Downbeat Wenger pays Bayern tribute


Arsene Wenger has praised the ‘class’ of Bayern Munich and admits it’s almost impossible for Arsenal to progress any further in this season’s Champions League.

A 3-1 home defeat means Arsenal must score three goals without reply in the second leg, and given the German’s defensive efficiency that’s unlikely to happen.

“Let’s not hide the truth: it will be extremely difficult against a team of that quality,” he said.

“They didn’t play two finals in the last three years without that quality that we have seen tonight.

“We have to give our best there and hope that everything will go for us and hope that by the second leg we have built our confidence up a bit more to go into the game with the belief that will be needed.”

And although Arsenal went down, it wasn’t quite as tepid as it was against Blackburn last weekend.

“I think we had a good response today, the players gave absolutely everything. We played against a side who have no doubt at all.

“They have a history in the last six months where everything is positive and you could see as well that every player is confident to play with full power. That’s not completely our case at the moment. But things change sometimes quickly in three weeks, so let’s hope we can do it.

“Bayern is a quality side who can beat anybody in Europe. On top of that, we lack a bit of confidence, like at the moment. That makes them even better.”

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Worth sacrificing the FA cup, Arsene?

Arsene Wenger

I look at you because you say this, I don’t look at him. Are you looking at me while I’m looking at you?

You are not looking at me! then you have one intention: to harm.


Easily said with hindsight mate.


Is it? You thought we can get through Bayern, who not only have players far superior than ours, but are also on an amazing run?
I’ve said it the moment when we drawn them: If we don’t strengthen considerably in January, we’ll be kicked out of the competition relatively easily.
Strengthen we did not, kicked out we are.


Nice bit of Yoda phrasing at the end there, Chair.


@chair – I thought we had a shot at getting something against Bayern as we might turn up for the big games instead of behaving like we’ve already won (Blackburn). Squad against Blackburn was decent, you can’t ask your first XI to play every game in every competition, other squad players have to step up when they get rotated in which is why I don’t think he sacrificed the FA cup, he did however prioritise the CL.


He didn’t sacrifise it, we had a team full of internationals, if the squad cannot beat Blackburn we might as well give up.

Wenger was at fault but not beause of team selection.


This is exactly how I feel as well. The team that we put out against Blackburn should have been able to get the job done. Blackburn are dire, and we fielded a team mostly made up of experienced internationals.

£oyalty for $ale

Hindsight’s always 20/20…


its over bro, its fuckingover.

Jim Jimminy

Bodes well for the rest of the rest of the season.

Villa are either in big trouble or about to ease their way further out of a relegation battle.


Wenger sacrificed the Cup we could win, with the Cup that we had no chance on winning.


Oh come on, would you all really have been happy if he had played the first XI Saturday and a B side tonight? You’d be going on about Wenger losing the plot, his marbles, etc.


No, I believe he should have played the best players against Blackburn and Bayern.


Exactly what sir balls said. And before you say that our best players need a rest and can’t play every 3 days – that’s Arsene’s fault for not buying anyone at all to rotate them.


Yes I would have, for a simple fact that I know who have at least 60% chance of winning the FA and 2% of winning the champions league

The Grime Raper

He should of played his best XI for BOTH games. What’s all this fucking crap about ‘resting’ players anyway? Do you see the likes of Messi or thick necked Ronaldo ‘rested’? Ever? Wenger has no fucking idea. Never has, Never fucking will.


To be fair, the squad that played against Blackburn should have won without our three supposedly best players playing in the second half.


Wenger keeps saying we have 2 top players in each position !

Thats why I think hes lost the plot.

Eric Irish gunner

It was 0-0 when those players came on, so wenger can’t win


Enough with all this “cup we could win” last time i checked man u, man city and chelsea are all still in and we haven’t looked like beating any of them this season.


Well, had we beaten Blackburn, we would have played Milwall, meaning we were only two games away from Wembley.


