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Wenger: PSG? No thanks, I need to fix Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has again dismissed rumours that he could take over at Paris Saint Germain and insisted that he is focused on putting Arsenal’s house back in order following a difficult start to the season which sees the Gunners trailing 15 points behind leaders Manchester United.

Wenger, alongside Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola, has been strongly mooted in the French press as a possible replacement for Carlo Ancelotti with the big-spending Parc des Princes outfit finding it tough to live up to their billing as favourites for the Ligue 1 title.

Speaking to Eurosport for his weekly blog, Wenger backed the Italian coach to win over his doubters in Paris while urging the club’s Qatari owners to show patience.

“The PSG directors should stay patient because they have a good staff, a great team, and several exceptional players. But when you have superstars in your team, you expect unconsciously that these players will always make the difference.

“I cannot see them dismissing [Ancelotti].Firstly, because time is necessary for the coach; secondly, we shouldn’t pretend to the players that if results are not forthcoming immediately that it is the coach’s fault and not theirs.

“Also, it’s important that when a great club is confronted with a difficult period that they show solidity in order to create a collective strength.”

Reflecting on the tittle-tattle linking big names with a move to the dugout in Paris, he continued:

“I don’t know [about Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho being linked with the PSG job]. For me, the most credible candidate is Ancelotti, the man in the job.

“I have also been linked with the job. But I’ve already got a job and I’m trying at this moment to re-establish the order of my “own house” because everything is not all right there. I’m concentrated on that, and nothing else.

“PSG did not contact me, and I think they should support Ancelotti. For my part, I must show loyalty to my employers, my club and my contract. I still have one and half years of work to do at Arsenal.”

That should draw an emphatic line under a story which has been boring from the start. Many may disagree with the decisions the boss has made in recent seasons but for all the criticism he has remained steadfastly loyal to the club and his own philosophy. It’s tough not to be impressed by that.

Of course, they’ll be those who’ll highlight Wenger’s big wage packet at the Emirates, but you can be sure as hell that doubling, tripling or even quadrupling what he’s on would not be an obstacle for PSG. It’s worth bearing in mind before trying to beat him with that line of argument…


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PSG would be in for a shock if they got our Arsene,he wouldn’t spend a penny.



Master Bates

why ? Do they have a self sustaining model too ? He does that here because that’s the proper plan for The Arsenal . I think at p$G the plan is as Rick Ro$$ would put ‘BLOW MONEY FAST’


He would do it there too,Arsene does not believe in financial doping and I don’t think that would change no matter where he went.


He wouldn’t spend a penny?!?! PSG:s owner got so much money that it is nearly unlimited.


“A football team is like a beautiful woman. When you do not tell her, she forgets she is beautiful.” – Arsene Wenger

What's my name?

Yet another top-notch Wengerism! Got to love the philosopher in the man!

Santi's Sack

or the Swiss Tony in him


One thing that can never be questioned is wenger’s loyalty and love for the club.


I’m just hoping no one starts parading the anti-Wenger agenda on an article like this.


Well thanks for bringing it up. Bellend.


Classic frogism…quality.


If I was on seven million quid a year then I, too, would be loyal.

If Wenger did take over at PSG then he would have a tiny little problem: he would actually have to win something. I don’t think that they would buy the ‘fourth place is a trophy’ bollocks.

That’s why he’s going nowhere.


Anon is gonna getcha FG.


Yup anon is totally gonna spout a whole bunch of random bullshit now. You better go hide fg.


The day arsene leaves arsenal will be the darkest day of my whole fucking life. SIGN DA TING WENGER.

Master Bates

I like him ,but don’t exaggerate it . It will open another chapter


I am from Uganda and once on a radio sports show, they were talking about Arsene leaving Arsenal for Real Madrid and someone called in and asked, “So if he leaves will his name change to ‘Real Wenger’.. Yeah that just cracked me up.


Or LeReal Wenger?
Your suit is worht it.


Maybe if he took the job, he could sell their stars.. and sell us Ibra! (Light bulb)


Wasn’t Ibra supposed to play for our youth team anyway long time ago? AW had him in training and while he wanted him to perform in the youth team, Ibra insisted on playing first team from the start which is why he wasn’t retained.

I know people here don’t like him, but there is probably a reason for that, the truth is he IS damn good and I, for one, would have loved to see him play at our beloved Arsenal. To use wengerism: he is top top quality


He refused a “try-out”. Also, according to his biography, he didn´t seem to think he could wrestle Henry out of the team (i.e he would have NEVER accepted to play for the youth team, and quite rightly so), and wisely chose Ajax instead. The rest is history, as they say. Zlatan >>> RVP (and every single other striker in the Prem for that matter…)

Dr Baptiste

Ibrahimovic refused to have a training session with our first team at the age of 16 as, and I quote, “he doesn’t do trials”


This is what he said when asked to do a trial at Arsenal: “Zlatan dont do auditions”.



