Thursday, December 9, 2021

Wilshere reveals Walcott wind-up

Jack Wilshere says he hasn’t given up hope of persuading Theo Walcott to sign a new deal at Arsenal although the England midfielder admits the future of his teammate is not in his hands.

Having committed his future to the club alongside Aaron Ramsey, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Kieran Gibbs and Carl Jenkinson, Wilshere is hoping that Arsene Wenger’s new emphasis on young British talent will prove alluring during negotiations.

“I think Theo looked at that,” Wilshere told The Sun after the victory over Wigan.

“We’re all great friends, the British boys. We all go out together, have meals together and we all sit together when we’re on the road.

“Everybody at the club wants Theo to re-sign. I’m always winding him up, saying ‘C’mon Theo, sign’.

“But that is something he has got to sort out. It is up to him and the club to reach an agreement and I hope they do.

“Theo’s been great for us and he knows what he means to us and the fans. Five of us British boys have just signed so hopefully he can be the sixth and cap it off.”

Speaking about his own new deal, which was signed with a minimum of fuss recently, Wilshere stressed how easy it was to sign on the dotted line with his local club.

“It was nice to sign a new contract. It’s a great club. It’s like home, my friends and family are down the road. I’ve shown commitment to the club and they’ve shown commitment to me. We have a good thing going on.”

In other news Denilson (remember him?) claims he’s not yet sure what his future holds. The Brazilian international, who has been on loan with former club Sao Paulo for what seems like an age, is somehow still under contract at the Emirates but will no doubt be looking for a new club when he returns from his homeland at the end of June.

“I will see out my contract [with Sao Paulo] which ends on June 30 2013,” Denilson told Globo Esporte.” But I don’t know what will happen after that.

“I hope my situation is solved quickly so I have nothing to worry about and so I can remain calm for the rest of the season.”

Judging by how quickly Denilson does anything on a football pitch we suspect he may be in line for his pension by the time he finds a new club. Or not. Whatever.

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I’d love Theo to sign, to throw all the time we invested in him would be a waste but sh*t happens.

I can’t see him ousting any other top 6 striker so it’s in his best interests to make his mark here!

The cynic in me says its all about the money, I hope not – is it foolish of me to believe there is more to Theo than the lust for currency?

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

fuck him. sign Lopez. looks top. might even be “top, top, top” 😉

big balls

Theo is a mercenary footballer – he will sign for the highest offer


Yeah you can tell by the way he’s played for one club for pretty much his entire career. What a mercenary.

big balls

Nobody wanted to buy him in the past. But now that he is available on the cheap (FREE in 6 months) he will sign for the biggest bidder


Do not feed the troll.


Almost all good enough players are mercenary footballers

wengers furrowed brows

fuck theo…sign Tello!
10 million euros release cause! and he is from Barca! get this kid before someone else does.

Runcorn Gooner

So who plays striker at Liverpool.TW14 or Sturridge?
TW14 get real you are not going to get that role anywhere .
Sign up at AFC and do what you are told by AW not those agent scumbags

wengers furrowed brows

Sturridge of course! B. Rodgers isn’t that stupid to buy untested player to play upfront like TW14. Actually no-one in their right mind would put theo in CF role unless they are already winning by 3-0. In the world of Falcao and Cavani available to be plucked for CF role, why theo? Its amazing theo expects to play in CF role for any CL playing team which is quite daft. And he should know that his future role will largely feature him in wings regardless which club he plays for. If money is not the issue for theo, CF role… Read more »


At least the chant would remain the same…

Tello! Tello! Tello!

The '92 away kit

Refreshing change to see someone not in a barca kit tapping up our players

big balls

Barca know he is shit !!

The Loving Hands of Wenger

He plays amazing against Barca and also Messi is scared of his pace.

Fuck Wallycunt and fuck the Barca gnome of doom!

Buy a dirty winger Weng Weng, flash that cash cash.

Merry xmas.


Denilson. Wenger so ahead of the game, we had our very own Joe Allen 5 years ago

big balls

I can’t believe we are still paying Denilson’s wages – it seems he has a never ending contract !!


