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Wilshere aiming to emulate Gerrard leadership

Jack Wilshere has revealed that he wants to emulate the career of Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard by demonstrating more of the leadership qualities which saw him help Arsenal to victory over Swansea.

The young Gunner was at the heart of everything good about Wednesday night’s FA Cup victory at the Emirates with his half-volley five minutes from time the cherry on top of a dynamic attacking performance.

Speaking after the game about developing his standing in the team, Wilshere told that he felt a responsibility to be a spearhead:

“I think that [leadership] is part and parcel of my game. That’s the type of player I am.

“I like to pick the ball up and run at players, and I suppose drive the team on…We’ve got a lot of players who can pick the ball up and drive. Sometimes we need that. It changes the game if you’ve got someone who can pick the ball up and drive with it and open space for players.”

Speaking specifically about comparisons with England mentor Gerrard, Wilshere continued:

“I think I’m different to him. He’s a better long passer than I am as well. He’s a great role model. He’s been the heartbeat of Liverpool for years and when England have performed, he’s been the stand-out performer.

“If I can get anywhere near as good as him, and drive the team forward like he does… he’s someone I looked up to from when I was younger. He’s got 100 caps for England. For any young midfielder, he’s someone to base your game on.”

Arseblog News does begrudgingly admire Gerrard, obviously not for his weirdly consistent buzz-cut hair, proclivity for two-footed challenges, unswerving faith in a good dive and bar room brawling, but for the willingness he showed during the height of his powers to take a game by the scruff of the neck and lead his team to victory.

The term legend gets banded around far too much these days, but at Anfield Gerrard’s hero status will never be in doubt. Even for those with little time for the red side of Merseyside his swashbuckling exploits against Milan in the Champions League final were impressive and proof that with determined leadership and a bit of luck any side can win Europe’s most coveted jug-eared trophy.

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Eric Arthur Blair

Will he therefore develop a reproachable taste for Phil Collins then batter the DJ who refuses to play Sussudio?

LANS calendar


Asian Shirt Buyer

Not forgetting under the table negotiations with Chelsea which will require Arsenal to regularly pursue and re-negotiate with him, under the table.


Unless that never happened.

the only sam is nelson

He may well develop a taste for all the music from 1984 Eric


There are worse role models. For a long time in 00-10 years at least he was England’s best midfielder, bar maybe Scholes


Bucks, Scholes was, in his prime, the best midfielder England have had for many years. I think that Gerrard is a good player and better than Lampard or Beckham, who both got prefered to him.
Jack should try and emulate Pirlo or Riquelme someone who can control the tempo of the game just through a pass, not another bulldog runner that has to whack the ball 30 yards cross field to be considered quality.
If he turned into the second coming of Scholes, I would be much happier than having the second coming of Gerrard.


Yes there are better role models too, but Gerrard is not a bad one. His performance in the AC Milan Liverpool CL final is still imo, one of the best performances of a player from any side in any league that I’ve seen.

Merlin's Panini

Gazza was better. He was a Sp*rs cunny crybaby, but he was better.


Beckham is the best passer England has seen in the modern game. It’s the rest of his game that needed improving. Gerrard is all heart, like Scholes, and will get stuck in. Classic English, with the skills to back it up.


Hoping he doesn’t emulate Gerrards career in terms of Premier League titles… Jack I want you to win a minimum of 3 Premier League titles with the Arsenal and also a Champions League winning medal for good measure. Thanks in anticipation of your supreme exploits.

Judgement day (once more)

A proper player to base your footballing career on! Fuck off to the Ronaldos and Ibrahimovics of the world. Stay loyal and win stuff..

Hopefully Jackie Boy will find his own unique hair style that doesn’t resemble nothing, nothing at all.


What’s wrong with Ronaldo?

Los Polandos

I give you thumbs up in hope that you’re being sarcastic. What is wrong with Ronaldo… fuck me…

sczesny's palms

Wilshere obviously being polite here.Gerrard should look upto playing like jack!!!!hehehehehehehe


Keep playing him behind the striker!!! And let ua be the reason benitez gets fired..!!


Jacks back! I know it’s not most people’s priority but I’m looking forward to him playing in a major tournament for England. With jack, Gibbs, jenko, Walcott and chambo the England team will have an arsenal heartbeat again!!