He was 16 in 2000? Do that math one more time, Mr. Baptiste…

In retrospect it is a real pity he didn´t sign for Arsenal, but I can´t really fault Wenger for that one. Life of modern football, I guess. You win some (Walcott, Oxlade, Ramsey), you lose some (Zlatan, Ronaldo).

Zlatan has great respect for Wenger though: “And l am a big admirer of Arsene Wenger. He buys good quality players and makes them even better. He takes new, young players and makes them stars”


Ya, the old goat really is a gooner. You can criticize him for a lot of things, but he’s been arsenal through and through since day one.

What's my name?

Using a man’s wages as a big stick to bit him up with is not an objective thing to do…after all he does not set his own wages. If anything, attack the employer who consents to the wage deal. In any case, I have confidence that we have a good manager fully capable of turning our fortunes around, especially now that we haven’t got the financial restrictions that have stunted our progress for nearly a decade now. This season should end well with good investment in at least 2 top players in January…3rd place is more than realistic, we’re still… Read more »


What is “LANS”?


in indian it means ‘dicks’ but in arsene language it means’ like a new signing’..


Rosicky is currently our LANS.
Koscielny could be the next one, or Diaby (fingers crossed)..



LANS = Like A New Signing *a too often used “Wengerism” used to describe a player who’s been out injured so long we forgot what it was like to have them in the team. Also a convenient term to justify not spending any fucking money in the transfer window! Sadly, most LANS end up back in the sick bay within 5 games of their return. See Diaby*


no we ain’t in the league cup


If only some of the players he’s made careers for had the same loyalty and desire to make Arsenal the best again as he does. I.A.W.T.


“I have one and a half years on my contract”

And yet you’re on walcotts case. Sign da ting you french geezer,


they haven’t offered him an extension yet – ‘talks on hold’. Big difference to theo.


Piers Morgan…….

“Rvp is still on the pitch at the etihad, picking up the coins”

Glory Hunter

I’m guessing he was giving Na$ri a hand!!


Who gives a shit about Rvp, the etihad or piers morgan?


you forgot na$ri


sounds like old story…

he will not goin anywhere.


Or he could stay here and reinvent squillaci into a top defender and sell him to them at at £15 million and even that would be considered a bargain.

Only one Arsene Wenger!


PSG? pfff, i wish arsene would jump onto the table during the next press conference and pull of some rad moves to a background of “it’s not about money money money, we dont need your money money money” or maybe ” can’t touch this”. M C wenger


In Arsene We Trust.


It would be interesting to see though if arsene did go to someone like psg or barca. If his philosophy on footballs spending changed.


The difference between arsenal and PSG, is that their economy is unlimited just as citys. French version of manchester city.

Ofc he would spend money, and comparing PSG with barca is just too much. PSG = two great players zlatan ibrahimovic and thiago silva and then a lot of average players and some promising young players. Barca = worldclass..


You can always find clubs that just buy the most expensive players & the best players and all you have is a collection of egos that just don’t work together as a team. Ibra’s ego is bigger than Bendtners! But at least he backs it up wherever he plays. Barcelona’s success is due to the core of their team having come through the youth ranks together and having played together for years and years. Also sharing a regional identity in their country. They all believe in their Catalan team and they have lots of money to boot! Oh, and lest… Read more »


I mean in the respect would either of these clubs take arsene. Not because of his football talent but because of his philosophy on spending.
Just think its an interesting question given arsene’s principles on spending would one of Europe’s big spenders take on arsene if he was to say to them, I want to stick to the FFP principle and if you agree to that then on that basis I will take the job.


yes, Ibrahimovic might have a big ego, but what you don’t know is that he grew up in a tough neighborhood it’s actually a notorious area in Sweden. His family was really poor as most of the people that lives there, that explains his ego a bit.

And yeah you can’t combine egos.


wops i was not saying that swedes are poor because they are not, they are wealthy but the immigrants living on contributions there are poor with our standards…


You cannot be very bright. Lavezzi, Nene, Menez and Sakho are not average players.


Did you saw that at football manager? unlike you i have watched their matches and ibrahimovic and silva are carring this team, this players are good on the paper but have been utterly shite, Lavezzi have been okey.


ibrahimovic 17 goal on 14 matches speaks it’s language. 17 of the teams total 32 goals.


Respect !


