’t just go away… I think he should quit the club.

Runcorn Gunner

Off subject just heard a rumour that following
the Chelsea v Man U game last Sunday AW has been training with 9 men on the pitch just in case.




9 v 12 training.


Did you see that ludicrous display last night?


What was Wenger thinking bringing Walcott on that early?


The thing about Arsenal is, they always try to walk it in!


Walcott is just a sprinter. He doesn’t have a brain for football.


I guess some sarcasm is easier to understand.


And you are brain dead, maybe retarded as well.


I have gone full circle on Theo and not just because of last nights performance alone, I was previously banding myself along logic that he shouldn’t hold Arsenal ransom to his demands and how dare he for doing so. However, 1.in light of the recent major departures, 2.last weeks AGM and the farce it was, 3.Arsenal’s yearly policy of only replacing our top top player’s and not enhancing the squad. 4. Signal the departures suggest to all our players. 5. Hearing the arsenal shit / rvp chants from other supporters 6. The extra monies that will come by way of… Read more »


Sorry to be the pedant but ‘victoria concordia crescit’ translates to ‘victory through harmony’. We can interpret this in two ways: get rid of the currently unsettled theo to engender harmony throughout the rest of the squad; or give him what he wants to settle him back in. I’m personally for the former, yes he’s inconsistent but when he’s at his best he’s a phenomenal asset. I’d rather play with him than against him


I have a horrible suspision that Walcott will end up at Man Yoo.


me too… fergie’s love of the brits and the departing nani (probs) and his former rvp linkage. don’t want it to happen though!


More likely Liverpool I reckon. They were his boyhood club, as has been written up many times, and they have a consistent penchant for inconsistent, 7/10 English players.

Glory Hunter

If we let Theo leave on a free, then I’ll lose the little faith I have left in our current board!
They have to give him an offer he can’t refuse.


Where he does end up playing next year will at least point to what the real motivation is, if he does end up at Man Utd. then the claim of only being interested in playing up front looks a bit thin considering just who they’ve got playing up front already. If he does go there I think its safe to say its purely money/ambition. Liverpool would be another matter, obviously at least from the ambition point of view!


Really tough situation. I still think he’s gone.


Wenger has to start him on the weekend now. There’s no logical reason to leave him out over Gervinho or Ramsey on the wing; contract shmontract, the win is more important. Moreover, I would like to see him run Evra into the ground.


Other than the fact he’s played over 120 minutes in mid week?


Isn’t Gerv injured anyway?

Red and White Stripey Socks

I’d rather have him than not. I think he has shown he has matured of late.

Can’t face loosing another player to our rivals………. its just a joke.

Pay him and move on!


Do not want to play against him, that’s certain. RvP either, fwiw.


Quite agree Jason and the thought of playing against both of them in the same team is very very worrying.


£100,000/week. He deserves it. He did great last season and he’s been terrific this season. Still can’t comprehend why most Arsenal fans prefer Ramsey playing rather than budge to Theo’s wage demands. And where’s all the “consistency” crap coming from? Let’s see how Arsenal would fare playing without Theo on Saturday.

Glory Hunter

There’s a few players who’s wages id happily give to Theo, yes Squillaci I’m looking at you!


He shouldn’t be paid £100,000k per week instead, his wages should be determined by his form and most importantly his consistency. For example keep him on the same wages but if he were to score a target of 15 goals this season then he should get given a 40% bonus or something similar on top.

clint meneso

Walcott sign da ting men!

Mach III

All the faith put in him since he arrived from Southampton…

He wears Thierry Henry’s #14 shirt, and he hasn’t signed DA TING!

Do you want to be remembered as Walcunt at some average club with a big salary, or make a name for yourself as a top quality forward for the best team in the world??

Solomon Lee Sware

I think he’s going; he’s playing for a move. We’ve seen it so often, a player playing out of his skin but not really seeming to enjoy it the way he should. Then they’re gone. Walcott didn’t smile at the end, looks very serious atm. Must be in talks with other clubs already. A pity, ‘cos he’s proven his usefulness by now.


Did you see the interview with theo and jenks after the game. He smiled. And he celebrated the last goal quite vividly. I’m still worried though. But if we were to give in to his demands, what would follow worries me even more.


All I’m worried about is that last nights game and extra time means Walcott won’t play on Saturday.


