Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Hodgson: I’ll look after Wilshere

As Jack Wilshere joins up with the England squad today, manager Roy Hodgson has reiterated his pledge to Arsene Wenger not to use the midfielder for the whole game.

Arsene Wenger expressed his concern over Wilshere’s call up last week, but spoke of his ‘understanding’ with the England boss. And speaking ahead of the game on Wednesday, Hodgson revealed that the midfielder would be used relatively sparingly.

“I am aware of Arsene’s concerns, which I fully understand as he needs to look after a player who has been out for a length of time,” he said. “But Jack is an important player for us and now he is fit and playing and available for selection, he understands we are going to put him in the squad.

“He trusts me to make certain I look after him. I have made it clear if he plays in this game it will be part of the game and won’t be a case of him starting the game and playing 90 minutes, which might be a bit much for him at international level at this moment.”

Meanwhile, Santi Cazorla has expressed surprise that Mikel Arteta has yet to be called up to the Spanish squad.

“I’m really surprised he has never been called up,” Cazorla said. “He’s performing incredibly well. He had a number of good seasons for Everton and now he’s vice-captain at Arsenal. He should have been given the chance.

“It’s difficult because there is a lot of competition in that position and they are all great players but I’m still surprised he has never been given the opportunity.”

Arsenal fans won’t be too unhappy though, it’ll save him schlepping all the way to Panama this week, something Cazorla has to contend with ahead of this weekend’s North London derby.

And when you consider he’s looked a bit tired since the last Interlull, it’s hardly ideal from an Arsenal point of view.

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Fucking Panama. What the fuck is wrong with the Spanish FA?


€ € € € € €


A sensible international manager? Personally, I have a lot of time for Woy.

I actually think a return to the national team will be a good step for Jack. He had the weekend off anyway. Shame he has to be exposed to that pack of cunnys that make up the rest of the England team though, eh?

Le sausage

It’s not so bad these days, no more Terry!

Los Polandos

While Terry’s name is up – I became very fond of Suarez yesterday. If he now takes out cashley, joey barton, stuart pearce, bale, adebayor, kevin nolan and then himself, i may even become a fan.


It’s difficult to become fond of Suarez.
One crocking of Terry on the credit side doesn’t offset the weight of being a buck-toothed, racist, cheating git on the debit side.


i am willing to overlook every “bad” quality of suarez if he can just come to arsenal…he is a fantastic player thats all that matters when you are in the pitch…and he is the difference between pathetic liverpool and average liverpool


England looks brighter because of Roy Hodgson, and the magnitude of my care-less-ness of the England squad decreases with more Arsenal participation and sensible managers coinciding with cunts retiring.


I wouldn’t want him mixing with all those Barca c*its anyway. Look what they did to Cesc!!!


c*its = clits?


Arteta is much better than that diving cunt sergio from barcelona

Rohan Sood

Hodgson, U MAD BRO ?


Exactly how is he your ‘BRO’?


schlep!? ill have to remember that one.


A bit off topic my fellow reasonable gooner bloggers….I realize the team is not doing great right now and the pressure is growing AGAIN on Wenger, as it did last year. Now, I am not advocating replacing him, I believe in his vision and his ability to make our club compete – but I just had to express my frustration at where we are in terms of injuries and options on the bench. I know we had to let VP go, I understand he forced that. But why did we not keep Song for one more year, and why did… Read more »


Dempsey and Berbatov are not better then players we have now! And they are not midfielders we need. The Board didn’t put faith in Diaby and Rosicky. They just didn’t buy anybody after selling Song. We had to buy M’Vila or player like that. We didn’t. We had to buy LB cos Gibbs is very fragile. We didn’t. We also needed world class striker after selling one. No world class striker in our team. It was not easy to get rid of players under a good contract which are not very good (Squillaci, Bendtner, Denilson and Park). The Board is… Read more »


I agree. personally don’t believe Wenger enjoys selling players like Van Persie to United. He’s said as much. He took it on the chin because his directive is too make money for the club. The board has set him the task of making a profit through transfers and keeping the club in the top 4. Change the directive, he’ll change his policies.Not significantly but atleast these bloody player sales will stop. Not all. But


You have got to be kidding if you don’t think either of those players are good enough for our team. Dempsey scored 20 goals last season and two seasons before that Berbatov had 30+ when played regularly. We are missing those goals RVP scored, essentially the only real difference between this season and last. Pull your head out.


couple of years back when I suggested berbatov is custom-made for arsenal …every laughed and ridiculed the idea, but now when wenger was asked about why he didnt sign him …wenger had no response because he also knew arsenal lost another player who they could have signed and made the team a whole lot better. berba can now be added in the long list of missed players like mata, david silva, yaya toure, kompany etc.


The Nuggets are pretty good and have been for 10 years.

Chu young who?

Die woy, die.
Oh sorry, die pearce, DIE!!!


I’m confident with the Wilshere situation, but the Cazorla one concerns me (if he plays of course)

If he needs a break, who do you guys think should replace him in the centre?