Wenger loves Arsenal and also has great job security. If he were anywhere else and hadn’t won a trophy for 7 years+ he’d have been sacked after going on a trophy drought for 2 years max! Especially at these big spending clubs. Chelsea, City, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real, PSG, etc. will all sack their manager if they go 2 seasons without any trophies!!!! Make no mistake, I love Arsenal with Wenger but the mans status has reached a point where it will be his choice to leave. The board will not sack him as long as the money stays coming… Read more »


Im pretty sure none of those clubs managers loved ther club as much as arsene loves arsenal. Arsene stuck by us to help the club in the long term by sacrificing a few years of trophies for a 60,000 + seater stadium. Everyone thinks its arsenes philosophy to spend little money, well it’s not, he’s had restrictions unlike other teams. Now with those restrictions slowly disappearing we will be entering a new era under wenger..


wenger needs to buy some more players period. there is no other way, he could wait for diaby all he wants, he could give chamack another chance or yet still give the youngsters a chance but if he does not buy better players , we will continue this way. we need players who are match winners,


I think this team is a lot better than you think. Maybe not good enough to win the premiership but it’s top 4 at least.


Call me whaterver, but Arsene Wenger is a fucking legend!


Ok, whaterver.


Wenger will obviously stay at Arsenal but in my opinion, I believe he’s only staying to clear up the mess of the Arsenal board and mistakes he has done so that his successor has an easier ride than he did and Arsenal can compete with the oil teams in terms of money and players


That makes fuck all sense, but cheers.


Wow….such strong squad for tonight im amazed!

Sagna….verm …..mert….gibbo
Ramsey…coq….. Wilshere..cazorla.
Poldi.. ..gerv


Get gervinho off for Fuck sake. What a waste of a squad number. That miss just now against Bradford was one of the worst misses I’ve ever seen. And if your missing on a consistant basis like he is, than he’s not a fucking centre forward Wenger. Just like Ramsey is a fucking horrible winger.


Yes arsene put in a strong squad but he’s playing players out of position…!!!!!.


what a load of wank half time and losing. FUCKING BOLLOCKS!! my blood IS boiling. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB YOU BUNCH OF CUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Watched game.nothing to say,all been said before.i give in arsene


Maybe it’s time for arsene to go… saddens me to say it, but something needs to change..


I too think I’m coming round to this idea. Something needs to change.


Fuck Wenger. He made us such a worthless team. Year after year, he is more interested in making money off of selling players. In the mean time, the quality of the team has reached to such a point that we can not even beat a league two side. I am fucking tired of defending Wenger. He can fuck of to PSG or wherever he wants to.


What, in the name of christ, was that??? fucking abysmal. piss poor pathetic. so many passes went astray. as for gervinho, never in my life have i wanted to beat the living shit out of someones forehead so much. always holds the ball for too long. cant pass, crosses were shit. players standing there and he passes it to an empty space or to opposition. fuck off to the african cup of nations and stay there. He doesnt deserve to ever wear an arsenal shirt again. or Chamackkkkkkk.
Wilshere, Rosicky and the Ox were only decent.

I Give up

Ozzi Gooner

Time for a good hard look at ourselves and that includes silent Stan, the crook board, all the staff and playing group!!! No amount of new signings come January can solve the problems and it hurts me to say it but le Professor is behind with the times! No structure, same old stale formation with the continued let downs from first team regulars, e.g. Rambo, Gerv and even the Ox. This team can’t win in the Cup and from what I’ve seen to date this season (not too mention the last 7) we will struggle to compete with the pack… Read more »

Arsenal Rising

Wenger should concentrate on his own fucking mess he’s created!

Ozzi Gooner

I want my old Arsenal back, the side that played entertaining football and wouldn’t back down to the opposition, be it Barcelona or lowly Barnet! I feel the soul is slowly being sucked out and there seems to be no easy solution nor a scape goat to take the blame…
The side have talent (seen in patches this season) and Wenger is no hack but we seriously need to find the Arsenal spirit quickly before this problem becomes entrenched and we find ourselves struggling to keep talent such as Jack…
A truly gutted Ozzi Gooner, signing off T__T

H. P. Arsecraft

Take the PSG job.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


take it please! and I will try to love PSG


What he really should be saying is “I need to try and fix this RUBBISH SQUAD THAT I ASSEMBLED, and the TACTICS THAT I MAKE THEM USE” so I can justify my £7 million a year.


All you people commenting here and sticking up for arsene wenger should be ashamed of yourself–no wonder why we don’t win anything,cos our fans would much rather have a useless manager feck us for years than take some risk ,be more ambitious and demand more from the team and from the manager.All u people are useless and so is this blog,probably the most biased arsenal blog where people shower their love on wenger when we loose to a fouth division team.Where is our arsenal?There is just arsene wenger but no arsenal.These d*cheads don’t realsie that this man continues to play… Read more »


Is it just me or is this quote his way of defending what’s happening at arsenal and deflecting the blame?

“we shouldn’t pretend to the players that if results are not forthcoming immediately that it is the coach’s fault and not theirs”

Ze only way eez up



Hahahaha Wenger you cant fix nothing you worthless prick , i dont even think that PSG fans would want you in their team to be honost!

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