Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Arteta: I don’t doubt our attitude

A frustrated Mikel Arteta admits that conceding goals against big teams is killing Arsenal’s chances of winning important points, but stressed that he believes the attitude of the players is unquestionable.

The Spaniard, who was heavily shackled by Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford, has spoken in similar terms before this season, but reiterated the message stressing that Arsene Wenger’s side must prove their mettle by getting back on track against Schalke.

Speaking to Arsenal.com in the aftermath of Saturday’s 2-1 defeat, the vice-captain was quick to turn his attention to tomorrow night’s Champions League match in Germany.

“We’ve got another massive game again. We lost against [Schalke] at home, which was a big disappointment and it’s going to be a really tough game in Germany.

“We have to bounce back. I think we have to show how much we want to win it and go there and show big attitude.

“I have no doubt about the attitude that we have in the dressing room, and the desire. I think the attitude was good [against Manchester United]. We all kept trying, even with 10 men.

“We had a couple of chances to score and we have to give some credit to the lads. But again, conceding those goals against a big team just kills the games.”

Arteta’s words are exactly what you’d expect from a player charged with facing the cameras after such a disappointing performance; no doubt a more heated dissection of what went wrong will take place behind closed doors. What’s obvious to all, is that the only way the squad are going to get back on track is to do their talking on the pitch, that conversation begins in Gelsenkerchin.

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Well with Arteta not doubting the attitude, that makes one. He he …but seriously I am sad in general


Problem is not team attitude, but team effort. Give everything, fight for the result. That is what we lack in recent days.

Professional Pride

problem is that we sold everybody!


Isn’t attitude and effort intertwined though? If you don’t have the right attitude your effort will be below par


@Professional Pride No. Enough with that sold everybody rubbish. They did want to be here, they left. Before season’s start, this was a team most saw had good strength in depth. We were only light one position – up front (and if cash had to be thrown around then perhaps just one other position.) Problem is where’s the fight? Fight is irrespective of wages and star-names. You don’t buy it. Fight when you lose. Fight when you win. Hell fight for the sake of it. A loss would have been alright for me Saturday if we’d left nothing on the… Read more »


No…we were only light in one position if everyone stayed fit


And the whole Walcott thing has been handled abysmally and is surely not helpful


@no, Bullshit. Song, Nasri, clichy and Rvp would all still be here if we payed them even close to what they were worth. All this blaming the players shit is getting old. In the real world, you pay the price that is being demanded for what something is worth. I don’t go and. Try to buy a Porsche with fiat money. That’s not how it works. We are one of the ten biggest clubs in the world, it’s time we acted like it. Rvp’s you guys letter was as cuntish as it gets, but other than that, it’s time to… Read more »


I think they would have stayed if we had invested in more quality players while they were there and as a consequence been more successful. We were always 2-3 quality players short because we wouldnt invest and we have been left behind


@Frog For heaven’s sake man. If the Sheikh of Oligarchia sees a cow and offers the owner 3 trillion gold coins for it, that does not make every cow from here on out 3 trillion gold coins. Just because everyone pays high for something, that doesn’t make it it’s worth. That’s why the call it a bubble. If I’m at an employer that has supported me, that I have good relations with, whom I’m happy to work for, that I feel I add value and accomplish something with, that I don’t feel there just because I’m paid to be there…… Read more »


Ok, here it is one more time. I can’t believe people can’t read the writing on the wall but here we go. Our team, if we were run like the top ten club in the world that we are. Remember, none of these guys cost more than 15mil for us to sign. None of them:

……………..,,,,,,shitty keeper. ……………..




……Walcott …..Rvp…….nasri/cazorla

Bench: song, ox, verm, Gibbs , rosicky/diaby/imminent injury, Eduardo.

Fuck off.


