Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Rosicky to miss Swansea with calf injury

When Tomas Rosicky wasn’t even on the bench for the game against Man City, the Twinternet went made with theories about why that would be. They included:

  • Injury
  • Falling out with Arsene Wenger
  • Imminent transfer
  • Been eaten by Michael Johnson
  • Running off to join a heavy metal rock band called ‘Billy and Boingers’

The truth is a lot more mundane, with Arsene Wenger confirming a calf injury.

“Rosicky is still out,” he told the official site. “He has a little calf problem. I wanted to involve him tomorrow night but it’s too short.”

But, along with Lukasz Fabianski and Mikel Arteta, they’re Arsenal’s only absences for tomorrow night other than the suspended Laurent Koscielny.

And there was even some encouraging news about Arteta, with Wenger saying, “Arteta’s injury could be shorter than three weeks because it’s a minor calf strain. It’s a light grade one so it could be quicker than three weeks.”

Fingers crossed.

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I really thought he was eaten by Michael Johnson.

Oh well!

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

On the plus side he hasn’t grown older by even a day since the euros. A footballing day that is. So his footballing age is ’29’ 😉

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

I totally quoted the wrong thing

Lightning Pace

“He has a little calf problem.”
Well why doesn’t he leave the calf in a trusted farm where they will look after it so that the can play?

….sorry, I’ll get my coat…




Arsenal need arteta and rosicky in bayern munich macth


Is he still alive?

careful now

Down with this sort of thing.

Lady Eowyn

Careful now


Why mention it !? Even if he wasn’t injured AW wouldn’t play him?? It’s Fxking Odd considering we really needed him in several games when he was fit 2 play.. Sigh

Master Bates

He doesn’t get played because of his fitness and Cazorla


It won’t be shorter than 3 weeks, he’s saying that to cover his tracks and has a ready-made excuse not to buy anyone. Hooray. Hope he’s back soon though, we need him badly and neither Coquelin or Diaby are solutions for me


Give him a new contract just for that

Master Bates

‘Running off to join a heavy metal rock band called ‘Billy and Boingers’’

I thought ,he was already in 30 seconds to mars http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ln4qbkOW7J1qgxiud.jpg

get well soon


I wonder what Thomas’ guitar playing age is…

wengers furrowed brows

and he hasn’t even played for arsenal….and he is already injured…
o tempora …o mores!


Only Rosicky can injure himself while already being injured

Just kidding, so can Diaby

Rectum Spectrum

Diaby gets injuries on his injury.


Rosicky is out because of injury. Strange as it means he has injured his injury.


The Chuck Norris of getting injured.

the cobra


jack jack jack

Rosicky’s calf problem has apparently pulled a hamstring due to fatigue.


But who will be our conductor in the midfield? We need this guy back soon =/

steve boulds hairdresser

sad thing is we needed him and he wasnt going to be played anyway…


Damnit. We really need to give Cazorla and Wilshere a breather. Hopefully Coquelin or Eisfeld can get some games…..or………….. Diaby stays fit…….

Arsene says “We are ready to spend big.”
and that he wants two new players….. I will believe it when I see it Arsene.


He also apparently said in the same interview that his time at Arsenal is coming to an end. Surely both things can’t be true? If he’s going to retire, he can’t be spending big – or he shouldn’t be – but rather leaving what money we have to his succesor to use as he sees fit at the more sensible time in the summer. I started to listen to that interview, then I thought, what’s the point, it’ll probably be just a bundle of half-truths, like the one about the availability of money being a very new thing – this… Read more »


I agree with what you said and maybe that’s what has been in arsenes thinking, but then surely he would want to leave the club and new manager in with a chance of a cl place. Everything he is doing at he moment, by not signing new players, overplaying existing ones and relying on perma injured players to stay fit just doesn’t look like someone determined to make cl football.
It’s all very strange what’s going on over the arsenal right now. Gave up trying to make sense of it seasons ago.

Lukas Podolski

Hey Fans, shit happens.


at arsenal the shit hits the fans almost daily

Lady Eowyn

Arsene needs to get his act together with this transfer window. With all these injuries starting to mount up.

I think Treebeard would act faster than he has!!

Jack Wilshere: Hey Arsene. I was thinking, you know how it’s the transfer window and all, maybe you should think about bringing in a couple of players.

Arsene: Whoooa! Leeeeeet’s nooooooot beeeee haaasty maassssster Jaaack.

Midfield Corporal

Dude, you really need to lay off The lord of the Rings for a bit.

Lady Eowyn



A sword day! A red day, ere the sun rise!

Death! Death! DEATH! Forth Eorlingas!

I can’t help but feel the atmosphere at the Emirates might be a little more intimidating for the opposition were the team to enter on horses and act that scene out before matches. And when Stoke come it’ll be even more convincing given the presence of actual real life orcs.


Lucky we have the new signings then as cover.


You mean new signings like Diaby … sorry i could’nt resist.

Lady Eowyn

I’m afraid I’m going to have to make you look stupid now.

We’ve made no signings this January. I’m not sure where you got the idea we’ve had new signings because we haven’t. Go on Arsenal.com, it’s all there.


You kind of just made yourself look stupid, to be fair.

master floda

“I’m afraid i’m going to have to make you look stupid now”……..

Hoho… I see the irony in that!


Why does this news make me glad? Twitter rumors had me believe he must be on his way out. Thank you for atleast mentioning him this time, Gaffer.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Our new signing is called: Nowan-tu Asnal.

