Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bould-Wenger rift rumours played down

As you’ll have seen by now former Arsenal player Stewart Robson made headlines this morning after labelling Arsene Wenger a ‘dictator’ and claiming that the boss’ relationship with assistant manager Steve Bould is non-existent.

We live in a free country and the guy is entitled to his views; for all we know there could even be a modicum of truth in what he says. That being said, when you’re effectively little more than a rent-a-gob lackey paid by the media to opportunistically spout negativity you do come across like you’ve a massive axe to grind.

Perhaps it has something to do with the way he was unceremoniously dropped by Arsenal.com this summer following complaints about his down-in-the-dumps punditry on matchdays? Whatever the reason, he’s said his piece, garnered himself some headlines and simultaneously trickled warm piss all over the hands that once fed him.

While Robson may not be impressed by Wenger’s views, Ray Parlour has, like a gallant red-haired knight, swept to the defence of the Frenchman claiming that whenever he visits the club all appears hunky-dory.

“Steve Bould was a real character in that dressing room area, he’s one of those sort of players that points a finger at people if you weren’t doing your jobs, and I’m sure he’s not changed,” Parlour told Sky Sports.

“People will speculate very quickly about training bust-ups and whatever, but whenever I’ve been there Steve Bould’s been next to Arsene Wenger and they’ve been as good as gold.

“Stewart Robson has got his own opinions, but I played under Arsene Wenger and thought he was a great manager when I was there.  He was always one of those managers you could talk to. Arsene Wenger is one of those sort of guys who will always try to stick up for his players.

“We would have meetings after games and it would all come out in the dressing room, which (is how) it should be. It is a private matter between the players, the manager and the staff.

“It was quite embarrassing to lose to Bradford, there is no doubting that, but I think he is one of those guys who does criticise people behind the scenes instead of in the press.”

Liam Brady, who still works with Wenger on a daily basis, also appears to have tried to play down the rumours by calling talkSPORT’s Richard Keys who subsequently tweeted:

“Spoken with Liam Brady. He assures me categorically that there is no rift between Steve Bould and Arsene Wenger. No rift.”

A further retort appears in the Evening Standard this evening with correspondent James Olley running a piece which quotes another shadowy club insider who claims that Bould is furious with Robson for mouthing off.

As we said at the beginning, Arseblog News is not claiming to know the truth. We’re just eager that one man’s views don’t become the accepted take on events because they claimed the biggest headlines. It remains to be seen what the boss and indeed Bould himself have to say on the matter – perhaps we’ll learn more before Monday’s game with Reading.

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For “played down” read “confirmed as horseshit”…


What a pour guy stewart is. I never thought that for “5 minutes of fame” someone can talk this bullshit (fu*k how naive I am) knowing nothing happened because everyone deny that.

Master Bates

How is this guy even called a ‘legend’ ,I read somewhere he’s won ZERO trophies , Atleast Bendtner won us the Emirates cups


Even before he was sacked from Arsenal.com he mouthed off, but he is simply jumping on the Wenger out bandwagon with venom. Luckily most fans are smarter and more loyal than he is.

Henry's beard

I would call Robson a prize winning cunt, but the man won fuck all in his career so I’ll just stick to calling him… well, a cunt.


Never mind win f- all, he didnt have 3 good seasons. GG seen right through the cowardly shit as soon as he seen him. And now he’s a right bitter prick. Please excuse the name calling blogs, but he is all I said.


Stewart Robson is a bitter old wanker. What has this clown actually achieved in football? Absolutely nothing. Arsene Wenger has his flaws but he has been at the club for 16 years and has achieved so much. He deserves the respect and support of fans. He deserves to be given more of a chance to turn things around. He should be given until the end of his contract to sort things out. If you look at the facts, we’ve only really under achieved over the past 18 months, during a period where we’ve had a mass exodus of top class… Read more »






As you’re obviously new to the internet, here is a video I think you’ll find useful…



Talking of sitting on the fence, how’s it looking from up there Mr. Arseblog?

