Saturday, February 4, 2023

Gazidis: increased revenue available to manager

As the dust begins to settle on the new deal announced earlier today, Ivan Gazidis has assured fans that the extra money will be available to Arsene Wenger to spend on the squad.

[Please note: this is a new interactive type post from Arseblog News. In the space below, please fill in your own witty comment which will reference the manager’s parsimonious nature, the lack of cash-splashing in general, something about PHW spending all the money on Cuban cigars and possibly a reference or two to Chamakh or Squillaci’s wages.]







Also, there’s a quiz. Arsenal have not won a trophy in __________ years. Fill in the blank by using a Sharpie to write on your screen.

Anyway, now that we’ve got all of that out of the way, Arseblog News thinks this is a good deal for Arsenal, but will qualify that by saying it’s imperative that the money we earn from it, on top of all the other money, is used to make the team better. That’s what it comes down to at the end of the day, and empty seats during Wednesday’s Champions League over Montpellier are both worrying and a sign of a general malaise that the club must shake themselves out of.

However, assuming that’s what they want to do, Gazidis said, “The deal is all about football. It is all about giving us the resources in what we believe is a responsible and well-managed way, to be able to invest in what we put onto the pitch for our fans.

“We have been able to talk to Emirates about the payment terms and bring some of them forwards, so that we will have additional money in this financial year which will be able to invest in the summer.

“Those decisions on investment are made by our manager, and he has done an outstanding job of managing the resources of the club over time, and we expect that to continue, but he will have more resources available.”

Wenger has already admitted he’s looking at striking options for January – although it’s just as likely we’ll bring Thierry Henry on loan than actually sign somebody.

Nevertheless, as the money grows so will the pressure to spend it so it does work both ways. Let’s hope so anyway.

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CUBAN CIGARS!!!! Seriously though, anyone who doesn’t think this is very positive for the club needs to open their eyes and see through the cigar smoke.


For sure its good for the club but is it good for the team.

jack jack jack

Did you come up with that all by yourself? He referenced ‘the club’ not ‘the corrupt-by-implication upper echelons of the club’ or ‘the club as a business’ (that’s a favourite). As far as I’m concerned, good for the club means good for the team as a football club is first and foremost about the football. Basically, you knew what he meant and chose use his platform to express a clever sounding but entirely superficial attack on the club’s hegemony. We ask for more money, we get more money, we complain. This can only be a good thing, we will have… Read more »


How many years did you write on your screen?


You seem to be making the same point as me while attacking me. Whats that about. I’m a supporter of the football club and definitely not the corporate club and with Ivan I am never sure which entity he is talking about.


Is that a trick question

Tom J

The club is being run as a business that needs to break even. If we have more investment and continue to aim towards breaking even, we have more cash available for team investment. It’s not just about spending it, its about how it is spent


@TomJ blah blah business blah blah investment blah blah break even … We’ve been a very financially healthy club for years now but i still don’t see no silver. I’m sure the board and shareholders are very happy with the club but do they even know who’s in the team? Two different things, only one can win things.

Tom J

@Theoptimist…the reason we have been financially healthy is because of the way we are run, surely even you can work that out. Phase 1 of the longterm plan was moving into a stadium.And we have done well despite the financial strain. Now renegotiating the commercial deals is the next phase that may bring us to another level. I can remember Wenger at the time the move was announced saying there would be some tough years ahead, and that even without the sugar daddies coming into the equation. Thats the problem with kids and football fans, they expect everything now now… Read more »

jack jack jack

@weedwacker Sorry, that came out more aggressive than I had hoped. The basic point I was making is that I don’t see how it couldn’t be good for the team (essentially a huge increase in revenue) unless one is implying that Ivan, Arsene and Stan are involved in some kind of Illuminati secret society where they actually just pocket the cash and use it to control governments in a plot to bring about a new world order…or something.’s 4am. Essentially, lack of unlimited petro-funds seems to be the reason we haven’t won much recently and this deal should go… Read more »

One Arsenal

@ Tom J. Let’s not even start with comments Wenger has made in the past.


@jack jack jack
We are on the same page mate. For years I didn’t have a clue about club finances or board members etc and that was happier time. All I care about is our players walking out onto the pitch and bleeding Arsenal. That takes a special synergy between player, manager, the board and the fans. Anyway looking forward to Gibbs starting again to get the left side humming again and ripping Villa a new one.