@Frog We need to stop this bullshit mentality of paying players for what its worth. If the sheik in whatever land he is in wants to pay 3million for a cow and that cow turns out to be a fucking investment then so be it. If we have to pay 3mil for a cow so we can have the best cow then why not? You say we shouldnt over price players, are you telling me that paying Theo Walcott 80k a week is being overpriced. Or Arsenal couldnt up the wage of RvP, the leagues best striker, to 200k a… Read more »



Great Frog but with whose money?
Our own or our sugar-daddy’s?

Your analogy only works if you consider the Sheikh of Oligarchia offers £1mil for the Porsche and everyone stops thinking it’s worth £100,000 and starts to pay the Sheikh’s price.

This team+fight is good enough for anything.

No, I bloody well won’t fuck off. I have as much right to be here as you do.
Let’s have a proper discussion rather than resort to insults.


You guys are on drugs. What do you mean with who’s money? With our fucking money. We fill a 60000 seat stadium every week, sometimes twice a week, with the highest ticket prices in the world. We pay that cunt gazidis more than we pay cazorla and arteta combined. We fucked up our sponsorship deals on our own( thanks Ivan), wenger makes more than Rvp, and our billionaire owner doesn’t invest anything into the squad.

Ya, let’s keep saying we can’t compete, that builds a winning mentality.

What the fuck happened to my club?


And I wasn’t telling you to fuck off mate, relax, that was more aimed at the people running the club. I apologize if I inadvertently offended you.


I thought it was aimed at me. No apology needed then, wasn’t offended anyway. Yes we got those players at no more than 15mil but what about wages? We signed them to a contract so we screw the transfer/wage we planned to pay and give Nasri/RVP their £200,00 a week. Song/Clichy their $150,000? Then pay everyone else more because we’re paying them more? Then have to buy everyone else at 30mil+wages because everyone sees we have the money? How will be raising your ticket? I’m not going to pretend there aren’t issues to deal with but I don’t agree with… Read more »


Also how did we ‘fuck up’ our sponsorship deals on our own?
You saw we got a 60000 seat stadium. How did that get done? We took the money to get the stadium. That or go to the banks for loans.

We knew very well what we were doing with that. Honestly you guys who want to buy expensive and pay high wages without free money coming in aren’t being realistic.


I understand we aren’t city or Chelsea with sugar daddies. What I do understand is that we sold cesc, Nasri, Rvp, song, and clichy for an estimated amount of , 36+20+24+16+7= 108 million.

We bought, arteta 10, santos 6, cazorla 14, podolski 10, and giroud 12= 52 million.

Where the fuck is the other 56 million? Pretty sure that 56 mil would pay the salaries of cesc, Rvp, Nasri , arteta, song and cazorla for at least three years. Even if we paid city wages.




I never said we should buy expensive players. In fact I even pointed out that we didn’t pay more than 15 for any of them. I only suggested that when you have the best striker in Europe and two of the best mid fielders, it may be a good idea to pay them if you want to win football matches, let alone trophies.


Frog – id much rather have Gibbs in the side than Clichy any day.. And Cesc didn’t leave for money. Money was nothing to do with it. It isn’t always. Why did Arteta take a pay cut to join us?

Other than Cesc, the only other player id be bothered about still having from your list would be RvP.


How about wages? You haven’t accounted for how much Arteta/Santos/Cazorla/Poldi/Giroud are getting paid. There goes a good chunk of your 56mi. And like I told TomJ below, we can have those guys +RVP/Cesc/Nasri/Song but then people are going to be on the bench more than others. To make up for that, you’re going to have to pay them more to keep happy. If you pay Giroud/Nasri more to be happy mostly on the bench cause RVP’s banging them in and can’t bench the others, then you pay RVP/Santi/Cesc more because they’re playing. Again. I’m not seeing how you guys are… Read more »


Frog, if you change the engine on your Porsche, everything else is going to cost more. Put ceramic brakes, you’ll end up spending more on tires too.

If you pay RVP 200k a week, you’re giving everyone a pay rise. Everyone. From goalie forward will want more because you’re ready to pay more.


