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Wenger: Barca will not sell David Villa

Arsene Wenger has once again denied that Arsenal could sign David Villa from Barcelona making clear that the Catalan giants don’t want to sell and refusing to confirm whether the player was a target in the first place.

Obviously bored of being asked the same questions about the same player for the third press conference in ten days the boss went out of his way to kill the rumour stone dead.

Asked whether the Spanish striker might moved to the Emirates before the end of the January transfer window, Wenger responded:

“Barcelona doesn’t want to sell David Villa – they have made that very clear.”

Pressed further on the matter, Wenger responded with a curt, “No” when questioned about whether there was any room for manoeuvre in negotiations with Sandro Rosell and his Nou Camp chronies.

Clarifying the state of affairs, while no doubt wanting to tear his hair out, he drew a line under the matter: “I said they don’t want to sell and I didn’t say he was target.”

Arseblog News recognises that when Arsene Wenger denies a transfer rumour it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no truth in it. We also understand that when the boss publicly declares a fondness for the quality of a player under contract elsewhere it doesn’t represent confirmation that he’s trying to buy said individual.

For headline writers it’s the stuff of dreams.  When a denial doesn’t nip speculation in the bud they effectively have carte blanche to repeat said speculation ad infinitum (Yeah, three languages in one sentence…it’s how we roll).

For us poor sod fans who have little better to do but cling to some faint hope that we might sign the kind of super-tip-top-quality-player that Arsene so often pays lip service it’s a vicious circle of excitement followed by angry disappointment.

The problem is, when Arsene really does go out of his way to kill a link with a player. You know, like really, really, really goes out of his way to say something is not going to happen – like he has today – well, then it’s your own fault if you choose to keep hoping for it anyway…


Quotes from today’s presser from James Olley and John Cross.

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So this will be tied up tonight then?…


Fucking barca throw us a bone you greedy cunts
What a one way relationship we have with them lol
Must admit I checked goal just before coming here and heart skipped a beat when I saw villas picture and the word EXCLUSIVE. Then I read the title haha


Considering we’ve given them Fabregas, Henry, Overmars and Petit, we at least deserve Messi.


Van Bronkhorst

Gearoid Kelly

Song, Hleb.


Barcelona are being the biggest ***** in the world right now.. Over the years we have sold them great players at great prices: Henry, Fabregas, Song, Hleb, Petit and Overmars have all been transfered from our club to theirs, while they are not all successes at Barca, we still have given them the ability to sign from us at many occasions.. Also, when Barcelona played the Champions League Final we let them use London Conley to train on so they had top facilities while in London.. We have on many occasions spoken about the friendship between the clubs, yet when… Read more »

Dave Gooner

Maybe 5 or 6 years ago.

But now, Villa at 31 is older than Thierry Henry was when we sold him. And TH was a better player. In a position where pace is of the utmost importance, Villa is decidedly too old. Barca don’t play him any more.

We do not need to buy a 31 year old striker.


@Dave Gooner:

Check Di Natale, Ibra and other old as fuck beasts

Anyway, Henry left too early, so I don’t really see your point.


They dont sell players to strengthen rivals… Cant really blame them for that. Wish we had a similar stance.
Still hate them though


also…’Barcelona don’t want to sell David Villa’, so fucking what? did we want to sell Fabregas to them? Tap him up, tap him up, tap him up…

Loop A Hole

So true, but let’s not start being Cuntalona. If Arsene says a signing is out of the question, then definitely it is .. oh


I wish we had this attitude with them. I fucking hate Barca, with their ‘more than a club’ bullshit. Yes they are they are cheating, narcissistic, petulant little cunts who want everything there own way, want the red carpet laid out for them but treat everyone else with utter contempt. Fuck them, fuck them in the ass

Dial Sq Charity XI

I really wanted that last sentence to be – Fuck them, Up the Arse!


I hope Wilshire, Vermalean, Theo, and the likes start talking about the Arsenal DNA in Messi and Villa, just to wind up Barca. They’ll be like, “this is how it felt suckers”!


No need for DNA, we can just use one of the other headlines. I can picture it now…
Wilshere: “Villa is perfect for Arsenal”
Cazorla: “Villa is an incredible player”
Arshavin: “Join Arsenal Villa, or I’ll set the russian mafia on you”


3 more days to go.. and we can all relax and concentrate on football..


