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Cash reserves grow as Arsenal post financial results

Arsenal have released their financial results for the 6 months ended 30 November 2012. Here’s a summary:

  • Group profit before tax was £17.8 million (2011 -£49.5 million).
  • Profit on sale of player registrations amounted to £42.5 million (2011 -£63.0 million).
  • £40.9 million of investment in new players and extended contracts pushed amortisation charges up to £19.9 million (2011 – £17.3 million)
  • The resulting profit from player trading was £23.2 million (2011 – £46.1 million).
  • Turnover from football fell to £106.1 million (2011 – £113.5 million) as a consequence of there being four fewer home fixtures
  • As a result of this change in football turnover and increased wage costs, operating profits (before depreciation and player trading) from football decreased to £5.0 million (2011 – £15.2 million).
  • Property revenues were boosted to £32.3 million (2011 – £3.2 million) by the sale of the market housing site at Queensland Road. However, the Queensland Road sale was essentially at break even in profit and loss terms. Overall operating profits from property increased to £1.9 million (2011 – £0.5 million).
  • The Group has no short-term debt and continues to have a robust financial platform from cash reserves of £123.3 million (2011 – £115.2 million).
  • Confirmed extension to Emirates partnership worth up to £150 million

Chairman Peter Hill-Wood said, “Our ability to compete at the top of the game here and in Europe is underpinned by our financial
performance which gives the club strength and independence. Our desire is to make everyone connected with Arsenal proud of the Club.

We know that comes through winning trophies but also through the way we do things and that will remain our constant guide.”


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PHW and I have massively different opinions on what the word ‘compete’ means I guess.


Now let’s use this money and get Julio ceasar from QPR after they drop.

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

How the hell did we miss out on Julius Caesar and Hugo Lloris?!?! Caesar came to QPR on a free!


I wouldn’t say we ‘missed out’ as much as ‘weren’t in for’. We definitely need a keeper and a forward in the summer.


I think we missed out on Julius Caesar when he died on 44BC. It was a shame but we were 2000 years too late, just like how we took 1 extra year to get Cazorla and Nacho.


awesome /\


i don’t think cesar is that good. would be better buying a reliable older backup (shay given?) who can put some pressure on scz and be a good alternative if he is injured of off-form. scz is still the future. is normal for a keeper his age to have bad patches of form but he is going to be a star in the future…


He’s not related to Gus Cesar is he?


Arsenal £155m wage bill – MUFC £162m wage bill – Arsene “we have a socialist wage structure” proves rewarding of poor players with insane contracts…..


As much as I am pro- Wenger, it is hard to ignore those numbers.

Looks like we are’ ‘trying’ to shift some dead weight. I wonder how much they cost us per year. It would be interesting to know.


Are those numbers right? That makes me a little bit mad


With our current squad our wage bill should be below 120 million.

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

MUFC: Wayne Shrek and Robin Van Cuntflaps on GBP250k-a-week. AFC: Highest paid player Theo “I can only play in the middle and I demand to take free-kicks and corners” on GBP100k-a-week. Yet our overall wage bill is pretty much the same? What’s the use of boasting a ‘first-team’ squad of 33 players, of which 18-or-so are overpaid and can’t even be trusted with one minute of EPL football? In the meantime the 15-or-so players who ARE trusted to play become jaded with Saturday-Wednesday-Saturday fixtures and either underperform or get injured. We need a squad of 22 players, ALL of whom… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

How can any sane person thumbs down that comment. Is terry fuckwit on this site?



wengers furrowed brows

honestly I feel the board and the fans live in different universe all together…Board are trying to win the financial trophy while the fans wants some silverware and poor Mr Wenger is stuck in the middle like that zipper of his cocoon.


Trophies. Ambition. Desire.
PHW is healthy and back in action.


I think we can afford Messi now..

Andy Mack

Maybe, if he was ‘for sale’.


Good, now lets ask the 80 mi to start training for the NLD.





It’s good to know that we’ve got some cash.

It would be even better if we actually put it to good use. You know, like, strengthing the squad or some outlandish idea like that.


Not sure we got much cash. Most of this 123 million is tied up as bank security as mandatory terms from the bank mandated that. Most of the profits are coming from players sales and even that has been wasted on sub-par players and their wages and I won’t like to repeat their names again The club won’t be able to sign anyone of significance this summer either and essentially if their are not any sales (hard to think anyone left to sell who can fetch profit) there will be massive loss come this summer’s accounts and with FFP and… Read more »


Absolute twaddle. To a word.


