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Wenger: funds available for two players in January

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Arsenal are looking to bring in new faces in January and that funds are available to do the necessary business.

The news comes as it’s revealed that the club are trying to insert non-qualification clauses into player contracts should they not qualify for the Champions League. This would see apparently players take a pay-cut for failing to finish in the top four.

Speaking on French television ahead of Wednesday night’s 1-1 draw with Everton, the Arsenal manager said, “This winter we will work very hard because we have some funds available. It could happen that we buy two players, but I cannot reveal the names.”

And he also suggested Thierry Henry could come back on another loan deal even if more permanent solutions were found.

“A loan is still a possibility, but we will still try to strengthen for the long term”, he said.

With regard to the player contract issue, an Arsenal spokesperson said, “Each player has an individual contract which contains  elements of performance-related payments, which are linked to a player’s individual contribution and also to the club’s progress in both domestic and European competitions.

“This is normal practice across football clubs.”

Which all makes perfect sense when you think about and it’s unlikely that these kind of clauses for non Champions League qualification are new, and this particuarly story arc is in storm/teacup territory.

There’s a lot to do in December before any new faces can arrive and Arsenal are hampered going into Saturday’s game against Swansea by the news that Bacary Sagna could miss out.

With Laurent Koscielny set to miss three weeks with a groin strain the Gunners defensive options will be limited, but Carl Jenkinson gets another chance after a promising season thus far.

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Really hate being negative but after the last few January’s I have no hope we’ll be bringing in any major names in the winter transfer market.


record breaker and highest earner arshavin 2009

Mr Wenger

We signed Arshavin because we had no choice and were performing below standards at the time. It was worth it because he helped us qualify for CL


“We signed Arshavin because we had no choice and were performing below standards at the time. It was worth it because he helped us qualify for CL”

Pretty much sounds like the situation we are in right now.

Mikel Artekkers

Santi Cazorla broke the transfer record this summer.


I’m pretty excited about this provided the quotes are correct. Wenger usually doesn’t speak that concrete about transfers. He’s mentioned 2 signings but “cannot reveal the names”. So it to me this looks like the club has already inquired about players.


well played …err said. I think the pressure from fans and our recent performance has got to him though he wouldn’t admit it. The fact that he’s speaking openly and this early about January transfers is a hope for some descent signings. Plus the recent funds and the funds left over from the last transfer season. Let’s wait and see. I’m for a proper class DM and a class finisher + Walcott stays

flying dutchmen

What do think about Strootman from the dutch league. Big powerfull and with vision. Could form a nice midfield with coquelin in a few years. Would come around 15 mill pounds…

Rateau DC

Anybody heard of Anthony Knockaert? What do you think of this French U-23 midfielder playing for Leicester?


If he’s available at £6m as reported, Huntelaar is surely a no-brainer for one of those 2 spots.


Even at £10m he’d be worth it. To get a striker of his quality on a 3/4 year deal would add real depth, and certainly help push for CL qualification. If we missed out on that and some bastards like the spuds nicked 4th, would he still sign for us on a free?
His goal scoring record is unbelievable… even his so called disastrous spells at Real Madrid and Milan garnered a 1 in 3 strike rate at clubs he never settled in


3/4 year deal for a 29 yr old? I doubt it very much


Hunteelar age 30 for £10 milli??. Um okay let’s be realistic, this is the arsenal. Arsene said he’ll spend not fucking change the whole system.

If hunteelar goes for £6milli then maybe but £10 milli is that extra sugar spoonful in wengers coffee.


I think you have to lower your expectations about extra strikers. We’ll be getting a backup for Giroud, or at the very best, someone of equal quality. Arsene sure as hell won’t send Olivier to sit on the bench after paying about 12 mil for him.


Wednesday seemed to confirm the fact that Fellaini would be an amazing signing, he’d add a lot of what the squad needs if you ask me


Felliani? You must dreaming right ? expecting miser wenger to fork out big money for a super quality player just boggles the mind, most probalbly he will dig up some 3rd rate player from the lower french division as always OR he will say diaby & rosicky are like new signings and he will just loan henry


@Reese, I seem to remember paying 10 million pounds for a handsome 29 year old Spaniard last year?
So why is this impossible with huntelaar


fellaini even for 20m should be a bargain buy instead of buying couple of players who will not meet the standard and later we just have to pay them until they leave …buying expensive player who has performed well in PL is no brainer than gambling on some tested player from different league because adaptablilty becomes the issue with our league.