We are not paying his wages sau paulo are paying his wages plus we get £1.5m a year loan fee.

big balls

So you believe Sao Paulo are shelling out a total sum of £90,000 a week for Denilson ?

I’m pissing myself with laughter


Maybe hes going to sign tomorrow as a lovely christmas present?


Sign the Ting!!!


Maybe we should sneak the contract between a few of his books, and get him to do a quick book-signing event…?


Reminded me of one of my favourite comedy clips…


With Cesc and Rvp we all knew who’s been trying to pitch them both. I’m wondering who’s knocking on Theo’s door, if anybody, cause it’s a bit quiet on that front.

That being said, I would love Theo to sign with us; I admit I had my doubts, but not any more – Sign Da Ting Theodore!:)


I’m finding myself having less and less patience for Theo. He’s been great for us this season, and I wish for him to stay at the club and become a future great with us. If not for him, then just because it would be nice to see all the work and effort put into him by the club to pay off, and to pay off for us. But then, his arguments are full of shit, and everytime he’s interviewed, he comes off as ingenuine and trying too hard to keep up an image. He can be a great CF, but… Read more »


Everyone wants theo to sign and that’s understandable because he may become a world beater with his pace and finishing skills but do we really need to cling on to a player who is demanding more and more money and stubbornly insisting on playing his preferred position(again a selfish demand), all while he is very average or inconstant(as he admits himself) – so what happens when he does become a finished product and world class and all that, his behavior would be even worse then. So even if he does sign i wont be too exited. I’d rather have him… Read more »


Lukas, is that really you?

wengers furrowed brows

there is more chance of David Luiz becoming a great midfield player then Theo ever becoming a world class CF.

Well done Blogger, merry Christmas to all Gooners!


Either play for the cannon or don’t, but don’t fuck with the fans and especially don’t fuck Wenger about. If he has any intention of signing then get on with it; clearly the club want him to and he’d be a bloody fool to go anywhere else, given Arsene’s (admirable) faith does not exist in spades at other clubs. But if all he’s doing is prostituting himself to other clubs in an attempt to get more money then sod him. We’ve survived worse. Hell, we survive more every week having to watch that Dutch traitor in that filthy shirt on… Read more »


Brilliantly put Exiledgooner! Agree with every single point.


Amen to that


The thing is he said he was basing a new contract on his playing position. Arsene has played him up front the past few games and also allowed him to take corners ahead of Arteta and co. If he doesn’t sign it comes down to money and nothing else.

Its a shame because I’d love to see Theo grow into a better all round striker with us but I won’t cry if he goes.




I really hope Theo signs. He is a big player who steps up in big games. We have so little flair at the moment I can’t believe some fans want to get rid of him. Theo is a banker.

Dr Baptiste

1) He doesn’t step up in big games. Defences keep him quiet 2) He lacks flair, as shown on Saturday. He has speed, he’s like a human Lightning McQueen. Speed only lasts a couple of years from here and then the legs will start going. 3) Change the B for a W and you pretty much have a description of him for dicking the club, fans and manager around. Now that may all sound negative but I like Theo. I think he can do well but he is built to be the stereotypical impact sub. When a defence tires, throw… Read more »

Runcorn Gooner

You did say banker?


The Theo thing is beyond boring.

To be honest I’d much rather be hearing from the French blokes about how they’re talking to Sagna about his contract.


Not sure I would say Theo thing is boring, I would like to see an end to it either way though and if he is going, I would like us to see some money for all the training, support and belief Arsene has invested in him. Totally agree about Sagna, really hope he stays. To me he is still one of the last true great players left from times past who really adds something solid to the team


Mooro, its getting to the point with contracts every year that I’m starting toI believe the club do it on purpose so the fans then blame the player rather the club. how else can we let these players get the last year on their contracts time after time. It doesn’t seem to happen at any other club with the regularity it seems to over the arsenal.


For the simple reason the players don’t agree the terms when the club offers them a contract and stall?
It doesn’t appear to happen with other clubs because we are all concerned with our own, and whatever happens here is amplified.