God damned, even if I would be payed 2x times more, I would never decide to work with c*nts like Evra, Rooney or Nani under Ferguson, shit no!


Gibbs than clichy? Nope. Not yet anyway. Plus, gibbs is provin to be as frail as diaby or rosicky. As for wages, I clear said that 56 mil would cover the wages for 3 years. Nasri- bellend, yes. Excellent footballer, yes. Better option than gervinho, don’t make me laugh. Get over the sour grapes. Cesc- would he leave again knowing he’d be riding the bench? I doubt it. Had we signed santi or arteta then and given him a bit more money he would have stayed. Add to that we flogged his good mate hleb for a few quid. Another… Read more »


Gibbs than clichy? Nope. Not yet anyway. Plus, gibbs is provin to be as frail as diaby or rosicky. As for wages, I clear said that 56 mil would cover the wages for 3 years. Nasri- bellend, yes. Excellent footballer, yes. Better option than gervinho, don’t make me laugh. Get over the sour grapes. Cesc- would he leave again knowing he’d be riding the bench? I doubt it. Had we signed santi or arteta then and given him a bit more money he would have stayed. Add to that we flogged his good mate hleb for a few quid. Another… Read more »


Its all PR no Pride needed. How can a player come out of that game and waffle such bullshit. He must know he is looking like a prat but he did it anyway. M Arteta you have no self respect and you show us no respect thinking we will swallow this bullshit again


I am not sure about the rest of us swallowing bullshit but you sure are giving loads of it everytime you have something to say!


I’ll just leave it hanging mate


@Tom J Goalie – Maybe. But not extra high necessity to find one. RB – Song/Jenks Centre – Mert/Verm/Kosc + djourou in a pinch LB – Gibbs/Santos MF – Santi/Arte/Coq/Rams (+Jack/Frim back hearty and hale, +Abou/Rosi whenever they’re fit Wings – Poldi/Gervi/Wally/Oxy Forward – Giroud Just because some players are off form/lack attitude *ahemVermahem*, doesn’t make us light. We have a team that with the right attitude should be jostling for position at the top. Unfortunately we’re in a position where I have to use Chelsea as an example. Held to siege by Barca, overrun by Bayern and yet won… Read more »


why is that directed at me? I dont play FM lad


but i will answer. we had no choice but to play a half fit AR on the right wing on Saturday, and you are arguing that we are not light when everyone isnt fit?


Never touched it myself.
You’d said we were only light one position if everybody stayed fit. I was just replying to that.


Let’s not confuse coming off 120 minutes with staying fit.


look. we had a half fit AR playing right wing on Saturday. The week before the only option we had on the bench was a 17 year old with no premier league or champions league experience. Do I need to go on or are you beginning to get it?


You’ve got Djourou taking Rambo’s spot. Is that thin or not? You can’t win with fight alone, it is about the quality of the players on the field. Tomorrow we will field a weaker team than the one that started against Schalke at home.


look. we had a half fit AR playing right wing on Saturday. The week before the only option we had on the bench was a 17 year old with no premier league or champions league experience. Do I need to go on or are you beginning to get it? No. I’m not. So go on. Look at Chelsea, ignore the Manc game and they’d won every game until this weekend. Don’t you think playing midweek had something to do with that? We played 120 mins. I listed you a strong-in-depth team in my opinion, granted with some people off or… Read more »


Somehow got your comment in mine too. As if my comments need to be any longer. Sorry I’ve spammed the top of the thread.