Rectum Spectrum

i LOVE rosicky. but reading this left me feeling – the players that are continuously missing for arsenal due to injury need to be moved on. they are a massive liability as we rely on them yet they are not there for us when we need them. We have too small a squad, too little quality, to be looking to risocky and diaby over a whole season for creative input. their inevitable absence costs us many points. It’s sad but true. We need to get rid of one at least and replace. you can carry one player who is worth… Read more »


Who? We have a player called Rosicky?? I thought he was one of the medical staff. Jesus!! As for new signings AW says we have just signed some new guy called Walcott and he has no plans to buy any more, not with us doing so well. Back to plannet Earth & Arsenal face an uphill challenge against Swansea in the FA Cup.

Enton Gill

He wasn’t always injured when his contract was up for renewal, of a matter of fact he played like he was 25 years old, contract signed and suddenly back to type. ARSENEnal fc are the biggest joke in football.

The Car2n Goon

I’d really like to see Cazorla rested for Eisfeld and Arteta for Le Coq.

master floda

why not ramsey? yes, he wasn’t really convincing in the attacking role last season and also couldn’t impress when he had to play out of position this season. but on sunday i think he did very, very well when he came on.

woodcocks cock

Yeah,lets put two young,inexperienced guys into an already struggling team ! Doh !

Highbury is still home.

Monsieur says 2 per position is enough. Apparrently not.


Maybe the biggest ‘what if’ of this period in Arsenal’s history is the one involving both Rosicky and Diaby.

If only their fitness problems were average.


We needed some additions before these injuries in midfield. Now look at the numbers. Arteta – injured currently Diaby – ALWAYS injured or about to be injured Rosicky – often injured, injured currently, and the wrong side of 30 Wilshere – needs a rest Cazorla – needs a rest and needs form Coquelin – needs time Ramsey – needs consistency Eisfeld – please! We were in a battle for fourth before the month of January, and now these developments… It looks like Chelsea will shore up at least 3rd based on current form. They have the best defenses, and second… Read more »


big up youre spot on


it beats my understanding as to why Wenger plays Ramsy and seats Rosicky that man should style up we are not for there money we want to be happy as well it is like we fans are making loses so do something for this jan


Don’t worry Tom, we’re going out anyway.



£oyalty for $ale

What’s with the calf injuries in the squad?


Whats weird is I remember him not playing much last year and the year before…

Wikipedia reckons he played 38 times for Arsenal in 2011-12, including 28 times in the League. What? I remember him playing, like, five times….One time rather wellm which annoyed me even more when he got rosicky for the billionth time…


According to Wenger every time Rosicky and Diaby return from injury it is like a new signing. By this measure, Arsenal sign more players than any team in the league.

Who says Arsenal do not sign players?


Not great news, Santi is badly in need of a rest and Rosicky would have been very useful to back him up. Oh well, its another Diaby situation, no point mulling over ifs and buts, just see it as a bonus when they do manage to get fit enough to play a few times.

Arsenal Tea Lady

Sick of it. What a wimp. He’d injure his cock if he had one.


Jack, Ramsey and Le Coq against Swansea, please !

master floda

or maybe diaby for jack?

Arshavin's Moobs

Gunnersaurus OUT!

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Rosicky has managed to injure his calf not playing and just as the pressure mounts to buy some players, artetas injury has miraculously got a bit better and might not last 3 weeks! Quick sweepstake: (a) he comes back in march (b) wenger picks him rather than buy anyone and he ends up out til May. Take your pick!

Dial square

Yeah let’s get Arteta back in the side as soon as possible, and run him into the fucking ground again…ffs


Ya that’s what I was thinking. Let’s rush him back before he’s properly healed, than play him non stop untill the calf tears in half and he’s fucked for 6-9 months. I’m so sick of Arsene.

Arty's Art

Rosicky and Diaby have invented a ‘calf wrestling game’ during their lay-off. Now its catching on the the squad, Arteta is pretty good at it.

Sadly our players have good mental strength. It makes the game dangerously competitive.


But he’ll be back this month as yet another LANS! Diaby n Rosicky, always ‘return’ to fitness during transfer windows. Sick!


Dear me,this website is funny,so often I see amazing good quality articles here,I mean objective,informative,realistic…and every time there is comment that makes sense or carries load of truth and well established ideas with good arguments for each point they somehow happen to get a lovely amount of thumbs down…funny how people prove themselves time and again to be simple animals or mostly neandertals(spelling) but if you don’t know something you get scared,if you get scared you become aggressive…that’s the pattern I notice here,most of people here can not live with a fact that opinions might differ…and if they do it’s… Read more »


That was capoue not callus


open the wallet and buy Cavani, Fellaini and M’vila


See willian could be on the move…£20 million. Looked pretty good to me when they played Chavski…. What you reckon arsene…? Super quality enough…? No, thought not… Of course, silly me, walnut will sign a new contract soon and that will be….well, like new signing….


Get back Rossy! Miss seeing u play for the Arse!


Another legendary picture!

Piers Morgan

Rosicky is a turnip. I hate Arsenal, i’m just in it for the fine Islington gash – mmmmm islington gash

Mrs Morgan

Shut up Piers! Everyone knows you’re a cunt!


What grinds my gears is how Arsene makes it sound like nothing else can happen unless Theo signs, as if the areas of weakness in the squad are somehow directly tied to him.


my dream midfield would be carzola, daiby , wilshire , rosicky with walcot and lucas up front


Capoue’s signing for everton….. Getting more and more depressed…. Whats next? Diame to scum? Fuck u wenger….. Fuck u to hell!

Robin Van Persie


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