Saturday, February 4, 2023

Wenger pleased with response

Arsene Wenger was pleased with the solidity of his team’s performance in the 2-0 win over West Brom, after what has been a difficult week for the club.

Two Mikel Arteta penalties won the day for Arsenal, who could have scored plenty more after glaring misses from Jack Wilshere, Gervinho and Lukas Podolski, and the manager was delighted with the three points and the clean sheet.

“I feel overall we played well,” he said. “We were a bit lucky maybe on the first penalty because he could have given it or not given it. For the rest we created many chances, kept a clean sheet and have shown a great spirit, which many people questioned after our last game.

“That’s all we could do, we did our job very well. That’s why I am proud of the victory today, because it is important for our season that when your backs are to the wall, the team responds.

“As well because our spirit has been questioned because we had a flat performance last week. You can only come back and win on the football pitch.”

And there were some words of praise for Jack Wilshere who had an excellent game in midfield, and with each game is getting better and better.

“He is getting closer to the player we know he is and today I think he made a big step. You could see it already this week in training, that he has gained a little burst again, a little zip in the first three or four yards.

“That’s what you have to accept in football, you have sometimes to be patient. He can only gain it by playing but of course in the first games you cannot be at that level.”

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Yes it was better today, but still far from what we want. WBA played bad in the midfield and we took advantage of that. Now we must continue even better in the next games.


“proud of our victory today” when you are proud to win over west bromwich then arsenal no longer is a top club not in England and not in Europe..


let me help you sweetie, ‘proud of [the manner of] our victory today.’


Yes how could you be proud over the manner that they won on?? two penalties saved the game today.. He is proud of winning against west bromwich, being the better team the hole game and still just concede two goals. end of story…


we won by two goals’ margin, weren’t in trouble defensively at any time and generally dictated the tempo of the game. also could have scored more, hence i’m not bothered those were pens. not many of those happened at the same time this season, especially not during a worse run as we had recently.


We didn´t got any defensively problems because West Bromwich played horrible not because that our defense was good..


are you a sp*d in disguise?


I don’t even think he’s in disguise. He’s just a spud.


I love the fact he’s ‘arsenalftw’. Arsenal get that coveted ‘w’, and suddenly he’s not ‘f’ it anymore.


You can’t even construct a good enough paragraph to air your equally shit thoughts. That’s two fails mate, now leave.


He isn’t an englishman, but i guess that probably didn’t struck you 🙂

Mr Grammar

Just expecting to win? Cock.


I don’t understand your comment. Why would you not be proud to win a match, any match? Why does it matter what opposition you’re playing?

Gunsen Gunner

You know some people have said Jack has the potential to be better than Fabregas was for us.I think today proved that they’ve got a point.

5pur2 dr00L

I love our midfielders… it’s some of our other positions I’m not quite so sure about…

Red Cannon

That is a fucking cool photograph!


UGH. YEAAAA. Let me motorboat your boobies. LOL. Oh, jack…


By Jacks age Fabregas had been dominating English and European teams in our midfield for a couple of years. I definitley agree that Jack has the potential to surpass Cesc but hes a little behind right now.

What's my name?

Mind you, he lost over a year of football and so lost the great momentum and progress he made in his first season. He’s not far off and will shine in the next few months with more game time, mark my words.


Fabregas had 20 assists when he was 20 years old and had the most assists in Europe. Wilshere has a lot to go to reach that stature but I believe in him


More importantly, if jack plays for arsenal his whole career, he’ll have a better one than cesc.

North Bank Gooner

today was a result at any cost day. job done 🙂


Jack ran the show today and a much better performance from us. but still read on twitter that apart from the two penalties we only had one shot on target. Need to be more clinical.

One Arsenal

At a point during the match we had 7 shots on target to none by WBA. Just so you know…


@arsenalftw what exactly were you expecting? A 6-1 thrashing of the team in 5th position? Get a fucking grip, a win is a win is a win, I didnt realise we should only be proud of wins over man u or real madrid! Some arsenal fans really piss me off! YOU DONT EVEN SING WHEN YOUR WINNING!!!!!


ofc i’am happy when arsenal wins but am i proud over the manner we won on? no! two penalties = two goals, and obviously problems with scoring goals from the players. West Bromwich made a really bad game.. I was not expecting a 6-1 win but they are uneffective..


While I still have my issues with the team, I’m an Arsenal fan which means my Saturday now has started really well. You should try it sometime

jim chiminy

West Brom played badly because we made them. The lads didnt stop running today. And west brom never had any real sustained pressure because of our game.

If youre not happy with that performance after the last few weeks you won’t ever be happy.


I look forward to the day that a 2-0 victory over fifth place will be seen as below standard!

Until then, delighted with today!

A N Other

Frankly I would have taken one nil today even if that goal was an own goal in the final second of injury time.. So 2 nil and the performance was a bonus.


have a nice day and sleep tight mr. wenger.

I found a stream

Jack the lad, ran the midfield. He’s getting to his best, or dare i say it he can get even better.


The replay shows Cazorla clearly dived, without that who would have known?.

Makes you hate technology doesn’t it?.

Seriously though, I hope Cazorla never replicates this and remains his usual classy self. A gunner.


I my opinion it changed the game, the first 25 minutes or so Arsenal were looking devoid of ideas and struggled to get the ball forward. It seems glossed over in most commments here but I don’t care, Arsenal improved later on and looked alive, furthermore the substitutes were lively and effective and the Ox had his first decent showing of the season. Gervinho looked more effective in creating chances for others and himself, but was woeful in finishing. Wilshere reminded me of why people call him world class. All in all a good day, but I won’t feel like… Read more »


hate the fact that he did it. hate even more that the people here are ignoring it, makes it seem so hypocritical


Who’s ignoring it? It happened, we don’t like it, but you won’t find a single fan in the nation that will bemoan 3 points, no matter how they’re earned.

