Friday, February 3, 2023

Report: Wigan 0-1 Arsenal (inc goal clip)

Arsenal moved into the top four with a 1-0 win over Wigan at the JJB this afternoon.

Arsene Wenger stuck with the same team that had beaten Reading so convincingly on Monday, meaning Theo Walcott continued in the main striker position.

It was the home side who started brightest, forcing Arsenal to defend a series of crosses as they showed they had no intention of sitting back and allowing the Gunners to play. But Arsenal had the first real shot in anger. A beautiful flick from Cazorla set Arteta free in midfield, he played to Oxlade-Chamberlain whose shot from a tight angle was well saved by Al Habsi.

Lukas Podolski then tested the Wigan keeper after a good run through the defence, then volleyed from distance only to see the shot blocked. It was a very open game from early on with Wigan finding plenty of room beyond the Arsenal midfield. Podolski again was positive, taking on a shot from the corner of the box it was well off-target.

Wigan then had the best chance of the game when Kone was sent clear, behind the Arsenal defence. He outpaced Mertesacker but with just Szczesny to beat he dragged his left footed shot wide.

Arsenal found it hard to maintain possession, the home side were well organised and worked ver hard with and without the ball. Good work from Santi Cazorla almost fashioned a chance for Theo Walcott but the England man couldn’t find enough space in the box to get his shot away.

Jack Wilshere was then booked for making a perfectly good challenge on Shaun Moloney. The Wigan player didn’t even look for a free kick but referee Jon Moss got the yellow card out. He didn’t seem quite eager to book McCarthy or Moloney for more obvious fouls on Wilshere in the following few moments, funny that, and the teams went in all square at the break.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain started the second half brightly with a brilliant turn which left two Wigan defenders looking at his heels. He got into the box and pulled it back for Theo Walcott but the England man didn’t feel like getting hurt and Wigan cleared. And moments later it was the same combination, this time Walcott got his shot away but Al Habsi saved from close range.

Arsenal looked much more in the game than in the first half and when ahead in the 60th minute when Theo Walcott was pushed over in the box by Beasejour and the ref pointed to the stop. Mikel Arteta stepped up and sent Al Habsi the wrong way to make it 1-0 to the Arsenal.

Oxlade-Chamberlain was causing Wigan all kinds of problems down the right and put in another great cross for Walcott. He could have had a shot but decided to step over it, perhaps to let it run on to another Arsenal player, and Wigan got it clear.

Wojciech Szczesny then saved Arsenal twice, first changing direction to save Figeuroa’s deflected effort but making a brilliant stop with his legs from Kone who had made good space in the Arsenal box. Jones then fired a shot just wide from the edge of the box as the home side continued to press for an equaliser.

Theo Walcott then fired a free kick not far over the bar before Per Mertesacker was forced into a last ditch challenge when Stam’s low cross fizzed across the 6 yard box. Ramsey and Coquelin replaced Oxlade-Chamberlain and Podolski as Wenger looked to hold onto the slender lead.

Wigan did have some moments of danger, and a penalty appeal, but Szczesny wasn’t troubled and the Gunners hung on for the three points.

A good win against a dogged and cynical Wigan team, three points, happy fucking Christmas Gooners!

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Really good win that.

One of those days where the players have to earn the right to play. Can’t fault anyone for the shift they put in.

Good way to head into Christmas.

What's my name?

Slowly, steadily the red and white Gooner train moves forward. All is not bad…there’s yet hope for something significant being achieved by this team this year. We look much more balanced and solid than at any time since the season started.

Keep the faith!

Cygan's Middle Foot

F*ck Jon Moss (referee of the game). Wilshere’s tackle was perfectly timed. Maloney got his first book on his 69th foul. He is one of those cunts.


Now don’t get me wrong, a win-is-a-win-is-3pts and a good result from the Arsenal today, but just to put a bit of perspective on things; it’s Reading & Wigan.




Citeh worked extremely hard for the victory.
Arsenal played well and got a much better victory. Yet we still are reminded of the opposition, try telling city that coz judging by things they should have dismantled reading.

Take the three points, be happy.

North Bank Gooner

You are so right Des, this was another banana skin game, if we won “its only wigan” if we lost all hell would have broken loose!

Reading made Citeh work bloody hard for a point, but the ref had other ideas. Citeh were so lucky that goal stood, awful decision.

No-one will remember how turgid it was come the end of the season, just a 1-0 result and 3 pts 😀


Perfect penalty!


Third place? What a crisis!

But you get the feeling if we don’t keep a clean sheet we don’t win. Over to you le santa, that’s my new years wish.


taking into account realism (i.e. not a big possibility of chasing up mancs), oh how i’d love the table to look like that by the end of the season.



Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

I want to wipe my ass with Theo’s face. He wants money. For what? So we can watch him learn to play as striker and turn up with more inconsistent performance. Sell the ungrateful bastard

Good performance, wanted wilshere to score. He could do with a few.

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Apologies for the description. Difficult to explain the disgust in too many other ways


To be fair to him, he’s had one good and one sub-par performance, even if they were against mediocre sides. Whatever anyone’s views on Theo as a striker, there’s no way these 2 games alone are enough to dismiss him.

Still think Giroud would have started this one if fit, his physicality would have been useful today.

Not only that – but all of a sudden, he’s the guy who takes corners and free kicks? Arsenal had 3 players on that pitch more suited to both corners and DFK’s. All I see is a manager allowing a player to decide what he gets to do, in a lame attempt to get him to sign his year-long pending contract offer. Shame really.

What's my name?

It’s not easy being a striker… unless you track backwards to midfield to get the ball and be involved, you can easily become an isolated spectator for most of the game. You depend a lot on the service from your midfielders, so cut the lad some slack. Judge him after 10 games or so, methinks.

watching him take free kicks is fucking cringeworthy.

no more the invicibles today but the miracle

err, at least he can made a penalty?


just sell him already

@TROB13, Complettely agree and completely angry. There’s absolutely no reason he should be our main set-piece taker. Carzola and Arteta can both deliver corners and free kicks at a much different class than Theo. He’s been doing it practically all season and the only corner that i remember us converting by him was Giroud against Reading apart from that nothing. And he’s free kicks are just disgusting to watch. Cazorla should be our primary free kick taker just YouTube his free kick against Real Madrid last season (and countless other free kicks he’s taken) DIFFERENT FUCKING CLASS FROM WALCOTT! I… Read more »

not enough performances to judge yeah, but his hold up play was non existent today.


Martinez and Wigan are one of those teams
that the media constantly suck up to. I hope
that the disgraceful behaviour in getting
Wilshere unfairly booked is given fair coverage. 4 players, especially Di Santo crowded the referee, pressurizing him into action against Wilshere, after a brilliant tackle on Maloney, all the while Martinez was doing the same to the 4th official. It was distasteful and unprofessional.

Runcorn Gooner

I was at the match and Theo was absolute garbage.Did not have a clue.
This performance sums him up completely.Anonymous when up against a tight defence.
The Ox was outstanding.3 points move on

Eric Irish gunner

What’s the story with him taking the frees now is he getting to cocky, I want him to stay but he’s no fucking Henry

wengers furrowed brows

you were in the match and saw theo as garbage? what about poldi?
I wanted to wring his neck everytime I saw him lumbering in the pitch. I poldi is the next scapegoat for another season if he continues switching on & off. Very inconsistent like many other winger we have accumulated so far.
Ox was fantastic today, a five star performance.

Runcorn Gooner

Wengers furrowed brow/Agree about Poldi being disappointing today but the thing about TW14 is that he is talking the talk but he doesn’t walk the walk anywhere enough to deserve the money he wants

Arsene's Waterbottle

O hello top four, I didn’t see you there. I was told we wouldn’t be seeing you this season.

big balls

The 4th place trophy is looking good

What's my name?

Scum in disguise. We know who you really are.

Big Chief from Antarctica

get lost


Shut it spud, for the past few days you and your comments have made it clear you’re a spud pathetic are you for spending time on your superior rival’s blog.oh and 5-2.

gooner for life

you sir have very small balls


I bet you think your farts smell wonderful.


Fuck off spud.Always in our shadow.

Brian Mendoza

So much this. Now to wait for the Chelsea-Spud cockup.


Spot on ! spuds 0-0 stoke. Still 3rd Arsenal..

Brian Mendoza

Right on schedule. Chelsea, you’re up.


Club in Crisis?
Top 4?

One Arsenal

Drab… But who cares? 3 points!!!


Drab my hole. Hard fought win against a crowd of cunts who left their foot in at every opportunity. I am buzzing


Unlike most of his players Roberto Martinez is one classy and proffesional man, Respect for him.


@ARSENAL4LIFE. Do you seriously think Martinez didnt get his players fired up to get “stuck in”? And after the game he said.. “Thepenalty was very very soft, if anything, I think. Theo Walcott is very clever there, It’s difficult to tell if there is contact or not, and that doesn’t mean it’s a penalty, the contact has to stop you from staying on your feet. The player’s got real experience and he knew a penalty would change the game and give them real hope of the three points and I thought he bought the decision.But whether it’s a soft penalty… Read more »


Gotta love a good grind… once the whistle has gone that is.