No. While in general I share your disagree with those saying that the club can spend as much as 70m, I don’t think that the numbers you have presented are correct either. Bank-tied is (imho) something like 30-35m. An end-season loss in the region of 20m is expected. I guess they will keep 20m reserve for the case of no-cl money and another 20m as a general reserve, say for the next year’s loss from football operations. This makes some 25m+ available for summer additions without selling e.g. sagna. (This is further supported by several players being on loan and… Read more »


I think we should use the cash to employ a defensive coach.
Maybe some one who can coach and motivate the team so that we can see an end to the (repetitive) defensive frailties that have beset the Arsenal in the last seven years.
We don’t need to spend money on players, we have a top heavy squad (TGSEL, Denilson, Santos) we need a fresh approach.


Fuckin monkey just scored for the fuckin Potatoes at West Ham.
We need to stop wasting chances and giving away goals.


..nothing personal, just business 🙁

Arteta's perfect hair

Just waiting for the “we are waiting for someone with exceptional quality” that would only improve our squad come the summer….


In other words, plenty of money to spend on improving the team. Hope we do so.


Now, during January, I can accept that clubs don’t want to sell their big players, like Lewandowski and Jovetic. (Cavani’s a stretch too far.) This summer we really have no excuse for not strengthening this squad significantly.


They do and it’s always been the same excuse every year “we are waiting for someone with exceptional quality” that would only improve our squad”


except last summer where we did strengthen, I expect this summer there will be quality in particularly as ashavin squillaci nd fabianski r definetly gone, along hopefully with andre santos and chamackh.


… and Bendtner and Djourou and unfortunately probably Sagna too.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Would love to get Jovetic


Cash reserves like a fucking trophy!


Why dont we jus use usmanov on top of this keep our financial structure and jus let him sign big players no debt no interference. But again I think it comes down to a power struggle and politics but if they could all just grow up and look whats best for arsenal we could be so much further ahead than we are now


Difficult to imagine Usmanov (or indeed any owner) providing significant investment without expecting an increase in influence or it to be repaid with interest.

Arsene Wenger

I look at you not because I think you spread misinformation. I think you spread good information, which has only one intention; to educate.

So many people think that getting money from a sugar daddy is the answer to everything. Stop and ask yourself this: what if Money City’s owner gets bored and walks away (hint: millions upon millions of pounds of debt and a collapse of the club)? I’d much rather have a self-sufficient club which functions relatively well, although I’d like to see some spending this summer.


If I am right that is what the likes of google and Microsoft do, either invest and make you better or buy you and make you better either way, I won’t mind paying £120 pounds to watch my team beat the likes of spurs, united, city and Chelsea silly


” what if Money City’s owner gets bored and walks away (hint: millions upon millions of pounds of debt and a collapse of the club)?” Hint: The vast majority of City’s debts are owed to said owner, not banks (like Portsmouth’s and Rangers’ are or say Arsenal’s). So, if they just got bored and left they know they cannot expect to be fully repaid so must probably they would restructure the debts to a level and terms that future owners could actually service. Yes, City would turn back being a mid-lower table club since they’d have to sell all their… Read more »


Im all for Arsenal to spend, ‘What is needed,’ to get the players we need. It looks like we have started to spend to keep the players we have also. However I would not want this via Usmanov in an Abramovich and Mansour kind of way. I dont want our club peddled with prima donas, overpaid players and dishonourable, deplorable characters for the sake of trophies. We do however need to have hat bit more in spending power so don’t lose out on situations like Mata or Cazorla going to Malaga. If the boss has a target we should be… Read more »


The point is AW these wealthy owners don’t just walk away, not whilst their teams are near the top of the League.
Anyway, wish our wealthy owner would walk away…..


Im not talking about mass takeover and reshuffle the structure im jus sayin it wont hurt usmanov to throw an extra 30 mill are way as he is part of the club, we’re not using are full resources to the max. I dont want to change the club at all to be like chelsea or city but more jus that we can get the players needed when there is a ridiculously rich man sitting there saying he wants to buy players for us.Im all for it if we maintain the club the way it is but jus some needed cash… Read more »


Financial trophy is in. Now go for that fourth place trophy too. We might even get third now that chelsea are heading towards their fifth place finish


Believe it when we see it.

At the last two AGMs, haven’t Gazidis and the board tried to placate fans by waving their cash in our faces (“Loook at my wad!”) only for it to be promptly stuck back in the piggy bank not to see the light of day, as they hope fans will forget till the next time?


