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EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal to make ‘significant’ commercial announcement

Arseblog News can reveal that Arsenal will confirm what has been described to us as a ‘significant’ new commercial arrangement at the Emirates Stadium tomorrow lunchtime. In recent weeks Ivan Gazidis has spoken confidently about Arsenal’s next round of commercial deals putting the Gunners on a level playing field with their rivals, telling the BBC:

“Now we are at the stage where some of the commercial deals that were tied into the construction of the stadium, and enabled us to take that first big step, will be renegotiated.

“When that happens, we will take the second big step forward and that will be comparable in magnitude to moving to the stadium itself. At times it’s been a challenging project, but we will have catapulted ourselves into the elite clubs on the European scale and that, for us, has been what the last 10 years has been about.

“Very clearly, it will push the club forward and put us into the top five clubs in the world in revenue terms, which will be a fantastic position to be in.”

Speculation about Arsenal’s kit manufacturer has grown in recent months and the appointment of Simon Lilley, a former Adidas man, as the club’s new retail director that has heightened somewhat.

Arsenal also currently earn £5.5m a season from their shirt sponsorship with Emirates – a figure which was agreed in October 2004 and came as part of a package which included naming rights for the new stadium at Ashburton Grove until 2021.

Two years ago Emirates admitted that they were getting fantastic value for money from their investment and were eager to continue the partnership.

Speaking to FC Business Magazine in August 2010, executive vice chairman of Emirates Airlines, Sir Maurice Flanagan, said:

“The sponsorship deal will run until 2021 and will doubtless be renewed. We are very happy with it. For Emirates it is an extremely cost-effective way of maintaining worldwide exposure for brand Emirates.

“Our sponsorship deal with Arsenal is spread over a number of years. Annually it comes to around $8m, a fantastic bargain. We measure the ROI [return on investment] in terms of the worldwide value of the television exposure, using well-established criteria, incorporating all our markets.

“The starting point of our sponsorship of the Arsenal shirt and stadium is that Arsenal are among the top two or three clubs in the English Premier League and so their matches attract world-wide attention. The coverage which they receive is global, which of course accounts for the Gulf market where their matches are widely viewed.”

Emirates also sponsor the shirts of AC Milan and Paris Saint German and entered a partnership with Real Madrid last summer.

More on this tomorrow when all will be revealed.

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So what, the board still won’t give any money


The board were fine funding Wenger before we moved to the Emirates.

And anyway, show me any proof that the board have held funds back from Wenger, because I don’t think you can. If anything there are plenty of stories, substantiated by the players, of Wenger being in for players like Julio Cesar, Kevin Mirallas, Juan Mata and Santi Cazorla a year ago.


The board were fine funding Wenger before we moved to the Emirates.

And anyway, show me any proof that the board have held funds back from Wenger, because I don’t think you can. If anything there are plenty of stories, substantiated by the players, of Wenger being in for players like Julio Cesar, Kevin Mirallas, Juan Mata and Santi Cazorla a year ago.

He has had the money but isn’t willing to overspend to get his player.


Shut the fuck up Donny, you’re out of your element!

The Dude

The Dude appreciates this comment.


Referring to yourself in 3rd person gets you an automatic thumb up, regardless of what you say

Tom J

the dude abides


without welling players every year we would have made a loss. so if our adidas deal as rumoured to be 30 mill a year then we may be in a position where we don’t have to sell players to make a profit. wont that be nice. and any other deals (reports suggest several to be announced over a period of time) will give the club additional funds. we want to be in top 5 on the commercial side and if you think what utd, madrid, barca, liverpool and bayern make than we will have loads to spend


I reckon they are going to hire out Gerv’s forehead for advertising space.

All that prime real estate? Kerching!


Gerv’s forehead, Arshavin’s moobs, Santos’ bum. Plenty of marketing opportunities.


There is a guy who occasionally sneaks into our local, he has “The Blue Bell” tattooed on the back of his neck. Apparently the owner of the Blue Bell pub in town gave him 100 pints as payment and paid for the tattoo. Not sure who’s the stupider, him or the owner.

Either way, Gerv’s for’ed is worth far more.

Tom J

thats a classic!

Bob Smith

As long as it isn’t an Adidas made kit then I’m all for it.


why do you care?


Unnecessary stripes?