How did you get this up so quickly? Great work as ever blogs, and a good win. COYG

gooner for life

Just imagine Arteta’s celebration with a Christmas theme song and that’ll make you a nice holiday present from the Arsenal.


Professional performance away at a tough team. Well done Arsenal.

Eric Irish gunner

I agree but have few drinks on board and feel pissed off that the gunners are so happy that we beat fucking Wigan, me included, even do a tough team,and a lot of comments are happy about this fourth spot which ten years ago would be a massive fucking failure,Walcott should be so fucking lucky to be playing for our club and not holding us to ransom with I want to play forward and take all frees, rant over time to dream of legends like Freddie and Pires

Jonipu Silava

Wow, that was quick! Anyway, I’ll take the one nil to the arsenal!

£oyalty for $ale

Like a phoenix from the ashes. Love AFC!


The ref was shit all game but loved how he kept santos isolated.


Funny I thought his name is Di Santo. 😀

aussie gooner

can’t say i am proud of the effort. but really all we needed was a win and we got that, so no point complaning. Credit to the manager who i normally criticize and to the players


Delighted with 3 points. I know its a stupid thing to say when we kept a clean sheet but was annoyed with the manner in which we defended the last 20 minutes. We were awful in possession and invited pressure on us. Thank fuck Wigan were piss poor

Dial Square

Couldn’t agree more, the way we sat back and invited them on to us was fucking shocking…


Yeah.Also it was annoying how Theo rarely(I didn’t even notice it once actually) came back to help the midfield throughout the game. I know he stayed so that we could launch quick counterattacks but it never really happened in the second half.Especially towards the end he could have worked harder in my opinion. Messi in the past couple of seasons has been freed of any defensive responsibility. But then again its Messi for fucks sake.


Wigan looked the better team, to be honest. They hustled and were more composed on the ball, so many times I saw Arsenal players standing off and waiting for the Wigan player to pass, on the other hand Wigan gave Arsenal no time on the ball. They did foul all the time and the Ref let it go, but I expect Arsenal to have an answer when teams get stuck in, largely they did not. Walcott was a bit isolated, but I think any forward would have been, their midfield was pretty effective in stopping Arteta and Wilshere, Arsenals left… Read more »

jack jack jack

They were much better off the ball than we were but to be honest they weren’t that great in attack – I didn’t really feel like they were threatening or on the verge of scoring. At the other end our crossing was completely woeful. The number of good crossing opportunities we have where the ball is overhit is ridiculous, if we could consistently deliver decent crosses we’d end up with so many more chances.

Big Chief from Antarctica

I can live with this. Sometimes you need to be able to grind out results. Sweet.


Many will see a slight victory maybe even lucky. But I see a clean sheet and three valuable points.

Up the gunners!

Arsene's Nose

Not Bad…I’ll take 3 points please…
Happy Gooner

Dial Square

Back in the top 4 for now, great effort today by the lads..

Walcott as a striker…never, he can fuck right off

Arsene's Nose


Brian Mendoza

Jesus Christ my heart.


the last 20 minutes were torture, I just finished watching the game on a recording.


I suppose it is a option we have now with 3 quality center-backs. Don’t really like to see it though.

Good win and 3 points. Spurs and Chelsea to fuck up and it really will be a good xmas.


Happy with the win but why take off The Ox? He was getting the better of their left-back and was an attacking threat all game. If it was to give Ramsey game time, why not give Jack or Santi a rest and play Ramsey in his natural position? He can’t take on players like The Ox, instead just cuts back to Sagna. Totally miffed at that decision. It didn’t make us more solid defensively, we had no real outlet as Theo had a quiet game and so we invited unnecessary pressure. Anyway, I should just enjoy the 3 points for… Read more »


I guess it was more for tactical considerations than just giving Ramsey game time, but I agree that it was a weird decision, we found it much harder to get out of our half after Chamberlain was substituted… but who cares 3 points 😀


3 points is all that matters. I don’t know about anyone else, but here in aus we had fucking Stewart Robson commentating. How do we get this cunt off the tv so he can stop ruining my Saturday.


One nil to the Arsenal. We weren’t good, the pitch was dreadfull, we have absolutely no one who can win a header in midefield or attack. Santi was kept quiet, Jack was fighting, Theo was hit n’ miss. Ox was MOTD by far. 3 points are 3 points and that we got today. Love that.


Ox is a football match? or a television program?

just fucking with you, MOTM for sure


Scrappy win! Still missing something in the final third, but i’ll take it. Merry christmas to all gooners!