Never before has a website/podcast said so much whilst making so few actual points, you are exactly the kind of fan the Wenger dictatorship love so much.


We need Wenger, he is a genius. But one thing do, he should stop defend his players.. After a game like the Bradford game we don’t want to hear “we couldn’t convert our chances”, he should just admit that they were absolut dogshit..


Fuck off.


I love how you just used the “wenger dictatorship” phrase as though you have been saying it for ages where in fact you’ve just taken someone else’s (poorly put) words and adopted them as your own, if you’re going to criticise Wenger at least do it with your own valid reasoning than just spewing other’s people’s crap.


Robson has every right to say an alternative to the constant official bullshit PR propaganda put out by the board/Wenger that everything’s all right/it’s just a blip/”We lacked a bit of sharpness in the final third” etc etc.

I read Robson’s article the other day about the state of the team and everything in the article was true.

He’s a lot more honest in his appraisal than Martin Keown’s interviews that just blindly kiss the management’s arse.


And blogs has pointed out time and time again that the man raises valid points. But I’m sorry, even though I agree, he does make good points, this bullshit, headline grabbing crap about a Wenger/Bould rift isn’t going to help his valid points hold any water. Criticism and alternative views should be welcome, but venomous mouthing off and possibly lying just stinks of a pathetic agenda that does nothing but overshadow reasonable concern and anger and makes any fan with half a brain turn away from your thoughts.


If John Terry told you that the sun came up in the morning and set in the evening he would be telling the truth, but he’d still be John Terry. Being right about something doesn’t magically make someone less of a cunt.

Andy R

People should lay off Robson. At least he had the guts to criticise from the inner circle. A lot of ex-Arsenal players are simply tip-toeing around Wenger because they don’t want to tarnish their own reputation. And, also, it’s not like Robson is not talking sense – most of what he says makes perfect sense. Sometimes he probably goes a bit far, but then look at Wenger, he’s been blatantly deceiving supporters for years and somehow that’s deemed acceptable. Lots of people have an agenda, this website has an agenda – to sit on the fence and go with whatever… Read more »


“Lots of people have an agenda, this website has an agenda”

Mind blown. This is like the first time I watched the matrix.

Keanu Reeves



Robson has every right to criticize, but that doesn’t make his views correct. Opportunist, as Bloggs said.

We have to remember that a lot has changed in the past six months. The team is still gelling and Bould and Wenger are too.


Dead right
Arseblog never has an opinion unless it is calling ex players cunts. Too easy. Whatever robson says, it’s blindingly obvious Wenger is fucking up big time


the way this arseblog piece is written, smells fishy as well, going on cheerleading overdrive this week I guess.
Impartial they are not on matters about internal arsenal issues.


Someone with the username Adebayor is hardly likely to be an Arsenal fan, so I don’t think this site is really intended for you.

Speaking of Adebayor, what a cunt he’s turned out to be!


Some of what Robson says makes sense, that does not mean he has the best interests of the club at heart. Saying everyone has an agenda is true, but you have made no point at all – its just word play. How about Robson has an ulterior motive? In other words, his agenda should be whatever is best for AFC, but his agenda is a personal one. As for sitting on the fence, well, that would be the sensible place to be at the moment. We still dont know the truth behind the sales of our players and our lack… Read more »

Andy R

There’s no particular reason why Robson should have the club’s best interests at heart. He’s an analyst whose approach is to be honest and truthful irrespective of the links to his former employers.

Sit on the fence with Wenger? Why? Results speak for themselves. 12 wins from the last 30, and 95% of those games were against opposition with much lower resources than Arsenal’s.

Clearly it’s a managerial problem. Poor tactics, poor use of resources and poor motivation. If you can’t recognise that simple fact then you’re the one with an agenda. Why complicate something that’s so bloody obvious?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

There’s a recent rash of anti-Arseblogger twunts here. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it’s three or four Spurs fans got together to attack him while pretending to care about the club..