On the other hand, having a bath full of 20 pound notes is probably also seen as very positive for the club in Ivan’s eyes.


more Cuban Cigars 😀

Unyoke The Ox

PHW: I’ve got some Cubans in the trunk, let’s break them out and smoke them

Gazidis: Great, I love cigars.

PHW: I ain’t talking about cigars son. Where’s my six shooter?

Gazidis: *concerned look*

PHW: Ahaha, I’m joking, lighten up Ivan. *lights cigar*

(Disclaimer: I love Cuba and the people of Cuba. I’m also rather excited about AFC spending some money in the right places and hopefully getting Theo to sign da ting)


Sounds like a great deal but as Blogs says, its important the money is spent!


Pretty much everybody’s thoughts.

I hope when Gazidis said “and bring some of them forwards”, it was pun intended!

Sol Goodman

If it even stops us selling our best player every year…..that would be nice!

It’s time for the whole team to start saying how good Leo Messi would fit in at the Arsenal.


And what if he chooses not to spend it like the money he has now ?


Time will tell i suppose.

Cygan's Middle Foot

He throws everything to Arsene in the public. But in the meeting, he keeps the fucking fund so he can get higher bonus in the end of the year.




In which position do you all think we need to add some strenght to the team (considering Walcott stays with us) ????


Well one quick way to test this is to see what happens in January, is it not ?

If we either resign TH or welcome Bendtner back ’cause he’s “like a new signing” then we’ll know the funds are earmarked for Stan to help him pay off the loans he incurred, buying the Fizman/Bracewell-Smith share portfolios – won’t we ?

On the other hand, if we were to sign Huntelaar – for example – it might indicate that we are trying to be serious about winning something. The proof will be in what we do – or don’t do.

H. P. Arsecraft

I will hold you to that i januari Blogs.

Stroud Green Road Boy

Yes, either Gazidis is lying – which would be very foolish of him – or this is the big test of Wenger now. No excuses anymore, Gazidis has put all the onus on Wenger now.


Arseblog trolling himself????


Villa on Saturday correct? I like football. This shit is lame.


Who disagrees with this statement?


They would never sack him blogs, and Ide hate to see it to be honest. But gazidis has more or less hung arsene out to dry again. We have supposedly more than 35 million to spend already and now this new amount. I just don’t see it’s all down to arsene but then I can’t understand why arsene doesn’t say something or if he does have the Money, that he won’t spend it.
It’s just all very strange.


I think Wenger loves his job and he knows how high he can go in reasoning with the Board. This is why he is not open publicly about almost anything. He knows that money runs our club but also that Board wont go into any risk. For them risk is: what if Arsenal buys two world class players and not sell anyone, and do not win anything again? That can easily happen to anyone so they are counting on 4th and maybe one day we can have lucky year and win something with what we have. But I think that… Read more »

Master Bates



YES! I like this new interactive thing, where Arseblog writes something, and then we get to add comments below! It makes it seem like my voice matters!!!


And finally we challenge the Klingons for intergalactic domination!

Hurrah! Looking forward to Arsène acting like a coked up lottery winner in the transfer market come January.


Like it or choose to overlook it: the club has been and still is in debt, I respect how we hand handle the responsibility, and have survived around the top four. As fans we shoulf support the team through the tough and successful moments, and accept its going to continue to be a difficult time as fans, but once we are debt free that it will get better. Did the Invincibles team come from tight purses? No. Have faith that those days will return. It’s something we have to accept in the short term to regain the long term glory.… Read more »


We don’t believe you Ivan mate


I think he’s not going to spend the money on players


True. i really hope I’m wrong.


There’s no way they can announce that the club has an extra £25 million to spend each year and not use it. Unless they just like making us reeeaallllyyy annoyed. And I mean really annoyed!

Big Deal

i think the board will withold the funds from Wenger and start paying Dividends to the shareholders


Clearly it’s Wenger who is holding back the spending. Gazidis has no say in who is bought, in my opinion. They did well to improve the deal, that’s it, if Wenger is obsessed with signing from the French league they accept it, but it’s not like they had any intention to tell Wenger who he can sign and who he cannot.

About selling players… that’s a different story though.

