Thursday, December 7, 2023

Bergkamp would consider Arsenal coaching role

Dennis Bergkamp says he would be open to a return to Arsenal in the future in some kind of coaching role.

Currently assistant manager at Ajax, working with former international teammate Frank de Boer, the Arsenal legend told an FA Q&A that coming back to Arsenal is something he’d welcome.

Asked if he’d consider a coaching role with the Gunners, Bergkamp, who spoke this week about Arsenal’s new British core, said, “I would yes. We have started something good now at Ajax and I know a little bit in my role now, what I like and what I don’t like so if I could fulfil a similar role abroad, especially at Arsenal.

“That would be one of the things that I would like to achieve in the future. But not in the near future because we have just started here.”

Obviously his flying issues preclude him from becoming manager of the club, or any club, but the idea of Dennis coaching Arsenal players is mouthwatering indeed.

As he says though, it’s not something that’s going to happen soon, but one day is good enough. One day.

See the full Q&A here.

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King Toby

I wouid love him to take over as manager at arsenal!

Dog Eat Arse

Who thumbs this down?


The thumbs down are for him taking over imminently, I guess. Eventually I think everyone would love to have God running things at Ashburton.

moderation should be moderate

i think the thumbs down is because people read ‘precludes him from being manager of any club’ right at the end of the article, grew wistful, sighed, shelved the reality of things away, and hated seeing it again in the comments!


Personally I’d take Frog as manager at the minute so the thought/dream of Bergkamp taking over any day whether nor or next year makes me happy wee.

It is hilarious to see that after we just about beat Swansea a certain brigade are back out in full force.


I would still have him playing.

He could actually be asleep and still be better than cunting Gervais!


Make it happen NOW!


Such a bizzarre number of thumbs down! An appeal for automatic change isn’t neccessarily anti-wenger but pro-Bergkamp. I would love to see Hummels come and play for the club but that doesn’t mean to automatically demote Vermaelen and claim I want him out. We could even try the Liverpool tactic of having two managers alla Roy Evans and Houllier (just because it failed for them doesnt mean it would fail for us, we are the Arse after all!)


That was what I thought. Why wouldn’t people want him there, helping to coach our strikers? It’s Dennis after all. He is the reason I love Arsenal as much as I do.


You have to remember that there are an unfortunate amount of people on this board that support Arsene and not Arsenal. How dare you think of the club before him…

Bob Smith

He’s still afraid of flying?!


Nope, that was only a temporary phobia during his playing days – he feared a career-threatening knee injury if he sat in those rotten airline seats..

Arteta's perfect hair

I love you Dennis x


Just the legend that our current squad needs to look up-to!


“The legend Arsenal deserves, but not the one it needs right now.”

Yeah I went there, sorry!


Sign God up as soon as possible!

Eric Irish gunner

I’d love him back the mans a legend and having some of invincibles back would only be good for the club


I would love him to play right now. Just behind Giroud there. He is bergkamp you know.

In all seriousness if there’s one guy I’d love to see back at the club in some capacity It’ll have to be him.
Get back here you!

Fergie the Gooner

He’s still got it, he looked brilliant in a charity match that was on tv last year and scored a lovely curled goal from outside the box too!

Hopefully he gets some great coaching experience from Ajax and puts it into use for us some day.


Ummmm I dont understand why were fucking around then! Wenger sign him up!


I’d heard somewhere that, one day, he would return to walk amoung us.


heh…I see what you did there….


Matthew 24:42 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.”


great verse but you’re thinking the wrong saviour.


Dennis would be welcomed back in any form or capacity.

I would cut my balls off to have him in his prime playing for us right now.


The descent of God…

Ivan Drago

Dennis coaching Jack would be incredible, wonder if in the future it’ll be JW10 instead of DB10


both DB10 and JW10 will be remembered. You don’t forget your legends. Even 1000 years down the line.


See Dennis walk around on our training pitch would really be heartwarmnig stuff

Rad Carrot

Aye, he could never be manager because of his Mr. T-esque fear of flying, but him as First Team coach? Mouthwatering.


Maybe dennis loves milk aswell

Merde Bag

Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, for I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also. John 14:1-3


I love that he said “WE have started something good…”


My bad, guys. Misread the line *embarrassed face*

Still, he’ll always be a true Gooner to me.


DB10 – Our Non-Flying Dutchman! For me one of our greatest and surely always welcome back at the The Arsenal.

Willy Smoker

Wenger has already said publicly NO the him coaching at Arsenal at this time so put your willies away it ain’t going to happen!

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Surely now he’s moved abroad he wouldn’t need to fly now anyway?

He transcends movement. He is omnipresent.


Interesting things happening at Ajax, well worth following if you’re interested in football in general. Ajax-Barcelona-Cruyff-van Gaal-Guardiola-Frank de Boer. Hope we’re able add Arsenal to that soon. FdB and Bergkamp when Wenger retires? OMG, YES!!

master floda

i’ll never forget that one, probably one of the greatest goals ever…


So we have a choice, carry on the way we are and keep the faith, or bring back God in a coaching capacity. Arsene, this truly would be LANS, a major boost for fans and great for the future. If you don’t do anything else during the transfer window – at least get DB10 signed up

Johnny Jensen's Bender

However much of a distraction Smaug is, try reading the article properly my friend.