@no…..”I don’t know where you’re going to find the money to get the players who are happy to sit on the bench and keep their form magically”
Point is they’re not on the bench, or the pitch, they’re in the treatment room, same place you would have found many of them this time last year. which is why we have to use a 17 year old from the bench. but you still argue with the original point I made way up there, that we are only light in one position when everyone is fit


I’m not sure what I’m arguing against. I had the impression you meant our depth is deceptive until injury. I see a team where things get tight with injuries but should be able to see it through. Szcz, Gibbs, Gerv, Ox. That’s who’s out right now. (Abou/Rosi, not counting.) Every team has to deal with this. Mancs have been light at the back for a while. We started with relatively few injuries and then you had Coq thinking of going elsewhere. I admitted to cf (goalie maybe), I’d still like to know what position you think we should strengthen. Then… Read more »


Where could we strengthen, youre having a laugh? How about at left back. Gibbs is a great prospect but Santos will never be good enough. In midfield Diaby and Rosicky cannot stay fit. Paying the wages of one decent player that could play 30 games per season makes much more sense to me. We have no pace out wide, except Walcott who wants out, and mark my words will go. We have one striker with one premier league goal to his name and Chamakh.


Gibbs/Santos – Yes, Santos doesn’t leave me the best feeling. But let’s also remember ebb and flow. How last year he looked to be becoming a valid second option. But now he’s regressed everyone’s loudest and always knew he would never work out. Diaby/Rosicky – Notice how I added them at the end? Still a damn good midfield to have without them. Yes for efficiency’s sake, we have to question what value they add being out? In some respects, that answer’s complicated. Out wide – Really no pace? Then next to no one else in PL has pace because precious… Read more »


Yes, but that 56 was for the RVP crowd. What are you going to pay the Arteta/Santi new guys? And don’t forget, you also want to kick RVP to 200k a week. (So Cesc/Santi will be close or at that too.) I didn’t say Nasri is better than Gervinho. I said you have Cesc and Santi playing, obviously Nasri’s going to be on the bench most of the season. Then Gervinho will be our third string player who’s happy to sit there and wait for all those guys to be injured. I wouldn’t disagree with you if you could point… Read more »


sorry this was supposed to go Frog


We’re just about into oblivion now. If shalke beat us tomorrow and olypiacos win we very well could be out of the league and champions league and it’s only November. Who thinks we’re a sure shit to finish fourth his year? No way, not with this group. Gervinho is shit. He wouldn’t even make the bench at any too side. I guess the only question I really have for you is this: are you happy with the way your club has been operating as of late? You know, selling our best players every year, consistently playing underperforming players, listening to… Read more »


Not being funny but why is it always Arteta the one to rally the team? Where is Vermaelen to do this especially since he’s captain. I get that Verm has made mistakes but he is exactly the person to come out, speak about the team and reassure fans and the rest of the players that they’re working on it and will do better next game.


Speaks volumes about who should be the captain, with all due respect to Thomas.

Clint Eastwood

Shut up ,Chair


because the club have a massive PR team who know to send out someone all us fans have great respect for right now like Arteta to make these statements after a gutless loss


Not to mention the interviews with other players stating he is the leader (Cazorla’s springs instantly to mind). All he is missing is the armband. Let’s fix that, Arsene.


De ja fucking vu Arteta, de ja fucking vu!!!!!!

Professional Pride

Mikel. I like your professionalism. But where is your pride? We lose all the time. We haven’t won anything for 7 years. United hammer us for 2 consecutive seasons.


I don’t question Arteta’s pride. But there do seem to be a couple of players on the pitch who don’t have much.

typical tantrums!

i dont doubt our team’s attitude either…well, except for santos maybe..


Hi Gays,
Just because you change company doesn’t mean we aren’t friends.
In Brazil the culture is different you gays.

yours truly gays,
– Andre “I love Van Persie scoring against me” Santos

man im gettin bald

Get out


I agree, in my opinion he should never play for the club again. To see the pain on the face of JW when the penaltry was conceded, and then 2 minutes later to see that twat trot after CUNT begging for his shirt. You could even see the way it happened they both knew it wasnt right


Arsene is not the great coach we knew, Theo Walcot is a great great player, why not play him? Why do you play Ramsey on the right flank? Why did you play Santos when you know he is not great defender? worst of all, you want Santos to stop Valencia whom we know is a top class player,
Guys Wenger has ran out of the good ideas, he has to go


