Gervinho, SZCZ, Gibbs missing: early Man Utd team news


Arsene Wenger has given an update ahead of Saturday’s early clash with Man United and as expected Arsenal will be without Gervinho. The Ivorian picked up an ankle knock in the late win against QPR last weekend and is expected to be out of action for three weeks.

Hopes of other returns have been dashed with news that Wojciech Szczesny, who returned to training this week, and Kieran Gibbs remained sidelined. That means Vito Mannone will continue in goal. Abou Diaby and Tomas Rosicky remain in 2-3 week limbo.

Despite 120 minutes in midweek, and some ‘heavy legs’, according to Arsene Wenger, there are no new injury problems ahead of the United game. Although Ignasi Miquel was taken off late in the game he was not expected to be part of the squad in any event.

Last season the visit to Old Trafford resulted in an 8-2 thrashing but the manager is sure there will be no ill-effects but is hoping for a confidence boosting performance.

“‘Last year’s result was down to special circumstances. We have had it behind us for a long time. For the belief of the team it’s vital we do well on Saturday.”

Updates via @arsenal

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the only sam is nelson

12 goals in our last game, 9 goals in the Glazerhawks’ game last night

It’s nailed on as a 0-0 isn’t it?

Dr Baptiste

or 21-22, with the goal posts falling down and being replaced with jumpers.


do not boo RVP. He may have left, but he’s a class player. Surely, football fans can appreciate that

big dawg

So just cos someone is a classs player you don’t boo them? Hmmmm..let’s think…

And in any case, that statement of his wasn’t very classy was it?

Paul Murphy

He went to the team that call our manager a pedo if he had gone anywhere else I might agree and he knew apart from the team down the road there was not a team he could join that would have been a bigger kick in the nuts than manure! But he did it anyway. He deserves everything he will get and more

Dog Eat Arse

What? Who are you? His inner child?


im not going to boo him, im going to boo the child inside him


I say give him fucking hell


HAhahahahahahahahahahaa… hahahahahahahahahaa!

Perry Groves

RVP lied all the way and we are expected to accept it. I don’t think so. Give the bastard hell


That dutch skunk deserves more than just booing,just the statement thing was so infuriating,he could have found many excuses but that was really shite.

Eric Irish gunner

As much as I want the win I’d take the 0-0, and the skunk not to score, hope santos keeps Valencia quiet


Sad about Szcz and Gibbs missing out. Their return would have ‘refreshed’ the squad like Jack and Sagna’s last week. All I can see is Valencia cutting the cuddy Santos to bits.

gunner in Manchester

Not so easy. If Santos is told not to go forward to much, then he’s a decent marker to any dribbler.

Just hope the whole team believe in themselves and never drop their heads in that game.

Walcott and Giroud is a very exciting pair in the attack. One offers pace and the other heights and size. And, what more, both are good finishers.

It’s down to you now, Arsene or Da Ting.


How about deploy Verminator on the left and Add Kos in the middle. It’s too harsh for cuddly maverick?


Rather I just hope the rest of the team gives much needed back up for Santos.
If it’s anything like Schalke, we’re screwed.


Based on Koscielny’s form of late. I’m not sure that’s an upgrade.


Santos will have a well rested poldi to help him down that left side, no worries..


What I’m surprised by is that written into the contractual arrangement (sale agreement) between the Arsenal and ManU was the exclusion of Mr Pursie – surely that would have made sense from our perspective? So that when both teams met (home/away) he would be excluded from playing? Therefore his involvement wouldn’t directly influence the result of the match… we could have even reduced the amount offered to enable this clause?

Makes sense to me?


Not only sad but puzzling. I thought Sczc most of these guys were supposed to be back in 3 weeks, something like more than 3 weeks ago


Well with all the injuries taken account we sure have a task on our hands. Only thing I want to see Saturday is us showing we can match United on our day, this team is so unpredictable you just don’t know what side will turn up! Preferably the one who played against Liverpool would be good, tight defensively and hit them on the counter attack. How many teams score their playing like that? A few from recent events!