Dr Baptiste

@dude; I didn’t know Cazorla and Podolski came from the lower french divisions. Also, to call them 3rd rate is a little harsh.

Glory Hunter

C’mon you can’t blame dude for being pessimistic!
Would anyone really be surprised if Arsene only signed Henry & some unknown kid like Eisfield?!


No way we get Huntelaar for more than 5million. He’s 29!!! He’d be a good sign tho. Maybe push us to the CL semis?


Yeah,but the slight doubt is,if Huntelaar move to Emirates,then he can’t play CL again as he’d already play for a CL team (schalke) this season right ?
It’s good for the League games but the team will be short of striker in the CL.

I’m not sure but I think Wenger will favour Adrian Lopez even Huntelaar situation (final year of contract and told that available for 6 mil ) is reasonable for Arsenal.


I’d rather have Huntelaar for 90% of our games than for 0%…

Dr Baptiste

If Giroud can have a rest in the league due to an additional striker, then he can play through the whole of this years CL when we lift the trophy.


As good as huntelaar is,he is too similar to giroud.
Adrian lopez in my opinion would be a better signing. He is versatile and is quite similar to van persie(style wise).


Again though, Wenger did splash out £12m on arshavin when he was not so young in a season where he couldn’t play in the CL. I would chew my own arm off at the minute for someone in the quality range of Klaas-Jan! IAWT


I think it okay with huntelaar already played cl if we sign him because wenger has to send a new squad list end of january for cl.. But im not 100% sure..


You obviously don’t follow Huntelaar week in week out.

flying dutchmen

He is a quality poacher who will finish off chances in the penalty area but lets also look at other aspects. His overall game besides scoring goals is very poor and he is not somebody who will be ok with sitting on the bench. At the euros he couldnt accept RVP in front of him and became very disruptive for the team.

On the other hand he is somebody who hates to lose.

I do not know what to think anymore….


i really feel that we dont need a striker. we have poldi. a striker can wait till summer. what we need are a strong holding mid-fielder and a winger who can actually cross. if we get them,i think this team can go up the charts pretty quickly.


yes due to his amazing finishing, but it is worth considering tried and tested premier league striker, i admit there thin on the ground but we do not need somebody who take time to adjust in my humble opinion, Huntelaar however is good enough to transcend that theory


Rock’n’roll! Titi Henry on loan plus one or two quality players would be great!


Bring in Hunterlaar and a better alternative to Gervinho. I have lost all faith in forehead…..we need to strengthen midfied as well but i very much doubt AW will. Still if Rosicky can get back to the form he hit last season and NOT get injured, we could be ok in midfield. In an ideal world though, I’d love to see an enforcer drafted into the team.


If he should sign someone . Surely it should be stevan jovetic .!!!!!!


Or mario gotze for £30 million. I dont care, sign him!

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

What makes you think he wants to join us?


It has to be a strong defensive midlefielder.It simply has to be if we want to be more consistent.I mean,I will even settle for ”We got Frimpong coming back from loan,that is like a new signing”.We can’t allow or afford teams going through our midlefiel like knife through butter…


Dream sequence. out: chamakh, squill, park, santos. In: fellaini, baines, falcao. Realistic. Out: no one. In: Henry on loan. Its really hard not to be depressed right now.


Deluded fan or what. Squiggy is on his last year… instead of selling him we should be signing him to a contract extension worth 85,000 pounds a week.

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

Falcao? Not even Barcenlona or United can afford him. If he is going, he is going for big bucks. 50-60 million territory. Fellaini and Baines are not unreasonable demands.


70 or 75 is probably closer sadly but we dont really need such a big risk as falcao. fellani would be amazing signing, maybe jose enrique. ideal would be Huntelaar, Fellani, Henry in. Arshavin. Chamakh out(even as loan)


not to mention that Athletico are second in la liga just 3 points behind barca and something like 6 points ahead of Real, its hard to leave a team that is winning, and they won’t want to sell.


All we can hope for, is the best. Just hope we actually get someone.

Wenger's Glasses

Buy a new midfielder, please? I love Diaby, but..


It’s the giant from Jack and the beanstalk!