Relax? more like accept our position! This season we will struggle to finish top 6 for sure unless Wenger boosts the fans and everyone around him with a marque signing. He will never learn I’m afraid.


he meant relax from the constant dribble of transfer rumours.

No need to get uptight bro, we’re all Arsenal fans.

Fergie the Gooner

Fair enough, but as much as I want the transfer drivel to end I doubt the rest of this season is going to be relaxing. Even when we managed the impossible last season (3rd, really? I still can’t believe it!) it was an exhausting race and the frustration nearly spilled over several times, especially against Norwich at home when we looked like we had blown it. This season will be no different and every time there is a poor result our inactivity in this window will be used as a weapon by the press and disgruntled fans to beat the… Read more »




But we sold them Alex Song!


And Alex hleb (for a bucket load!!!)


Not our fault. Its not guaranteed Villa would be a success at Arsenal either.


Wouldn’t mind seeing if he’s a success or not Arseshavin.


Wasn’t Alex Song recently voted the second worse transfer in Spain? That’s what happens when you chase the money I guess. Bad move Alex…

Look at no-chin. The days of him being considered a real talent are long gone. All that’s left is a besmirched snood and a pile of money….


You know what would be wonderful? If Arsene signed a top top player for us out of nowhere. The constant back and forth and speculation about possible signings kill off any excitement so hard that once we actually DO sign somebody, I’m too emotionally drained to muster much of a reaction. I’m too much of a transfer news junkie I guess…


Wenger was spotted in Tesco. He was there until they shut the store as he couldn’t find any ‘top,top’ onions.


To be fair, David Villa’s wife JUST gave birth, so if anything, that should be the reason why we won’t sign him this window.


poppycock – his kid has Arsenal DNA


Oh he has a wife? Well then Terry is the reason why he won’t come to london


At this point, it seems only logical that he’s lying. Either that or his riddles have driven me mad. I just can’t imagine us not spending a single penny this window. With one of the largest challenges in Arsenes history beginning in two days. It feels like entering bowser’s castle without any mushrooms 🙁


Exactly, when what we really need is star quality. You wouldn’t have thought it would be a problem with all the coins we have.

Merde Bag


Mills N7

Unfortunately, in terms of transfers and Super Mario, I think this window will be more Bob Hoskins than Mario Bros. 3.


@Mills: Ha, I saw that film when I was seven and I still can’t get over what a shuttle crash it was. Your comment has made me realise how similar Nasri is to John Leguizamo’s Luigi, as if the Super Mario Bros needed another nail in the coffin.


(a) Barca owes us money. Lots of it.
(b) What’s wrong with Cazorla and Arteta nipping over to Barcelona and shoving an Arsenal shirt over Villa’s head. Just a jolly jape.

And it’s not like David Villa has any Barca DNA, is it. He’s from Asturias.


C) if they did nip over whats most likely to happen is them getting Barca shirts shoved over their heads…

Gearoid Kelly

Ha, exactly. Send over Miquel and Toral.

Or fuck it, let’s just get players from other clubs to do it. Maybe Reina will switch sides now, seeing as Barca never brought him back “home”.


I love Wenger he is a very smart man, threw us a bone and let us make up our minds about the bone, lets be honest arsenal never went in for him, if he could sell a striker at 29 and one of the best in the world why in the world would he buy a 31 year old, he only repeated what bacra said and that is villa is and will not be for sale, the points are not too far off from our desired 4th place cup (it’s a shame used to remember when we aim for 1st)… Read more »


Don’t expect anything to happen in the summer either.Joel Campbell will become LANS

Merlin's Panini

seeing as we haven’t even seen him play in an Arsenal shirt yet, I’m alright with that.


To be fair he’d pretty much be ANS or perhaps at worst ANLANS (a new LANS)

Merlin's Panini

As long as he’s not ALANIS Morrisette that’s fine by me.

A Yank

Watched him play for Betis a couple of times. Doesn’t look that impressive regardless of shirt.


On saturday he said he maybe he would add a striker cos we are short number wise and today he is saying no space for a striker in the squad.pathetic

Fergie the Gooner

Wenger did say we were short, but only because Gervinho is playing in the ACoN. He’ll be back in a few weeks and voila LAN… I can’t even bring myself to finish that acronym!