I was so happy about the Reading game, it was so good to see the players feeling some sense of pride for wearing the gun on their chest but I am worried about the United game. No Gibbs will be a huge miss and santos will have to really step up around 4 levels or Nani/Valencia will rip him to shreds. I think it won’t be such a bad idea if Verms played left back and Kos and Merts in the middle. We will have to be very very tight at the back if we are to get anything at… Read more »


No Ramsey or Jenkinson, even on your bench?! I have a feeling we’ll start with Mannone, Santos, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Sagna, Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla, Podolski, Ramsey and Giroud…although personally I’d go with your starting XI and play Walcott over Ramsey (on the back of the Reading game he has staked his claim for the first team place on a purely footballing merit). Not sure about the defense but Kos in and Vermaelen at leftback wouldn’t exactly be a great risk to take considering the Valencia Santos battle

Runcorn Gooner

A lot will depend on which team turn up on Saturday.If it is the positive one during
the earlier games we can beat them because they are very suspect at the back.
I won’t mention the second scenario because it doesn’t bear thinking about.
The ref is Mike Dean so it could have been worse.
Here’s to a positive lunch time and a Fergie rant afterwards.

Also a Runcorn Gooner

This suburb isn’t big enough for two Gooners…

Also a Runcorn Gooner

I’m joking, obiously. 😛

Runcorn Gooner

The more Runcorn Gooners the better but with different names.Sure I saw a Runcgooner somewhere.
Sorry to all other worldwide Gooners for the interruption on Blog.


Now I have to know why there are any Gooners in Runcorn at all, when there are two perfectly good teams already in the area.

Why don’t you support Bolton/Stoke?

Runcorn Gooner

Obviously Geography is not your speciality subject as regrettably our nearest teams are Liverpool/Everton/Mancs U and C.
I was born half a mile from Highbury as a matter of interest.



Big Dave

I really want someone to clatter RVP, though I dont know if many of our players could (hope I’m wrong) – Most of our players were probably good friends with him. Giroud could get some mega brownie points here by smashing him on Saturday.

I dont necessarily want them to injure RVP, but I would like to see him cry… LIKE A FUCKING BABY! THE PRICK!

(Sorry, the wounds have yet to heal).


At the very least, he should be totally blanked by our players.

They might still be mates, but for that 100 minutes (Old Trafford time) on Saturday, he’s the enemy.

None of that cuddly cuddly bollocks Cesc got up to pre-Barca game a couple of years back.

Big Dave

Definitely! We’ll have none of that Song-Adebaymoneywhore man-love going on either with RVP!!


Get Frimpong in there, he’ll take care of V.Perise

steve boulds hairdresser

i dont know if i could take another loss to united. UP THE ARSE!


Yes, but can anyone tell me how likely it is that Robin van Persie will be kicked in the teeth by an Arsenal player? Not that I want his teeth kicked all the way down his throat or anything.

Just a little bit down his throat will do. Or maybe one goes all the way down and then tears a hole in his rectal tract causing him to bleed to death with some poo in his blood so his blood is all brown and stinky.

Sort of.


No, I would prefer to kick that little boy inside his arse.


A really big blow missing both Szcesny and Gibbs. Terrified about Valencia against Santos. I know Koscienly’s performances have been a little dodgy this season but i think playing Vermaelen at left back and Kos at CB is a better option. And just pray and hope that Mannone will have the kind of game that he had against fulham


Stop thinking of van persie.
Sagna Per Kos Verm
Arteta Wilshere Cazorla
Walcott Giroud Podloski


see why you would leave Santos out but remember we need to attack too.


Santos is not able to fight against Valencia and with Per, Kos and Verm we will have more chances in the air both in defense and attack. Also with Verm on LB Podloski will be more free to think about attack and not just covering Santos back when he goes out of his position.

Fanta pants

I do hope Vermaelen sings a bit of stealers wheel to Per when santos is at left back. Joker to left of me, sanga to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you… Ok I’ll get my coat!

Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle

To the tune of Jack and Jill…….