I feel the problem we are having at the minute is arteta is playing a lot deeper than usual , since song left. For the past 7 seasons our manager has refused to get the proper defensive midfielder we have been needing and asking for . The shape and motion of our team depends on it thus subjecting arteta to that role is ok but i feel not the best option. Now that we have funds the board should stop hiding behind wenger, every game am sure gazidis sees, what we all see. against everton we did ok but but… Read more »


I know wishlisting ain’t gonna solve our problems, but I think we would be really strengthened if we can land Huntelaar (center forward like Giroud) and someone like Gotze (attacking midfielder like Cazorla) or Reus (supporting striker/winger like Gervinho or Podolski). That way we could actually rotate Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski, keeping our players fresh and actually having attacking options coming from the bench. I don’t like what i’m about to say, but Gervinho has not been good after he got injured, and he’s way too unpredictable, I would actually rather have Arshavin come in as a substitute rather than… Read more »


I can’t understand how Reus, Gotze or Huntelaar would want to leave there clubs in January or why there teams would sell them. They are both competing in the CL and will want to play again next year. By all accounts its worth loads of money. And really the Dortmund guys would be throwing away a real chance of winning the CL. Its not going to happen.


But Huntelaar is on the last 6 months of his contract…


think a right or left winger is worth considering allowing us to thrash out a striker contract for walcott? that pace can be lethal and if hes on the bench say 30% of the time we have a genuine goal threat on there say some1 reasonably fast with a work ethic and crossing skills?


I don’t understand how people can read that we have an increase in revenue of £25mil a year, expecting a similar increase when kit deals get renegotiated, and have Wenger explicitly state that he’s looking to bring in two new guys and conclude that we won’t be getting in anyone.


Because after certain summers where you are told we ‘have one more signing’ and you wait ALL damn summer with gleeful hope and at the end of it you see Mikael Sylvestre’s motherfucking face on smiling at you, it makes you want to set yourself on fire. So better to keep expectations low lest they be horribly shattered eh? Oh and to those saying let’s go for Reus, Gotze, Baines…how about let’s at least stay realistic. Huntelaar is a possibility I’ll agree but even that looks a confusing one because of our one striker formation and Giroud holding that… Read more »


But if it’s obvious to us that it’s touch and go whether. this side can make top four then you can be sure that Wenger has noticed it as well. We’ll be ok this year with a couple of new signings, Everton’s squad is paper thin and sp*rs are sp*rs so we’ll get by this year and improve in the summer


Hold on, are you the same person as above? Regardless…I can only hope you’re right. Here’s hoping for 3 points against 5-game unbeaten Swansea tonight


Funds are available for two players.
Are these “funds” perhaps what they pay the arsenal doctors who treat diaby so that he’ll a LANS when he gets back?.

I can picture wenger holding a press con for diaby, “this is the the LANsigning”……he says.


I’m probably alone in not knowing this as I see a lot of people use it, so sorry to ask but what’s a “LANS”?

89 Anfield..... It's up for grabs now

Like A New Signing


Unless he finds ‘super’ quality he won’t sign any one

Brian Mendoza

Not ‘super’ quality, ‘top, top, top’ quality.

Martin Keown is my hero

Blah blah blah exceptional quality blah blah blah

Ronaldo's Neck

Let’s see who Arsene decides to brings in; ideally it would be someone upfront and someone in the back…


That’s kinda low from the Arsenal board to instill a wage clause if Arsenal don’t reach top 4. Yes the players have been poor but so has Wenger is his tactics and the board for not buying quality replacements and giving depth. If they wanna motivate the players how about giving them competition by buying world class players. 2 players will probably get us through to top 4 but by summer we should buy another 2 and keep all players.


Well agents CAN say no and most probably will to that clause, especially until they see what happens this year.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with a wage clause. It is an extra incentive, you don’t get paid less for not qualifying you just don’t get a bonus. I sort of get what your saying about the players not being helped out by the board etc, but it is a positive reinforcement not negative and it’s not like they aren’t getting paid handsomely enough in the first place. The players have a responsibility too, to each other and the club, they should have to work hard to earn a bonus just like anybody else.


Precisely. I’m not sure why people are so surprised at this, as it has been going on for years. The one sure way to motivate humans, and footballers in particular, is to give them money to go that extra bit further. Similarly to make sure they don’t drop in their performance by pointing out the wads of cash they are getting will dissappear if they play like shit. To those who are saying it is wrong to do that to a footballer and place the blame 100 percent on the manager etc, frankly that is misguided. The manager and board… Read more »


I hear what you’re saying but I find it a bit drastic and cheap from the board to punish the players for poor performances when to be honest our team just don’t have the firepower required to go far. I just think the board should at themselves and the way they handle the transfer market rather than shifting all the blame on the players.


I agree. An overreaction from the under-informed.


My guess would be Zaha + someone.
Who’s that someone or better, which position will we fill is proving to be a tough nut to crack. I doubt we’ll be buying 2 offensive players, so my best bet would be a defensive mid.