That’s why they call it a draw, sir balls. It’s not like it was pre set that, milwall vs Arsenal/bb. We could have drawn united away as well


Perhaps he thought beating bayern then getting knocked out later anyways in the quarter finals was more of a trophy than you know….the real F.A CUP TROPHY!

igor stepanovs

he picked a strong side against blackburn. they were far superior on paper and in terms of ability to their opponents. criticise him for not motivating them to do better etc in that game, but not for the selection. if he played wilshere twice in 4 days and wilshere got injured, you’d no doubt be one of the first to jump on the bandwagon demanding his head for running our starlet into the ground. criticise him where it’s due but, ffs, be proportionate…


Our problem is not only psychological it’s also tactical.


also quality and chemistry too. bayern looks like a proper team. they seem to know what their teammates are going to do, on top of that they had precision.
while for us, it seems like a team just train to be fit and practise play like kids at a playground without any instructions, allowing individuals to express themselves, force to make decisions by themselves.

The Grime Raper

Fabregas confirmed in an interview that there was never any tactical studies or discussions at Arsenal. It’s also an established fact that Wenger never so much as watches his opponents. He watches a lot of videos though. Probably porn.


Our problem is we’re shit at football.


One tactically naive side vs one tactically disciplined side. I said it when the draws were made, that this Bayern side is more dangerous than Barca. I saw it, why did the players and managers not see the same thing? Bayern is not unbeatable but you have to concentrate for 90 minutes to beat them.

Unfortunately as early as the 8th minute we had already crumbled. Sad

Porno Gil

Very little patience or sympathy for this man just now. I used to admire him so.


Wenger earns £7 million a year…… after trophy bonuses it comes to about £7 million a year.




We’re assuming the fourth place trophy doesn’t carry a bonus.


There comes a time when you just have to say we were beaten fair and square by a much better team. Boys worked their arses off today. Let’s hope they continue to do that for the remainder of the season.


Sorry but that first goal was lazy covering by TV5, and the second was shocking defending from the corner for a free header from five yards. Those small, little things are our downfall. The ten minutes of excellence in the second half, the positive talk form the manager, the honest hardworking display the rest of the game – are not enough to make us win and win well consistently.


Let’s be fair here. The most shocking piece of comedy defending in the game was by Bayern for our goal.

Poldi looked utterly confused when the ball arrived with “Please put me into the open net” written on it and he realised that the entire Bayern defence was stood in a clump by the near post.
Made me laugh anyway.


i’d rather be in the CL then win the FA cup every time… but wenger was stubborn and didn’t buy this January when it was obvious to everyone that we needed a striker a centre back and mostly a defensive mid… cheap cheap fucking cheap….


Short term maybe, but people forget the basic reason we are supposed to take part in the CL – to compete for it. Obviously you need to be in the CL to be able to complete, but taking part isn’t a success in itself, just like it isn’t a success being in the Premiership instead of the Championship. Especially not for a Club boasting a 60k seater stadium charging the highest prices and paying top wages to the players.

Alex Cutter

The squad should be embarrassed to be taking up a valuable CL spot.


i rather we be in the cl and win the fa or carling cup to stop the long trophy draught and instill abit more belief in the team.
But if i had to choose i would choose the latter. obviously, the CL is a much more prestigious tournament, however, realistically, its 10 times harder than other tournaments and with our current squad our chances are really paper thin.


Wasn’t really a case of how shit we are at the moment, but more of a highlight of how far behind the top teams we are, imo


For me, this is the most important point that can be taken from the game. And Bayern are far better than any Premiership team, imo

Rectum Spectrrum

100% mate. With the players we have. It shows we are 3+ player’s behind a top side. Which we have been since the 2007. Although a weaker squadthan this beat barca.

LANS calendar

No it didn’t. we had Cesc Fabregas that day what do we have now

Rectum Spectrum


Rectum Spectrum


Rectum Spectrum

53 Szczesny
06 Koscielny
20 Djourou
22 Clichy
27 Eboue
04 Fabregas
08 Nasri
14 Walcott
17 A Song
19 Wilshere
10 Van Persie
01 Almunia, 18 Squillaci, 28 Gibbs, 07 Rosicky, 15 Denilson, 23 Arshavin, 52 Bendtner

01 Szczesny
03 Sagna
04 Mertesacker
05 Vermaelen Booked
06 Koscielny
08 Arteta Booked
10 Wilshere
14 Walcott
16 Ramsey
19 Cazorla
09 Podolski
24 Mannone
25 Jenkinson
02 Diaby
07 Rosicky
15 Oxlade-Chamberlain
22 Coquelin
12 Giroud

Miami Hurricane

Getting tired of all the negativity around the club these days from the results on the pitch to the fans off it…. Oh well, looking forward to a Poldilicious win on Saturday