Jack and Mikel passed the ball
to Santi running through
A flick and a chip
Theo’s too quick
And Lukas puts it through to Girouuuuuud!!

1-0 Arsenal. You heard it here first.

Clock End Mike

I didn’t know there _was_ a tune for Jack and Jill…

Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle

Ok fine! To the rhythm of Jack and Jill. Happy now?! 😉


1. I don’t want us to be outplayed. 2. rvp shouldn’t score or may he miss a pelanty. 3. I want our midfield to dominate.if scholes plays someone please mark that genius passer of the ball. 4. it’s about time someone scored a WONDER GOAL. the kind that even old Trafford will appreciate. 5. repeat number 2. 6. hope attacking players who don’t usually score get on the scoresheet. OX,JACK,GIROUD…POLDI N CAZORLA…that’s our whole attacking line up with Mr.14 missing. 7. MERTESACKER SHOULD SCORE 8. I hate that number. “hate-two” 9. number of goals I wouldn’t mind seeing in this… Read more »


5-4 ? 2 united penalties ? Your dreams have low standards.
My dream goes 6-0 us. Persie gets …. no i wont go there, i’m over it. .. that cunt.

Eric Irish gunner

Scholes = Ginger manc cunt

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I would feel so much more comfortable with ScZ in goal.



For me, our goalkeeper situation is dodgy this weekend whether it’s VM or WS… I mean, it’s either our third-choice goalkeeper who’s played the last couple games, or it’s our young first-choice goalkeeper who’s been out awhile (and totally let in a ball he should have saved the one game he did play).

He's got not hair but we don't care...

We absolutely cannot afford to let Santos have the kind of shocker he did against the Germans!

I love Gibbs and with Jenks on the other side our full back future looks solid BUT with his injury issues we need a better back-up.


I see no Szczesny and Gibbs. It’s sign of a defending error written on it.
Well, that means another Reading-like match will be serve again by Arsenal. At least I want us to score 14 or 17 with every shots scores for us and we could let them score a stingy 1 or 2.

Tony Adams morning breath

Hope to see Poldi, Giroud, Theo up front!

On another note, if we could get Diaby fit we could play Arteta, Diaby and Jack in midfield in the “big games”. Cazorla could play on the wing in games like that.

Anyway, as long as Skunkey does not score on saturday, I will be happy.


I hope TV throttles Van Persie again. The fact that he did it in the past probably shows he has some sort of sixth sense – like he knew RVP was going to do a monsterously cunty act in the future.


Missing Gibbs

TV recently said he’s still friends with that judas and talks to him from time to time. Disappointing, was hoping for some Verminator action against the traitor.


Man utd(1) vs Arsenal(3.)expect injury 4rm RVP in d match aganist Reading


Man utd(1) vs Arsenal(3.)expect injury 4rm RVP in d match aganist Reading.goodies 2gooners


Utd will be boosted if they see the teamsheet with Santos starting, we just have to have Tommy in left back, it would have the effect of allowing Poldi to be more adventurous on the left,
If we can start solid there will be chances against this Utd back four no doubt and I have mentioned in a post before dreaming a few weeks ago about a cop throwing my dyson hoover over a cliff and the same night Giroud receives a flick on at OT and scores….. ying yang I guess…
I’m weak with the anticipation already….


Chez missing is the real problem. We look in real trouble right now between the sticks. Mannone, Flappyhandski and Martinez are all well below the standard that a club like ours demands. If Wenger doesn’t buy a keeper in January then he’s a real idiot.

The thought of Santos at full-back at Old Trafford brings me out in a cold sweat.


I wouldn’t call Arsene an idiot, but the goalkeeping situation is very worrying.
We are stuck with our 3rd choice keeper, and it is not good.

Dog Eat Arse

Chez himself is not the most trustworthy keeper in the country (we do need a new experienced keeper) . I`m not that bothered about Mannone, all our keepers are error prone, but I am filled with terror of the prospect of Valencia against Santos. Valencia will have the time of his life…..


We conceded five against a team like reading and I fail to see any “special” circumstances there.I don’t expect a result for us honestly.It could yet be another landslide.Brace yourselves.


united 2 – 9 arsenal lets go 1 better..!