Ah thank god !!! 3 points… i must say the last ten minutes were the most stressing 10 min,, i was so scared we might drop 2 points.. credit to wigan the played fantastic but so did our boys they certainly hanged in there. 🙂

gooner odst

Fuck yeah!! we should have drawn this game at best and lost it entirely in the end at worst…but we only went and won it. I have to admit when Wenger took off OX i was all like “wtf are you doing, you son of a…” then I realised that we were actually winning.

When you are not winning games the best remedy is to win games 🙂

gooner odst

oh and Merry Christmas! it couldn’t get any worse than @ Bradford now could it.

giroud's header

walcott you need alott of time to be a

Arsene's Nose

Is it that the T.v mic is by the away Fans or are they really that loud….oh what I wouldn’t give to be there chanting and booing our Lungs out

Amazing Fans


Stressful !!!


That’s a good example of ‘win ugly’. Good one boys, onto the next one

Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle

Cazorla; nullified
Walcott; toothless and no ability to hold ball
Penalty; soft, let’s be honest
Witan tactics; dirty at times but showed Reading how to play against us
Wilshere; just grateful he’s not injured after hatchet job by Maloney and others
Defense; team put in a shift
Performance; lots of effort, not great on quality
3 points; fanfuckingtastic!
Rest of above; who cares, we got the 3 points!

loose cannon

control santi, control arsenal.
although the penalty was soft, there was contact. if it had been anywhere out the box it would have been a foul. but credit to arteta for taking it coolly and still maintaining the same hairstyle.

giroud's header

but i am happy with the win 3points+clean
sheet 🙂

Best in the World

6 man defense against wigan O_O


6 man defence vs Wigan=clean sheet & 3 points.


I think we deserved more in the first half, while the second was drab… however, “win ugly” is what many believed this team couldn’t do, and today they were proven wrong.
Surely, an attacking player of any kind would be very welcome in January.


Arteta and his hair + rain = perfect combination 😀
( this picture is from that Blackburn away game early in the last season )


I’ll always take 3 points, especially away! Merry Christmas Gooners! We can all have a cheerful one now.

Henry's Beard





Finally, a bit of the old 1-0 to the Arsenal. 3 wins in a row, let’s keep going.


Get in!!!


Just seen the Ox’s interview on Sky. What a lovely, lovely boy….


Important win! Now we need next one.


What a relief! Good 3 points for us as we head towards Christmas. Can’t help but notice that we had trouble in controlling the tempo during the latter part of the game. What stood out was our defense! A total brick wall of a performance guys!


Sometimes a tough, hard fought win feels sweeter than a thrashing (unless it’s the scum).

This is one of those days, nail biting stuff but the relief at the final whistle is amazing.

Well done Arsenal, let’s make it 4 in a row.

One Arsenal

Smart decision to bring on Kos late on, but shouldn’t have taken off MOTM the Ox


What a thunderous twat twitchy’s son is,he’s crying on Sky because poor old Wigan should’ve had two penalties-no mention of the 643 fouls they committed though…

loose cannon

the ref was simply pathetic. jack had a perfect tackle, still got yellow. advantage given to wigan after jack was lying on the ground. wigan were pretty rough. it was an open game. wigan added to the ‘list of teams arsenal beat on penalties’


Crisis? What Crisis.Into the top 4 . COYG

The Fan

Based on that performance, if Walcott demands to play upfront, he’ll be lucky to get contract at Wigan, let alone Arsenal.

The Gimp

Good ugly win, santa some fresh faces please


In particular a striker who is not inept and spineless. Today showed us that the Ox can do as good and probably better job than Walcott on the right so when another striker is bought Walcott can sit on the bench until the summer, making the occasional cameo appearance.Ecstatic about the result and the commitment and ability of the other players on the pitch.


As it should happen, yes – but we all know Arsene – he will continue to kiss Walcott’s ass in hopes that he will sign.
Worse yet – he’ll say that since Walcott will be with us until the summer – no need for that extra January signing.
Only speaking from history folks.


Great 3 points! ….but I want to say that Wigan were excellent . I like their manager and they are a credit to the Prem league. I hope they stay up. Loved the way we dug in today. COYG!


Wigan were good when they had the ball, until the final one, which they thankfully fucked up repeatedly,
When we had the ball, they repeatedly weighed in with snide, niglly, cowardly fouls, and thanks to that berk who was supposed to be controlling the show, they were allowed to do it all day.
However, I agree on Martinez – a proper good bloke. I bet they stay up on the last day with some unlikely away win, it seems to be their fate.


Bugger, scratch the last bit of my comment above – Wigan’s last away game is against us. Sod it, let’s send them down and finish above Spurs at the same time in May, that’ll do nicely.

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