Miami Hurricane – Right, let’s just get behind the team and support them NO MATTER WHAT. Let’s sweep all our troubles under the carpet and pretend they haven’t happened. After all, there’s always the NEXT game to “look forward to”. Ignorance and denial won’t sort anything out, will it ? ACTIONS speak louder than words. What about boycotting games, refusing to buy food and drinks at the ground, not buying merchandise, signing petitions, joining or organising protest marches, chanting ‘Wenger Out.” at half time and full time* ( *so as not to harm the poor players fragile egos ). Gazidis… Read more »

Top Gun Gooner

So does anyone remember how we didn’t buy class in January cheers to another tropheyless year

Aussie Bruce

Name some players who moved in that window who would have made a difference


yanga mbiwa springs to mind


Demba ba is a better cf than that shitbag we had out there tonite.

Mikel Artekkers

Wesley Sneijder (I dont give a fuck about his wages if Theo Wallet is on 100k a week and Podolskinvisible is on 90k.) Alexandre Pato (yes injury worries but we all know a skunk who overcame his injury problems).Loic Remy, Demba Ba, Lucio, Michel Bastos, Lucas (yes PSG would have outbidded us but we still could have tried), Yann M’Vila, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Mathie Debuchy. These are mostly realistic transfers who I would be happy to see at Arsenal. But as a “big” club we should be making moves happen not saying “oh look nobody moved anyway”. Plus, the real damage… Read more »

Andrew Morgan

Forgot to add Moussa Sissoko. Less than £2m. Outstanding so far for Newcastle. Lewis Holtby, less than a mil. Damiao wanted out of Brazil.


Name some players we could have signed in the January window ? Diame would have been a better option at defensive midfield than the makeshift Ramsey. We’re the fifth richest club in Europe ( or the world ? ) – but I guess we couldn’t afford 3.5 million for him, could we ? And Demba Ba. An obvious addition, and a bargain at 7.5 million. But not deemed good enough by Wenger. Instead we rely on having only ONE recognised centre forward at our club in Giroud . Sensible management ? Good contingency planning ? What do you think ?… Read more »

Rectum Spectrrum

Who was available to buy? I think this summer is the time we will finally see the club move forward.


Rectum Spectrum – Admire your optimism. When are you revealing your masterplan to us then ?

” In Arsene we rust.”


Bayern are no mugs – quite the opposite – and we’ve seen better Arsenal sides lose to worse sides than them in the CL (mainly those fuckin Wembley games – Lens anyone?).

So fuck the 2nd leg for now, let’s get 3pts against Villa and get another shot at this fuckin cup again next year.

gnarly charlie

I don’t want 4th. It’s like sloppy seconds. If that’s all we have to cling on for, fuck it I don’t want anything. Let’s go full on mid table, not delude ourselves further by trying to get into a competition we’d never win in a million years.


Maybe you’re right. It’s worked out well for Liverpool after all.

Glory Hunter

Wenger doesn’t deserve 4th place, but unfortunately Arsenal needs the CL.
If this season doesn’t make him change his way, then he needs to leave before things get even worse.


Mooro – ” Maybe you’re right. It’s worked out well for Liverpool after all.” Yes it did, actually. They WON the Champions League in 2005. From Wikipedia – ” Liverpool faced six-time European champions Milan in the final at the Atatürk Stadium in Istanbul on 25 May 2005. Trailing 3–0 at half-time, they scored three goals in a six-minute spell in the second half to level the score at 3–3. There were no goals during extra time, so the match was decided by a penalty shoot-out. With the shoot-out score at 3–2, Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek saved Andriy Shevchenko’s penalty… Read more »


Arsene needs to Fuck Off. And if you thumbs down this comment you are fucking delusional too.


Man I must be delusional. I tried to thumbs down this more than once. So…”fan”…you can have an opinion of him. Hell I don’t believe in his tactical ability like I used to…but telling him to “Fuck Off” is hardly merited for a man who has BLED for this club and his principles. He merits respect…or at least not having shite written about him from someone with the intellect of a baboon who was taught English. Why don’t you offer something constructive next time.


I think you’re being a little generous there. If a baboon were intelligent enough to learn English he’d probably be worth listening to. This wittering cretin isn’t fit to carry the baboon’s book bag.


Well played agent. I shouldn’t have been so rude to baboons everywhere.


