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Hannover claim Djourou deal talks

Johan Djourou, Arsenal’s current longest serving player, could leave the club on loan in January after Hannover 96 confirmed interest in the Swiss defender.

The 25-year-old, who has only made two appearances in the League Cup this term, made his first appearance for the Gunners way back in 2004 but has struggled to hold down a first team place in the last two seasons falling behind Thomas Vermaelen, Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker in Arsene Wenger’s pecking order.

Long linked with Serie A side Napoli, it now appears that Djourou could opt for a temporary move to Germany in January before assessing his options at the end of the season.

Yesterday Hannover president Martin Kind was quoted in The Sun as saying, “We have money and we’re ready to do business,” while German publication Bild ran a quote attributed to first team coach Jörg Schmadtke which seemed to suggest a deal was already done and dusted.

“I am able to confirm that we are very interested in bringing Johan Djourou to the AWD-Arena.

“He is on our short list of names and there have been some concrete talks with Arsenal going on.

“We do intend to loan the player first until the end of the season and we will make a decision on his future.”

If the above proves to be true Arseblog News assumes a departure for Djourou will see Ignasi Miquel, rather than Seb Squillaci, move nearer first team affairs. It remains to be seen whether Arsenal Player will survive the loss of one of their foremost presenters.

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Wonderful caption pic


On the turf – Is it Jack Wilshire just after he signed that new deal?

Fergie the Gooner

There are certainly worse players in our squad, but it makes sense as he’s not going to get a game any time soon.

Does that mean there will be an opening for chief Arsenal Player presenter? I vote Frimpong…


Right about now I would preffered talks in the other direction. As in say “Arsenal claim llorente deal talks”……..seems priorities lie in selling first, then selling some more then wallah!!!!! transfer window closes!




Oh the thumbs down for saying anything slightly negative in this blogs comments section.
Wake up people.

I’ll support the Arse’ till the day I die but we’re basically in the shite. Accept it like me and life is bearable again…… Go on, come on in the water is warm.


I think the thubs down are that the moaning that we aren’t signing anyone has already started, 2 days into the transfer window.

And saying “wallah”.


@Cr. People getting pissy…warm water…we’ll give it a miss.


Who the hell gave me a thumbs up. Godamn mofo whoever you are. I’ve earned them thumbs down, so pay up………..


I remember when he was our best defender in 10/11 season . Unfortunate for him , wish him luck.

Runcorn Gooner

Playing at right back didn’t do him any favours.shame


As we have with so many players recently, hope he gets his career back on track as he’s certainly better than some in the squad and has always given his all which can’t be said for everyone.


Vermaelen’s been a pale shadow of himself all season. Wouldn’t have minded if Djourou got a run instead.

What does it take for one to be dropped at Arsenal??

p.s Rubbish weekend performance – clearly the talent is there and we’re great when our players want to play. Right now the Handbrake has a mind all of its own…

5pur2 dr00L

Dunno, even being Ramsey isn’t enough to get dropped. 😉


Shouldn’t be a problem, just put Miquel one step higher in the pecking order. He’s decent enough to be a 4th choice CD. Focus should be on strengthening higher up the pitch


Especially as Miquel plays on the left side of the pairing. More natural cover for Vermaelen than moving Koscielny over, I think. Kos has a tendency to avoid his left foot playing on that side (own goals spring to mind). Best of luck, Johan!


Apart from Gazidis who can’t wait for the deal to go through, Who gives a shit???


In another lifetime he could have been a pretty excellent defender. Alas, not to be.


Lmao… of Arsenal Player’s foremost presenters. Wish him the best of luck wherever he ends up. Does this mean we might see an acquisition at CB or we can rest easy with the BFG, Verm, Koz and Miq??

Rad Carrot

I’d say they’d be alright, at least until the Summer. Arsenal only seem to manage to focus on one signing at a time, so it’s more important that we get our attacking options sorted first. If a good deal comes up for a defender, then maybe we could go for him, but I wouldn’t say it’s a priority.


Good for Johan! He’s a nice guy who gives his all. He’s been very professional and does everything he’s asked including playing out of his position. I hope he secures a loan deal or bought outright and gets solid playing time somewhere. He’s just not gonna get the time he wants at Arsenal.


Btw how is djorou still only 25?. Boggles me mind

Hannover Gooner

Jörg Schmadtke is not the first team coach of Hannover 96 – he’s the sports director. Mirko Slomka is Hannover’s first team coach.

In my opionion it is for both sides a good solution. Djourou has the potencial to be a great cb, but only needs games time. In Hannover he will get enough game time, even on an international level in the Europe League.


Good for arsenal and for Djourou.

Dave Gooner

Be nice for JD if this goes through. Hope it goes well for him.

How about we lower the terms if they take Gervinho as well….?


Why always loan deals? Can we not sell any of our players? We always look for bargains in the transfer market, then toss away the savings by sending players on loan instead of selling them.

Runcorn Gooner

AFC are stuck in the same syndrome as so many clubs with players they no longer want on high wages smaller clubs wont pay.The players won’t take a drop in salary and we are stuck until
contract expires.
This could be the problem with TW14
if we pay him and then produces performances like at Wigan and Southampton too often.


But who will now present the yearly Arsenal awards? Who will come out with the usual “we underestimated them” after each surprise draw/defeat? He will surely be sorely missed.

On a serious note – I actually really like the guy. Seemed to love the club and didn’t make a fuss when dropped from the team. Best of luck to him.


our longest serving player? wow

Merlin's Panini

I don’t think it would be a good idea to loan him out unless, of course, there is a recall clause. The closer we are to having the squid flopping about in the middle the worse off we are. It would be best we keep him as cover.
I do think he is too good not to be playing at least somewhere but he is only a couple of injuries or suspensions away from getting a starting place for us.