I absolutely agree with Kerr’s comment about Arsenal making profit after selling their top top top players and not even bothering about replacing them with top players. RVP did sense the way Arsenal was being run and made decision about leaving the club. First thing before anybody moans about RVP being a cunt I’d say YES!he is a complete cunt but he is not stupid. He was far more involved witn arsenal then any of us so he knows a thing or two more then us about the club. So reluctantly I have to agree with RVP about his vision… Read more »


When Robin joined Arsenal they were at the top, he spent the intervening years watching it erode with the end of the rainbow always over the next hill. When Robin made his ill-advised statement last summer he was already gone, Wenger has admitted that Poldi and Giroud were bought to replace him, I don’t blame him for leaving.

It still turns my stomach to see him playing in that disgusting team.


If he goes (I think he will), Ox better be ready.

Glory Hunter

Then what happens if Ox wants 100k a week? We sell him cos we have Gnabry! Right!
We can’t continue like this yet wonder why we don’t compete for trophies!
We let Cashley go cos we didn’t want to pay the extra 5k a week.
Who can honestly say that was a good decision?
I fear the same will happen with Theo, but what do I know, after all I’m just a fan.

Mike Hawke

“Maybe defensively it wasn’t great at times, but we’re in the draw and that’s what matters.”

Yeah, maybe, possibly, perhaps…the defending wasn’t great. At times mind you!” haha

Dave Gooner

He was really good last night, no doubt. But his performances over the last few seasons still make him a 75k player. Its a good deal Theo, take it. An aside – Andrey Arshavin is beginning to look really good again too. When he is on his game, he really is world class. Didn’t he rip the hole out of JamU in 2010, score a wonder goal, just miss another, and be denied the clearest penalty in the history of even Old Trafford’s disreputable history that would have made it 0-2 to the Arse. I see Fergie has picked Mike… Read more »


Sign the boy and use him wisely. Give him a run up front in some game with Giroud or even Chamake and see how he does. I’m sure he will thrive of them. You never know he could just turn out to be the un-locker of defense. inconsistent or not, sign him up. he is a finisher, period and we don’t have any at the club. Sign him up now.


I’m sorry guys but what does HFB means


our Handsome French Bloke ofcourse!


Ahh I see… thanks Mattyyy


Arsenal are the first team in League cup history to score 6 goals or more in consecutive games. Get in……..


Arsene can praise him as much as he likes ot won’t alter the fact that its yet another talent coming into his peak that we can’t hold onto.
It’s in Theo’s own interest to perform well to secure the move that he wants. The better he plays when he’s given the chance the more stupid we look for selling him. Last night proved that we need him but the fact that this will be ignored by our board and manager should be a real worry for us as fans.

oYo from Enugu

He is an absolute finisher. Needs to be played up front with a striker like Giroud to complement each other. Yet Wenger will never listen cos he doesn’t budge to other ppls demands


would you?

Lord Teddy Ears

I think its a shame that the club that has the most expensive tickets, food and hospitality in the prem cant or wont pay the players the money they deserve. I am not saying Theo deserves 100k a week only Arsene does but I cant help feeling that as long as we make it through to the quarter finals or the CL and in the top 4 every year the board and stan are happy. Arsene will not be our leader for ever so what happens when he goes will we get the same talent again I dont think so.… Read more »


what about the wage structure?


I am afraid that everything whats going on is pointing that he will be sold. I blame our Board for that. Wenger has no options, I think it is take it or leave it for him. He loves the club, he likes to fight with everything (anything) he has so he is staying… but our best players are leaving. I think even if Walcott stays I won’t be calm and I ll be still afraid for Wilshere, Sagna, Ox, Cazorla,…


It’s cause you are that kind of fruit who likes to blame and to be afraid


Make him an offer he cant refuse. If we dont another club will…and we all know he is GOOD. When we sell foreign players who kissed the crest, i can understand. But an english boy…that sends a bad message. Everyone has a price tag at the club, including jack..

Absentia Rose

I hope Theo stays. Did anyone notice Chamakhs face after he score that first overtime goal and how every player was so happy for him. It’s funny how everybody talk about Girouds first goal for Gunners and when it will come. I Can’t imagine the burden Chamakh has carrying for last 13 months..


Sorry but anyone who thinks the same will not happen to jack are kidding them selves.
Recent history has proved that we sell our best assets.

Glory Hunter

Selling Wilshere, will be the straw that finally breaks the camels back.
And maybe that’s what it’ll take for some to finally wake up & see what’s happening.


Keep Theo Gunners. He absolutly player to make the game different. I love how Theo plays.

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Finsbury Park Gooner

If we can’t keep Theo at Arsenal I am going to be fucking heartbroken.

David O'Leary's Dad

According to my paper this morning Wenger now agrees TW is ready as a striker and he’s “going to have a word with our finance minister” about improving the offer.

Looks like we might see him sign dat ting!

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