Im sorry to tell you that it will be adidas which on the financial side will be better. nike pay us about 5 million a year, adidas want to pay us 30 mill which is about what liverpool use to get. will have to see the proposed kit before i make judgements. Some reports say we could buy out nike and be in adidas after xmas. dont see why nike couldn’t up their offer as we been loyal customers for years


Honestly for that financial jump with ‘extra stripes’ the only string attached I’d be all for it.


That’s just great news … For the board that is.


And the players – salaries will be heading up.

Any chance of ticket prices going down?!?


Is it sad that I felt excitement upon reading this news?


Arsenal to make ‘significant’ commercial announcement = Gazedis to announce date of next salary increase.

If it is some news on the kit deal, fine. But then comes the test. What happens to the money ? Do we really start to to try to compete with our rivals. And if so that doesn’t mean resigning players that have left us twice already and whose best days have clearly gone. And before anyone starts whining, I don’t see Utd rushing to resign Beckham.

The truth is, I’ll believe it when I see it – out on the pitch. Not until.

Tom J

Rob, your comments are always good,being of a similar vintage i feel your pain, but your always too pasimistic. Surely you can remember John Hawley playing up front? So lets wait and see

Tom J

pesimistic even…sorry


will mean we dont have to sell players to break even like we have had to. then other deals will give more money for wages and transfers. wont see much change till 2014 like cazidas said as the deals need to kick in and the club to stabilize (count their millions lol)


It could well be the change in kit manufacturer. I’d like to think it will be something else though.

Dave Gooner

This Gooner dad says Fuck That in big capital letters.

Iits a fucking damn inconvenient time to do this, if this is so – what about little Dave Gooner’s Christmas Arsenal shirt? if its to be obsolete in 6 months time – this is fucking bullshit bigtime

Leaves a big hole in the Chrimbo stocking, its top of his list.


Makes you wonder even more about that little boy and his statement saying he don’t share the same ambition as the club. What ambition are you aiming for then? To be a massive cunt? F*ucking wanker.


We’re not challenging for PL title, his team is. Time to open your eyes.

Master Bates

well this team would if cunts like him didn’t move , actually they are challenging because of him.


but without his goals they would be below us. I know you can say someone else would have scored but on the basis if you put his goals in our team in the tight games we would have beaten utd and chelsea plus stoke, sunderland and norwich putting us top 🙂 if only


Seriously…….this story has fuck all to do with Van Persie. He proper screwed us over, we all know that. Let’s move on and get over it. Better players have been and gone. I’m guessing you’re not 12 years old so stop holding a grudge, Chamakh is an able replacement……………


I’m not sure we’ve ever sold a better player, in better form than RVP was. I’m not old enough to go back to Brady’s last year but certainly, none of the invincibles were as good when they were sold.


@sue its tight but i would say its Cesc, van, cole and then nasri in terms of quality sold


Still on this one, eh? Seems that you’re the only one looking back at this and bitter about, 11 games into the league (19 games overall) and time to move on and forward.


How long till this exclusive is also an ‘exclusive’ on then?


I hope to god we ditch Nike. In the past 4-5 years all they’ve done is concentrate on Barca and Man Utd, and we end up with bog standard template shirts. Looking forward to having an Adidas kit sometime soon.


Have you seen the United kits this year? If that is Nike ‘concentrating’ then I’d much rather be ignored by them

Master Bates

Barca Kits , look like someone played with the spray tool in photoshop


What does “bog standard template shirts” mean?


Apparently it’s not the wordart template from Microsoft Word that Nike used to design the Barca shirts.

Of the three, I’d say ours are the most attractive kits.

Big Dave

“Very clearly, it will push the club forward and put us into the top five clubs in the world… (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!) … in revenue terms … (Oh for fuck sake)”

Rad Carrot

Board: “We’ve decided to rename the stadium to… ‘The Cannon Bowl!’ It’s worth an extra packet of chips for every stakeholder!”

Fans: “Grab the torches.”

samuel wilson

I think this guy is missing the point! Firstly if you envisaged this growth in income why did you not use that to tie down players earlier? And why doesn’t this guy understand world coverage is all well and good but not ”effective” if we are not winning things. (maybe even detrimental) You have to speculate to accumulate, We should have been a little bolder in our acquisitions and kept not only our best players but funded star name signings at a young age. (shirt sales and sponsorship/ young age and the need to not spend for a couple of… Read more »


Because if you are in a poor financial position, you will not also have the ability to negotiate a fair deal. What they did was to maintain a strong financial position prior to negotiating these deals which is a high value strategy.