Santos scares the fuck out of me at the back, hoping for the best but am just not looking forward to this game. I just can’t bear the thought of losing an rvp scoring.
Hope arsene plays theo, Man U are week at the back and we need to exploit it.


To be honest, i expect us to lose. That classless fuckface has got Arsene’s number tactically, and with our recent defensive form, and with their 12 th player on the pitch we will lose 2-0 at least.

That said; I will be the happiest man alive if someone shoved this prediction down my throat come Saturday 3pm.


Open wide…

HW Gooner

Fellas just a quick note. 12.45 kick-off, which is incidentally when we’re shittest. Still, records are made to be broken and all that shit…


I think we’ll get battered.

the good thing is, that usually means we’ll get a result or play well but not get a result.

either way, it is against the teams we should beat that we usually fall apart and score an own goal or two.

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

I hope van moneyskunk gets his fucking leg snapped and dies lol


Is it me or would sagna at left back and Jenks at right be far more solid and pacey and offer more going forward than tv at left?


That was my idea. We did it early early last season during the injury crisis. Against Udinese I think.


1-0 to Arsenal, RVP to score an OG. No badge kissing.
Mannone to save an RVP penalty.
Rooney gets yellow carded the minute he takes the field for being so ugly.
Sir Alex’s nose goes from red to purple as events unfold.


Sky commentators cant hide their bias when they have multiple orgasms whenever Man U do something good…

Greenwich Gooner

I hope Theo starts so it’s not just Giroud stuck up front, miles from the midfield and waiting in vain for a decent cross. I expect Ramsey will start, which is disappointing. Hope Eisfeld makes the bench. He impressed me more than Gnabry, looks more mature and is direct, good passer. Arsh on the bench as he’ll be knackered, but could be vital. The defence worries me…5 goals vs Reading. Hope the BFG has a stormer and the inner child wearing the checked tablecloth is humbled. I also hope we up the tempo and go for it. Will we play… Read more »

Mach III

Sad that Gervinho joins Diaby and Rosicky in Limbo 🙁

Jacky boy was in limbo for 17 months before he woke up…


am worried sick how Valencia will run rings around Santos and more just because he can do it. Then cut back to RVP while TV or LK6 will lose him in the box for the cunt to score and sky will direct the camera to Arsene throwing the bottle on the ground or kicking the butt of bottle like it was RVP or our so called defense. then sky commentators will cream their pants singing the glory of manutd and that cunt while rubbing it in our face for sellng him to manure. Then our gooners will huff and puff… Read more »

Glory Hunter

We can only hope, it all likelihood we’ll probably get beat! 🙁

But if we can all remember we had similar apprehensions about Santos last season until the 2nd half at Stamford bridge where he seemed to wake up!
I’m hoping for similar cos it could get ugly otherwise!

But even if we lose, I just hope at the very least RVP gets injured!

That really would be poetic.


Real shame about Diaby not playing we haven’t lost a game this season with him on the pitch. Also it would’ve given Jack an easier integration back into the team. On another note I’d be keen to see more of Eisfeld he definitely impressed on Tuesday with his movement and passing. hopefully he can get some more game time this season.


Well, it looks as though most of the gooners here are cautious and expecting the worst. But I’m hoping for a win for Arsenal or at least a draw.

If spuds can do it then so can we definitely. COYG


Koscienly is becoming our next enigma,he has to be the top list own goal scoring arsenal player,I mean he does it like every three games.


This Diaby thing is going on for too long,it’s not justified even with all his talent,if he plays two matches and then sits out 10 there is no point in creating another RVP,get rid of him this summer–get someone to replace him with better injury record.We don’t him to spend another 5-6 years here sitting in the treatment room,then have a season like van pussie and then spit that we are not ambitious and move on.

Olivier you've dropped yer pencil.

I hope RvPee slips on some just for men in the tunnel and can’t play as a result and we win hooray!


Ramsey to score in the 90th minute..RvP the celeb that dies as a result..COYG!