I’d ban the fucking shit out of the fucking shits.

Arsene's Bored Banker

“We would have meetings after games and it would all come out in the dressing room, which (is how) it should be. It is a private matter between the players, the manager and the staff.”

Whatever Arsene is doing at the moment to get mire out of his players, it is failing.

Master Bates

Scapegoating Wenger for passionless display is not good ,This is the man who coached a the invincibles , a team which was very motivated to everything possible. So what has changed? , Players have their heads turn to better pay elsewhere which means we never get to have squad togethere for atleast 2 seasons straight. Plus the constant bitching and moaning by the fans that’s been improved via the internets(mostly by Piers Morgan) . There have been a couple of times players like Sagna and Wilshere had to ask people for support through tweets .That shows they can feel all… Read more »

Agent 419 ITK

So We lost to Bradford because our players had their heads turned to better pay?
Was that the same reason we lost to Swansea as well? and the reason for the displays against Villa and Norwich?


wenger is the right man to lead arsenal back to the glory days. and he will. i’m also glad he’s got a right hand man like bould to help him along the way. they compliment each other well, by bringing different skills sets and expertise into the mix. i wouldn’t worry for a second if they had disagreements or a difference in a opinion. thats part of being a team when u work with committed people who passionately want to win. as long as bould understands that wenger is the boss but he’s still confident enough to voice his opinion… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, you could be right, but just once I’d like to see an Arsenal coach stand up and give one of our players a bollocking rather than just doing that “Oh, disappointing, again” shrug we see every time somebody like Gervinho kills another attack dead by shooting at the corner flag, or some half-asleep midfielder gets stripped of the ball by a 4th Division player and just stands and watches the bloke run off with the ball. I wish our team were able to think on their feet as fast as the Invincibles could. We seem to have developed a… Read more »

One Arsenal

How he got employed at Arsenal.com in the first place is beyond me…

Jacques DeCock

Probably got some help from opposite George, haha XD



“Wenger is staying calm and saying to trust him but when your team is not winning it is hard to trust anybody.”
–Nigel Winterburn

One Arsenal

In other news Gervinho’s been called up to AFCON!!!
Let him go to the Airport ASAP, Arsene…..


Suddenly the doubling up of the AFCON doesn’t seem like that bad a thing eh


shocked he made the cut. I thought we were going to be stuck with him for January.


He missed the glorious chance against bradford………let’s hope this time he doesn’t miss the friggin plane.

Up, up and away!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Gervinho is not a striker. Stop playing him there.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Question… Podolski is a striker, so why do we play Gervinho in that role when Podolski is on the pitch?


I think Stewart looks at his medal shelf and sees fuck all, looks around and sees an arsenal poster of Arsene with the lads atop of the bus, celebrating the double then decides “let me lay on to this guy abit, he seems happy”

Stewart pearce…..oh I mean robson seems reasonable enough to know Wenger isn’t a dictator, a simple “wenger out” would be sufficient and not inventing shit!


As with most media the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.


I wish I had Gervinho’s talent of not having any talent and making money out of it.


He gives me heart palpitations every time I watch him but he does have a knack of getting in to decent positions. What lets him down is his finishing and his final ball. And his holding on to the ball too long. And running it out of play.
Come to think of it hes rubbish and fucking shits me.

Midfield Corporal

Stewart Robson is a prize bell end of the highest order. I never understood how he suddenly appeared around Arsenal media as if he was some sort of legend. I just recall him being injured a lot, saying he supported West Ham, and leaving……for west ham. Arseblog hit the nail on the head when he said he sounded like he was auditioning for Talk Shite.
How many medals as a player or manager Stewart? Disrespectful cunt.