Poliver Girolski

Actually i really doubt it is Wenger who is holding back the spending, Arsenal have been paying off debt from the building of the stadium and the conversion of Highbury in to apartments, and as Gazidis has said many a times this was all part of a several year plan to position Arsenal in a very very favourable financial situation.. The money has always been there for Wenger to spend but I reckon that there has been a cap on spending “X” amount per player in place to ensure that AFC pay off any and all debt instead of adding… Read more »


The baying mob… we see people praising Ivan Gazidis here and yet just a few weeks ago in the aftermath of the AGM and whatnot there were people begging to be sold to Usmanov. It’s way too early to be optimistic, lets see what happens with Walcott and Sagna, give it a few years and see what sort of trend develops. For the moment I judge solely on the results we have achieved (bare minimum 4th place) and the way in which we have managed our squad/transfers (unsatisfactory). The current trend hasn’t changed yet, thus I remain cautious, slightly tilting… Read more »

One Arsenal

Cannot help thinking that both Sagna and Walcott will be sold, so Wenger can start grooming (experimenting) another pair of players in those positions; as he always does each season. And that’s why the team is weaker at the start of each season, because the team has to get to know new players and begin to play as a team. Unfortunately by the time they ‘click’ as a team and begin to do well, they can only manage 4th at best.
Same cycle each year. At least the board is satisfied


This is a huge step forward for the club. Now to get a huge deal with Adidas. Plus the increased revenue from EPL TV rights, Arsenal will finally be catching up. It’s important now to spend that money to first, retain our best players, cut the losses (deadwood), and then sign the mythical “2-3 top players” that Arsenal have been missing since 2007


Well said Sir.


Between this deal and the new EPL TV rights, Arsenal already have another 55 million pounds annually of revenue. Wow!

Add in a new kit manufacturer deal (coming soon), and there’ll be no excuses. That is, until Chelsea and Manchester City inflate the market again.

Rectum Spectrum

how many times have we said this over the last few years and its still true today: we need a signing of immediate calibre that signals our intent, and most importantly lifts the squad up a notch. We need a Bergkamp moment. Now is the time.

Master Bates



Cazorla is a great player, but the ‘Bergkamp moment’ referred to would be similar to a ‘Messi moment’ nowadays ie someone that shows a true intent to be successful. It sharpened the senses for a while, knowing we got a top world-class player to the club.

I know we aren’t going to get Messi, I’ll leave you to think of a possible alternative – Benzema? Neymar? Feel free to suggest.

Henry's beard

As much as the rumours are clearly complete bollocks, a signing like Llorente or Mario Goetze would seriously give the fans and squad a much needed lift.

To clarify, those are just examples. They won’t actually happen.

David O'Leary's Dad

Agreed – Edison Cavani in Jan would be nice

Plus sign up Walcott and get a class left back to cover Gibbs.

Do that and we might just win something

Pride of London

Cavani just signed a new deal with Napoli. Edin Dzeko would be nice though. proven goalscorer in the premiership

Poliver Girolski

I have been hearing rumours for ages about huntelaar, and today I saw them again on BBC gossip ( I know i should not believe anything on there )

Ideally if we want to show intent we need to steal Falcao from under that russian mobsters noise, we need to show we can compete with these clubs by stealing one of their target signings!


Lewandowski – young stud who scores in bunches to pin down for a good while. Falcao would be nice but beyond our pay grade.


Edin dzeko??? When we have a giroud in our ranks. Talk about an aguero-esque striker with good speed, agility and wonderful finisher. Only there’s one of those. Aguero himself!



I have a feeling we’ll sign a midfielder (depending on whether Diaby can ever regain fitness, which i really hope he does, got a soft spot for the lad) to augment the arteta/wilshere/cazorla trio for a bit more squad rotation. Wenger loves a strong midfield. a striker/winger would be nice also depending on the walcott thing. We’d better keep sagna aswel!!!!!!!!


Lewandowski would be a good buy. Would fit right in with Szczesny, Podolski, and Koscielny. But he’s still young and will have re-sale value.

Something tells me, though, that he’ll be landing at a different English club.

jack jack jack

Jiggalo, don’t forget Rosicky! He’s my favourite.


Our policy does seem to have changed in the last 18 months, Wenger definitely sees the value in buying an experienced player in his prime, he always has but moving to the Grove stopped that to some extent. But with Arteta, Mertesacker, Poldi and Cazorla it has happened again. I see us signing another quality CF in the January window and possibly a left back, whether this is an understudy to Gibbs or a more experienced defender remains to be seen.. This money can only be a good thing for the club, even if that means being able to increase… Read more »


and Sagna


Let’s be fair, before the move to Ashburton, Wenger had cash to spend. I mean he spent 10m+ on Wiltord.

We’ve paid our dues having to adjust to a new transfer policy and our notorious restrictive wage structure.