Why not play Walcott? Maybe because he played bloody 120 minutes two or three days before. Why not Ramsey? Every winger apart from Arshavin and Walcott is injured. He has played there few times already and he played there with diferrent results (varying from average to good) and Gnabry is simply not ready for Man Utd no matter what everybody else is saying. If not Santos then who? Gibbs is out, Djorou is making everybody in the stadium afraid (apart from the rival team of course), Miquel, Coquelin and Jenkinson played againts Reading. And if Wenger had chosen anybody over… Read more »

Gunnersaurus Rex

Rooney kept him in his pocket throughout the game. Why was it not the other way round?? We all know that Arteta is pure quality. What should he do if every other pl team have the same strategy..Any strategists out here…


Same thing happened vs Chelsea. Oscar was all over Arteta and Cazorla was marked out of the game. Teams know what to do vs Arsenal, and it’s especially the big teams that do it right. We need to learn how to adapt and not always playing the same formation week in week out… I’m sure we would have picked up points vs some of Sunderland, Stoke, Norwich etc if we’d actually change the game plan

Gunnersaurus Rex

It is the manager’s job to identify and then nullify these strategies. This is what he is getting paid for. Wenger said he did not sub JW10 as he did not have any attacking options in the midfield. Whose problem is it to be solved??


I’d like to add that United press everywhere on the pitch on Saturday. It was reminiscent of the way we played against Chelsea last season.

I heard some people suggesting that the response would be to move Artea in a more attacking role, but then who could we trust to link the defence to the offense? I don’t know.


@Gunnersaurus Rex: Not so much strategy or anything, but if a player like Rooney (great work rate, but not great at actually defending, just gets there and trys to disrupt) is sitting on Arteta, the onus is really on the team, and the 3 man midfield in particular, to have sharp, high tempo passing, and for players to constantly offer outballs to team mates via good movement. Then it doesn’t matter if Rooneys sitting on him (ouch) because it can be popped off quickly before he can meaningfully close down. If the passing is slow then Arteta has to wait… Read more »

Gunnersauras Rex

@ bob.. So where is the problem. Quality of the players we have? Desire of the players to do well? Or what i believe the way team is being managed, the way team prepares for matches, in short Wenger. Money won’t solve our problem… The way we strategize depending on the opponents and having a plan B .


I don’t think to problem is something that can be solved by throwing money at it (nor would I want it to – it’s not the Arsenal way), nor by a change of manager as Wenger has clearly been able to set up and motivate players in the required fashion in the past, and even more recently at City pre-interlull. I think the real way to solve it is hard work – and bloody hard work at that. The kind that make the team dread training. Our shape – both offensivly and defensivly – is too easily lost when we… Read more »


Problem is, teams don’t have a hard time nullifying our tactics because they know we rely heavily on Cazorla, Wilshere and Arteta. All they have to do is concentrate on our midfield, because they know our offense is toothless (especially when we’re not bothering to provide Giroud with any service) and our defenders will do their dirty work for them.

Gunnersauras Rex

If the trio of santi, jw10 and arteta is not good enough then what is? We go into games underprepared. I had not thought that red nosed baboon would put Rooney to man mark mikel, but it is Wenger’s job and at this level he must foresee this and have a plan to stop that.


No, I think our midfleld is amazing, but the rest of our team is weak… says a lot that MU didn’t try to mark our forwards (Ramsey, Podolski, Giroud) out of the game. Makes it a snap to figure out how to go up against us. Wouldn’t be so easy if our forwards were a real threat (then Rooney and co. would have had more work trying to decide who to mark). Aside from our team being centered around the midfield but weak elsewhere, we need new tactics and we need to put out a better starting lineup. You can’t… Read more »

Gunnersauras Rex

@ Austingooner couldn’t agree more… Santos was pathetic and so was Ramsey on right. Vermalean is caught out of position way too often.. I had once suggested to play him as a holding mid fielder. I think we can try this and see. We can’t get any worse


We have a good holding mid. We should try vermaelin on the bench behind djourou. It’s really hard to gift the other team goals from there. Ask chamakh.