What, the Gary Lineker trophy?

Rad Carrot

I’ve never had a massive problem with Gerrard, he had the opportunity to leave Liverpool and stayed instead. He’s a good player for both club and country, and a good role model for Jack.

Obviously, I want more for Jack – more titles, more trophies, less scouse-fuelled whining.

I’ve been thinking as well, Jack doesn’t have a nickname like most of the rest of the squad players – are we waiting for when he’s handed the captainacy (hopefully not for another few years at least, let’s give him time to develop) so we can just call him Cap’n Jack?


Carrot, I have the urge to type that each time, especially after Wednesday, but I remind myself he’s not wearing the armband. If Bristol Rovers hadn’t already, I know the logo he’d deserve.

Pride of London

Gerrard was a fantastic player at his peak. Jack is very similiar to him in a way. Both players take great pride in the shirts they play in and are not driven by money and also loyal. Great to see its in short supply these days. Jack is the one to lead us to trophy

walcott smooth

Jack will be better than Stevie in a few years


Jack Wilshere will definitely emulate Gerrard and lead us to trophies…including a Premiership trophy!

Red Fred

Would have thought a better role model for loyalty, courage, and leadership would be Tony Adams

the only sam is nelson

Ray Parlour for Jack, being a midfielder and all that. The Romford Pele would be an appropriate mentor given his experience of drinking, fighting and taking the piss out of Eileen Drewery.

Eric Irish gunner

Pele from Romford what a legend

Goon Goon Goon

Let Jack emulate who he likes. It seems to be doing the job :o) best thing about him emulating Gerard is that Gerard has played for no one but Liverpool. If that’s what Jack wants to do then that’s cool by me.

Thierry Bergkamp

Make him club captain for next season please Arsene. Clearly has the necessary temperament and quality, and will reinforce to Verm that he won’t be an automatic starter unless his form merits it.


Too young

Bould's Eyeliner

I think there are better candidates for now – Arteta/Szczeszny most prominently. rushing captaincy would not help Jack at all.

Eric Irish gunner

Doesn’t need to be captain, he acts like one in anyway,he can be captain in the future it would proberly kill vermalems confidence to lose the armband were jack doesn’t need it to up his game

King Toby

We need fresh players we have chelsea this weekend does anybody think there be any new signings this window ? If we get beat say good bye to top four place.I feel Wilshere is a fantastic talent but he cant save us hes a littie boy learning his trade!

King Toby

We must beat chelsea i hate them!

chamakh's barber

Lets hope he does not emulate gerrards trophy cabinet as well, if u ask me the cunt a.coles cabinet is what i want for wilshere


Gerard got all the plaudits against Milan but it was the forced substitution that brought on Didi Hamman which turned the game


Be just like Gerrard except the diving, bar fights, and shite team.

You will be better than Gerrard. You are left footed, will become a better passer/playmaker, you have more technical ability, you will be the true complete midfielder: AND (God willing) your team (Arsenal) will win loads of trophies.

Arsenal Rising

Hey. On sky sports news (sky sources) it says… ” Theo Walcott AGREES NEW THREE-AND-A-HALF YEAR ARSENAL DEAL ON PRINCIPLE” What does the in principal part mean? He hasn’t signed but it’s pretty much agreed and FINALLY done with?


Jack should learn all he can from International duty, return and employ tactics like a wizard. This moment calls for a little Lampardian kick. This other moment I shall invoke the Gerrardish pass. If those powers are harnessed by a kid of such fortitude as young Jack, what a leader he will be.


I didn’t particularly enjoy either of Liverpool or Chelsea winning the Champions League, obviously. My dad (not a big football fan) told me to support Liverpool when they won it because “they’re English”. But christ, I would prefer watching Liverpool win it for the rest of my life than watch one more tedious minute of Chelsea hobbling to the trophy.

Lord Vader

I think Wilshere has made a wise choice in choosing Gerrard as his role model, as far as football is concerned. For those who think he should have said Keown/Adams, I think he also meant a player who played in his position and has a playing style similar to his. In that respect, yes, we can talk about Parlour but I guess Gerrard is someone Wilshere feels he can relate to, them having played for England together. Also Gerrard is a player that Jack would have grown up watching, especially when in his prime, and that makes him a suitable… Read more »

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