Maybe they offer contracts that they know would be unacceptable to these players early in negotiations.
And am sure if it happened at another big club we would hear about it, it’s no like the theo , rvp etc etc situations where kept in house and didn’t reach the press.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“And am sure if it happened at another big club we would hear about it, it’s no like the theo , rvp etc etc situations where kept in house and didn’t reach the press.”

Like how we didn’t hear about Rooney holding United to ransom a couple of years back?

Runcorn Gooner

Mooro bang on.Sagna is a class act day in ,day out. TW 14 is a player who turns up every so often and when he doesn’t is a whingeing pain in the Arse.

Runcorn Gooner

Am I the only person to be getting totally and utterly fed up with the TW14
Lets toast Ashley Williams whether by accident or on purpose he has succeeded
in old Red Nose sound like the senile old man he is


lol Fuck him, offer usian bolt a contract


I’d rather take from that interview that Jack is a level-headed, probably the best talent England has had for some time, he loves the club, and he wants to win trophies with us for years.

TBH, I think the Ox is a more than handy replacement and quite ready to step up. Theo is, unfortunately, symptomatic of whats wrong with the politics and money in soccer,




Too right. Raise you a “ha! ka’ as opposed to “heka”. US kiwi.


How can one be so stubborn? i’m trying really hard to see why theo is stalling and so far footballing reasons seems so far of it.

Can what’s bound to happen, happen already!!! Ythe more he takes us along for the ride, the more agonizing it gets and who knows? maybe he’s already set his mind on a move away.

I would like for theo to stay but so far Arsene, vermaelen and Wilshere haven’t got through to him, now I don’t know who will?. Down to him and his cunt agens I guess?


Always lovely to hear some down to earth stuff from darling Jack. Keep on him, and let him know what he is pissing away if he lets good old Mammon rule his future. Also good to hear that the BritBoys have bonded and have a good and strong relationship – critical in any organization, especially in a football side, a social context where everyone are extremely dependant on each other. Somewhat off topic, but perhaps not so much; Marry Christmas Gooners! Enjoy your Christmas morning tomorrow. Up here in the weird North, we celebrate this evening. Whatever your traditions: eat… Read more »


Lets sign Ashley Williams!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Arsene's Nose

Fuck Him! Fed up with his bullshit..I’d pay d club salary to wear that red and white and play for The Arsenal


It Theo leaves arsenal, for a bigger club, he can never play as CF.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If Theo leaves Arsenal for a bigger club I hope they promise to play him as a CF, try him there a couple of times, tell him he has to play right wing as he’s too weak to play CF, bench him because he’s not trying hard enough because he hasn’t got his own way, keep him there because he’s lost his speed through lack of gametime and advancing years, then sell him to Liverpool as a back up to Downing.


He’s gone. Let it go. Find and sign a replacement and forget him. He isn’t that fucking good anyway. Can we please have one bullshit free transfer window? I wish Arsene would just come out and say ” we’re going to sell him to the highest bidder on jan 2. If there are no reasonable offers, he can fuck off to the reserves. ”

I’d rather we play a fully commited player any day.


Totally agree about not playing him frog, feel a bit cheated when I see him play well and knowing he’s fucking off, just can’t see any point in continuing to play him.without him the formation and make up of the team is going to change in January so lets play that way and system know.


It’s a shame really. Would have been nice to keep him. Turns out he doesn’t want to stay. That’s his choice and I’m fine with it so long as we buy a proper winger to replace him. If we do, theo will be forgotten in two weeks. If we don’t replace him, he will be another martyr at the club that the supporters will use to beat Arsene and co.

I hope we replace him.


Wenger would never do that because it would undermine our bargaining position. It was the same thing with RvP, Wenger knew he was off, but kept saying we’d keep him to attract bigger offers. We’re just going to have to wait and see what happens in January…


There are no offers if he stays past jan. he can leave for free and we get fuck all. We are out of chips to bargain with.

Glory Hunter

The fact that a player of Theo’s quality Is considering leaving the mighty Arsenal, shows how much our stock has fallen as a club.

The simple fact is Theo should be grateful to be playing for a club like ours & a manager like Arsene! But unfortunately due to lack of quality replacements in the squad & a board that’s hesistant to recruit quality.

