Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Diary of a season: Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich

In this edition, post-match thoughts from the Champions League.

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Schezzer needs to be replaced. We need a safe pair of hands, too many times we’ve conceded goals that he could have prevented. Arsenal needs a new goalie, a mature one. End of.

it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

As much as I love Schezzer’s character I hope he never gives another fucking interview ever again.

How the hell did relegation-battling QPR (stadium capacity 17,000) snatch that Julius Caesar guy from Milan for FREE?

If we can’t spend any money, wouldn’t this guy (who’s one Champions League and Serie A titles with Milan) have been the perfect fit?

I love Wenger’s belief and loyalty in our young, developng first-teamers, but Julius Ceasar wouldn’t have conceded against Blackburn and he wouldn’t have let in Goals #2 and #3 by Bayern Munich last night.

Gunner From Another Mother

As much as I can recognize Cesar’s (I believe Julio, not Julius) pedigree and achievements, from what I have seen he has performed similarly to our own keeper this season: Ranging from match saving performances to absolute clangers. While our Pole in the goal may not be giving us as many of the former as we’d like, he’s still put in some solid shifts for us. Not to say he couldn’t use some real competition to his spot in the starting XI

Willy young

So much needs to change. I do not have the knowledge to know if the players linked are good enough but Bergovic Fellani Cavani Capoue are the type of quality needed. What I do see is far too many average players throughout the squad which need to be shifted before the rebuild Mannone Flappy Shea Mertsecker Djourou Squid Denilson Eastmond Ramsey Diaby Park Bendtner Gervinho Arshavin Watts Galindo Afobe Wellington Frimpong It is incredible the list of players on the books who are not good enough and we have a higher wage bill than Bayern yet look at the difference… Read more »


What we truly need is just to be more like the team like beat us yesterday. Bayern are a team that keep their Cesc’s, RVP’s, and Nasri’s while also smartly investing in quality players who can make a difference. I could be wrong but I believe the Bundesliga has already had similar rules to the FFP in effect, yet Bayern has no problem keeping the players they have developed such as Kroos, Schweinstegger, and Lahm while also bringing in top quality talent like Ribery, Martinez, and Neuer. Just look at their five largest transfers (in euros) Javi Martinez 35.2 million,… Read more »

it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

We spend GBP148mm in wages which is 4th-place in England behind Man$hitty, Chelski, and ManUre. We are last-place in EPL in the “Value for Money” category becuase we have a 33-man squad. What we need is a 22-man squad (averaging GBP100k-a-week) of which EVERY member is ‘world-class’ or close to that. Each of these 22 quality players would be guaranteed a minimum of 30 appearances (of which, minimum 20 starts) a year. When you’re competing for four trophies (assuming you do well, implies 60+ games in a year), you need TWO teams of 11 quality players… not ONE team of… Read more »

Oh yes, and you know well in advance how a player is going to turn out?

it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Of those 22 players, the number of the ‘young’, ‘developing’ and ‘prospective’ sort could be limited to, say, 3. In our case, definitely Gnabry, possibly Miyaichi and Eiseld, but sadly not the ones who are “good enough to play in EPL but not good enough for Arsenal” i.e. Frimprong/Coquelin/Miquel.


Its too late crying over spilt milk. All of these is Arsene’s making. His time as manager is simply up!


Hi Hayley It was very therapeutic listenning to you and daddy at 4 am in the morning maybe I too couldn’t sleep…lol But hey every gunner is hurting not because of last nite as it was excactly what I expected but because of last saturday I know we are all fretting about arsene leaving much as I love him too….but tbh except he goes to everton no top club will pay him 7.5m every year with no trophies qed. It is really sad but arsene’s legacy will end in failure. He and no one else was the architect of his… Read more »

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