Speaking of primates, they say ‘ If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.” We pay our manager 7.5 million pounds in salary and bonuses, but we still have a monkey !

” In Arsene we rust.”


Arseblog Arsene Wenger gay friend


I’ve tried rearranging those words, but I still can’t construct a sentence out of them.



£oyalty for $ale

Truth has an interesting tendency of making sense. You on the other hand, sir, seem to fit a profile of a schizophrenic patient much better.



Danish Gooner

We havnt evolved in europe since the final in 06.United smashed us home and away.Pool smashed us at Anfield,Milan smashed us at the san siro and now Bayern…..we are the also rans of europe what an utter,utter,utter disgrace.


yeah what an utter disgrace to… have not won the champions league yet?

everyone wants to win, everyone has their tactics. wenger’s far from perfect but he’s come consistently closer than most, and in a way that’s been (perhaps a little too) financially stable and through some beautiful, positive football.


I recall Arsenal beating Milan at the San Siro 2-0 after 06, or did I imagine that?

Glasgow Gunner

Bayern had a “no fuckin way you are gonna score” attitude that was reminiscent of the one our invincibles had, once upon a time. Painfully reminiscent


and we did score regardless. once

Giroud's Tribal Tatts

Kroos missile shot us out the water when it looked like we’d got off to a good start. 0-2 at half time and I predicted that exact outcome; a spirited reply but lacking the quality to fulfill the comeback. Sad times for gooners everywhere. I really hope we can resurrect our season and get Champions League football next year and BUILD for next year. Overall a resounding 🙁 in an overall 🙁 season.


I tink if u hav a gud team, u won’t sacrify any trophy 4 oda, pls guys 2 be honest dis is wat u get when u’ver u sold ur experience players n u fail 2 refuel ur tank..


@Tomsy, what language is that? Google translate is having as hard of a time reading it as I am.

As for the match, Arsenal played well for large stretches especially in the second half. Unfortunately it shows the truth about the squad. Even when they play at 100% we do not have the quality to compete with the elite clubs of Europe.

Arsene Wenger

Excuse me while I get my translator. I look at you and wonder, can’t he type proper english? You have one intention….to harm.


Do you live in a caravan?


there comes a time when we have to be honest with ourselves and stop being so precious and illusionary. This team is either not good enough or we have too much lofty expectations that we need to scale down abit.either way my head is still aching.

Cyril Washbrook

It’s pretty clear that the fans’ expectations exceed the club’s expectations. I’ve mentioned before that the club made a decision several years ago to sacrifice (or at least reduce) its ability to challenge realistically for silverware for the short to medium term, in order to secure the club’s long-term financial standing. That is why it moved to the Emirates, that is why it locked in its commercial deals for ten years, and that is why the club has been selling players so that the football business breaks even. The club has, perhaps understandably, never explained the strategy that way. Instead… Read more »


He must say that now>why he didn’t buy plays in January transfer window knowing that he’ll meet such quality club??Old man you have to accept the critism that you have lost all your football pillosophy>which not seen only from the Fans,but even your players>They just can’t come out and say it#LEAVE OUR CLUB FOR FUCK SAKE#


As poor as arsenal were first half bayern were very good . No more than expected really. Jack W obviously gonna be THE man. Lot to do still this season. Hope the club can really back whoevers in charge next season.


Bayern didn’t even break sweat. Tactical fucking joke. The only reason Arsenal scored is because it got so fucking easy for them they virtually fell asleep. Then they thought we need another goal, better get one – so they did.



Please Wenger, from someone who respects and appreciates everything you’ve down for this club, if you truly love this club you’ll step down and take a seat on the board. Please, it’s time to realize that nothing lasts forever. If you truly love this club you will step down at the end of the season and try to help the club from a boardroom perspective.


People need to stop complaing and act like cunts, suppprt them even in these dark moments and get behind the team. By bitching online it will not help the situation, be positive and sunny days will come…


Ah, yes, let’s be “positive”, Jin. And being positive without any kind of plan to go with it will accomplish what, exactly ? Well, more results like Bradford, Blackburn and Bayern. What did “being positive” and “getting behind / supporting the team” achieve there ? It’s not the fans who are at fault. It’s the players, who happen to be a reflection of the manager. If they’re not given proper coaching, tactical instructions, and a motivational game plan, we’ll get more of the same sort of insipid performances that we saw in those matches, and in the league. All roads… Read more »

Rectum Spectrrum


Rectum Spectrum

you were the small minority of booing cunt bags who were roared into silence by the true supporters putting everything into their team last night. fuck you and your ilk.