Are you looking? Didn’t we just buy Monreal in January?

Last summer’s ins: Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla. Yes, we sold van Persie, but we’ve been over that. You can’t moan about it forever. Are we missing Song that much?


You’re easily satisfied then… If we lose/sell of ‘top, top quality’, then if Wenger and the board are serious about winning, then they should replace with ‘top, top quality’, not try to scrape along with good/average players hoping we don’t lose.


No suprise the club is turning a profit, hopefully with the obvious downslope the team’s been heading in some of that money will finally be invested on what Wenger’s been saying “Top Quality players”. We all see the holes in the squad, another striker, a physical midfielder(DM whatever), an experienced goalie and probably another RB to compete with Jenkinson since we all know Sagna’s probably leaving. Thing is Wenger’s in his last year of his contract and I don’t think he’ll want to be remembered for the Bradford/Blackburn type losses (I would hope).

Arsene Wenger

I will spend the money available in the summer on top, top, top quality players who can truly strengthen the squad.


hope we add it to our war chest and hide it under the mattress. then in afew years time we have the biggest ever war chest and then we can park it in front of the goal!

Monkey nuts

Profit on the back of people shelling out money on rediculously priced tickets. With lots of empty seats on Saturday, once upon a time these people would be going to the game or at the very least having no problem getting someone to go in their place. Looks like people are starting to vote with their feet for the lack of investment in quality players. Time to act Arsene, Stan and Gazidis.

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Average Season-Ticket now: roughly 1,000 pounds, which is the priciest in the WORLD I’d be more than happy for Stanzidis to RAISE this by 10% to 1,100 pounds. However, IF: – We fail to win the Premier League that year, the Board is obligated to pay-back 25% of 1,100 pounds = 275 pounds in June (only exception is if we win the Champions League) – We finish outside the Top-4: the Board is obligated to pay-back 50% of 1,100 pounds = 550 pounds in June… AND the following year Season-Ticket prices are AUTOMATICALLY reduced by 50% = average of 550… Read more »

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

(sorry, continued…)

– We finish lower than Spurs in the Premier League that year, the Board is obligated to pay-back 100% of 1,100 pounds = 1,100 pounds in June


Am I correct in reading that if Arsenal did not make the £23.2m profit from player trades, the club would have made a overall loss?


Yes, you are and it is:
a) true for several past years, and
b) true for most of the top clubs unless there is some anomaly like skewed TV market in spain or having a large non-footbal profit from their stadium as in the case of bayern.


“But there’s no quality inthe market…..”


Financial independence. Two nice words. Anyone here want to end up like Portsmouth? They are almost in the conference!! Things could be a lot worse at Arsenal.


Even worse, we could end up like Rangers and become sweaties.

A Yank

But Rangers are 21 points clear.


21 points clear of being Scottish? How does that work?

Gibbs Mertcielnyjenks

Everything is either black or white, right?
Nothing in between, I guess.


Well no not really. If I had the choice of the club i love going into the conference or staying in the premiership i think id know what id pick. Its quite simple actually.


We’re dependent on other clubs buying our best players so we don’t make a loss.


Any chance of a retort instead of an anonymous ‘dislike’. Without selling our best player and captain we would have made a loss.


Im tired of replying to fans like you. Ill get nowhere so im not going to bother. Sorry.

A Yank

Sort of, yes. Revenue had been flat everywhere except for TV rights. We were locked into shitty sponsorship deals, and matchday revenue had pretty much maxed out. We’re also still sitting on around £250M in debt, which for some reason I thought we’d been amortizing at a much faster rate. Don’t expect much difference year-over-year save for the fact that, with the new sponsorship deal coming into place, we don’t have to sell players to bank around £30M that we’ll get from the Emirates instead…. Meaning, we’ll likely see one or two purchases in the £10-£12M range and we won’t… Read more »


Good man yourself.

A Yank

That comes with one HUGE caveat… if we don’t make the Champions League, that’s a rather large chunk of change (which eyeballing the payouts for us this season would mean around £20M) that we will not be coming into the coffers.

Boris Cro

Why does every time someone mention Jovetić?? I mean foreal?? Chamack is better than him I dare to say, he is nothing special.!


