Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Wenger classes Gibbs as ‘long term’ in pre-Spurs injury update

Rather worryingly, Arsene Wenger has chucked Kieran Gibbs into the same category as Tomas Rosicky and Abou Diaby when providing his latest team update.

Ahead of this weekend’s crucial North London derby, the boss said, “Of course we have long-term injuries like Rosicky, Diaby and Gibbs who are not back at the moment. All the others have little knocks and those decisions will be made on Friday.”

Whether he means Gibbs has already been out ‘long-term’ since picking up a thigh injury against West Ham is unclear but hopefully that’s the case and it’s not anything more serious.

That will most likely mean Thomas Vermaelen continuing in that particular role. However, there was good news regarding Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wojciech Szczesny, while Theo Walcott, who missed England’s midweek defeat to Sweden Zlatan Ibrahimovic could well be fit enough to take part.

There was also a hint that newly capped Carl Jenkinson might come in at right with Wenger saying of Bacary Sagna facing a Friday test, “It is just for general fatigue. He’s played three games quickly but before that he didn’t play for six months.”

No doubt we’ll get more from the boss’s press conference tomorrow.

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Wrighty's Gold Tooth

Gibbs has become an essential player for us. We’ve leaked goals since he’s been injured, it’s no coincidence.


It is a coincidence.

Best in the World

Loads more of santos .. good job gays 🙂


Damn, we need Gibbs

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Look on the bright side, our 3 LANS for Jan window and the summer are already here. That is what I call depth in the squad.


ill rather we play jenks instead of vermaelen, even though its not his usual side.

what i want for xmas is a right-back and left-back thats all

5pur2 dr00L

Yeah, right now, I’d definitely take a solid defender or two over a new striker or midfielder. (Although DM would be nice, so Arteta and the others might get some rest here and there.)


fellaini, luis suarez and one decent LB and arsenal should fight tooth and nail for title this season…


Well mate, you got the tooth part correct.


We want our Gibbs back *sobs*




So our season long injured player has finally been selected. I was beginning to lose faith.

Big Dave

The old 2 to 3 weeks away then??


My fellow season ticket holders have been calling rosicky “two week tommy” for ages.


You should hear what your ” fellow season ticket holders” have been calling you. Here’s a hint, it sounds like hunt.

Runcorn Gooner

Totally unnecessary reply to a true comment


Putting ones self on a supporter pedestal by making an elitest comment such as “my fellow season ticket holders” deserves a proper insult. So there you have it. Some gooners can’t afford a season ticket, some live far from London, some prefer watching football in a pub or at home. A gooner is a gooner. “fellow season ticket holder”. What a cunt


Pwned by Frog. Hahaha. What a condescending statemnt. “Fellow season ticket holders”. smug.


Wow Frog, get off the guy’s back. Fellow season ticket holders is not elitist. He didn’t boast, he just referenced his nearby supporters. Jealous? I don’t know. But even if he was being elitist, your response was childish.

Runcorn Gooner

I live far from London (obviously) and can’t afford a season ticket (even if I could get on the wait list) but those that are lucky enough are perfectly entitled to make
comments (some of the garbage Frog comes out with probably deserves abuse)
without an abusive smarmy response.

msugh dj

Gibbs is very important.we miss u gibbs


Im just wondering why we always end up with these 2-3 weeks away and then its months away…. is it just bad luck, our medical stab or is it injury prone players?
It’s been going on for years now, and its f**king annoying.


maybe wenger has been lying to us all these years or wenger has been lied to …regardless i hope wenger does buy a solid LB as a substitute for gibbs …because Santos has already proved he is as incompetent LB as ramsey in midfield.

Red and White Stripey Socks

Are we going for five at the back for Saturday?




we are employing two goalkeepers…since our defense is horribly hopeless



Balotelli's Big Boobed Bunga Bunga Babe

Gibbs has been Wilshered. We won’t see him til next season.


i’m pretty sure he’s referring to the fact they have all been out for a fairly long time. I think they’re all back running so hopefully it won’t be too much longer.


How we passed off Jose Henrique who was there for the asking and bought Santos rather, I could never understand. The more I watch him in L’pool colours, the more I……

Merlin's Panini

or we could’ve tried to get Jose Enrique. Oh well…

Adam, Watford

In reply to arseblog, in terms of being a defender, I am sure being part of The Addams Family is no bad thing !!!!

