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Wenger hopeful on Sagna deal

Arsene Wenger says that the club are in talks with Bacary Sagna and that he’s hopeful the right back will sign a new cntract and stay at the club.

The French international has around 18 months left on his current deal, meaning he could leave on a free in the summer of 2014, or provide excellent value to someone else at the end of this current season.

Although Carl Jenkinson has made excellent progress, Sagna has been one of the club’s most consistent performers and Wenger says that talks are ongoing.

“We are in talks at the moment,” he said. “We are hopeful. He had some big injury issues but, with him and Carl Jenkinson, you need two players and we want to keep them.”

It does sound promising but not convincingly so and with real interest in Sagna from Inter Milan Arseblog News is not holding its breath just yet.

Of course the new deal with Emirates may mean Sagna could see out his contract and leave on a Bosman at the Logan’s Runtacular age of 31, with Wenger admitting that the increased sponsorship money is as much about being able to keep existing players as it is about signing new ones.

This one may have some way to run just yet.

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Brian Mendoza

Signer la chose Bacary!


SIgn him up Arsene. A Sagna-less squad never does feel the same.


You do understand it takes 2 hands to clap. Both sides must agree. Ok, the agent is the 3rd side – the backside.


Gives the phrase ‘Up the arse’ a whole new meaning doesn’t it.


I would say you’re right but you can always slap yourself on the face to get a similar sound.. With the love the fans have for him and The sort of support we’ve shown him (particularly last season) I just hope he signs and doesn’t make that sound on all our faces

Dr. Silent

Sagna can definitely continue to do the job for the next few years. The best right-back in the EPL, without a doubt. It would be a big disappointment if he left within the next 18 months.

Lee Dixon played regularly for Arsenal until he retired. We would all do well to remember that.


Quite possibly the best RB in the league(even after 2 fucken ankle breaks) and is probably one of our only 2 players who can be considered near world class at the moment. (the other being cazorla)

Consummate professional, ever reliable, highly experienced, extremely consistent, need i say more? Keep him on wenger,.

Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

I’d say Podolski is world class. He’s just not being used to his full potential out wide. That being said, it’s better for the team for him to play on the left, with Olivier up front, even if it means we don’t see his clinical finishing as often as we’d like.




No. Just no.


Yep, Podolski and Mertesacker. You do not get as many caps as they have for a strong German team if you are not world-class. Arteta anyone?


I think the term “World Class” is thrown around a bit much these days. In my view a player is only world class if they’d get in the squad for a World Xi, and I think only Santi qualifies, Sagna at a push. That’s not to say the others are not top players though.


Especially the BFG. Germany are well known for being astonishingly effective and efficient defensively, so holding down a CB position in that squad really means something.
At least as much as, at the other end of the park, being an international starting striker for Brazil.

Arteta's Hair Gel

ummm…ramsey ????…..(shit)…i’m outta here…….


Ramsey is world class too, you know. He has MASSIVE potential. He’ll be Universal class in three or four years. Keep the faith. So what if Ben Arfa recovered from his broken leg and has so far performed admirably? It doesn’t count. Ramsey has MASSIVE potential.

Mach III

When the players sign new contracts, Wenger usually has a one liner thanking them.

When the players are not going to sign we get this template.

Why does this crafty snake still do press conferences? 🙁 Bacary, you are the perfect representation of an Arsenal player. The club are just oblivious to it.

Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

Every time I see “Wenger hopeful on deal”, I’ve conditioned myself into letting said player go 🙁

Anyway, hope we keep him, he’s definitely worth it and he’ll help Jenkinson ease into that starting role.

Speaking of Bac man, he’ll be an integral part of the Everton match. Would be amazing if he and Theo can shut down their left side.


I love the Bacman. Best RB in the league. Consistent, a consummate professional, and (from what I’ve seen and read) a leader on and off the pitch. Needless to say, we need to keep our best, experienced players. SIGN HIM UP ARSENE!


If this one is about pay rise then i say Sagna deserves it. Its rare these days to have a professional like him who gives his everything in the game.Best right back for me the league.has been solid every time he played for us and the most CONSISTENT performer of all.
And hey he comes back from injuries in the given time.


i just hope these two don’t become a part of the recent trend of letting two big(apparently) name players leave. van pursue – song, fabregas-nasri, adebayor-toure, hleb-flamini. maybe these players were allowed to leave based on their performance or their cunty attitude but the developing pattern is scary!


No matter what the price is, Bac must stay!!


As long as arsenal remain in “transition” our best players will want to leave. We are not a model of stability (at the first team level). Clearly Sagna was upset at players leaving the last two summers, with walcot likely going I’m afraid he’ll be next. Jenkinson has promise, but he has big shoes to fill.

One of the reasons we sufferred on Saturday was missing Sagna.

Our wage bill is much to large compared to the quality of players we have, if Arsenal want to compete they have to get rid of some players.


To clarify, I don’t want ot get rid of Sagna.

try arshavin, chamakh, squillachi, young, diaby


Who’s young?


No 2 ways about what the club should be looking to do. I guess he’s been with us the longest in the current squad, he’s been an absolute professional. I want him to retire at Arsenal, been quite some time since I saw that.


Here we go again.
Hard one to call, theo is gone but this could go either way. A lot may depend on who or if we sign in new players January. Personally I reckon he’s another one on his way.


Papers reporting Theo and Sagna are both omitted from the 2013 calendar. Mmm.

I’ve already had to print out a copy of Podolski’s boat race and glue it on top of the December 2012 page, to stop my boy having nightmares about the Dutch bloke who features on it.