I haven’t been Gazidis’ biggest fan but I trust he will make the increased funds available to Wenger


Good deal now for The Arse, I/we will all be slagging it off in three years when Man Utd sign a billion dollar deal with Donald Trumps arise hair.

surprised by Ivan’s comments perhaps he’s feeling the pressure and wants to pass some on to Wenger…


Well, we’re only locked in for five years (that’s perhaps my favorite part of the deal), so we shouldn’t fall too far behind by 2018.


Let me start at the outest by congratulating the management and off course us fans for striking such a great deal. But in my opinion investing the major part of the income in strengthning the youth system should be a priority. I mean, in short term its okay to go for an established striker.(Huntelaar anyone?) But in a long run we could benefit greatly by an establishment which will ensure us a constant flow of quality player. Think La Masia. Cheers!

LeeLee Duschenjo

(Huntelaar anyone?)

I stopped reading.


Hunteelar would be a like for like for giroud. He’s pretty slow but has a good eye for goal. I would like a speedy striker to compliment the team in counterattacks. Adrian lopez, bojan, dudu…this kinda guyz.


isnt huntelaar available on a free this summer??

also, zaha is constantly being linked.


“…we will have additional money in this financial year which will be able to invest in the summer.

“Those decisions on investment are made by our manager, and he has done an outstanding job of managing the resources of the club over time, and we expect that to continue, but he will have more resources available.”

“Those decisions on investment are made by our manager” is the worrying part. We’ll see, but the squad needs some additions now if we want a top four spot, let alone a trophy.

Terry norman

Is he a manager of a football team or ‘head accountant”? If he spent more time managing the team rather than worrying about the clubs P&L maybe we wouldn’t have had 7, and probably now 8, barren years. We’ve been continually told he’s got this 50-60 mill war chest, so why is this 30mill a year going to change his attitude overnight? When he does shop he also needs to start shopping at Harods and get out of Aldi’s. It the same story in any walk of life, you get what you pay for. Although the only exception to that… Read more »

Pride of London

Ill believe that when I see it. Hopefully he spends the money on a ready made top class striker. we could do with one

the only sam is nelson

this goes a long way to explaining why Stan and the fat Uzbek are battling it out so hard over ownership it’s a big fucken gravy train with this, the extra money from Sky hoving into view and the big swollen juicy udders that are our fucken wallets being picked by the board still £30m a year is better than £5m a year and it means there will be a 278% increase in the bitterness of online blog postings by gooners, along with a 152% decrease in perspective Anyhow. Blogs. What does Johann Djorou have to say about the fiscal… Read more »

Tom J

great post Sam


For Johan Djourou’s opinion, you should just ask him what he wrote in the “interactive portion” of the blog post.


It’s not necessary that we have to spend on new players. If we could give our players the wages they deserve then that would do. We could have kept Na$ri, van Per$ie etc. We have the money to buy a Messi or a Ronaldo or a Neymar but we are still not rich enough to pay them the wages they deserve.

LeeLee Duschenjo

Kept Nasti and the Cunt? Wash your mouth, please

5pur2 dr00L

No thanks. Glad the cunts are where they belong (and where the little boys inside them want to be).


for all my gazidis bashing over the years i have to give credit where credit is due, this is a very good deal for the club. For all those who still think it isnt enough may i just remind you that we have increased the previous deal by 600% and if the simpletons still need me to break that down even further. it has gone from 5mil to 30mil per year so instead of you waking up on your birthday and finding 5 million in your birthday card you now find 30 million. You gotta love your gran, right?! Kudos… Read more »


Well Llorrente in January. Now that will be the deal.


another target man? I hope not


I love the fact that people still cling to the belief that we have had plenty of money over the last couple of seasons, it’s just that Arsene has been unwilling to spend it: his spending pattern pre-move and post-move to the Emirates is completely different. Surely it is obvious that the lack of spending was less to do with an ethos philosophy, and much more to do with the fact that we just didn’t have bags of cash hanging around the office. The “we have money for the right players” line was surely just arsene etc toeing the company… Read more »



the only sam is nelson

Way-hey! Just in: Johann Djourou says “the most interesting aspect of this deal does not lie in the multiplier compared with the previous deal, although most headlines will concentrate on this. Instead we must look elsewhere – it’s the removal of the need to amortise these earnings on the balance sheet to offset interest payments on the stadium loan that is the *real* story here. This isn’t like getting £30m a year instead of £5m a year – it’s like getting £30m a year instead of nothing. And you can take that to the bank, fellow gooners. So long as… Read more »

Henry's beard

^^ Quality post.