It’s only 19 days since transfer window closed, and our season over.
Highest payed manager in the league 4 th biggest wage budged in the league why wee so shit then?
Theo a lone CF really?


And not just tactical. we lack some quality and depth too. Sold stars and gradually replaced them with ok players. Not like for like. Look at a guy like Ramsey( and this is no bashing). He had a good game despite what some may say. And he’s done so in recent matches. But his good games are nothing spectacular compared to a level you would need to beat bayern. We have fallen to that level where we have attackers with good games without goals, assists or just dominating the opposition but just because they didn’t play so poorly or simply… Read more »


I think people have to wait until the summer to judge the manager If we strengthen for the first time and do not loose players in 8 years it shows we were waiting for the commercial deals to be renewed and they knew all along how painful this would be as a transition from highbury to the emirates and I will give wenger his dues for keeping us in the champs league with no budget realisticaly. I just hope thats the case and I guess time will tell but having nothing to focus on now only top 4 might be… Read more »


Redser – ” I think people have to wait until the summer to judge the manager.” What utter bollocks. A.K.B.’s just like you, were saying that years ago. And you’ll still be saying it next year too. Just like your lord and master was*. *Remember this from 2008 f.f.s. ?…… I repeat – that’s from 2008 – over FOUR YEARS AGO ! And Wenger was SO confident just three weeks ago that he had such a great team, that he said that it was ‘complete”. So he didn’t think it was necessary to strengthen it in January, when just about… Read more »


spectrum, you are a mere mortal with a militant and bent mind. You think you know shit but most of what you say is pure conjecture. You belong at LG and take your smarmy signature with you


Mr. Wenger is nt a curse, u can neva deliver a trophy again not even the carling cup.. No excuse mr. Wenger, bcos if d game u claim u rested players 4 is dis den d result is notin 2 write about… Dnt even tink of miracle at munich, bcos dere is law of diminishing return in football. What u give is dat u’ll get.. Pls at season end sell varmealen n jack, den buy us 2strikers and convert dem 2 midfielder n defender as usuall, nxt year we culd win treble… Fuck ur principle.


lern 2 inglish


What the fuck bloggs? I thought these retard text speak comments got deleted. This thread is impossible to read.


I dont’t think many people realise how important psychology is in a game like this. Bayern is riding a really high wave at the moment and we are mentally very, very fragile. I don’t see that much difference in the quality of players. It’s all in the head. And if you say that it is Arsene’s job to motivate them, it is not as easy as that. Basically, I think Wenger knows that he has a group players that, if they click, will be magnificent. He has been manager long enough to recognise that. Even I can see that this… Read more »


You have more faith IN THE MANAGER than the club and its interests. And that is why we stagnate year after year. Your only solution is to WAIT ? I suppose you were saying that in 2006, 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012, and 201?. Where has that got us ? “And it will happen.Quite likely in the next few months.” What is your rationale and evidence for believing that, other than just “waiting” ? What is likely to change, given that we do nothing, and allow Wenger to keep trying to do what he hasn’t been able to, for eight years ? Mug. “In… Read more »


arsenal (mediocre team with deluded manager) vs Bayern (one of the best team in da world with the best manager)

what do ya expecting?

Lukas Podolski

I think I speak for everyone here: FUCK SIR BALLS

£oyalty for $ale

He makes a valid point here and there; he’s just one awfully pessimistic man.


You don’t speak for me.

” In Arsene we rust.”

Rectum Spectrum

You’re a miserable cunt, aren’t ya?


Yeah, wouldn’t you be if you saw your club going down the gurgler ? Then again you probably wouldn’t, because stagnating in the league year after year, fighting for 4th position for a place in a competition we’re never going to win, obviously doesn’t faze you one bit. Nor does being 21 points off the leaders with three months left in the season, get you even slightly annoyed, I’ll bet. Do you even care at all ? Go join the other losers who sing “There’s only one Arsene Wenger.” ” In Arsene we rust.” ( for those that can see… Read more »

Rectum Spectrum

Then again you probably wouldn’t, because stagnating in the league year after year, fighting for 4th position for a place in a competition we’re never going to win, obviously doesn’t faze you one bit.”

you can tell all that just because i think you’re a miserable cunt? you should write for a tabloid newspaper. get some perspective you miserable fucking cunt. i love this club.