Now stop acting like a self-righteous prick. We’ll take the win, no matter how sheepishly.


How many times have we lost points due to stonewall penalties not been given. So we get a bit of luck for once, enjoy it. Those 3 points are all that mattered, 4 or 5 wins in a row would be nice now.


Why shouldn t he dive? It’s better to move away your foot asap.
Remember Eduardo!


@arsenalftw : U MAD????
wondering if you’re just f**kingfake fan though!

dont ruin this moment and f*ckofff

Big Chief from Antarctica

On a sidenote, who else loved that part when Giroud got mad as hell and Wilshere stood by him when other WBA players started to surround. Now, that’s a teammate you can rely on. Wilshere, top bloke.


same like wat he did when Adebayor tackled Cazorla and went on to shove Bale as well. gotta love that guy. 100% Gunner.

rodrigue st louis

I loved that the Frenchman showed some spirit, he needs to keep that attitude. That’s what the team needs, some nasty bastards. We have too many nice guys. Losing song hurt us in that department. Let’s get nasty gooners!!


jack had a phenomenal game. heart+class+skill+love of the arsenal. we need to build the club around him.


i’m baffled to how a fellow gooner i know commented saying our midfield was horrible today. guy must have been drunk.


Lucky lucky Arsenal. Glad to have you back. Jack found another gear today the Ox clicked again the defence was sound and solid lots more movement and good options. We’re on a run.

Large Dave

spot on

Large Dave

Well played guys and lets hope its a small step towards 3rd place !!!

COYG !!!

PS You have to love proxies 😉


good game..

steve boulds hairdresser

why the f*ck is there so much negativity after a win? 3 points is 3 points…


Whats with all the negativity gooners! 3 important points in the bag and the spirit too. Happy weekend!


Brainwashed fanatics can say what they want and thumb down all they want. Two penalties against west brom enough said, Wengers muppet army!


stop trolling with this wenger out shit.. Where would arsenal have been if it wouldn’t for Arsene Wenger. The greatest manager Arsenal ever have had.

Glory Hunter

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion but do you really think getting rid of Wenger mid season is the best solution?!? I mean honestly!!!


@Wengerout – Frankly that username is insulting, firstly. Secondly, have you been sipping on grandads cough mixture? Win by an inch or win by a mile, win is a win. This is what should put our season on track. Wenger has done things for Arsenalfc that the likes of Mourinho or Benitez could only dream of. The man is an absolute legend. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have the invincibles, the emirates, our style of play and to forget the trophies we’ve won.


I have to say that this is one of the game that makes me feel we are going to win without a doubt. Even when we are on a disastrous form and our opponent has the capabilities to hurt us. I’m glad that it really happened. Best of all is what they working on, their extra training, is starting to pay off. A win and a clean sheet is a good way to start clawing back to the top.

Podolski's left leg

You English gooners can say whatever you like. I watched on TV far from the actual action but what the f**k, a win is a win. I can go to work on Monday without any need to hide in the corner. My office can be hell when we lose. F**king manure and Chelski fans everywhere. On a final note. John Terry is still a CUNT. Shhh, did I say that?


John Terry is a cunt and a racist scumbag, disgusting personality, fucking his best friends girlfriends….


i’m looking forward to see Manchester city win the derby tomorrow.


You look forward to watching those cunts???!!!!!


yes, epic cunt game but i hate United much more than i hate city..


A well deserved win today in what was a very pressurised match today with all the discontent. The pessimists might argue that we only won by two penalties and that we’re still not creating that many clear cut chances.
But where this team is at the currently, a win is a win and vital to their confidence. At the moment I feel more slightly suprised when we win than when we lose.


Wilshere can make this whole team click, trust me. We’re gonna have a weird run in the CL, like Chelsea last year. Arsenal will win silverware this year. We need to buy in January, obviously, but not up and coming players. Save that until summer. We have £40m, supposedly. Get Beckham.


Did i just read that or what?! Get Beckham!? Beckham in arsenal?!?! terrible terrible thought… He is a big manure cunt..

5pur2 dr00L

You forgot old, too.


Is the Bradford game home or away??

Glory Hunter

It’s away mate but as you’re online, all you had to do was check the Arsenal website 🙂


yeah i know but i’am lazy as fuck on saturdays… 😀 ty mate

El Blondo

I hope we play like this again


Never has a picture (other than the one of Theo after he scored against the sp*ds and it looked like that vein on the side of his dome was about to explode from joy) made me so fucking amped to be a gunner. I’d bet my bus fare on Jack winning if they broke out into a fight.


Carzorla dive was sickening. Some bullshit. Its not acceptable a amateur or kick around but once u go pro it seems its justifible


yes, but it’s not often it happends. Unlike the pathetic players from manure, sp*ds and liverpool..


Thanks bucks. No it wasnt a dive. Stop listening to espn commentators. Theyre all cunts.


George burley especially.


well it stops the media/fandrivenrapefrenzyofabsolutehorseshit,but sadly i don’t think we were going anywhere today without the ref.We do seem quite limited,i think the most noticeable aspect of this team compared to previous seasons is the relatively few options a man on the ball has at any given time.jack was bright though.

Kickin' Coconuts

I loved the work rate and Arsenal closing down west brom players fast. Harasing them and wining the ball back. We may not have been clinical in front of goal but we didn’t allow them to play either…


Gev need to work on his finishing skills.

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