Because a player’s desirability is a simple fraction of the number of tabloid mentions he gets divided by the times we actually see him? 🙂


Hugely expectant of what could be achieved if we do spend this reported £70m transfer budget:

£25m on a new CF eg Jovetic of Cavani would cost more
£15m Capoue/Gonalons/Sven Bender ball winner midfielder
£5-10m Sagna replacement (if he goes)
£5-10m Experienced GK
Maybe another winger to replace Gervinho

There’s a competitive squad with that level of investment, time for the board to put our money where its mouth is

That’s great if they all agree to play for nothing. The transfer budget also includes wages.


Wages will partially come from the removal of Arshavin and Chamakh, plus hopefully, Fabianski, Mannone, Squilacci, Djourou, Bendtner and Denilson, plus increase in TV revenue.


I’m hoping for the same players pretty much.
Striker/False #9 Jovetic /Josip Ilicic (Palermo)/ DavidVilla/ Jackson Martinez
More important then anything though is a physical midfielder for me, It just has to be Capoue or Fellaini.

*Capoue can also play CB, and really well.

And I’m sure no one here watches the Greek Super League But Panagiotis Vlahodimos at Olympiakos is a real talent, that’s a really good winger(& could buy for 1-2mil)


Ο Βλαχοδήμος;;; :)))) Τουλάχιστον δεν πρότεινες τον Φούντα 🙂


jovetic isnt a CF


He has been the last few months at Fiorentina. Point is he could easily play with or for Giroud. Ilicic at Palermo does the same, he mostly plays in midfield but has been played as a winger and striker.


Before people start going crazy about having £123.3m sitting in the bank, I would like to point out that we owe a net of £71.7m within one year and a further net of £234.7m after more than on year.

So we have available cash of £51.6m. Minus the £8m we paid for Nacho leaves us with £43.6m that we can sensibly spend (whilst hoping that we can raise £250m in the long term to pay our debts…)

It’s not all that much and it needs to be spent wisely and efficiently.

Simon Y

speculate to accumulate – some debt wouldn’t do any harm


I don’t imagine we are allowed to go into much more debt than we are. Also, I’m happy for a bit of pressure on us to spend £30m or so in the summer, i just want to avoid the inevitable “Wenger has £130m but is unwilling to spend it!”


That’s a very simplistic view of the accounts, and doesn’t take into account season ticket renewal timing affecting the cash balances, upcoming increase to TV money and sponsorship money, etc.

Simon Y

So can we buy back RVP on the cheap since Man Utd still haven’t even finished paying for him?

Lord Murphy

PHW can suck my cock


That gave me a creepy picture.


“…We know that comes through winning trophies but also through the way we do things and that will remain our constant guide…”

You mean selling your best players and counting top four as a trophy?

Arsene Wenger

With all due respect, I do not smoke.


selling our best players? What should they have done? They wanted to leave.


…and why did they want to leave? Because the club did not show ambition with its spending or future.


Whoever gave that ‘long black coat’ to wenger,please and i repeat please…..take it away

Arsene Wenger

£250 ono


News just in of a Manchester City bid of £800’000

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

£oyalty for $ale

Sustainability is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. But when you look around, Barcelona is 300 million in debt, man united just about the same. Cash in a bank does nothing for me personally if the only reason you have it in there is to look at it and say how pretty it is.


Arsenal are more than £300m in debt.

£oyalty for $ale

£90 million, as far as long-term debt goes, but I could be wrong.


And you are. 😉

The balance sheet shows £141m short term debt and £256m long term debt

£oyalty for $ale

In that case, sir, I stand corrected.


It’s all Stadium / Training Ground debt which stood at £700m at one point I believe.

Imagine if we spent that on transfers, lol.


Arsenal have £246m debt, and £123m in cash reserves, so net debt is currently £123m.

p.s. Don’t ever let Pete anywhere near your accounts.

£oyalty for $ale

I guess neither one of us was right. After examining Double’s comment and the actual report, it turns out net debt is indeed about £122,966,000. Double was correct.


We have loads of prophet of doom here, like if arsenal was to spend £50 million in one transfer windows we would never see the light of day, and we would be heading down to the conference league, one thing I do fear is this if we don’t make champions league, it is beyond clear to me the club will have to sell at least two star players so that the club can make a profit and who those two are, your guess is as good as mine, so for one I hope we make 4th so we don’t sell… Read more »


One thing’s for sure, we should get rid of our american connection on the board. Since they took over, everything’s been shite.


money you say, new players we say

Jamesy Boy

No wonder we’re making a substantial profit.. Have you seen the price of the pie and lager combo deal..!!!???

Mikel Artekkers

All this speculation on here with different people saying we have different amounts of disposable cash and different debts/future incomes only serves to prove that we should waiy for Swiss Gamble’s deconstruction of the accounts. Should be soon.