I feel wenger and bould are the perfect recipe , to bring success however our success from here on should be more focused on the players we have ,the quality now is poor , , i really do feel for wenger, i know he means well but he is been let down by the players he has around ,there is not enough quality . our concern now should go the the kind of players we need to achieve our goal , which is consistency resulting to trophies. the board need to look at the squad we have and replace the… Read more »


robson got an agenda,he was furious he got kick from the club because the fan ask them to .
if he is so good at tactic i can wait he take a manager role at any club, but no he is a little man who hide behind the media and telling bullshit (confirm by bould himself and Parlour)
Yes Wenger and Bould have maybe an agurment about something but then if would be worry if they hadnt any.


Pack the Rifters.
Then store them inside gervinho head. There’s a lot of space trust me.


I bloody love Ray Parlour.

I used to manage a restaurant a few years ago and he came in, as soon as I told him I was an Arsenal fan he was all smiles and we had a good old chat.. He even insisted I bring the chef out to say hello once I said he was a Gooner too!


Robson never did liked arsene no doubt but to say there is no rift cos robson is a c*nt is pure lies and as for ray Parlour,the arsene you knew those days isnt the arsene of today,things are changing and changing fast

today your saviour,mentor arsene said he likes to know everything that goes on at the club,like being a guardian,when i’ve got time i would post it,but from what i read he is somewhat like the dictator,so dont blame robson even though he is a cunt but he speaks the truth


Wenger need to go! Now I don’t give a shit about the relationship between all the couchs, whether they are friends all not, they can sleep together every night if they want, The most important thing is the team can show something in the game to prove that all the couchs are doing their job! bad defense–bould are shit. losing games-wenger are shit that is my understanding about couching! I respect wenger as a gentleman and also as a very successful soccer couch, but right now, he need to go, because I can not see anything hopeful from this team… Read more »

na$ri's loaded chin

Please don’t call Wenger a couch. He’s a good man 🙁

Also, I’m pretty sure your understanding about couching is a little off.


” arsenal will not be arsenal anymore.” – well, I suppose he MADE arsenal as we know it today.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hello Colin, how are you today? have to been watching football on the telly? I bet your mum thinks you’re wonderful. Wenger makes two of his substitutions each game between 67 and 69 minutes. He always has. Right back to 1998. Ask your dad, he’ll remember that. He does NOT do “bad substitution timing” because if he did we wouldn’t have won any doubles or had an Invincible team. Also, Arsene Wnger is not a Soul Eater. I have seen them on TV and they didn’t look a bit like him. For a start he can’t fly, and he doesn’t… Read more »


Wether there is a rift or not, whatever’s happeneing at the club is not working. We are still letting in some of the softest goals I’ve ever seen, and it’s been the same s**t for the last 5 years which Wenger has failed miserably to rectify. Our current zonal marking system is a joke and doomed to failure. Ask Rafa Benitez. If you Wenger lovers still think Wenger is the man for the job you’re sadly mistaken. He’s had 7 years with players better than the ones he’s got now to win something. The fact that he hasn’t says a… Read more »


I think Rafa Benitez would probably agree with him, which is perhaps more worrying.


Zonal marking is not the problem. We were conceding careless goals long, long before we adopted zonal marking. I think we just have had a bunch of players who are at their happiest when they are attacking and, unfortunately, defend reluctantly. We are conceding fewer goals than in previous years but we are creating fewer chances and scoring less too.


I would be so happy if Wenger would buy huntelaar in january and maybe Zaha or someone!! but i guess that is hoping to much


It is the time to support our team and support our manager. so many people are hating on Wenger right now and it’s unbelievable. For this reason i am going to support Wenger will all my strength.he is our manager let us stand by him,through thick and thin. They want him sacked right away so that our season ends in tatters and they will all be laughing at us at the end of the season.how many teams have not won anything for 7 years,surely it’s not just us.our time will come.


What – they’re not all laughing at us now?

You’re deluded – wake up – it’s blind, Wenger/Board ass-kissing fans like you that will continue to drag the club down.

My blind loyalty is to the club and team: not one past-it manager who was last any good EIGHT years ago…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s amazing how many of our loyal fans write off the season we were runners up in the Champions League as a failure. Most clubs would consider that an achievement. If you can’t count that as an achievement then the term Glory Hunter may be appropriate.