I fear Theo’s departure will affect the quality of the team & that says a lot.


I just hugged santi cazorla. Thought everyone should know


I just busted a nut. I though everybody should know.


I must admit I’ve never been to a game where Denilson was playing, I’ve never had sky tv, my only form of seeing Denilson was during Match of the day. What I’ve always seen of him was pretty tidy and decent. Why is everyone thinking contrary to this? What was I missing?


Sideways passing.


He was known to lose the ball then jog back slower than that fat cunt Phil Dows.


*Phil Dowd. Edit button please bloggs.

Runcorn Gooner

And very poor tackling


he a decent player ,better than some people are saying. but i think the pace of the PL was too much. he is doing well at Sao Paulo.


I’ve seen him do alright and try hard in some games

I would say:
doesn’t seem to quite have the athletic edge for premier league
+ he’s already said he really wants to leave Arsenal


Sell walcottt, buy christian benteke. Put
chambo.on theos wing with Gnabry coming
through. Benteke as striker to interchange
time and again with giroud (both are stellar
target men). Walcotts career I would very much like to see go down the drain if he leaves us.He
has seen cesc, nasri, rvp, leave and still does the same to us?. Such treachery?!!. If I were in the B.C ages I would have had his head, right along with rvps, nasri, flamini, ashley. Etc etc.


I’ve seen a few games where he was on the pitch. Dunno if he was really playing though

Rectum Spectrum

Read this elsewhere and have to agree: while I think I’d like him to sign for continuity, and as a pacey sub for c.f./wide right, 1)) he’s not worth so much hassle as we are getting now 2) doesn’t change the fact we should be looking for 20+ goal striker 3) who’s kidding Theo that he really has any attractive options waiting in the wings?


it’s always been my contention that Theo fancies himself a better player than he is: corners, crossing, free kicks, shooting, almost always very average (and perhaps more often subpar). that said, he’s still got room to grow, and he’s not going to do that on the bench of Man City next to Na$ri. if he realises that, good on him; if he doesn’t, f*ck him.


Enough already on this bollocks.

I am just happy to see how deep a Gooner Wilshere is, signed in a blink of an eye and with spirit to boot. I bet Kardashian Arse if Wilshere were to be pulling the same fiasco as Walcott did even Barca and Madrid are willing to slit their palms to get his signature….

Now Boss, as soon as Giroud chap is fine with his back pain, pleeeeasssseeeee put him back on that poacher spot 🙂


Merry christmas gays!!!

The Loving Hands of Wenger

Everyone is merrily egging Theo to sign up, etc etc but as soon as he leaves the same people will be barracking him with abuse, myself included. It’s a funny ole game. Seriously though, Theo mate, you are such a wanker. You smug cunt! I guess when the writing’s on the wall – like every fucking wall of your gilded mansion including the floor, ceilings and diamond-studded fucking toilet seat, anything other than the truth (that you’re fucking off for the money like every other fucking cunt in this world) seems like a load of smug shit. And you’re enjoying… Read more »




Would you sign an inconsistent and ungrateful winger/striker on a wage far higher than he’s worth. Perhaps everyone is getting their knickers in a twist about Theo simply because we are weak in the strikers department at this moment. That will change. Arsene will sign at least 1, we would all hope 2, more world class strikers/wingers if not in Jan, then in the summer. Where will Theo be then? He’s simply not worth 100k a month and Arsene is right to put his agents in their place. Also if Theo wants to leave and thinks he’s gonna get it… Read more »


Off topic, but i can’t understand why Wenger don’t try to sign Wesley Sneijder, before the spud scums does. Wesley Sneijder + Demba ba would be nice.

Why does Sp*rs spend more money than our club? Time to spend some fucking money, or reduce the ticket price.


Shneider..? 100years back when he was still good.. Ben arfa please and demba ba.. Plus a def midfielder of high quality.. That would be quality signings.. Man can only dream


I’d would love to see Navas in an Arsenal shirt as well as Shaarawy but pretty sure Wenger won’t buy them due to limited resources 🙁

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