Gibbs Mertcielnyjenks

He’s stopped blogging because of health issues, hasn’t he? That’s what he wrote in his last post’s comment section.

Mikel Artekkers

I didn’t know that. In that case,s***.

are we really 300 mil in debt? *shits pants*

After 5th spot we’re fucked!!!!!!!!

A N Other

Where does It say £300 million debt?


On the balance sheet. That is just total debt (i.e. excluding all cash and creditors…)


We are not £300m in debt. Ignore Pete he’s talking rubbish. Look under net debt


Not bad reading, but like previous comments it’ll look worse next year when we don’t have the players to cash in on. But I dont think 4th will be a problem for this year looking at all the teams that are involved fixtures. It really is up to us not to fick it up
Sp*rs to lose to the walrus tonight will be step in the right direction!

A N Other

I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. We have a healthy club and although we lack trophies for now. It wouldn’t stay that for long. If not for sugar daddy’s bank rolling clubs, Chelsea would have been bankrupted and man city would have lost 5 nil twice to arsenal before disappearing into lower leagues. We are doing well and with shirt and TV money to come plus getting rid of overpaid bench warmers will end up making us a very sound club. i just hope we ditch out socialist pay structure for good. It should be capitalist which should… Read more »

Mikel Artekkers

I think the board have taken the wage structure out of Wenger’s hands and switched it to a capitalist (read: sensible!) one.

Joe Starkey

Arsene Wenger needs to open his eyes. Then when his eyes are open he needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Then after he’s smelt the coffee he needs to have a cuppa, and then open his £80m warchest which is hopefully in fact full of coffee which he can smell. Then he needs to stop smelling the coffee and have a cup of coffee instead. Then he should spend 80m on falcao, but play him in goal.

Don’t you reckon?


So reports are saying we have made a half year profit of 27 million.



Let’s get vincent kompany for 50.
Falcao/cavani 50/40.
N a dmf. We dun have a specialist dmf. may be cbs aren’t the only to blame. 23/33 will give us the best out there.
N we are good for at least one silverware!!! Finally.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

N how very urban youth of you..


Merely prototypes to the players we should be getting.
I know vincent is impossible n falcao too with the competition to sign him, n yea, may be cavani as well.
Actually, how about we buy the ape that just won the titshits yet another game? With goals like that, we won’t need to play a half decent striker. Kidding. He’s a boyhood arsenal fan though. Heard that somewhere.

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Forget Vincent Kompany, he’s always injured and he tried to hurt Jack Wilshere.

Adil Rami (Frenchman of Moroccan decent) who plays for Valencia in Spain is the man. He’s got two nicknames – “The Rock” and “Shrek”. Hopefully when he comes to Arsenal we can do rid of the later.

Only problem is if Chamakh comes back from loan we risk him showing the new Moroccan guy all the various places on Edgware Road to smoke shisha.


Sorry, bit off subject but come on you Hammers! 1-1 now. Would love Spuds to drop some points here!


First Spurs game this season I’m actually on the radio listening to. Come on Big Sam!


Spurs have looked annoyingly strong this year. Hopefully both they and Chelsea will have big slumps to coincide with our return to form!

5-2 again on Sunday?


Bollocks. That annoying ape cunt just scored a screamer…..


I was quite looking forward to one of AVB’s beaten pot-match interviews where he talks really quickly and sincerely in a deep voice and the interviewer pretends to understand him…..

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Fook’s sake, why can’t we teach Gervinho to do these things? 🙁

That’s alright, our boys produce the best results when a result is “absolutely necessary”, which is the case now that we go to Shiite Fart Lane 4pts behind rather than only 1pt.


Let’s just have a summer where we don’t sell our best player. Infact let’s sign at least a couple of quality players to build around him.


Suggesting players that should be bought is a sure-fire way to get the old thumbs down, but I would love to see Michu at our club. Julio Cesar is a good shout too. Players like that should be within our reach, unlike Falcao.

Lewandowski is always being linked with the Mancs, but why would they need him? They already have Van Cunt, Shrek, Hernandez and Welbeck. Don’t get it.

Theo De Janeiro

Lewandowski has already signed for Bayern munich, but for some reason this wasnt widely reported in the media


No he hasn’t Theo he under contract until the end of next season. He is favoured to go there but Dortmund are trying to flog him to another league. Both Bayern and manure will pay him 100 grand + a week though.


PHW can suck my wood.

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