Wengers Trench Coat

All the best JD! Thank you for working hard for this club! Its appreciated

petits handbag

The two one win against Barcelona’s what I’ll always remember him for, don’t know how it didn’t work out for him, at the start of 2011 he was our top man at the back. Hope this is one we don’t regret. Good luck to him

Rectum Spectrum

at one point looked a decent bet for a first team regular but form deserted him and he hung on for a good while. Was always interest in him from other clubs I remember. Good luck to him anyway. Amazing picture.


Good luck to him

Hope miquel get more opportunities. Like what I’ve seen of him..


I know Arteta is great and all but I feel he is holding us back. “Pass and move into space”… He seldom does this, Coquelin though is god at this. He deserves a shout in the Swansea game.

5pur2 dr00L

I feel Arteta is just playing the way he’s being asked to play, to be honest. Arteta seems to be one of our smartest players, in terms of reading the game, and one of the most technically skilled… just don’t feel he’s being used correctly.


The sad thing about this club is that there is no ambitions and the board have sold our chances of winning something. They won’t buy the sort of player we need at the moment.

They wouldn’t have sold our best players if they wanted to compete for titles. So dreaming about players like Cavani is just ridiculos.

The board just want to qualify for champions league to make some profits on tickets.


Did you see that ludicrous display last night? The thing about Arsenal is… blah blah blah. Things aren’t all doom and gloom at the club. We’re financially sound, we DO have good players (just not enough of them), we’ve got a good, young, British core… we’re not going to do a Newcastle or Leeds and just disappear. We’ve also got one of the newest and largest stadiums in the League. It will be tough, and we may not truly compete for the title for a while, but we will always be able to attract the top talent. It’s just we… Read more »


Yes we got good players, but we will need a great goal scorer. We sell a lot of players and don’t replace them with good enough players. Why are we buying the deadwood players? We don’t spend enough money.

Just look at Muambas tweet from last night.

I feel for Arsenal fans. Some of those player are just not good enough to play for Arsenal,take nothing away from the SFC they been good. // Muambas twitter


I do agree with you there, we do need reinvestment. My point is that we’re not completely down and out. Even if we don’t make CL next year (and unfortunately, I think we may not) we’ll still have a sizeable sum of money to lure good players in. This isn’t Football Manager – players will still join us if they know we are going somewhere, and we’ve got a massive history, a huge support and a lovely new stadium (it is still considered new, even if it’s 8 years old now!). I disagree with Muamba, as much as I like… Read more »


It’s not Wengers fault we don’t got any good substitutes. Yes he has signed some bad players such as Gervinho and Squillaci etc. But the board doesn’t give him enough money to bring in the quality we need. He would have spend more if he had it available, everyone can see that a lot of players just isn’t good enough to wear red and white. We have a lot of young players, we got a great future if the board doesn’t sell them. But they are not that good at the moment, except from Wilshere. Buying Adrian Lopez will not… Read more »


It is Wenger’s responsibility, ultimately. It’s his job to build a team, not the board – if he can’t get money from the board, that’s his fault. No other club has a senior structure that withholds money without reason from the manager, so there’s no reason to believe that that’s how it works at Arsenal. If it really is the case, then he should go public on such affairs to force the board’s hand. I think most of our players are good enough for the task – there are some deadweights we need to shift, but for the most part… Read more »


yes ofc i absolutly agree with you about this. We got a lot of great players, but we don’t create enough chances. Arteta, Cazorla, wilshere etc, are all good players. But we can’t rotate properly, and that makes me wonder why ain’t arsenal spending the money? Too early to say i know.

When i say some of them isn’t good enough to play for arsenal, i mean the likes of Gervinho, Squillaci, Djourou, Chamakh etc.


Yeah, I’d agree. Will be difficult to shift a lot of those players, and it is a bit of a mystery why we don’t open our wallet more! Time will tell, I think.


@L: while I agree the team doesn’t have sufficient depth at the front, there _are_ availible substitutes such as coq or jenks, but wenger is reluctant to use them. I personally consider this to be currently one of his major flaws.


While it’s good we seem to be trying to shift the deadwood at the club, I’m more worried about our “ins” than our “outs”. It’s not a case of who we sign, as I do believe we’ll sign someone even if it is just a young winger from Crystal Palace (and not a bad one either) it’s just when that concerns me. We like to do our business very late in the window, if we do any at all, as our board like to scrimp and pay the least amount of cash possible. Now if anyone at the club hadn’t… Read more »

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chamakh's barber

rumours say that walcot has signed a new contract, anyone else heard about it?


a four year contract

Merlin's Panini

Where did you hear/read this?

Biggest Arsenal Fan Ever...

The Evening Standard has rported this..and a few other tweets have come in…

johan djourou

I guess I’ll have to find a new username now?

Biggest Arsenal Fan Ever...

Arseblog, there is a new twitter handle out there, @AnonymousFc0 , which posts all the football and transfer news….i would love it if u cld just check out its credibility…


one down 23 shit players to go!


Thank god for that!


Arteta in all his pomp and glory I feel could work on his movement. Urgency, find space try to get in among the goals e.t.c at 1-1 you’ll still find arteta trying to release sagna, gibbs, on the wings instead of taking initiative by himself and try and make something happen. He rarely shoot even when under acres of space. Sort that out.

[…] he’s probably on his way to Hanover, although I’m sure there’ll be other clubs interested in him, and despite earlier […]

[…] he’s probably on his way to Hanover, although I’m sure there’ll be other clubs interested in him, and despite earlier […]

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