Arsene's Nose

Oh, but I do Mr. Arteta… Am Stil unhappy and sad since saturday,.a 5-0 win tomorrow night might cheer me up,.

ugandan gooner

no need to doubt t Mikel, coz its non existent anyway especially from several of our players, u excluded ofcourse.


If Gibbs isnt fit maybe Le Coq should get that LB position? The link up between Santos and Pod has just been awfull.
Just an idea.


The quality is there but no desire .
We are just a cheat, diver and a cunt away from being serious contenders.


@Osman – Theo walcott is a great great player??! I agree he should have started on Saturday, but to describe him as ‘great’ is ridiculous. The only thing I agree with Arsene on this season is his stance on Theo. There are quite a few articles out there about how Arsene played RVP, Nasri, Flamini in similar situation, but this is different. Theo is not good enough to be dictating to the manager where he should play. He had a good season last year granted, but he’s been here 6 years- it was about time! He remains the most inconsistent… Read more »


So will you keep him on the bench and play Ramsey on the right wing?

Gunnersaurus Rex

If i am the one to decide, I would play messi


No, see my comment: he should have started on saturday because he’s better on the right then Ramsey, agreed. He was also confident after the Reading game, and he suits our game when we have to counter. However, i’d prefer the ox or even cazorla on the right (as he seems to be ineffective in the middle at the moment due to being denied space). My point wasn’t that he shouldn’t have played Saturday like I said, just that the kind of ‘Theo is amazing’ comments seem to imply if only he would have played we would have been fine.… Read more »


Well, I don’t remember Walcott being all the amazing 7/10 times I’d see him start last season. But I do prefer him up top to Ramsey, who doesn’t offer us much of anything.


How about playing him on the right wing and letting Ramsay develop into a central midfielder, where he plays


We need wingers/players who are good in one-on-one situations. Gnabry, only 17, but we saw at Reading that he can do this. Miyaichi has shown this too. Compare Theo to all other wingers in the top four teams and he would rank bottom. On top of this he is inconsistent. I completely agree with you and Wenger.

He is a player that just does not fit with our style of play. It’s a shame as he is a good guy.


The way the team played, the way they didn’t show any fight.
I don’t think anything other than jokes and laughs would have been shared behind closed doors along with some hugs and shirt swapping.

Pride of London

i doubt the team.is good.enough.nevermind the attitude


Arteta can take that “attitude” and shove it down vermaelens throat, he obviously needs some. If that is my leader out in war then i’d seriously be down on my knees praying while hiding in the trenches.


I’m sure he felt like it.


“Arteta: I don’t doubt our attitude” Sorry, but I DO doubt your attitude. I’m Wenger’s biggest critic, but they’re some things that you can’t blame the Nutty Professor for. For the second PL away game in a row you players have turned up and played with absolutely no guts passion or commitment. And the first half last week at Reading was just as pathetic. Some of you highly-paid players need to take a good look at themselves in the mirror. You weren’t expected to beat Man United – but you were supposed to put up a fight. Instead you just… Read more »


The reason why arsenal has not won anything in the last 7 years is all down to attitude. Arsene is one dimensional tactically and the team see weaker opposition as beneath them so don’t bother to get in the right mindset. The only person at the club that has told us the truth lately was some cunt RVP.

did somebody said 2012 is our year?????

Talking about attitude when we clearly are not good enough atleast not as we initially though we were. It’s a trend isn’t it?, start season with high hopes after signing two or three players to try and make us forget of the quality we lost through the simmer sales. scrap for results here and there, convince ourselves that it’s our attitude that’s lacking when in truth it’s quality and an enormous amount of it that’s missing. luckily by December we get a few good results then have a run of consecutive results then all of a sudden we’re good enough… Read more »

One exclamation mark is enough, if you really have to.