When will people realise that Wenger’s a pedant and anytime you think you’ve found a contradiction in what he says, you’re probably wrong and misinterpreted what he says?

Brendan Rogers talks like Doctor Evil in Austin Powers

Looks like Luciano Becchio (Argentine striker at Leeds United) is leaving. I wouldn’t mind Becchio coming to The Arsenal (75 goals in 3.5yrs at Leeds). He’s two years younger than Villa and should be a lot cheaper.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

And a lot shitter

3.5 years of playing in the Championship and lower though. I’m good with Giroud and Walcott to be honest. They’re starting to find some bloody good form and hopefully can ride it out for a bit. I wouldn’t mind if we signed a proper CDM for back up but dreams will probably remain dreams.


Vivimus in spe (latin for we live in hope) should become the new club moto!


Our main rivals are all strengthening. Just hope arsene is playing the game and come Thursday we will all be surprised.


How many players did we not want to sell, but somehow did?

Another transfer window with no jam in our doughnuts.

Merlin's Panini

At least we have doughnuts, I guess…


Time to send the players out and talk of How a wonderful player Villa is and that he would fit in Arseal perfectly. They need to taste their own medecine fucking greedy cunts.


Yes, can’t we cover Giroud in baby oil and stick him on a rock somewhere to sing the siren call to Villa?
That should be irresistable.


I just spat my drink out laughing. Great image…


I’m starting to feel embarrassed about this sort of thing. As a fan of this club, if we do not buy anyone this January, absolutely everyone will be having a right giggle at how out of touch Wenger is with the quality of the squad. Everyone knows we need reinforcements, we needed them before the start of the season, we all erupted last dead line day when it didn’t happen. Where we sit in the table proves that we were all right too. Its as if Wenger almost loved doing the impossible last season so much after our shaky start,… Read more »


What worries me is AW said to John Cross of the mirror this morning in his press conference, we have have enough strikers! If Giroud or Theo get injured surely were are buggered?

Dick Swiveller

Podlski too, which makes it three of them who can play in that position, which is okay for squad depth; the only issue being they all start in our best 11. Not sure how much of an issue that is but with one or two of them of them out we’re shunting AMs out wide which sometimes works but I’d be worried about a lack of width if anything happens to our first choice full-backs. On the other hand, Spurs only have Defoe/Adebayor/Dempsey, with one being lazy and the other not playing too much. Liverpool have Suarez/Borini/Sturridge, with one being… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

we missed the berbatov train last august


I understand the fear when we people say, “we’re buggered if we lose so and so”, but to get some perspective, most teams have two people for each position anyway, including the Mancs.

So we’re in a similar situation, really.

Also, Giroud’s a bit of a physical beast and is relatively less injury prone that players we usually have, but I might’ve jinxed it now.


Barca not selling Villa? Wenger and the board would never have put their hands in their pockets to buy him anyway. They seem to think it’s coming out of their own wages. Oh hang on, wait a minute, they are trying to keep all the club’s profits for themselves anyway, so I suppose in a roundabout sorta way, they feel it is coming out of their pockets.


They only want to sell us messi then? Considering the huge player sales favours we’ve done for them. Villa and wanyama on deadline day I would so welcome.


Pete, the truth is we are fucked if giroud gets injured as theo is not a central striker and never will be.
Arsene will quote that he is of course but arsene says a lot of things that just don’t make sense.


Well he would obviously play Poldi there. Oxlade, Wilshere, Cazorla, Rosicky are first teamers that can play across the front three and Wenger has already shown that he is willing to bring Gnabry in who, so I’ve read, can play in the line of three too. I’m not even sure if that isn’t an undesireable scenario – not having those two injured but having creative little sparkers who have something to add in the link up.

Arsene's Nose

He is not a Target, how do you know he isn’t available then Sir Wenger…


“How much do you want for Villa?”
“Fuck off.”
“Ah well, no point in considering him as a target then.”


You mean Wenger HOPES Barca don’t put Villa on the market.
If they were to – he’d be fresh out of excuses to avoid buying him. The Fuckwit.


Fuck Barcelona and fucking Arsene. I stop listening to Wenger as he has no fucking credibility whenever he speaks. He such a fuckin lying flip flop ten mouthed


Why is it that for arsenal to buy is very hard but for them selling a player is too simple?