Heh ! Thing ! I didn’t actually mean that .


: why are we gooners so obsessed with how our players look rather then how our players perform in the pitch…



Have you seen how they’ve been performing on the pitch?


Interesting point on the blog yesterday regarding Santos, referring to Vermaelen being similarly exposed and our left being a problem area. Justthrowing this out there but, with Podolski looking jaded why not give Santos a game on the left wing. He is better going forward and between the two of them surely they can shore up the left side, because that cunt Walker likes getting forward and Lennon wont be holding back. Hopefully then Santi will get some room in the middle and Theo or Ox can do some damage down the right against the planet of the apes and… Read more »


Because he’s trash and basically flopped last some research or watch a game, he’s not good at all

Alex Fisher

Gibbs Diaby and Rosicky haven’t been able to stay fit for more than 6-8 weeks now for over 3 years or more. It’s not just that – every time they pick up an injury they are out ‘long-term’ again. It’s getting pretty ridiculous that we’re relying on such unreliable (fitness-wise) but quality players that now leave holes in our team. Replace them!

If Diaby was Owen Hargreaves I bet we’d still be sitting around waiting for him to regain fitness instead of doing what’s best for the club.

master floda

remember that dutch cunt we nursed through for years because he couldn’t stay fit for 5 games in a row, but then suddenly overcame his injuries (by bathing in horse placenta or something) and started scoring? i thought he was as much a lost case as rosicky and diaby, so never say never…
and gibbs is still young, his body might be fragile but he can handle injuries much better than an older player. at least i hope so…


Rosicky and Diaby will be in their mid 30’s before they turn skunk and stay fit for more than 10 games in a row. What use will they be then? Rosicky has just signed a new two year contract too. Judging on his injury record since, I bet it’s not play as you pay.

Runcorn Rover

The problem will come if we try to sell
Diaby and Rosicky.Even Mank Citeh won’t be interested.


Good point Alex re. doing whats best for the club. Think though how difficult the decision must be knowing Diaby and Gibbs could be two of the best players in their position in Europe if they could only stay fit


Jenks played several times at LB for Charlton after breaking into the first team so don’t know why Wenger wouldn’t play him there with Sagna on the right, or even the other way round.


our team is such a unique team that every flaws that can be seen with great details from the moon cannot be seen from the touchlines. Every pundit, every ex players, every sports & football journos, every person who understand football, every gooners knows where our fault lies in our beloved club but addressing those problems would be treated as a crime by the board and the management. Everyone knew santos will be skinned to death by valencia and raphael but still wenger chose him in that position is a statement of his bullishness.


True, Sagna played at left back before

David O'Leary's Dad

For fucks sake.

We can’t rely on Gibbs or Diaby to be available enough for us long term. Sign Baines and Mvila in January.


M’villa sucks. He had one good season. Baines will cost a fortune. Please go back to your fm and select better targets please.


m villa is garbage 1 good season 2 years ago then an absolute shocker last year, capoue from toulouse is much better if you want really a young french DM


Gibbs is vital to the team. With him our defense improves and Podolski gets the freedom to cut inside and attack more instead of having to just run up and down the left wing. Santos had a shit first half against Chelsea in the 5-3 win last year, his improvement in the second half was outstanding. he needs to pick up his game


You want as many ‘True’ gunners as possible for this game/war

i’d go with

Jenko – BFG – Kos – Sagna
Frimmy(dm) Arteta(cm) Jack(am)
Theo – Giroud – Carzola

jack jack jack

Carzola. Hmm. Are you a sky sports commentator by any chance?


Kos fucked up again last night. He is a liability at the moment and should be benched alongside our captain. Djourou should be given a chance he could be in better form than these two clowns. And Cazorla will be jet lagged to fuck on saturday he will probable will be next to useless


Hopefully we can sign that Montpellier RB in January for a reasonable fee. Anyone who thinks we’ll get Baines should take a deep breath and insist we get Felliani for free as well before self-committing themselves.


Ha ha. Why not say to Moysey we will give you Fabianski, Santos, Squid, Park, Chamakh, Bendtner and Ramsay on loan for the rest of the season for Baines and Fellaini, and hope he likes playing FM too


I meant Fabianski, Santos, Squid, Park, Chamakh and Bendtner for keeps!


It is not bad luck that makes us end up having a bad season through injury. It is Wenger over reliance on injury prone players.


