Forest make Fabianski enquiry

Lukasz Fabianski

Nottingham Forest have approached Arsenal about taking Lukasz Fabianski on loan.

The Polish stopper has missed the entire season so far with injury but with his return not too far away, Alex McLeish has made an enquiry about his availability.

It seems likely that Arsenal would allow him to leave, perhaps just for a month, in order to get some match fitness but perhaps a deal until the end of the season would be more realistic.

Arsene Wenger gave an update on his progress today, saying of his return to full training, “He is not far away now, two or three weeks.”

Whether this fits into Forest’s time frame and their need for a keeper remains to be seen. Fabianski’s long-term future at the club is extremely doubtful in any case, with the player confirming last summer he wanted to leave, before injury scuppered any chance of finding a new club.

With Wojciech Szczesny firmly established as the number 1, and Fabianski nearly 27 and needing to play, it seems a permanent deal will be in order sooner rather than later.

Hat tip @gunnerblog

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I need my cousin nasri back at the stables


27 did you say? Christ thought at that age he’d be more expirenced by now


Fabianski is nearly 27? o.0

matt senior

He’s a quality player. Having him back is as good as a new signing.

The new wengerism predictive keyboard. Free to loan until the end of the season.


He’s only 27?, that’s about 10 in goalie years

the only sam is nelson

throw in the Rosicky coefficient (TM another poster, not me) and he’s virtually foetal


“Two to three weeks” .. So he should be fit for the start of next season if that’s what Forest were wanting to know.

Be good for him to get some games and for us to get rid of another one of the leaches sucking at our pot of gold. There must be 5-6 players at the club on more than £20k/pw (2-3 of them on £50k/pw+) with less than 50 games between them in the last year or so.

matt senior

Players in… youth team or scrounge around for cheap gambles.

Players out… sell the best, loan everyone else out.



Since when has fabianski been one of our ‘best’?


Fabianski won’t be too happy about ^^this.
That’s your cue fab, take the loan.


8 Planets -204 Countries -7 Continents -134,156 Football Teams…and we were all lucky not to be Liverpool Fans


…freeing up space for Sebastian Frei! Or is it Mark Schwarzer?

Yay! David M’Vila MUST be next!

One Arsenal

Dream on mate….


Who’s David M’Vila?


Yann M’vila’s evil twin.

Los Polandos

haven’t you heard?? He’s one of three players we are about to sign this winter. David M’Vila, John Paul II and Twinky winky.

jack jack jack

The mutant answer to all our transfer woes.


He’s taking the mickey about the predictable journo’s, keep up!


Thank you, Kops. I was almost at the point of weeping.


Gary cahangelaand? And downing! (seriously, i miss mail exclusives)

Pride of London

Unfortunately Fabianski is just more dead wood that needs to be cleared out in my opinion. I think he has had more than enough time


Bunburyist…. The importance of being earnest


Why yes, indeed. I’m glad you made the connection. Are you also a committed bunburyist?


No he’s not. He’s more talented than Szczesny but the problem lies in his head. He lacks this kind of attitude, character than Woj has. He would be certainly nr 1. You don’t remember what a grave double-save he did in CC match v Wigan at Emirates? It wasn’t a coincidence.


I agree, best shot-stopper in the universe but he needs a head transplant. I saw him in a pre-season friendly shortly after he came to us, and if Casillas and Buffon had been in goal together they wouldn’t have made more or more astonishing saves. Thing was, it was a friendly with only about ten people watching. He should be fine at Forest – let’s hope he’s happy to go. The other plus is he won’t be taking up a place in the CL squad so Martinez can move up the pecking order into the third slot. The thought of… Read more »

Gearoid Kelly

Given his stock at the moment, a loan move could be ideal. A good spell with forest and we could bank a few million for the lad.

Just a membership number

More profit…… Great


Get real mate. He’s an C-league class goalie. Where are you gonna find those “few millions” for him?


We paid a million to bring him here, and he’s more experienced now and when he has had a long run in the team he’s shown he can perform at the top level. He was finally coming around until with fate’s cruel irony Szczesny injured him in a pre-game warmup. If Fabianski doesn’t get injured half way through the 2010-11 season, Szczesny doesn’t see the starting lineup. He kept us alive at Partizan, kept us ahead at Stamford Bridge, and if you look back at our team form we earned more points with him in goal that season than with… Read more »

Gunner from asian village

yeah he should go to get games . mannone can backup sczesny while fabianski can get some freshness back .


Upon reading headline, my initial thought was
“Do i give a shit?” enough said. Next story….


Sell! Stop with the loans already.


Unbelievable !!! We are sitting on a pile of money. So the ‘has he got any to spend ?’ argument is settled. We have requirements all over the pitch – goalkeeper, defence, midfield and striker. We’re crying out for reinforcements – and we’ve done precisely nothing, other than farm the dross out to anyone who’ll take them. As far as I’m concerned this is Wenger’s last chance. If he doesn’t make some clear and decisive improvements before February, I’m through with him. And if we don’t spend now I guarantee they’ll be nothing in the summer. Because we won’t be… Read more »


What pile of money? What issue has been settled? Are you talking about the new sponsorship deal? That money wont start to come in for 6 months at least.
Or have I missed something?