Who are the ass who thumb this guy down, was it hard to sell song, RVP or nasir some of you act like we talking about another arsenal football club, it’s one thing to be support and another to just be blind to the truth


It could be for the incorrect comment, or his crappy username…you decide.


It’s the fuckin AKB’s that’s who. Too many of these fuckers on this blogsite by half.
Thumb this down AKB cocksuckers.


Dude, chill. One’s chances of getting laid are inversly correlated to your level of hysteria.


Cazorla was an easy buy.

Taken on a case-by-case basis, it all depends on bargaining power. Malaga had none at the time, Barcelona always do.

There’s no generalisation to be made about how “easy” and “hard” it is to buy or sell.

So calm down and turn off Football Manager.


Could be a diversion tactic? Nothing happening with Vila but refuses to entirely rule it out, or at least fails to deny an interest, the press cling onto it and go mental and in the background we concentrate on the real signings. Like Beckham!


I really wish the press would start questioning AW on all his contradictions. When he said we have enough numbers, quality strikers why does no one say hang on a minute, on Saturday you said we’re short on numbers.? I actually think he can’t remember what he’s said. Get rid ASAP before he drags us down any further.

Dick Swiveller

Never though of it that way, especially when Arsene is happy to bring up their inconsistencies and hypocrisies. Don’t think I like the idea of the media getting more bolshy and even pettier though, they’re bad enough as it is.


He would merely respond with more contradictory observations in the vain hope that some if not all will eventually understand that he will not discuss transfer targets. There is even a history of denial of interest in players that are subsequently signed.


As I said above, Wenger’s a bloody pedant, so if you read full texts of his press conferences, you’ll find that he rarely, if ever, contradict himself.

He said that we could do with another attacker, but never said that it was necessary.

You’d have to be an anorak to actually bring up entire quotes (with the context of his full reply) that show he contradicts himself, cos he’s one sly bastard.

A N Other

That’s the problem.. Our media has so much of freedom but not enough courage… Why can’t ask something like this?

Arsene you are 6th at the moment and aspiring to be 4th.. What happened to the arsenal that always wanted to be champions.. Where is the ambition gone?


their probably still pissed after realizing we took them to the cleaners with song!!!
as you sow, sow shall you reap mthrfkrs!


Villa is 31, Barca would want £12-15m, and he would be paid around £15m over 3 years?

so around £30m in total.

Yeah sounds very Arsenal that…


So signing Arshavin for £15m then leaving him on the bench after his first year instead of offloading him, allowing him to collect £12.5m for his three appearances a season doesn’t sound ‘very Arsenal’ either huh?

Have you even heard of Chamakh/Denilson/Squillaci/Reina etc etc etc? You make it sound like we never mess with unnecessary expenditure on salaries!


Yes, but those expenditures weren’t planned. The expenditure Matt speaks of is entirely planned.

89 Anfield..... It's up for grabs now


He's got no hair but we don't care...

Interesting that whenever those Catalan twats come sniffing around our players, us not wanting to sell makes no difference at all as the player soon agitates for a move or we just cave.


Finsbury Park Gooner

I’m not sure Villa would be the answer.. but potential signings aside, I wonder if Arsene realises how many fans he alienates per press conference with his constant contradictions?

And if one more ex-player/manager/other football figure comes out and says “Arsenal fans should be careful what they wish for!” I’m going to break something. What we’d WISH for is Arsene to prosper and win things at Arsenal.. But any manager with money to spend and an under-strength squad shouldn’t be unaccountable and get prickly when they’re faced with difficult questions.

Merlin's Panini

Is Heskey available?…


The real problem is that we all know that Barca need David Villa. They’re short on numbers as well. Sanchez isn’t that reliable and they don’t have cover for the CF position if Messi gets injured. I wish they still had Ibra.. Would’ve paved the move to Arsenal


I know I would get plenty of thumbs down but at this stage I don’t care anymore, The board is not the only one killing our club, plenty of the fans here are doing a great job of it as well, they give us shit and we gladly take it and don’t complain, some of us just don’t want to face the truth, it’s painful yes we all know we all feel it but the earlier you open your eyes the better I said it JAN 1st that Wenger won’t buy I was thumbed down, how many of you would… Read more »


I completely predicted no transfers as well and I’m fine with that.