I watched Arteta’s post-game interview and I think what he was saying was a bit more complex than just attitude. What he said — without naming names (ahem, Vermaelen) — was that Man U didn’t play that well; it was our fault for losing, not a spectacular display that proclaimed Man U superiority. That the difference between Man U and ourselves is that Man U doesn’t make critical mistakes like we do. (Yes, he specifically referred to the goal we let in during the what, second minute of play, as the kind of critical mistake that will prevent us from… Read more »


Even arteta doesnt find fault in our attitude? Need to get my eyes checked 🙁 or maybe stop drinking when watching us play.

H. P. Arsecraft

No no no dont stop drinking! I did once and it almost cost me my sanity.


Arteta is always on the .com talking about the team’s attitude. If he is the de facto leader, we might as well switch the armband.


Well, ideally Vermaelen would be benched after his horrific displays all season long, so Arteta would assume captaincy on the field anyway, but knowing Arsene, I’ll bet TV will start every game anyway.


Yep. And koscielny, the better player will get annoyed, then January will come, an agent will get in his ear, xavi will make some greasy comment and……… Well, we all know what happens next.


Kinda reminds me of when we let Diarra go when Flamini was in his last year. sick


Our loss of form conicides with Diaby getting injured. When he was there his more dynamic, powerful style complemented arteta and cazorla perfectly. His runs created space for cazorla (and others) by attracting two even three opposition players to him as he powered up the pitch. This type of midfielder makes the system work. With Ramsey there we are too static, he’s just not powerful or fast enough to go by players, oppositions can just sit and absorb us pretty easily. Not his fault just not suited to this role. With Coq there its the same story. This is the… Read more »

Pak Gooner

We’re not lacking quality, and it’s not so much about injuries as it is about desire. All of them are cunts over at Manchester, but Ferguson shoves a rod so hard up their arses that they fight like animals to win the match, and it showed as they finally let their guard down in the 94th minute, when Santi scored. It’s passion. I trust Wenger and I’ll back him to world end but the fatherly figure doesn’t cut it anymore, not in these times when players adapted real quick, and were born legends. As for Vermaelen, I’ve no words. No… Read more »

Jim Chiminy

“no doubt a more heated dissection of what went wrong will take place behind closed doors”

Don’t count on it.


To be fair, Arteta looked so pissed off after the game in the post-match interview. He didn’t call TV out by name, but he said that major defensive lapses like letting an easy goal in during the first few minutes of a game, was the reason we are not competing on the level of United and Chelsea. (Who aren’t spectacular, he pointed out, but aren’t as careless, generally.)

Merlin's Panini

fuck all this shit. I just hope Arteta guffed in Rooney’s face in that photo.


There are a lot of folk trying thinking they know why Arsenal are not playing with any kinda pride but I think its important to remember that John Terry will always be a massive cunt! Lets start looking on the bright side people.

H. P. Arsecraft

I feel better already. It`s a good feeling that something in this world is constant and never, ever will change.


bring henry back he cn nly bring d spirit back
to d club..club is doin nthin nw let
d LEGEND handle..henry i miss u..plus wenger
i love u bt time for u to go..

H. P. Arsecraft

Bi, bop, ba, bi, da, do, di


Dude, learn how to spell. You can have stupid opinions, but at least spell them out properly.

H. P. Arsecraft

Maybe the players should keep their mouths shut and do the talking on the pitch!!!


So lads, what should Santos’ punishment be?? Someone would of surely said something to him?? I flipped when i watched that, after another shite display by him. Also need to settle he back 4 asap. Kos and Vermaelen have mad huge errors this past week. Santos wouldnt make it in to West Brom’s starting line up so why does wenger persist?? Seriously arsene, i know u have managed like 1000 games or whatever but you need to have a look. Everyone else sees it. Credit when its due, like we fans always have and even the neutrals. But when its… Read more »

Monkey Nuts

Since November 3rd 2007 our record against Manchester United reads played 15 won 2 drawn 2 lost 11 scored 13 goals against 35 !!!!