Big Dave

We need to visualize our strategic paradigms with a view to exploit our customized ROI, as well as transitioning our cutting-edge methodologies… oh sorry, too many shitty business bullshit buzzwords for you to handle?


we have spent a fortune to accumulate with the stadium. we could have stayed at highbury and won an extra 3 trophies but then city chelsea and utd would have over powered us with money and we would be with liverpool right now. unable to compete with a small stadium. But now we have an amazing stadium which earns alot. yes we have suffered for 8 years but that was needed to pay of the stadium. with the new deals we can begin a new era of success (hopefully) would you take 7 years of hurt like we have had… Read more »


Have the team sponsored by Angel Delight for all I care, as long as it means we don’t have to sell our best players to make a profit.

Glad this had been announced, as this should help flush out if the current board are interested in using the cash to invest in the team, or if they’re just gonna trouser even more of it.

And I don’t give a flying fuck about us being top 5 earners. That isn’t the purpose of owing and administering a football team, that should be a by-product of success on the pitch.


I’m sure they’d be delighted to hear your plan of how you intend to pay all these galacticos you intend to buy and keep.


What are you on about with talk of Galacticos? Our much vaunted business plan only ‘succeeds’ because we sell players. Fact. If we have Angel Delight or Thereisbearcum on our shirts for that matter, I could not give a a witch’s tit to be honest, as long as the income derived from these commercial deals is utilized to invest in the team. That doesn’t mean going all FM stylie, and taking about ‘Galacticos’. Just stop selling our best players, year in, year fuckin out. And I don’t care if paying Theo £xx, for example, means there are players knocking on… Read more »


You really must read and interpret the messages differently to the rest of us mate..Jesus.


do you think utd yould be where they are if they didnt care about being in top 5 earning clubs? they are a revenue machine that allows them to spend and pay fat head and a rapist 220k a week. if we get into the top it means we dont have to seel to prevent us making a loss and we can improve wages and spend more on transfers


I think He’s more interested in Charlie and sniffing out the winners at Kempton Park.



Where me edit button? 🙁


Also wrong page! I’m off to bed.

David O'Leary's Dad

Should use the extra dough to call Walcotts bluff:

“Here’s £100k a week now fucking sign”


wouldn’t calling his bluff be more like we will start you as a striker like you want so sign for 80k as you said money isn’t an issue? giving him 100k is what he wanted all this time lol

David O'Leary's Dad

I still think he’s off unfortunately – even if we do offer £100k


Unless we’ve moved banks to a new high interest account I cant see the fuss, seemingly it won’t be invested in the team, champion accountants of england again! Personally Cannot get excited unless its player announcements


wont be player unless its we have signed beckham (that is a commercial announcement lol)


No excuse for not keeping theo now then, or if he goes a replacement is now guaranteed…. Over to you Ivan.


bitches shut up


hey samir nice to see your still interested in arsenal sites, well i guess sitting on the bench all the time gives you the time to troll sites 🙂

Dial Square

Be nice to go back to umbro, when we played in our proper colours, red/white or yellow/blue 79 cup final, brings a tear to the eye…

Bendtner's ego

Umbro is currently owned by Nike and I think Nike is in the process of trying to sell them.


Maybe we could buy umbro with the money from the new commercial deal. Then we could make money selling football jerseys and not reinvest in the team


i think its worth buying umbro and sponsoring spurs at 10 mill a season so we can make their kit and put “arsenals bitches” on the kit 🙂

jack jack jack

Can’t wait for the ‘exclusive’ of this exclusive.

jack jack jack

God damn Ally beat me to it.


seems quite nice, i never think we will be able to compete with Man city and Chelsea, financial fairplay wouldn´t stop them. I wonder how many supporters those shitclubs had before their rich owners took over the club with their black oil money, shit clubs with glory hunting shit supporters. I hate Tottenham and Man utd but i hate Chelsea and City much more.


if we can finish 3rd while having to sell players imagine what we could do when we dont have to and we can attract players with better wages. would put us in the fight at least. I hate all them clubs but as i know alot of utd fans (i guess most do but my entire family are utd fans) i hate utd more. but i fucking hate spurs just because they are obsessed with being us but are cunts

Joe M

Thought a lot of those quotes were quite old


Questioned by most of us : how much will we get?
Like its gonna go in our pockets.
Wait for a while improve league position ; extract that extra money out of adidas.