Likely would also be a left back


Until we sell Santos, doubt it. Can’t see that happening before the summer either.


For those talking about Huntelaar, 3/4 year contract for a 30 year old and £10m fee……doesn’t that sound exactly like the Arteta deal…..#justsaying COYG

Piers Morgan's punchable face

Another striker is a no brainer, since we only have Giroud at the moment. Any guesses at the other position ?

If it were up to me I’d go for a decent central midfielder with some bulk. We’re getting pummelled by some Prem teams at the moment because we lack solidity in the centre. To accomodate that, I’d push Santi out wide (which he’s used to) and push Jack up into a more free role.


Those two players are Sagna & Walcott. Contract extensions L.A.N.S

Glory Hunter

I would happily accept those as new signings 🙂

Daft Aider

A Wenger signing in January could be literally anyone, we paid ott for Arshavin one year and peanuts for Diarra before then,
we could just as easily see Wenger fork out a club record fee for Eboue to re-sign as Zaha,
January at Arsenal is bonkers


you missed reyes


Tim from 7am kickoff made a good point about us needing a left back. But if I had to pick, my two choices would be a real defensive midfielder (yes Arteta does the job very well, but he is the heartbeat of the team, we shouldn’t play him so deep.) and a back up to Giroud, or a real alternative to Gervinho.
In the ideal world, we sign a DM, a striker, and Santos, Gervinho and a couple of the younger lads break through. We have the money now, the rest is up to Arsene..

Limpar's Wand

Anything more on this guy adrian lopez? He sounds more like the kind of player we’d get. Which is annoying, because I know nothing about him at all. Huntelaar is unlikely, which is ok for me as I specifically want pace, versatility and dynamism in the front line. He’s a good finisher but he’s one dimensional and does miss an awful lot of chances from what I’ve seen. But he would always be looking to score goals, and would take responsibility, which could be a great option to have. Gotze at this point is fictional. I’m not even going to… Read more »


I know from FM12 that Adrien Lopez is a pretty decent player. That’s about all I know. Falcao is all anyone talks about at Atletico.

Wengers Trench Coat

Could one be a replacement for TW?

[…] 来源:[arseblog news] […]


We’re not going to sign anyone.


Who wants to bet?

89 Anfield..... It's up for grabs now

Alright I’ll take your bet. We WILL sign someone!


And I mean a proper signing. Not some kid who will be loaned out. A guy who can walk onto the first team and contribute. What do you want to bet?


Huntelaar and a world, world, world class creative midfielder please! We have been struggling unlocking defensive’s, and when we are pressured, these two I believe would get us into the top 4 plus maybe a lesser trophy.


Typical wenger gimmicks

89 Anfield..... It's up for grabs now

Typical comment from glory hunting “fan”


Yeah, glorx- titles, success. Not top four- mediocre

Glory Hunter



wenger should sell arteta and buy sneijder because arteta just slow our tempo.And they thing his pass is accurate because he always make a short pass and pass to the nearest teamate.Arteta can’t pass like wilshere and carzola.All we need is Sneijder who Can make a key pass




arteta not good enough for arsenal.Does he help the team?? he just like extra defence and extra man


@nick – are you on crack or something ? ramsey is the one who slows arsenal down not arteta


atleast ramsey created more chance than arteta and ramsey is the 2nd most arsenal player to created chances this season.Lead by santi


There might not be a better way to say this so here it goes: You might be suffering from acute mental retardation. Get help!

Piers Morgan's punchable face

Don’t do drugs kids !


I agree. The slow part, as in you’re slow… the head!


Ok, I’ll take the bait even though I know we won’t sign anyone. If it were up to me, I’d buy 1- ozil from Madrid. 2- falcao from the other Madrid.


why stop there, we can poach Messi from barca, or another fan favorite, resign fabregas. Seriously, we are an injury to arteta or cazorla away from complete free fall. the return of rosicky could compensate, if he gets/remains fit. A dominant central/defensive midfielder to replace diaby, I have no idea who. A winger to replace Walcott and provide competition to Poldi and Gervinho, and a striker. But that is three players! If I were to play this game I would say Baines, Huntelaar, and Zaha. I have a good feeling about Zaha, he could replace Walcot, who is as good… Read more »


Why not Nasri as well? Replace Gervinho…. wait.. what?


Actually, it’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. Ozil has been making noise about not being happy since that midget spud came to Madrid and wenger has said he thinks he’s the best amf


….. He’s seen in a while. So why not? As far as falcao, heh, ya right. That ain’t going to happen, I was just fucking about.

