Cazorla baffled by Arsenal form


Santi Cazorla has voiced his concern at the current state of affairs at the Emirates admitting that Arsenal’s inability to control and win games has left the club with a huge gap to close on the clubs at the top of the Premier League.

Asserting that the squad have quality and continue to train well, the diminutive Spaniard worryingly confessed he is flummoxed as to why they can’t deliver on the pitch.

“We don’t know exactly what the problem is,” the summer signing told the Daily Mail.

“It’s true that we’re inconsistent. I believe that to challenge for the Premier League, those games can’t get away from us. Take the Fulham game, we were 2-0 up. You can’t then be drawing within five minutes. Those points aren’t coming back.

“And the other day against Aston Villa, there’s a game which I believe we really had the desire to win, because these are points that we can’t let get away. Then you see City, United winning on those days. That’s the difference. To fight for the title, it’s about taking points from those teams.

“It’s a little bit frustrating. We’re a good team, good players, training well. But there are moments in those games when we don’t know how to control them. There’s a significant gap between us and United and City. They’ve got away a bit. We have very little margin for error.”

The worst thing about Santi’s comments? They were made before the Swansea game…

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santi,welcome to arsenal football club !!!!!!!!


I’ve got a lot of time for our little spaniard


This is the Arsenal, making grown men cry since 2005. I feel sorry for cazorla, we’re making him look like shit, he deserves a better teammates just like rvp did but we didn’t make it possible so he left.


“Making grown men cry since 2005” Had a real good laugh at that :’D


He was sincere, and I hope this kind of attitude is heard also in the dressing room. Feel kinda sorry for him to be honest… If there’s a man who could help finish this season with dignity, it’s Santi


he looks abit like leo messi!


Who gives a shit about that midget.
Here’s a comparison for ya……

Mark clattenbug looks abit like koscienly.


I feel more sympathy for this guy than anyone out of the entire squad.He came here thinking he’ll be part of something fresh and progressive but it became regressive when the Dutch Skunk and Song left and no-one was brought in to replace them. He’s probably the best player in the entire squad and he’s having to carry them on his little shoulders, an unfair burden too heavy to bear.

Wenger's Glasses

Comments were made before the Swansea game? Damn..


I feel sorry for Cazorla, he deserves better teammates to help his overall play.

A worthy striker to finish his created chances.
A MF who will coordinate well with him and able to squeeze those passes through opponents, a MF who’s will to get stuck in.

Sorry Cazorla, genuinely sorry for this lad and arsenal.


I will receive a lot of thumbs down for this, but……… We have turned into a spud like team. We now have one world class player that gives his bollocks for the team. We pass the ball around nicely from time to time but are toothless up front. Arsenal have been fantastic up front for X amount of years with a fragile defence and are now suffering for our lack of ruthlessness. We may as well have the twitchy bobble head in charge because that is what he brought to a bunch of cunts that apparently operate somewhere in our… Read more »


he should of went barca arsenal is full of shit imagine you come from spain to play with Ramsey


Ramsey didn’t play yesterday


So what? That makes him a great player? Or you think outcame will be different if he played? Hhahahahha


are ya ramsey loveeeers?


No, it means he’s not the fault for everything unfortunate that happens in the world.
He wasn’t playing yesterday and we were still shit so quite obviously our problems go beyond him and he sure as hell doesn’t choose when he plays or not, so if you’re abusing him for it, you’re a retarded cunt.
He might not be good enough for our team, but that doesn’t give you the right to wish him to die.

big dawg

Well said, Chair.

Lapidarij or whatever your nickname is, are you fatgooner in disguise?


Anyone know why Squilacci was on the bench yeaterday? Is Djourou injured?


That is why we were better In terms of ball posession


That’s were the manger comes in. He’s supposed to pump of the tram. I honestly cant see Wenger giving a inspiring pep talk to anyone . It isn’t in his nature “any more “

Parisian Weetabix

That is Wenger’s resounding weakness; his inability to pump of trams.

But seriously, I do agree with you. That’s the difference between him and SAF.

'desi'gner gooner

We’ll only know the difference between him and SAF only if Saf was given the same squad…. Otherwise such comparisons are completely invalid. The point is ManU can spend 24million on a top player from our squad and pay him double the wages than us. We can’t do that. Right now ‘he’ is the guy saving Manure….. And talking of Wenger’s inability to inspire – I’ll give you two classic examples from last season. The return leg of our Champs league tie against Milan….The lads played brilliantly for what was a lost cause for everyone even before kick-off….And who knows… Read more »

Mikel Artekkers

I agree 100% with you Santi, this team has the talent to perform, but at the moment you and Arteta have been run into the ground, and everybody else looks completely disinterested. Understandable I guess, when you consider that most Arsenal fans thought that was it for us, the end of the world, doom and gloom etc. after we sold van Persie to the scum from Salford. The players can only have reacted to that even worse than we did, since they know first hand just how good he was for them last season. This time around, we are in… Read more »


Blasphemy? How are you imagining Wenger could have kept Van Persie? Chaining him to a pillar at the Emirates might have limited his goal-scoring ability, just as it will limit Walcott’s pace and Sagna’s defensive ability. If players want out and won’t sign new contracts, that’s it.