Everytime Wenger is hopeful of tying someone down the opposite always happen. I pray to GOD almighty we keep Sagna. If he goes I just won’t be able to hold on back to the minority of bandwagoners who want a change……a change somewhere in the system, anywhere!. Arsenal forever!


Wenger hopeful on a deal! Think we’ve heard that before seems to me the that he puts much to emotional faith in his players when the only faith they have is in the dollar.


The famous Wenger kiss of death, adios Lasagna! Everytime I hear we are ‘hopeful’ ala Walcott, RVP, Cashri, Fabregasm I’m convinced they’re off. Would be nice for Arsenal to come out bullish and ensure our best players rarely leave

[…] other news, Arsene Wenger says that the club are talking with Bacary Sagna about a new contract: We are in talks at the moment. We are hopeful. He had some big injury issues but, with him and […]


Don’t know if this is true or not but the Daily’s Mirror reports that both Theo Walcott and Bacary Sagna have been omitted from Arsenal’s 2013 official calendar.
Not very encouraging …
I’m really starting to get fed up of being constantly lied to by the board and Arsene about players, contracts and position of the club.


that doesnt’ make any sense. a lot of players missed the calendar….Kos, Rosa, Diaby, Gev….etc.
and Barc, please stay at Arsenal

Rad Carrot

Heard it before, unfortunately. Absolutely adore Bac, but I can’t see him signing a new contract after losing his mate Robin. He would have signed by now, same as Theo – and both are not appearing in the official Arsenal 2013 calendar, which kinda speaks volumes. They’ll both be gone in the Summer, Wenger will say that Jenkinson was always the replacement and we’ll use some unrated 17 year old as back-up. Same. Old. Shit. I don’t really care about trophies at the moment, but do you reckon we could have one year of stability at the club? I’m sick… Read more »

Glory Hunter

I have to agree with you how can Spuds keep hold of Bale while we are facing the possibiity of losing Theo!!!

I know I’ll get thumbed down for this but I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilshere leaves in a couple of seasons.

Rad Carrot

I think we’ve got Jack for a little while, it’s possible we may have him for life, although I’m not holding my breath.

Loyalty is rare in football but certain players have had it – Gerrard was offered a move away for more money and turned it down to stay with the scousers. Jack’s been with us since he was 9, he’s English and knows the value of loyalty… maybe, just maybe, we’ll keep him.

Fingers crossed.


“He had some big injury issues but,”… why he says that? To lower his price or explain why he will let him go by offering not enough money to our most consistent player?!
Can any of us say what will be our starting 11 in season 2014/15 or even next season? Sad.


AW thinks with Jnksn he can some how manage a top four finish…He is no way near BS…Arsenal knows this is the time to get maxm amount of money from BS…he doesnt have too many world class players left for next years sale..I am a gooner for several years…I can simply define arsenals mentality as no ambition..BS is simply the best…he is a winner.his attitude is super..i never see him below 100%….love you BS…you ll never blamed….simply we love you…just go to Real Madrid…they need RB like you..wish you all the best….

Mach III

I hope he goes to RM and not to our rivals. Such a pleasure having him in the team for these passed few years. I don’t think we’ll ever see a super star at Arsenal again. Only the players on brink of superstardom would join us to be seen on a stage and sold off to the big clubs, Man U, Chelsea, Spurs, City. Our clubs whole project to keep us fighting for the title has failed. All the teams have been slowly building up over the years while we have been dismantling ourselves. Dein left, Henry left, Fabregas left,… Read more »


sagna noooooooo……just sign tha thing……plizzzz


Age problem. This is the other thing, apart from the wage structure, that needs to change about the way we currently handle contracts. Wenger has a well-known rule that players over thirty get only a one, or possibly two, year rolling contract. While that does protect us from having someone on high wages on the books with a long contract whose form has dropped post-30, it also leads to seeing our ex-players still doing the business at 35 for someone else. Personally I reckon that having a 34 year old warhorse, who’s a bit past it, stuck on the books… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

it would be a hell of a shame to lose such a quality player. problem is he would probably go for peanuts after 2 bad breaks. the rumblings of discontent have been much documented, but certain sections of the press have been trying to oust AW for a while now, so how much of it is shit stirring and how much is fact its hard to tell. the calendar thing is a red herring, we have at least 25 first team squad players and 12 months, is everyone else for sale? at least we can all rest assured whatever happens,… Read more »

[…] other news, Arsene Wenger says that the club are talking with Bacary Sagna about a new contract: We are in talks at the moment. We are hopeful. He had some big injury issues but, with him and […]


Wenger is a great liar which is something I hate him for, let’s Arsenal fans make this Cork of Wenger to stop telling us lies so we can be able to trust him.

[…] 来源:[Arseblognews] […]

Imam Mark

I’ll easily believe that my mother has become a man than believe whatever Arsene says about players contracts,signings injuries.


laughing at all the people reading into the calendar omissions – you know there’s 25 players in a squad and only 12 months in a year, right?

Dog Eat Arse

So you exclude two of the biggest selling names from something the club would want to sell a lot of just because of a 25 man squad?

Yeah right…..

[…] 除此之外还有些新闻,教授说俱乐部正在和萨尼亚商讨新合同: 此刻我们正在谈判中,我们很有希望。萨尼亚受过一些重伤,但是有他和詹金森两人,我们需要并且会留住他们。 […]

Dog Eat Arse

“We are hopeful”

In other words Sagna is gone.

[…] contract talks have ruled recent days at the club, with the manager hopeful that Bacary Sagna would sign a new deal. Arsenal’s second longest serving player, having joined in 2007, the right-back has notched […]

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