Who gives a FUCK that “they” are “all” laughing at us? There are two types of fan in the world. Arsenal fans, and Cunts. Nobody cares what cunts think.

You Lot Are Deluded

You lot are generally deluded wankers!

You lot are the problem with Arsenal! Just fuck off with your Wenger-loving and grow some balls!


nice to say to fellow arsenal fan, your mum havent love you enough is not our bloody fault

Per's Nimble Footwork

For most, it’s actually not Wenger-loving; it’s Arsenal-supporting. When a team is in crisis, when any organisation is in crisis, the best way to see to its demise is for the guys on the inside to be the loudest ones shouting discontent. The media will help you fan the flames, and you can just add more kerosene. The true test of character is with the men at the helm. I have said repeatedly on this site, the Hammers, Blackburn Rovers etc shouted down the men at the top and it didn’t stop the clubs from going down. And some stayed… Read more »


I have been reading arseblog for about 4 years and I have found it very informative. But at times, and more lately I find arseblog’s complete alignment ώĩ†̥ђ only pro arsenal news and view a bit worrying. I know he bears his mind on certain issues on the daily blog and arsecast, but I think its about time that people like arseblog, goodplaya, gingers4limpa, tim stillman and those other guys that have an online voice and presence to start speaking up loudly. Truth be told, arsenal is a sinking ship and something needs to be done. I have been a… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I’m not sure that’s entirely fair Gabe. Arseblog acknowledges the deficiencies in our players and manager, however he doesn’t resort to vile obscenities about our manager or hysterical over reactions after one good or one bad result. The we want our Arsenal back campaign doesn’t isn’t about getting the team back to how it was during more successful eras, its more about how the matchday fans feel they are treated as a means to make money by the board, how their opinions don’t seem to matter and improving the matchday experience. Have a read of the Black Scarf Movement website… Read more »


Not sure how you get a thumbs down for that Corp, but there you are.

Midfield Corporal

Cheers Mooro, I think some people just thumbs down unless you call Arsene a C&@!.


Good on you gabe.
Arseblog wouldn’t say boo to a ghost. These online blogs are so pro wenger. Nothing will change at arsenal till wenger goes. When he says, “we have the quality, we have the spirit”, it’s hilarious … The two things we don’t have!

Andy R

Arseblog is not going to say boo to anybody. He makes a living out of this site, so having an unpopular opinion is simply not on the agenda – he will swing the way of the majority, that is all. A few Arsenal blogs were raising major concerns 4 or 5 years ago, others wanted him gone 2 or 3 years ago. These people had the courage to go against the grain, but more importantly insight – they predicted this mess, not Arseblog, all he did was make silly voice overs and suck up to pro-Wenger fans from other blogs… Read more »


Nothing wrong with being pro-Wenger-i reckon the majority including myself are. You simply cannot take what he says at face value with regards quality and spirit- what else can he say?? The media pounces on the slightest little thing. He may have his faults but he is not blind to a lack of quality etc- there is simply no benefit to saying otherwise- Any other manager would have taken every opportunity to blame others for shortcomings i.e restricted transfer budget and prob left the second things started looking tough. You have to accept what he says in public and thinks/does… Read more »


Not being anti-Wenger is not the same as being pro-Wenger. Also, it’s interesting that people are confusing the blog (arseblog.com) with this site which is NEWS. It’s reportage, with a small bit of opinion. We’re pro Arsenal, not pro Wenger, or anything like it. Re: Robson, I covered it here – http://arseblog.com/2012/12/if-i-may-be-so-bould/ – said many of his criticisms were valid, but the way he expresses them is the problem. He’s the only one banging this Wenger/Bould fall-out; so far Bould, Wenger, Parlour, Liam Brady and others have denied it. So who do we believe? I know it suits a lot… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arseblog, what have you said? “Nobody’s got a gun to your head. Up the arse.”