No matter how much more money is coming in, neither Wenger or Gazidis should get a penny extra in wages. They are both already obscenely overpaid. All of this new cash should be ploughed into the squad. At least three quality signings are required. And only the players who actually deserve a pay rise should get one. Lucrative new contracts should be earned by quality performances on the pitch.


4-year deal with Adidas, that’s it.

Ivan Gazidis

This is great news guys..I make more money!


Ivan nice to see your down to earth and on these sites. oh mate can you do me a favour? stop selling our best players. cheers


I’m a real Arsenal fan. And I ask a serious question. Having read the Emirates execs comments, I feel, the club is disadvantaged than 10 years ago. 10 years ago, the games against United were were Super Sundays and they were title deciding games (even if we weren’t in the title race), but now I feel those games aren’t as big as before, it feels united are more preoccupied with the Chelsea and city games and so is the premier league. So my question, If 10 years ago, Emirates effectively paid £8m for Shirt and stadium per year, What is… Read more »


Fundamentally the brands’ primary concern isn’t whether you win the title or not. It’s an added bonus and an extra bit of exposure. The way they calculate value is based on reach and brand exposure. Arsenal are an extremely well supported club throughout the world. They have consistently qualified for the champion’s league for the past 13 years, they reach a global audience regularly. Further the club is well run and has a respected image. I think companies will be chomping at the bit to be associated with the club. True we would generate more earnings if we had been… Read more »


10 years ago that was about the average for a big club. then it started spiralling out of control as did kit deals with nike ect and tv money. times changed, and the prem is bigger than ever around the world. like the emirates guy said when arsenal play the whole world see the emirates name either on tv, or pictures on the internet and papers. I think some one like fifa 13 or call of duty would be an epic sponsor although you would need a new kit every year. but that kind of marketing is priceless (well almost)

Mikel Artekkers

Hate to break it to everyone but it seems very unlikely that we will be switching to Adidas. This season’s home kit was unveiled as 2012/14 kit, and Gazidis has also claimed that the club help fans by being the only team not to change the home kit every season. See also on Arsenal Direct how the kit is labelled as 2012/14. So we can’t have an Adidas kit for next season.


true it does but there is precedent for it happening before, think utd brought out a new kit half way through the season when a kit sponsorship was signed. it depends how bad adidas and us want it and as the lost liverpool (one of the best selling kits in the world) and we could be earning an extra 25 mill a year we could easily buy out the remaining year and half with nike and start our adidas adventure


I know what it is… we are cutting up Diaby’s body and auctioning of all his vitols…

Regarding the kit, anything is better than Nike these days, there are a few cunty clubs playing in Nike now, and of course it clothes the chav community…

[…] and away from the pitch to an extent, comes the news that Arsenal are to make a ‘significant’ announcement this morning with regards a commercial/sponsorship deal. There’s a media briefing today at […]


So we get an extra few million a year. So what? Will it prevent the team from commiting the same poor defensive mistakes every season? Will it prevent the manager from selecting central midfielders to play on the wing?

If only the board could spend as much effort on the actual football side of things as they do on the business, we’d be in a much better position.

But sadly the only person who seemed to know anything about football left the club some time ago, around the time we stopped winning things…


how do you think it works? if we dont make money then we are a sunday league team. the fact is we are making a loss unless we sell players. so addressing that is key to not selling players. the rest will follow with the more money we have then we wont have to make those mistakes because we will have a bigger better squad (in years to come)

Mike Hawke

Watch. It’s gonna be another malt drink partnership.

“This partnership agreement with Uganda’s number one malt drink to be the Official Malt Drink of the Club in Uganda will propel this club to new and glorious heights.”

[…] what they do best – making money. CEO Ivan the Terrible took out time to say that Arsenal’s next set of commercial deals will put the Gunners on par with their bigger spending […]

[…] what they do best – making money. CEO Ivan the Terrible took out time to say that Arsenal’s next set of commercial deals will put the Gunners on par with their bigger spending […]

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