Yes you have missed something. The money we’ve received from RvP, Song and a ton of others as well as the shirt deal sponsorship money. Plus the vast amounts they rake in from sky high ticket prices that some Man City fans won’t pay. Plus the Tv deal and all the rest, they take. Either we are – ‘supposedly’ – one of the world’s top clubs or we’re not. And if we are, I suggest we start to act like it, on and off the pitch. That was what we were assured seven years ago when the whole Stadium project… Read more »

Glory Hunter

You can’t argue with ROB’s assessment!
The squad is weak & needs reinforcement, if QPR can afford to sign players then surely so can Arsenal.
If Arsene refuses to strengthen the squad in this window, then unfortunately you can’t trust his judgement anymore.

There’s no Arsenal fan, ex-player, pundit, journalist or anyone with a brain that doesn’t think we need to strengthen the squad, it’ll be interesting to see what Arsene does.

And I’ll reserve my judgement until end of the window.


@gh: well, if you are going to compare the players qpr needs and the players that arsenal needs, then there you probably go. But for one, I dream about a top left wing player – do you know about anyone available who you would like to see in arsenal’s colours?

Harbinger of goon

Apparently in training he’s was amazing! It’s a pity it never transferred to match day, and with his injuries and Szcz coming through, I feel a little bit sorry for him. Hopefully he gets some match time regardless, and he can turn his career round.


He did finally transfer it to match day for the first half of the 2010-11 season. Why does everyone forget this? He helped keep us alive in our CL group to qualify and was part of the team that was on a fantastic run of form in the league with us in second place for a decent amount of time.


@goonerdave. Ok say we ain’t got the money now and we have fuck all for transfers, which I don’t believe anyway. But why not borrow a few quid on the strength of the money coming in in 6 months and help us achieve that fabled 4 place. Most busineses speculate to accumulate and borrow on guaranteed income.
If we don’t spend this window we are not going to make that top four finish and that’s definate and also say goodbye to 30 odd million in cl money that’s without the drop in gate receipts etc etc. fucking madness.


voldemrt: First, as far as I understand from the AST report, arsenal cannot more because of the existing stadium debt. Second, “this squad will definitely not finish in top 4” – what kind of bollocks is this?


Even isn’t linking us with any transfers. Safe to say, we’re fucked.


They just couldn’t handle LadyArse.
Even then we are double fucked.

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Bring back paul Barron I say!!!


This news is excellent. Our squad is clearly overflowing and we need to loan everyone else out too. Definitely not buy anyone. Uuuurgh despair.


Miranda is getting tons of thumbs up on here lately. The natives are clearly restless.

Gunsen Gunner

If we don’t buy anyone this January, Arsene will lose a great deal of support amongst loyalists and the club hierarchy will yet again affirm that they are living on another planet. Buy someone Arsene!!!!!!!

Arsene Wenger

I will only buy if I find top,top quality.Besides,we have Diaby,Santos and Rosicky coming back so they are like 3 new signings…


Right whoever this ‘top quality’ guy is we better track him down and sign him up let’s search FIFA players database, either that or get Messi to change his name to ‘top Quality’ by deed poll, and buy him for Wenger as a birthday present or something.

High Quality Prospect

I am nowhere to be found.


Fuck u arsene…. Fucking buy someone gaffer. See, you guys, what did i tell u before i joined MU? Arsene’s doing fuck all on the transfer front. I was right. No ambition. Bastard.


@ – firstly we have a multi billionaire owner who could put his hand in his pocket and we could buy a player or two until the new money comes in and secondly I would be amazed if such a well run club as arsenal were unable to borrow money against guaranteed income. Thirdly I don’t believe we don’t have cash in the bank, every report we read tells us we do as does our CEO and manager. And finally, not finishing in the top four is my opinion, it may be Bolox but its based on the shit I’ve… Read more »


Mate, I’ve been saying it since November. We’re not going to buy anyone.


I’m afraid we don’t have an owner in the normal sense, we have a business investor, he will only act when the crap hits the fan, and unfortunately the limited no. Of shares of AFC means it’s run like a family business instead of a proper large company, even if the clubs continuees to flatline in terms if success it won’t affect the share price. The only thing that might help is a lack of sponsorship money if we continue our slide on the pitch.


Frog I can’t believe an intelligent guy like arsene can’t see we need players. I think he will sign someone mate but it may be Just 1 and hel be the average dross we normally buy. And it will be late in the window after we have played our 7 games in ten minutes or whatever it is. It’s crazy mate.


I dont care whether we loan out or sell this lot as long as they never feature in a first team game for us again
fabianski squillaci djourou santos denilson arshavin park bendtner chamakh for me they are a waste of breath not to mention wages

[…] of departures, there’s talk that Nottingham Forest have made an approach to take Lukasz Fabianski on loan. Whether he’s fit enough to take advantage of that remains […]


Wengers recent comments is proof enough that he’s been high on crack for sometime now. Talking about he has a good squad, two players on each position e.t.c. Wenger is okay, just that his employers have made him way too comfortable and where we are right no one needs to feel comfortable down from the players all the way to the manager. If we are to push for fourth and f.a cup, champions league everyone needs to be kept on his toes. New signings and someone to Arsene off his comfort zone, only who can do that? Gazidis? Certainly not,… Read more »