I’d like to see Arsharvin give it a go, but i would prefer Wilshere or Arteta. Wilshere because he can be anywhere midfield and own the role, and Arteta because he’s pretty much always been a quality playmaker, and i think he needs a break from defensive play as it’s a challenge to his not so aggressive nature (as greatly disciplined as he is in the role).


Rosicky will be back!


He was suppossed to be back by now. Bloody injured all the time. his football age is 29 though. Nothing to worry about :/


Diaby is still 14 so!


Ashavin actually deserves a chance but dont see it. If not why not Gnabry or Eisfeld young determined and hungry. He will probably pick Ramsey.


Ramey has become his personal mission. Lol Arsene. For every Fabregas there’s a Denilson. For every Cazorla, there’s a Ramsey

A. Usmanov

arshavin or wilshere, both can play 1-2s with the strikers. wilshere is wasted at the back just because hes physical.
it strikes me on how many players are playing out of their natural positions. arshavin, wilshere, arteta, podolski, ramsey and… theo.


Jack has has a weeks ‘rest’ so 45 mins won’t be the end of the world. No longer than that though.

Thanks Roy.


chuffed that arteta can rest and not go to panama.. Sorry arteta.. But your health is of more concern to me.. And you need the rest.. Could not have come at a better time for you.. spend time with la familia, then come back and help us slaughter that spuds on saturday..!! COYG..!!!


Quick half hour Roy just to pump him up for the spuds on saturday.


@ Fellonious and Lapidari: Both Wenger AND the Board are to blame for the awful position that we find ourselves in. The basic problem that we have at the club right now is a lack of competent leadership at the highest levels. Kroenke knows nothing about football and is simply interested in how much money he can make from the club. Gazidis also knows nothing about football and is just Wenger’s lapdog. He does what he is told by the Nutty Professor, whom he is supposed to manage. And Wenger himself has lost the plot, but because he has been… Read more »


Mannone is getting a raw deal here,if he makes a mistake he is crap yet if chez does he’s learning.Like blogs saying today the defence would be less jittery if they had a solid keeper this is bollox,vermallen and santos could have a young David seaman in goal and still would fuck up regulary.


I don’t think Gazidis is Wenger’s lapdog. I think it’s the other way round. Gazidis is Kroenke’s henchman and both of them are Wenger’s employers to whom, unfortunately, he is unshakeably, probably stupidly loyal. Wenger believes in loyalty over everything. It’s his favourite virtue. He’s loyal to his bosses just as he’s loyal to the players, constantly defending them or covering up for them, either by silence or lies. I think it was Voldemort who said a few days ago that if Wenger didn’t have money to spend on the reinforcements he wanted, he’d tell us. No, he wouldn’t, any… Read more »


i would have to disagree slightly with the assessment regarding the new commercial sponsorship. Having read the swiss ramble blog, (which is excellent) it isn’t taking into account the immense TV deal the premier league is signing, and also what the commercial deals might be because at this point we just don’t know. a lot of the big contracts are coming up to be renegotiated, so we’ll have to wait and see. but there is definate opportunity for growth in this area that (hopefully) will be realised.


shavid – I don’t see how the new Premiership deal is going to make us any more competitive in sponsorship terms. Sure, it should mean more money than we’re getting at the moment, but not more money relative to what our rivals are getting. Relative wealth is what counts; our commerical team outperforming other clubs’ commercial teams is what counts, and so far Fox hasn’t done well. Growth of 9 percent, as Swiss Ramble points out, isn’t exactly a scintillating return on what we’re paying for Fox, not when you compare it to United’s 110 percent growth over the same… Read more »


£25-30m extra income per season from an increased TV deal is still extra cash than we’re getting at the moment. Yes everyone else will be getting the extra money aswell, but we’re in a position where we’ve had to make this kind of money from selling players to post a profit. This extra revenue for the club (as long as it doesn’t just go into increasing wages) will be an important factor to consider. It might mean we won;t have to sell our best players in future to balance the books. The other thing is you can’t compare Arsenal to… Read more »


That was the best post I’ve ever read here. Cheers. Spot on.


@ fatgooner: glazers from manutd have no interest in football like our kroenke and all they see manutd is a huge pot of gold where they can sate their greed but atleast they have the common sense that with better players come quality , with quality comes prizes and riches so win-win situation for all. Buying players is NOT expense but an investment if you know what you are investing in and this theory is well known to glazers. Glazers have literally been plundering manutd riches but it hasn’t stopped SAF from buying players and I mean top players and… Read more »


Who the fuck gave a thumbs down to Rosicky coming back?


sure Hogson, mid-table team a.k.a Arsenal need him the most!


No problems with this as it’ll get him closer to sharpness and fitness, if he wasn’t banned he’d have played at least 70 minutes at fulham anyway…

Cazorla and Podolski are looking jaded and after the international break will be even worse, so we can’t play them the whole of next match, so for me Arsha has to play. He’s probably the most Cazorla-like player we have anyway, if he puts a shift in im sure he’ll manage


Van Persie is ‘injured’ for this pointless round of friendlys, but I bet he plays the next 90 minutes for Man U.