Word on the street (via (German)Sky-Expert Erik Meijer (who had the same agent as Huntelaar) is that Arsenal are frontrunners to sign Klaas-Jan Huntelaar in the winter. 10-15 Million €.


what was wrong with JVC?


With the £50m in the bank that is allegedly (according to Swiss Ramble) available for transfers, and this £25m extra per season, I believe it’s time for us to start tapping up some Barca players.

Messi for starters, and there is a midfielder there who looks pretty decent, Fabregas I think his name was.

Daft Aider

Maybe we’ll be able to push the boat and get a real non-inflatable tea lady then

Red Fred

Guess I’m getting sceptical in my old age. We are now told the boss has money to spend. But we have always been told that, but rarely spend more than 15m on one player and thats when we sell other players to fund it. And what’s this about getting some of the money early, when ever I ask for a sub on my wages it’s coz I’ve fucked up on my budgeting, why do we need a sub to buy a player that we should have funds for anyway. We are probably the only club to get near breaking even… Read more »


I’m also afraid nothing special will change. They brought us to the level where we are hoping to extend Sagna and others, and not who we have to buy to fight for the top!


Well, in a sense, we still can’t compete with the Chelseas, Man Cities, and the PSGs of the world (unless FFP actually works). It’s just not possible to compete with infinite money.

But if you don’t think an extra 50-55 million pounds per year (once the new TV deals click in) doesn’t help the club’s capabilities to be active in the transfer window and wage packets, well, that’s a bit silly isn’t it?


so much bin said……lets c hw d boss uses d money

Arsene's Bored Banker

Who is this Bin Said fellow? A guy from Emirates?
And why do you want to see Hill Wood the boss?
Plz ansah

The Loving Hands of Wenger

JHfj fjjf j9-i 9u09 ??


Having money well spent is good, but that’s not to say we shouldn’t buy top class player.


Bring me Falcao!!!!!

heck get me 2 of those.. we are loaded!!


I know we all moan about not spending big when there is money there. But don’t forget when you spend big you’ve got to pay big as well. This is where the big flaw is in City and Chelski’s big spending. How sustainable is it paying such inflated wages every week? Your oil rich owners will only keep putting in for so long. Not sure what FFP affect will have but all in all this is a great deal for Arsenal.

The Loving Hands of Wenger

I say sign Fabregas back.

Cazorla, Fabregas, Arteta, Wilshere, Oxlade Chamberlain/Walcott = pure, unadulterated terror.

I know it will never happen. *sigh*


Time for some hot, sweaty Andy Carroll action!!!!
Wait!.. Joke!!!! Don’t thumbs downs…. arrrrhrhhhghhghhh!


Can we buy back robin van persie, just to get frimmers to put him down for good?. We are the arse, we have the money now. Come on!

And will gazidis assure us of spending by say wrapping up a deal for a top striker on a pre-contract like we did for poldi?. This will really get me in the mood………Anyway it’s up from here I guess


Frankly I don’t believe this will mean we will suddenly start buying Cavanis and Falcaos and Gotzes. HOWEVER, if it means we can buy more Gervinhos, Oxes, Cazorlas, Artetas, Girouds, Podolskis and Mertesackers WITHOUT selling the Songs, Van Persies, Nasris, Fabregases, and so on, then that in itself will put us on an excellent platform to compete. We’re spent money on decent players over the years – not outrageous money, but calculated risks within reason. This has been offset by selling off our stars, meaning we are always a few names short of a deep, quality squad. If this money… Read more »


Huntelaar is a great finisher, availible for cheap price, hates Van Persie, and scored the first ever goal at our new stadium. I say he is destined to play for us. Also, we must sign up Theo. we have been for too patient for him to fuck off now right when he is maturing. Damn the English media for hyping him up too much when he was 16. It would be sad to see him go. If we actually win something (yes, I know) then we will probably resign Fabregas.


I hope


So now Arsene can give the contract that Theo demanded i.e. 1000per week.We have the money now…….


Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Mind the fucking gap!!!!

Terry norman

Once again the Arsenal have been sold on the cheap, this deal is terrible. To get £30 mill a year we have had to throw in the naming rights of the stadium and our training kit. A monkey could have negotiated a better deal than Gazedis. Man u bought back their training kit sponsorship cos they thought they could get a better deal than the £40 mill over 4 years they signed up to. Sunderland get £20 mill a year from ‘invest in Africa’ shirt sponsorship without any sweeteners. Just take a minute, get away from the headline figure and… Read more »


^^ Spot on .. wait for ages for the mystical sponsorship deals to all be due, then get brainwashed with one new ‘extension’ of a deal worth £30m starting from the original £5.5m deal finishes (not for another two years) … + adding the whole stadium naming + training kits to it ..

it is good value for money on what we have .. but not really the deal we were all promised.