That is a fucking abysmal statistic that cannot be defended by players, coaches, the manager and the board.

Attitude unquestionable my arse.


Arteta, I don’t doubt your attitude but as far as the rest are concerned….


I have to say, whilst I was very frustrated by the performance on Saturday, I still don’t see us being too far away from the leaders as the prem has condensed into a very competitive hotbed of slightly better than average teams. Where almost anyone can beat anyone on their day. This gives me hope. I don’t think English clubs will be challenging in Europe for a few years as the German, Italian and in particular Spanish leagues have surpassed the mighty English Premiership in my humble opinion. If we show heart (which I think we are) along with a… Read more »


I just wrote a long post and then read your succinct post. a pretty nice consensed version of what i wrote. Thank you for that. I feel that there are gooners out there who feel the same like me.


Oops..should be *condensed*


How Santos could have become a legend:
Santos walks out for the second half, hands RVP back his now shit-smeared jersey and says “thanks for that, no bog roll in our jacks”…..
such a missed opportunity…


We don’t play as a team. Everyone knew that Santos would be poor, the critic’s, fans & the media. But Wenger still played him.
With the players we have fit, I think we are playing the wrong formation. Wasting a good finisher on the LW, we got a Oliver that lives and thrives on crosses. We need to play 4-4-2, give Oliver some support.
We paid man united to much expect on the day. Should told RVP to piss off till after the game, with hugs and hand shakes.


That is a damning statistic Monkey Nuts! We can all agree that for a few years, Arsenal were using young players to do the best we can and manage our finances. However, I am not willing to accept that anymore. We have got ourselves experienced professionals in pretty much all positions all over the pitch. Forwards, midfielders and defenders. May be a sprinkling of young stars are around to add some excitement but generally we have lots of experience around this season. I honestly feel that right now Arsene and this team has no room for error. The past years… Read more »


Totally agree with what you have written here SG_Gunner. Too often people run to a soundbite or obvious conclusion about our problems, where really is a massive mixture of many, and you have pointed them out in a well thought out, rational way. I also disagree when people say Arsene is tactically naive. We are set up to dominate teams, and when it works they have to adapt to us, not the other way around. As you said, all the most successful possession based teams are like this. When the team plays badly we suffer badly from this, but it… Read more »


i think arteta SHOULD be our captain!


We need another Interlull to put it all back right again.


Arteta and Cazorla are our best players, but there are no creativity among our players anymore. We have serious problems with our goal scoring. Van Persie was a really important player, and we can´t replace him with Podolski and Giroud.. We need to buy Dzeko or Falcao, it is time for the board to open their wallet and invest some money in the team..


Crazy talk. Board to invest money. Heh

Limpar's Quiff

“We pay that cunt gazidis more than we pay cazorla and arteta combined”

Whilst I agree that a) we pay Gazidis too much, and b) he is in fact a cunt, I’m not sure that maths adds up. Get your point though.

Fact is, we cannot compete money wise with Man City and Chelscum. However we really have no excuse for losing a player to ManUre, but I don’t think they’re spending within their means to be honest. We’re not getting great messages from our club right now…


Iam not saying that we can compete with man shitty and chelsea or united, but they should atleast spend the money that the club have earned. And to be honest they should have earned alot of money from their extreme ticket prices through the years, i know that the club have debts to pay but seriously they should spend much more money.


Does anyone watch the Adrian Clarke Breakdown on Arsenal Player? Started watching a few episodes, he keeps it short and gives a fairly honest assessment whilst maintaining a line of positivity. Thought I’d just mention it as I think they’re pretty good.

David O'Leary's Dad

Arteta should be captain


I just think its time for wenger to go … Same old shit year in year out… Lose players.. Tight finance… No trophies… Disappointment … Bad buys… He’s lost it with buying players and is to stubborn to change a player. You think santos would play like that for fergie not a chance… The players don’t fear the manager… Game over

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