Mikel Artekkers

How about not letting him run down into the final year of his contract like he seems to do with all our good players?

Gooner in Spain

How about just not selling him, letting him run down his final year and leave on a free like Theo will be doing?

Might not be ideal, but if your not going to replace the man properly then its what needed to be done.


Contracts are Gazidis’ job, not Wenger’s. As with much else, like the club being sold to an impecunious parasite, like the needless sacking of Dein, like Kroenke’s refusal to give Usmanov a seat on a board – all significant factors in what’s become of us – Wenger has had no say whatsoever. Blame him for his loyalty to his employers if you like, blame him for not stamping his foot and walking out in disgust, but to blame him for the cock-ups made by the Kroenke-Gazidis regime is just stupid.


Fact is, they don’t want to renew their contracts for a reason. They can’t all be cunts, can they?


we are dragging cazorla form down. like what arseblog said, we are missing a chocolate leg like van persie’s to instill confidence to the team, a player that they know the team has a chance with.
we need a general to lead the team.


Somebody who shines… but it is sad that we have to bring somebody from outside to be a leader… that we sold one leader and were unable to create anybody else in last 5-10 years….
…and I don’t think Henry is that person… it is great that he ll be back but we need somebody for more then a year.


it is a shame, there’s so much that is good about this squad, but we just can’t seem to catch a break at the moment


how is that our most skillful player has also been looking like one of our most hardworking players AND this is also his debut season in the team and in the league?

What the hell have the other 10 players been doing…?

Can’t really fault santi for much, delightful to watch but unfortunately, most opposition managers have figured out that to put two men on him will almost completely nullify us considering that we have no one else that looks capable of producing anything from deep…

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

We looked like a group of strangers out there. That’s because we are. Very few of our players played together before this season. Having to constantly sell our best players and replacing them (or not), has finally come back to bite us. Man City have almost the exact same team they had two seasons ago, Man Utd the same, Chelsea have gradually pushed out the old guard. The good thing is, over time they will become better acquainted with each other, but at what cost?


Hold on a minute. He was brought into the team to add experience. Him and arteta he has gone missing in big games too.. They are as much to blame as every other player in the squad. i wish supporters would stop blaming some players for everything and while letting others take the lions share of the blame. Lets be honest here, the ox has done nothing for us, vermalen is supposed to be our captain but we hear or see nothing of him. this team wins and loses together as a team. I’m fed up of every single one… Read more »


i was just reading the comments and was perplexed it took so many of them to reach one like the above.

what, Santi is sad? and we supporters dry his eyes, saying it’s a shame there are no good players around him?

gimme a fuckin break. those guys are supposed to be fuckin men. Santi shouldn’t be moaning, he should be fuckin raving, being so fuckin angry as to not be even able to give interviews. like i think Jack might be.

where’s the fuckin grit?


Completely agree with you. Could The Ox be a first eleven player in any of the top clubs? I don’t think so. Same for Ramsey. And by the time they will be worth something… They would want to leave. And good RVP left let’s stop missing him. He is not an Arsenal player anymore and we shouldn’t care what he achieves with Manure. I just want the Prince Poldis and the Vermenators and the Oxs to work harder. Can’t have a nickname like that and play like shit.


He does deserve to be in a better team but, more than that, he deserves to be in team that makes the best of what talent it’s got. We’re not a significantly less talented team than Everton, West Brom, West Ham or Swansea, all of whom are above us in the table on a much lower budget; but we are a more clueless, tactic-less team and one that’s getting more demoralised with each passing game. Our players look tired but they’re not tired – it’s too early in the season for tired. What they are is depressed, and Wenger, who… Read more »


Just wanted to say that I agree with you Miranda. We need a different kind of manager to suit our current circumstances but sadly we don’t seem to have anyone in the executive team who understands that. The owner doesn’t see it and he won’t till we are out of the CL next season and £40m poorer.


You think Kroenke will see the problem when we fail to make the top four? You flatter him. Kroenke knows nothing about football and cares even less – the sports he values are baseball, ice hockey and stuff; I doubt he’s even aware of where we are in the table. What he will be aware of is that the revenues he bought us for, Glazer-style, don’t look like materialising any time soon, but that doesn’t mean he’ll give up just yet, not so long as his share values aren’t falling and Gazidis is still feeding him the myth of the… Read more »


I said it yesterday we need somebody to start showing the drive that others will follow.
Dont want to see defenders dragging themselves to midfield, midfield to forward position for a pass.need a yaya toure or rooney.


such a pity that the team’s lethargy is gradually rubbing off on Santeta, much more pitiful to hear that Santi’s comments were before d swans game… *smh*


“There’s a significant gap between us, United and City”.