That puts horrid pictures in my head.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That reads like “You’re a twunt if you don’t shout what I shout”. You also seem to be doing a Stewart Robson in that you are making claims about what Arseblog writes each day that are patently untrue. Your untruths make your whole missive suspect.

The Noise

Sorry Razor, but the Arsene you knew back then is a hell of a lot different than the Arsene you know now!

Once again, always everyone’s else’s fault but Wenger on this site! Used to love ya blogger… Now, can barely force myself to read your sit on the fence drivel!


It wont get that bad, but……… Looking at our current situation is reminding me of Nottingham forest and Brian Clough. Our set up is too strong for us to go that far downhill; however we do need big changes. Now I don’t think just sacking the greatest manager we have ever had is the way to go, we just need a fresh perspective. If FFP works (which it wont, because oil rich clubs will find loop holes via ridiculous sponsorship deals) then all very well and good, we can compete. I FFP does not work, then we will need a… Read more »


I used to love Robson as a player. He was definitely future England potential, maybe even skipper (back in the days when I gave a shit about international football), before his knee injury, which I witnessed. For me, the most important thing Ray could’ve said, in relation to Robson’s views, is ‘I played under Arsene Wenger’. Robson didn’t. So how he can comment about the ins and outs is beyond me. Fair enough, criticise the manager for what’s going on now, but don’t go all Monday Morning Quarterback, as my American colleagues say, especially when you’re in a position where… Read more »


Wenger is the problem. Our best players leave because they know they’ll win nothing at ARsenal. Wenger promises and promises but nothing happens, so they leave.

Players generally don’t leave successful teams. Coming third or fourth in the league means nothing at the end of a career

Of course we respect wenger for what he did, but it was ten years ago. Those days are over.

The squad is ok and with a clean out and few additions could be top class. Nut we meed a new manager. Now!!!


And what manager will do any better with players than the one we have now?

As I posted above, until we can afford it, we will not attract the very best players. If we do not attract the very best players we will not compete.

Let me get this straight. It was not Arsenal that attracted the Patrick Vieiras to the club, (He was at the best club in the world during the nineties) it was the manager. The same goes for many of the top, top players we have had since 1996.

Andy R

A manager with a tactical brain? It’s not all about money, any fool must surely realise that. Arsenal are not failing because they don’t have the money to win the league, they are failing because they can’t beat shit with 10 times less resources than them. It was even predictable that they would fuck up to a team that cost £7500. If you can’t recognise that money has nothing to do with that, you really understand nothing about football.


Dragan Stojkovic would be the perfect manager

David Gower

are you an idiot?
Do you think no other manager could do a better job than Wenger? After eight years of zero success?

Wenger WAS great, ten years ago. That time has gone, get over it.

David Gower

Well said Ade.

I actually think Wenger has overstayed his welcome by a good two years. Had he gone then, say at the end of 2010, even after five years without club success, his reputation would have lived forever.
Now it is tarnished and becoming more tarnished with each passing month. He is becoming a laughing stock. Other teams don’t respect Arsenal anymore, and that’s fcuking unacceptable, and it is Wenger’s fault.

If I hear him one more time say “This team has the belief, the spirit” I’ll fcuking vomit.
Team spirit/desire/balls/passion is exactly what is missing!!!!


Why can’t you properly spell fucking?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Players win games. Not managers.


i just saw THE most depressing thing of the season.

fucking denilson just won a trophy before we did.

El blondo

This isn’t a gripe and purely of a curious nature but I’d like to see a comparison of how our Profit & loss in the glory years co pare to the last 8 & if there’s a pattern

Stevo Goono

I don’t think Wenger’s perfect but all we aspire to he and only he has achieved for us. He has set the amazing standards we all crave. I’d just like to hear from the doubters exactly who they would like to replace him. The current situation is poor, but I’m not sure who could have stopped the cunts leaving in the current climate and who else could have brought us and deveolped the talent (for nothing) that he has whilst undertaking the biggest moment in our history (stadium move). You all at least Owe him the chance to turn it… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Most teams who are considering sacking their manager look to Harry, but as he’s just started a job I think we are left with Mark Hughes or Stewart Pearce.