All this is great news, but hope no-one’s holding their breath for Theo to be the immediate test case for the new improved richer Arsenal. I hope he stays personally, but realistically he’s looking at getting a salary of £135k plus if he moves elsewhere on a Bosman. So lets say any new club values him at £20m, but offers him £15m as a sign on, amortized over a 5 year deal. That’s £3m quid a year, or what, £56k odd a week? So even if they lumped that on top of the same reported £75k we’re offering him, he’s… Read more »


Surprised your slumming it with angelina Mooro.


Can’t get rid mate. Come round and put up this chipboard for me is the latest line she’s using.

Likely bloody story.


She’s a Trollope mate, don’t fall for it, before ya know it you will have hundreds of adopted kids to pay for..


No fear mate, that’s what did for me and Madonna.

She wanted a Zafira for the extra seats (not more bloody kids I thought). I was having none of it being quite happy with the Astra.

So that was that.


I just can’t get past the utterly cunty management consultant speak of Gazidis.

“The expansion of our revenue base will help us in managing that relationship as we look forward.”

Fuck off back to Accenture you manky little twat.


plissss bring in wanyanma……d guy‘s a beast

Terry norman

Kermit, good value over what we had, cos what we had previously was piss poor!

Terry norman

How can you think 5 mill a year for sponsoring the Arsenal wasn’t “piss poor”. I know Kermit is on here, which muppet are you?

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

We are the richest club in the world now!! Let’s buy messi and Lescott!!!

Terry norman

For those who think Gazedis deserves credit for his role in “The Great Stadium Robbery”, compare our deal to Paris Saint Germain who negotiated a deal of nearly 100 million euros A YEAR for a SHIRT sponsorship deal, without any sweeteners!

Dial Square

PSG are the biggest and richest club in France, so they can command better deals. Arsenal are not the biggest or richest club in England but this is still a good deal, also the new kit deal will boost the coffers even more, but don’t expect Arsene to start spending in January, not when we can get Henry on the cheap for a few weeks…..


Those 100 million euros are not real money. It’s an accounting trick to make PSG FFP-compliant. Better to compare our deal to Man Utd, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, etc. I think we did well when you look at our stature.

Terry norman

Dial, they may well be the biggest club in France, but they don’t have the world wide name or exposure of the Arsenal. Dont you think we have given to much away i.e. shirt sponsorship, ground naming rights, training kit sponsorship for £150 mill. Break it down into what each of those components is worth individually, add them together and see if you get £150 mill or perhaps even a lot more. For example, “granted back of the envelope stuff” If sunderland can command £20 mill a year for shirt only. Man u £10 mill a year for their training… Read more »


They are absolutly one of the richest clubs in the world, the owner owns 8 large companies so PSG:s economy is nearly unlimited, just as City 🙂

Dial Square

The problem with naming rights is that no one is going to pay us loads of money to have the ‘second naming rights’, the reason being that our stadium will always be known as the Emirates, no matter what the official title is, everyone knows that so they will not pay mega bucks to call it anything else!!!!

Terry norman

Well if that’s the case, why mention they have extended the period? And furthermore why not cut a much better deal at the very outset I.e if they knew, as you seem to suggest, no one is going want to sponsor the ground afterward?


Hey arseblogers, when you started this “interactive type of blog” and leave some space for usual (boring) comments why don’t you open a Ramsey lovers post where all the lovers and defenders of the holly and mucho talented Ramsey will place their words of love with you happy among them?


We should get one of them flux capacitors and go back and sign Falcao all them years ago like we nearly did.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Re: the naming rights… Several have pointed out that it is a devalued asset as the stadium has been known as the Emirates since its inception. This is really nothing more than a sweetener and shouldn’t be causing this amount of teeth gnashing. This deal still represents very good value in the current market and should be hailed as a positive. Would like to see money invested in another holding midfielder as cover for Arteta before anything else. While he has remained remarkably fit his age is a concern and a fresh pair of legs at that spot would also… Read more »

[…] inhaling the smoke, they are still at risk of developing various types of oral and larynx cancers.Cigars have long been associated with the rich and powerful, with relaxation and rich flavor. Cigar …upper echelons of society. It is believed that cigars were probably first produced in Spain, and […]

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