You’re not wrong there Santiago, you’re not wrong there. The 15 point gap is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the gap.

Van persie, Rooney, Hernandez, Wellbeck.
Aguero, Tevez, Balotelli, Dzeko.
Giroud… Chamakh. *sigh*


Says it all VCC and is exactly why Wenger should be fired – he really is absolutely useless as a manager now. A shame.


Must be quite frustrating for him given that he’s having to carry the team almost single handed most matches and only four months into his Arsenal career. His and Scz’s performances the only silver lining from yesterday. We desperately need some extra depth and more options in January else we are going to be the new Liverpool this year. The most upsetting thing is that since we smashed them Sp*rs have really kicked on while we’ve floundered


From now on he will have Rosicky to play with. I think Arteta needs a break… so for the next premier league game we can play
sagna per verm gibbs
rosicky wilshere cazorla
walcott giroud arshavin (ox)


I disagree with Cazorla we are extremely consistent – consistently shit that is…

Ivan Gazidis' left pocket protector

In other news: Arsenal fans baffled by Cazorla form!


I actually think our players are fine. not the best depth of squad, granted,, but technically they are excellent and generally have the right attitude.

Seriously, If you can’t take these we have players and get a win at home against Swansea, you are doing something wrong. In training, tactically, and during the 90 minutes the buck stops now with our beloved leader, AW.

Time to go, a massive shame. I you ever wondered what happens when you DON’T leave at your peak, you only have to look at Arsene. Or Ricky Hatton. Thanks, Arsene, truly, don’t look back now.


You are right, and you are the optimist.

If we want him gone we’ll have to make life very uncomfortable for him, though, as he is just not going to do the decent thing of his own accord.

Arseblogger take note, will you take a lead on this?


If you go back and look at comments made on any article on this site 4 or 5 games into the season, they were overwhelmingly positive. Now, 10 games later, we’re the shittest team in the world. What alarms me is we’re turning into England fans. Build them up – then destroy them for not meeting the expectation. We do have massive problems, but our players play for a group of fans that turn on them immediately and boo every mistake they make. The way we treat players like Ramsey is deplorable. There are problems, but frankly we’re one of… Read more »


I agree. The home support has a lot to answer for. It’s no accident that our away record has been better than our home one every year since we moved to the Emirates. There’s no more damning indictment than that.

the only sam is nelson

Couldn’t agree more compare the atmosphere on Saturday to last Feb’s when we toppled Barca at the grove. If we generated that every match day our team would feel 10ft tall and capable of anything. If we generat the same toxic atmosphere we saw this weekend every week, then they’re more likely to play with fear – it won’t be the handbrake on, it’ll be a ball and chain. Still, given the number of people in the Grove on Saturday who actually appeared to want a loss I think we can look forward to more of the same this coming… Read more »


lets resign fabregas and sign huntelaar,and that it.


Ya! Then Arsene could play cesc as a fullback and huntelaar as centrehalf.


O for fucks sake. They struggle on the pitch because the are less talented, less organized and less commited than the opposition in almost every game we’ve played this year. It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure it out. Sack the board, the manager and flog all the players one by one and start over. Sagna and wilshere can stay, as well as per, the rest can fuck off proper.


Dear Gooners: Your team, your manager, your club needs YOUR support now more now than ever. Our players are dead on confidence, our manager is as at an all-time low and our longest serving chairman is at the hospital suffering from a heart attack. If u keep attacking the club at a time like this, you are making things much easier for our enemies, you’re not helping, infact, you are making things much MUCH worse for the Club and that is the polar opposite of what a fan is supposed to do to the Club they claim to love.


Sounds like this is your first go round with the arse.


Caught that MLS Cup game last night and it was a much better football fix than i’ve been getting from the Arse.


Our problem us that the way we play leaves us fidget at the back, so tocover for that we drag our wingers back, which then leaves our striker on his own, of which us not quick rough to make something out of nothing, which inturn gives opposition alot of the ball in our half, basically we need to push up the field

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What really Fucking annoys me ,is that the day after a defeat you always seem to have Mr Arteta coming onto and babbling on about sticking together, needing to show cohesion , blah blah fucking blah. Show some bloody cohesion when you are the pitch you muppet. Its the same post reactive analysis .Use your experience Mr vice captain and become more proactive, when you keep coming off with the same sound bites, it comes across that you and your team are not learning from past experiences.

Me So Hornsey

” It’s no accident that our away record has been better than our home one every year since we moved to the Emirates. There’s no more damning indictment than that.” That’s simply not true. Please check your fact properly before posting such nonsense.


Djourou’s injured! That’s why Squillaci was on the bench against Swansea and that’s why he’s likely to start against Olympiakos tomorrow.

Can someone give me a good, solid reason why Andrei Arshavin wasn’t on the bench against Swansea?