Why are our players so determined to fuck themselves up playing in bullshit games!?

Why is Wenger so thick/weak in preventing this!?

Fucking proxy club we’ve become.


Just an aside,van I love Arsenal is injuried. Lets hope it’s like when he was at AFC.LOL

Stevo Goono

Fatgooner how does Wenger or the new manager you desire trim 30m off the wage bill so that the club breaks even and qualifies for the soon to be enforced FFP rules? I don’t disagree there are problems but imagine stripping 30m off our wage bill based on say 15 players….that’s 2m a year each, 40k a week each. How many more greedy RVP, Nasri, potentially Theo (I hope I’m wrong) type players would head for the door? Wenger is not perfect but all you hope for only he has ever provided for us. Form is temporary but class is… Read more »


He could start by halving his bloated 7 million pound salary.

Stevo Goono

Fair enough but that’s 3m don’t think you are going to find another 9 players putting their hand up for a 3m a year pay cut to get us the additional 27m we need to break even….


Our overall wage bill is about 145 million quid. if we stopped paying players who are never fit like Diaby and Rosicky, plus paid the lesser players exactly what they’re worth then we could easily challenge for titles.

By the way: with new sponsorship contracts about to be signed we will se a significant increase in income.


Has fat got into your brain? Players were signed on previous or current form. I am pretty sure lots of us were ecstatic when Rosicky signed after the WC. The pay would have been worth it too. So we got to pay RVP the GBP300k a week to keep him. What if he loses form next season or gets another long term injury? Screw AW again? Your choice to base your darn theses on perfect hindsight is ludicrous.
Fuck off, Fats.

Stevo Goono

Really? Facts are our operating loss was 30m. Your plan is to save 10m by cutting Wengers pay, sacking Diaby and Rosiky, then trimming 20m from players you think are peripheral / out of form at present. THEN we break even AND you have to replace Diab/Rosick AND you have to fork out 150-200k a week for top top talent (Hazard, Mata, RVP). Sadly until we renew the various commercial deals locked in due to the stadium deal and The Mancs and London Ruskis keep spending ridiculous cash we cannot EASILY compete for the title, but Wenger gives it a… Read more »


The operating loss was 18m not 30m, I think. But it’s still enough to be worrying. It’s only our transfer surplus that’s been keeping us going at all, and that’s not a trend that can continue for ever, especially now we’re buying older players with no resale value. So you too are pinning your hopes on the coming of salvation in 2014? Mmmm. With that rumoured 25m shirt deal that Gazidis seems to have leaked to the press after the angry AGM? Not surprising Gazidis didn’t mention at the same time how much other clubs are getting from their shirt… Read more »


I am very suprised why do we still think FFP will save our face. Arsenal is using this FFP nonsense to hide their weakness. Its like waiting for the fruit to fall on your mouth while you wait underneath it. Why are we so afraid to pay players big salary , if we can pay better salary better players will come to play for us. Please let us not kid ourselves with loyalty and footballing projects attract players …its all about salaries and bonuses. Top players brought the title for Mancity along with their huge wage structure. But along with… Read more »

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Goon Goon Goon

It’s a wank situation for us that Jack has been chosen straight back into the England squad, especially just after the injury but I suppose it’s something we are just going to have to get used to. He’s a top class player destined to be world class within a few years so any international side would pick him. Selfishly, having a couple of gooners in the side for the match will actually make me want to watch it. Just thinking though: jenkinson, Gibbs, Wilshere, oxlade-chamberlain and hopefully theo (I really hope he stays). That is a large chunk of our… Read more »

David O'Leary's Dad

The real issue at the moment is we have a wages bill that is only lower than the Mancs and Chelski yet we’re outperformed by the likes of fucking West Brom and Everton! We need to clear out a LOT of dead wood (we all know the names) get them off the fucking wage bill and pay our decent players the fucking market rate so they don’t keep fucking off. I’ll give Wenger this season to turn things around, he deserves at least that – if not kick him upstairs and get a hungry, ambitious and RUTHLESS new manager to… Read more »


While I enjoy the sentiment, it means nearly nothing to us. If Jack goes out there and gets hacked down by some glory monger-er who hasn’t even seen a premier league player before…Hodgson hugging Jack as he is stretchered off does little to change anything. I don’t like international football…I am a club man…but I understand using the players in important matches and qualifiers etc. With that said, is it necessary to fragment the club season so much and put players at risk in friendlies and inconsequential game? I say WEAKKKKKKK

Kick Wenger Out Campaign

“In a fooking arsene we thrust” –that’s our moto OK! We lash out at the board all the time,but we defend wenger,because some fans think that Arsene Wenger has created Arsenal and that it did not exist before him,so,he has a right to remain here forever.We complain that he is tortured by the board to operate on a terribly low budget and still he himself never complains;Arsene Wenger is EPL’s second highest paid manager,even Fergie earns less than him so why should he complain.It was his decision to sell RvP not the boards,whether the cunt wanted to stay or not,if… Read more »

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