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Mannone throws down keeper glove to Szczesny

Arsene Wenger may have reiterated Wojciech Szczesny’s status as Arsenal’s first choice goalkeeper yesterday, but that hasn’t put off Vito Mannone again laying claim to the number one jersey.

The Italian has been an ever-present between the sticks in both the Premier League and Champions League, ten games in total, since his Polish counterpart injured himself before the 6-1 win over Southampton in mid-September and firmly believes he has a shout to retain his place.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Mannone laid bare his ambition to retain Wenger’s favour.

“I have done my maximum and then it is up to the manager. I think I have done well enough to keep my place. I would like to push on from here.

“Obviously it is up to the boss and all I can do is work hard in training and in the games and try to give a hand to my team-mates.

“I have gained a lot of confidence from these matches because every game is like a cup final. The experience is unbelievable.

“I have played in great stadiums and against the best sides in the world. I am really happy to be in the team right now and to play these big games.

“I am happy with my performances at the moment. I am really concentrated and trying to give everything I can. I have the shirt now and I want to keep hold of it.

“There are tough games every three days and you need to show what you have got to help your team.”

Arseblog News doesn’t really have any complaints about Mannone’s performances, indeed we’ve been impressed in the last couple of games with his solid handling and improved distribution, but he’s still a work in progress.

It looks as though, despite Szczesny being set for a run out with the under-21s this afternoon, the Don will play again tomorrow against Fulham and assuming he doesn’t drop any clangers he could well give the boss a headache ahead of the North London derby. Good for him.

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I think against United and Schalke he did very well, im hopefull ha carries on with this form. Should keep the pole on his toes abit.

Mr Grammar

*a bit

Runcorn Gooner

Look through the No 1 keepers in the premier.How many dont drop clangers.
Joe Hart is the most consistent but most make errors.The lightweight ball makes it really difficult as you can see from the slow motions.
Mannone has definitely shown improvement and despite some iffy defending in
front has proved himself.
I rate Chesney long term but Vito should keep the job short term

Asian Guunneer

Mannone need to give Wenger an offer he couldn’t refuse.


I don´t think anyone can criticise the Don´s recent performances and I dare say some of his saves have been really high-class, particularly some nerveless one-on-ones. And he´s not getting as much help from his defence as he might…

He won´t keep his place, but he´ll surely make Szczesny up his game, which is no bad thing…


Well, we’ll see — if Szsz comes back and doesn’t have solid performances, you never know what will happen.


I think the important thing is can Mannone do this??


Love that second slammer. It’s a foul against schneszzers, but Bale plays it up like a wanker…

Dr Baptiste

But it’s not a foul though. Szczesny got the ball and Bale kept going and managed to hurt his knee on Szczesny’s shoulder…. It’s his reaction to Djourou though, the little wink and ‘i dunno’ shrug


Yeah, I meant that, if anything, it’s a foul by Bale against Szczesny. And the wink… the wink!


Made my day!


Brilliant, cheers big time, I had forgotten that. It made my lunchtime


those steel bars in his forearms practically pay for themselves!


…but Mannone dislocated someone’s arm with his nose.


Worse keeper in the premiership.And Szczesny on his end of season form wasnt that great.We need an experienced keeper in to coach Szczesny.


No way. Szczesny’s form has dipped a bit but he’s well worth putting some faith in. Huge potential.


I think mannone needs to get back to reality.

Dr Baptiste

As a club we have conceded 8 goals in the league, which is the best. So you’re saying he’s worse than any of the ‘keepers in the relegation teams….


And we would have let in a LOT more, had it not been for Mannone’s great saves the last couple of games. To have Santos (who we’ve all been moaning about endlessly) and Vermaelen (who has had a poor season so far) in front of you and still concede the fewest goals in the EPL, that’s saying something.


trolling cunt???


think we need to organise a sit down and weigh our option

Glory Hunter

Im firmly in the Don Vito camp!
He gets my vote.


I think so, too. Should his form dip, sure, let Szsz back in. But I haven’t seen anything poor from Mannone, and his last few games have been really solid.


i think so too, hes done really well and it would just build his confidence to let him play more.