Wenger Out! Wanker In!


another problem with us is that we have old defensive legends coaching the team to attack.


I wish Wenger would wake up. He needs to realize that Theo is coming into his prime and needs to be signed up immediately.


you would make a good tv pundit- lazy stupid analysis- like when they keep saying I would nt have sold van persie like we could have just signed him up no bother for another 4 years. why dont we just sign Messi, Falcao and Ronaldo as a new front three??

You cant make someone sign and you cant pay someone over the odds cos the act like a cunt and hold u to ransom. Indeed if we did what message does it send to other arsenal players.


Out of topic but stg is wrong with the mnt… Its time for the middle class supporters to stand for the club unless you are a shareholder….. I mean a major shareholders… Its no fun celebrating a win while your friends have trophies

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Huh? Was is stg you smkd ?


I Love Arsenal. Gunner 4 Life. What Up.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

[…] Ray Parlour has played down the rumors of a rift between Arsene Wenger and defensive Dark Lord, Steve […]

Arsenal Till I Die

I support Arsenal FC NOT Arsene FC! Arsenal was around long before Wenger and we will be long after him as well! Anyone who can sit there and blindly support a man who has nothing to offer anymore is actually deluded. The fact that some of you have said that we’ve only been in decline in the past 18 monts sickens me. What about the past 7 years? Ok, for at least 2/3 of those years we ere still contenders but to sit there and say that any of the past 5 years is acceptable for a club of Arsenal’s… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

It’d be a lot more enjoyable without idiots booing our players the fact that you seem to think it’s stupid to cheer our players, and the fact that you also appear to be suggesting that the current woeful state of affairs on the pitch is a wilfull and deliberate strategy on the part of AW (“he has done so happily” really? the man pukes when we lose. you type angry shit on the internets. i think he cares more than you) simply demonstrates that the person who is deluded is in fact, you “arsenal till i die”? you sound like… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

“arsenal till i die”, what did you think when TH14 side footed the penalty for Bobby? Did you think that they were both cunts who needed a good fucking shoeing from the crowd to let them know they were cunts for wasting a penalty? and that it was all wenger’s fault? and that trying to pass to a team mate from the penalty spot was the kind of insane shit that meant the team had lost its way, was no good and had a useless manager? or did you laugh at how we could even try and pull that kind… Read more »


You like it or not the name Arsene Wenger will be associate with Arsenal for ever.That s why much people are very protective of him.its a human thing.

its like an old relic you still keep in your house even so you dont have any use .you scare to throw out because it has so many good memories

Same with arsenal supporter,Wenger have been here so many years, we are scared to know what would happen to us without Le proff ,we are scared of change

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Change is Harry Redknapp

Change is Mark Hughes

Change is Stewart Pearce.

Change is Phil Brown

Change is Steve Kean

Fuck Change.

Arsenal Till I Die

Sam, I’ve been an Arsenal supporter for over 20 years! LONG before Wenger!

I suggested that Wenger has gone unopposed in all the bad tactics and and signings he has made. I’m sorry, cheer when Gervinho misses from 2 yards all you like but if an Arsenal player is costing us and playing shite CONSTANTLY then I’ll let him know! We’re a team which Gervibho, Ramsey, Chamakh, Squllachi etc are not good enough to play for.

By all means, celebrate your hero, number 26 GEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRVVVVV…


Gutbukkit Deffrolla so you take any failure to make your point i can give many club make changing and gone foward but maybe you dont know much about european football (maybe you do sorry in advance) so i will take you back few years ago when a club ,who was falling in mediocrity and mid table with many ageing footballer who were living on past glory , decide to make a radical change who many so was crazy , appointing an unknow (in this shore anyway) who were coaching not even in europe.. Well even if you dont know our… Read more »

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