Diably, Rosicky and Gibbs.

Get them fit, get a fee and get rid.

Truly made of glass all three of them.


It’s amazing how many of our injuries wind up so long-term. And then you see John Terry go off looking like there’s the knee done for 9 months and the next day you hear only a few weeks. Bizarre bad luck for us I guess. Diaby is another matter, he really ought to retire, not his fault, but the body obviously can’t hack football at this level.


I wish we could just buy ready-made players around 24 years old that do not have a history of injuries. We would save a huge amount on wages paid to players who spend more time rehabilitating than playing, and we might be able to put together a squad capable of winning something.


to buy a 24 year old injury-free players with “character and winning mentality plus world class quality” …we need to break our salary cap policy and maybe change the manager’s name also..which i dont think either is happening for a long long time…


No we don’t. That is utter nonsense.

The Lady Eowyn

Since Gibb’s injury Podolski has been less effective. Rather than Santos or Vermaelen maybe we should field a giant bear to attack any players coming down that side


Surely it’s time to test Evertons resolve and get baines. Quality defender who’s great going forward and a great delivery with set pieces. At least we can then see how Gibbs injuries pan out over the next couple of seasons with 2 decent left backs to pick from. Santos is not an option at left back!

Marc B

Can’t believe the number of people saying we miss Gibbs. How could we miss him when he’s never been fit enough to be a regular to be an itergral part of the team, hence to be missed? We don’t miss Gibbs or Diaby, we’ve never had them! How long will it take Wenger to realise that both these players will NEVER be there to be counted on?


you failed to mention Rosicky in the list of cameo performers of Arsenal team…gibbs, diaby and rosicky though they are decent when they are on the pitch, but they hardly appear on the pitch when it matters the most throughout the season either they are injured or getting match fit or lost their form…FFS when is this cycle gonna end and I been hearing about injured rosicky & diaby for so many years that I dont even remember anything without their names and injury being mentioned at the same freaking sentence over and over again.and now to accompany those diabys… Read more »

David O'Leary's Dad

The only slight good news injury wise is that half the scummy spuds team appear to be crocked as well. Still think we’ll beat the fuckers come what may cos we are just naturally superior.

Come on you Goooooners!

Dog Eat Arse

Oh for fuck’s sake when are we gonna get a brake?!? No left back at all for probably the rest of this season if Gibbs is in the Diaby category. ,
Any opponet will bombarde the left and punish us severely for not having a decent back up. Santos is not good enough and should never have been bought, but when you are scraping at bottom of the barrel to save money you get shit.


we don’t need a brake, we already have the handbrake


Actually, we paid a good bit of coin for santos. We weren’t even scraping the barrel on that one. It was just a bad call by wenger and our scouts. They’ve a pretty good rep for spotting talent so I’ll chalk this one up to experience. Now that park guy? What the fuck?


You throw peanuts, you’ll attract monkeys. Simple!


New left back in January pleeease, or some magic healing potion for Gibbs’ fragile body


This must be a misunderstanding. I thought rosicky was back in training??


We should in all seriousness, be playing Sagna AND Jenkinson at left and right back. I dont know whose got the better left foot, but its not like were getting any crosses in on the left hand side from santos/vermaelen anyways.

Or alternatively we should be getting the Coq on the left. Santos is just a liability.

Kenny Szczesny

It says alot about Jenko that im less worred about him up against Bale than I am about TV5 against Lennon.


TV5 has had a run of poor games and has made errors which has cost us games. But no way he’s a muck. If he has a decent game TV5 can own Lennon left right and centre.

gooner odst

What a shame, its always an injury here or there that hampers our progress. Where is the technology to fix these people? Nations can send men and women to the moon but we can’t fix crocked highly paid sportsmen quickly.

Stop faffing about and get the stem cells in. Rebuild them from scratch if they have to.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

[…] not so much but not that unexpected really. It was slightly worrying to read Arsene Wenger refer to Kieran Gibbs as ‘long-term’, in the same breath as lifers like Diaby and Rosicky, but I’m hoping that he just means […]


FUCK! ‘Long term’ isn’t enough of a description. We need this man back in the team ASAP!

[…] not so much but not that unexpected really. It was slightly worrying to read Arsene Wenger refer to Kieran Gibbs as ‘long-term’, in the same breath as lifers like Diaby and Rosicky, but I’m hoping that he just means […]

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