Too many fans around thinking that “I know best” and then going hysterical with it.

Been that way in the past, will be that way for a long time to come.


Quim Domenech, who is considered an extremely reliable journalist when it comes to Barcelona news, tells Spanish TV Show Punto Pelota that Arsenal will make a bid for David Villa. “In the coming days Arsenal will bid around 15 to 18 million euros for David Villa.” “If not now, Arsenal will try again in June. Arsene Wenger’s team is the one that most appeals to Villa”. “Barcelona don’t want to sell David – but he wants to join Arsenal and Arsenal are obsessed with him so we’ll see what happens”.


Heh. I only got as far as the first word…

A Yank

Why the fuck are we going after a 31 year old striker?

the only sam is nelson

to understand that first you must understand quim


That new lad , Fer, that Everton have signed looks good. That’s the kind of player that I would like us to get. I’m not naive enough to think we will though.

Does anyone else wonder whether they have lined Fer up as a replacement for Fellaini?

Merlin's Panini

Does he look good because he’s good in Football Manager or is he actually good?
I assume it’s first and formost the former what with Moyes “scouting network” of one computer game.


Football Manager is a computer game I think? Not my kind of thing really. I don’t mind a bit of Pro Evo though….

Up the ‘North London’! Well better than ‘North East London’


The youtube synopsis makes him look like the second coming of Vieira but we all know how misrepresentative such things are. Still, he’s young and has a bunch of caps for Holland- the price quoted in the media was £9.5m so could prove a bargain, let’s wait and see.


He seems to have a pretty Vieira-esque tackle on him. Not his penis, obviously, I wouldn’t know about that….


I think we already know about Viera’s tackle.
ISTR one Emmanuel Petit (formerly of this parish) being asked about that very subject while a panellist on “They think it’s all over”. His response was something like; “It’s true, you should see it! It’s like a baby’s arm!”.

A N Other

Fellani is done deal for Man U..

Rectum Spectrum

in each instance our players have obviously at some point said to wenger ‘i want to go’. We would need Villa to force a move and announce his intent to leave, then negotiations begin. Not sure if that is realistic based on the birth of his child, but then again there were noises that he was open to a move, and his wife didn’t just become magically pregnant yesterday morning. So i am shifting once again from ‘definitely not happening’ to ‘i haven’t a fucking clue what will happen’. Which is the arsenal equivalent of hope.

Ninad Kuchekar

Look here guys, we all know how the Jan transfer window goes each time. Last winter it was the same and we ended up just buying Eisfeld. Even last time we had a dying need for adding another striker, because it was just RVP. I think the reason the need is more pressing this time is, we are in 6th place now and I know it is going to be very tough to finish top four. Some time back the board had said that they are prepared for not playing the UCL. The downside is, if we don’t finish there,… Read more »


“Yeah, three languages in one sentence…it’s how we roll”

I doth my hat.

Podolski's left leg

Everybody is signing somebody including shit players. Wenger please sign Titus Bramble. Our defence need his experience. U could add Sylvestre while doing that. Wake me up……


and extend Squillaci’s contract in case we cant get them.


Valencia are broke. Soldado would be a fantastic signing for someone. I say “someone” because it won’t be us.
Wenger won’t sign anyone until the summer. Then who will depend on whether we are in the CL or not. Strange way to run a club isn’t it?

Dial Square

Of course David Villa is for sale, if shitty or wankchester utd really wanted him, they would just go and him, simple as that. more like, Arsene won’t buy him cause there’s no sell on value…




Fuck this shit. I don’t know why Wenger does this to us. It pisses me off at how he changes his words every other day. And fuck the ,media too. and fuck this transfer window, fuck the fa fuck uefa and fuck fifa.

But seriously…..why don’t we make the most of our resources? We have the money. If we don’t then someone is cooking the book and we need to be investigated. This team is good enough to get 4th, but we couldn’t use our massive resources to find just ONE fucking good player??


what excuses will Wenger make when we are playing in the europa league next season?

[…] Read More Here: Wenger: Barca will not sell David Villa […]

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Wengers No1 Scout

Leighton Baines would be a good left back.. Please Mr Wenger, Please.!!!!

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