DB & JW, our God and Jesus.


please come back and help arsenal as a striker coach,who ever is the striker coach and defence coach needs sacked now,

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Arsene AND Bouldie!?


The Iceman cometh! When I think back to the pleasure I got watching Dennis in his prime, it feels my heart with joy – getting nostalgic here…

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


i just came.

[…] Read More Here: Bergkamp would consider Arsenal coaching role […]

Judgement day (once more)

A young swedish international, Sanaa, currently plays for Ajax. He recently said in an interview that Bergkamp mostly says stuff everyone else would say, BUT when Bergkamp said, you damn well listen.


Over reactions. Don’t you just love em


Exactly! Look at what Dalglish did for Liverpool last time round…


He bought a load of shite. Did win one trophy and get in another final though

Dog Eat Arse

Someday soon, God is coming home.

Great Arse

DB’s flying issue means fuck all. It only percludes him from some CL away matches and pre-season marketing tours of the arsehole of nowehere. I think (hope) we’ll see him at the Grove in a managerial capacity in 3 or 4 years time.

And I’d like to think Denis will bring some of his old comrades in as his assistants. Fuck yes.


Did I just get a semi….No, it is a full on Chubby!

Merlin's Panini

welcome back any time DB10.


According to Skysports (not very reliable?) Walcott has just signed a 3.5 yr contract.


Theo signed da ting…


Still waffling about his desire to play CF though

igor stepanovs

wenger – sign him up!

Arsenal Rising

Being an Arsenal fanatic lately it’s been the worst period since I started supporting them in my early teens.. Well I was about 11 or 12 I think. When Kevin Campbell and.Z IAN WRIGHT! Were up front together and I’ve just turned 30 now so for me this has been a horrible spell but since e beat Swansea it somehow feels like we have turned a corner (i hope!) Because were finally getting some good news! Hope it continues obviously and hope that rumour on twitter it’s true bout us spending 30mil on a player.can’t really see out but stranger… Read more »

Arsenal Rising

Imagine this!! Sir Dennis of the Bergkamps returning and showing Jackie.Wilshere how to do them fucking incredible curlers into the top corners from outside the box! A thing of beauty truly! One of his curlers was that perfect and the soon ok it

Arsenal Rising

One of then placed curlers side footed it so perfect that when it hit the back of the net out actually spun upwards aster hitting the net unread of nestling our dropping to the ground! But God works in mysterious ways. Legend


Fuck berkamp dat puss!rvp shud manage arsenal 😀



Arsenal Rising

Tut. Pissing predictive text is shit… it’s typing out “out”instead of it and aster instead of after and unread instead of instead. Heh. U get what I was conveying though I hope..cmon you.Gooners!

Arsenal Rising

How old it’s Anelka? , anyone???

Merlin's Panini

about 33, and possibly retiring. Why? You don’t have this weird notion that we might need him do you? He had his chance and he whored himself away.


Theo has signed, 3.5 years at 100 a week. You heard it here first.

Jim Jimminy

Nope, got it from bbc. Which i imagine is where you got it.


no I’m in America and don’t watch bbc, so unfortunately you were wrong in your assumption.


£100k a week obviously.

Eric Irish gunner

Good news but he now needs to do it week in week out and be consistent and earn his money

the only sam is nelson

I’d love it if his contract reflected his perfomances

£120K one week

£44.25 the next

LANS calendar

more like 5 bob and a free fish

Arsenal Rising

Hey. On sky sports news (sky sources) it says… ” Theo Walcott AGREES NEW THREE-AND-A-HALF YEAR ARSENAL DEAL ON PRINCIPLE” What does the in principal part mean? He hasn’t signed but it’s pretty much agreed and FINALLY done with?


It means he’s 99% sure of signing.


Wenger hada gve theo 10bjs a nyt 4him to sign, 1mre nyt left (G)




Be a troll if you want to, but for the love of god, can you please stop writing like an illiterate prick?

Yankee Gooner

“Theo, we WANT to pay you £75k a week, but we’ll offer you £100k per if you stay the fuck away from all dead balls. Plus, you carry Jack’s boots.”


Voldermort ill fuck u up! Stupid kunt!


Harry, is that you ?

the only sam is nelson

not sending my kids to hogwarts if it is



Too Drunk To Be Offside

I hear TW has agreed a 3 year deal … so now could we bring in new players … pls

the only sam is nelson

TW is our new signing, he’s not even like a new signing, he *is* a signing although not a new one

El Dave

Yes please I would love to have his teach Wiltshire his subline skills to match that battling spirit he has in him.


mmm “bergkamp”….like the sound of that,
2 articles in a week, makes me tolerate this site..

too bad all them jackasses are talkin about some kid earning 100k a week. Fook that.

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