Is that the agreed standard now? don’t drop any clangers and you’re arsenal goalkeeper elect.


If lehmann were here, then his job would be in jeopardy week in week out!

Dr Baptiste

Surely that should be the standard for any ‘keeper. Don’t fuck up and concede easy goals and you’re going to be in goal, seems like a sensible plan to me…


Rulya fein.


Actually yeah — pretty sure ALL of the goalkeepers we’ve had recently (including Szsz) have made some poor errors and let in some clangers. Actually, the worst error by a goalkeeper this season was the ball Szsz let in, if you ask me. (In his one appearance on the field.)


Im in szczesny camp!! Mannone has played his role in the team in the Poles absence but we need to hav an extra edge in our def & wojciech can provide that.


A chant for The Don???:
“We’ve got Vito Mannone, You can’t take that away from us”
…to the tune of Chesney Hawkes ‘The One and Only’.


Surely it should be this…

When the moon hits your eye,
Like a big-a pizza pie,
That’s Mannone

When the world seems to shine
Like you’ve had too much wine
That’s Mannone


I love it!


Haha… Very good!

Small Dave

To be fair we need to get a top class keeper in.


I agreed with that before, because I didn’t think Szsz was good enough yet, but now I feel Szsz and Mannone are on about the same level. They play differently, but I don’t see Szsz having any real edge. That makes things a little more difficult, and I’m less worried about the keeper situation and a lot more worried about the defenders we put in front of our keepers.


Just to say Rosicky is back in trainning. Though I think his first game for us is still in two or three weeks time.


To be fair why is everyone worried about who the goalkeeper is? Surely the fact tht we have no pace in our squad apart from theo who is obviously leaving the ox who wants to pay centre mid. Also the fact that we let in joke goals and the fact that for goals we rely on a untried French forward who has no proven pedigree with back up players chamakh proven joke and podolski who wenger refuses to play up front. It’s funny everyone was saying Walcott is this and Walcott is that again worrying about something that’s not really… Read more »


Exactly — why worry about the keeper situation? Mannone’s been just fine, and having Szsz back means we actually have two REAL keeper options, both of which are fine.

We should be worried mostly about the tactics on the field — Wenger’s tactics can be really baffling, sometimes. I feel we have a decent squad (could do with another defender and a REAL winger), and we aren’t getting enough out of our players.


I like the part on the untried French forward…spot on!! Ive been disappointed with him so far…all the misses & offsides. Some pple comment abt his movt of the ball..ive analysed his movts many times over (Arsenal Player of course!!) and especially that 6-10 yards inside the box…unimpressive.and when he does get the ball…wasteful!! Eg free header vs ManUtd & free volley during Schalke game. Totally unconvincing! We aint gonna do v well if we play him all the time as lone forward…I hate to say this…but he definitely aint…(you know who!!)


The people that thumbs down my Last comment obviously weren’t at old Trafford singing like I was. I support the club with my heart actions speak louder then words the the team players should get our full support. Unfortunately all we are doing by accepting this mediocrity from the club is allowing these cretins to rob us blind. Fact we aren’t able to compete with the best year in year out. Fact we have amazing support sellout home amd away every game since we moved to emirates. Fact theove to the emirates was to get us to the top all… Read more »


I think Mannone’s saved our butts this season, and think he’s justified at least not getting dropped the first time Szsz makes it through a game. (And if he does get displaced, I like knowing that Szsz will have to constantly be looking over his shoulder, knowing Don Vito is waiting in the darkness, ready to strike!) I feel a lot better about our keeper situation this year, actually, assuming Szsz does come back healthy and in good form. Don’t remember the last time I felt we had two capable keepers. Personally, I think Szsz and Mannone are about on… Read more »

Dick Law

Don’t know why Arsene prefers Szsz. May be he helps Arsenal in ball retention or simply because he’s an academy graduate. Don Vito asked for very little but gave us his best this season. His confidence is growing and so is his form. At the moment he is the best GK we have. The time’s ripe for Don Vito Mannone to make an offer to Arsene he can’t refuse.


Spot on.

A N Other

For the first time in many years.. We have real competition for goalkeeping position.

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