I’m not sold on this zaha, he kinda seems like a tool. Baines is going to united and I can’t see huntelaar leaving shalke for us in January. He’s got a better shot at winning the ucl with them.

Like I said about 20 posts above, we’re not going to sign anyone.

The Drew



Henry on loan would be a good stop-gap for a striker until the end of the season. There’s plenty of goals in the guys we’ve got, but not enough opportunity to score them due to our inability to handle a good press. Find a couple of press-breakers to force opposition into falling back, then the goals will come from our forwards. 2 more playmakers please.


Anyone spot the timing of this interview!? Two days before the black scarf march!? Feed the fans with hope say in previous interviews you don’t want anybody but super top top signings. Then two days before protest after a run of indifferent results and critism throw in the signing of two top players line and the return of a hero! Arsenal fans like I have in the past take it like fools day dreaming about falcao and gotze about Fellaini please be serious that have not backed up there word for the last five years at least we are run… Read more »

89 Anfield..... It's up for grabs now

You should probably read your posts before posting.


How ill informed… Are you a spud journo in disguise…

Shareholders do not get dividends…I will repeat no dividend is paid out at the moment by the club to any shareholder….

Sagna has 18 months left on his contract so if he fucks off this summer its because the club decide to sell him and this certainly wont be for fuck all.

Saha please… I really hope you mean Zaha…


I think all of you guys play too much FIFA. You can’t just pick and buy all the top performers in the world your money an afford. There are loads of other factors.


gotze santi jack!!!
this is the future

gnarly charlie

Out: Santos, Squillaci, Fabianski, Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamahk, Park, Bendtner, Denilson

In: Henry, 30+ y.o. keeper, left-back, DM, left winger (and a right winger for if/when Walcott buggers off)

That’s the minimum we need to plug the gaps in the team. Still have a lot more work to do to streamline and expand the squad into the future.


That would do it, I’d love to see all those players leave, but it’s not like Arsenal have not been trying to sell them for the last 2-3 transfer windows, if not more.


Fellaini(I wish) More likely Kouyate/Capoue 5-10mil Zaha 10mil(Summer) ST: R.Lewandowski(Summer as well ; 20mil,he’s got 1 year left on his contract as well)/Adrian Lopez


Oh and Arshavin/Squilacci <are on their last deal, Chamakh/Djourou will leave as well since Some teams still want them(supposedly). That means signings are Possible(fingers crossed. JUST SIGN A DM (Man Wenger's stubborn)


Keep dreaming we are talking about a club that makes profit every transfer season

ramseys back pass

Much as i like huntelaar, our biggest problem is not that our stricker(s) are missing them left right and center. We simply aren’t creating enough or any at all. It was the same last season. And if it wasn’t for those hopeful chipped balls by song (didn’t intend to remind you) we would have struggled too. Poldi, theo, ox, rambo, gerv, jack, santi, none of them is creating chances on a regular basis. Apart from theo scoring when he doesn’t play we look one dimensional and teams can defend against our slow passing and new back passing game. Every fan… Read more »


He said he had money for two signings. He didn’t say how much. It may be silvestre type money. What happens when theo goes? Does that make it 3 signings, we are at least two played short now and that’s with theo.
don’t be surprised as frog said if we don’t sign anyone, but people talking of major names are way of the mark. Remember we don’t pay major name wages.

Jim Jimminy

Holtby and Huntelaar?


Would also be great, both are out of contract in the summer and as much as schalke will not want to let them go, they are quality players. One a proven striker and one a young promsing AM. I don’t care if they cannot play in the CL, as long as they make sure we’ll be there next year. Things are pretty crappy at Arsenal, drpping out of the CL could set off a more serious sustained decline.


Buy Fellaini and Huntelaar, plus Henry on loan. Please!


He said 2 coming in and we will sell 2 end of season as usual

89 Anfield..... It's up for grabs now

That’s it stay positive!

[…] a couple of players, and probably take Thierry Henry on loan, in January. Speaking the other night he said: This winter we will work very hard because we have some funds available. It could happen that we […]


Two names?
Rosicky and Diaby
Walcott and Sagna
Henry and Toure 🙂


its possible to buy falco on FM and on fifa13 so wneger has no excuse if he really wans to win the league. champange football chocolate prices cunts GAZIDIS OUT!

All you hear is arsenal gaga

There’s this chap over in Spain I’ve heard good things about, Ron Naldo I believe is the correct spelling. Maybe we should have a butch at him.

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima no longer plays in Spain and hasn’t done since 2007

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