Rectum Spectrum – You love this club ? So do I. Which is why I speak out when it’s being mismanaged to the extent that it is. I take it from your criticism of me and my comments, that you disagree with them. That must mean that you’re happy with things the way they have been ( and are ). What do YOU have to contribute to the debate ? Nothing but abuse against me, so far, simply for stating my opinion, and those of an increasing number of us. Let me ask you this…..What is Wenger currently doing well… Read more »


Come on Arsene, your players gave everything today? Don’t lie to yourself. Podolski did not give a fuck in that 1st half.


Even spurs would have done better.. Keep gambling mr. Wenger and at the end your name will soon forgotten..pls guys is this the manager that did invincible? Am sorry is nt all about making money, try and back it up with atleast carling cup.


There is no point in Wenger leaving if the board don’t change their “profit first” policy. They’ll just line up another “yes man” to take his place. Maybe Wenger leaving would be the worst thing that could happen…they would replace him with some muppet just happy to be at a big club and would do as he’s told.
Kronke is the root of it.

Alex Cutter

So, you’re claiming that the board isn’t giving him the funds to buy some quality players?

The Lawyer

We lost to a better side tonight, but I don’t buy all this rubbish about how amazing Bayern were. Frankly I thought they were poor, didn’t play much football, but defended well and capitalized on our mistakes with some scruffy goals. It was hardly scintillating stuff and makes conceding three goals even more frustrating. The least you can do against a team like Bayern is to make them work to score. Re Wenger- it’s not fair to blame all the problems at Arsenal on one man, but the bottom line is he’s not earning his corn at the moment. Not… Read more »


Rotation failed, out if fa cup and slim chances to progress now. Should have played with our strongest line up against Blackburn. Hard to see why Wenger can’t see it.

Deadwood Gooner

because he can’t win either way.

If we play our strongest XI vs Blackburn and win, we feel good but risk injury and a substandard performance against Bayern. If we lost vs Bayern 4-0 do you think people would really so “fair play, at least we beat Balckburn”.

It’s a claytons choice

Alex Cutter

“If we lost vs Bayern 4-0…”.

Is 3-1 really that much more preferable?


Do you even care about the FA cup?
Ok, winning won’t be bad. But come on, who are kidding?
The CL is massive. We have prepare for it the best way we can even if chances are nil. You never know.


*you/we kidding


*to prepare


You guys do realise Bayern Munich have only conceded 7 goals this season? further more i also believe this is the first goal they have conceded this year.

Arsenal just need to build on this season with new players and if Arsene wants to build a new team he needs to realise that to accomplish this he needs short term success, like when he first came to Arsenal so Carling cup next year and FA cup cant be taken for grant or he wont have time to finish this team.


I would not be suprise if we loose our game against villa.. As we all know they (villa) is a relegation threaten.


I would not be surprise to read one thread where some Putz didn’t spell LOSE wrong.


For Arsenals most expensive ticket, you get a SEASONS ticket for bayern munchen and not have to put up with seeing your beloved team play like shit!


Our Arsenal last one the premiership ten years ago. Now we celebrate fourth.
Now is the time we are always told to have faith. All we need do is qualify for Europe, a few quality signings and hey presto the glory days will return. I love Arsenal and always will but this story is testing my faith to the limit now. CMOYG

The Ghost Of Henry

The way I see is we are fucked either way. The club made a decision log ago not to compete on money with City, Chelsea or Utd. We went down the ‘morally’ organic route of developing talent and paying fucking peanuts. Obviously with only one team able to win the league the board must of assumed these three would fucking beat the shit out of each other and get bored after a few seasons and then we would lurk in the darkness and wait for our turn to strike and turn up blazing all hell fire. However in that time… Read more »


your spot on.
ultimately though we need a solution but its not like wenger will approve of any suggestions from fans or the media as it is deemed by him as unprofessional.
As a club or team we are trapped in mediocrity, its pretty much unsolvable.

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Wenger we also had a team who could beat anyone in Europe, what now arrogant man


Its all becoming quite pathetic to be honest. I really cant see how a guy that used to win things, and was so in touch with the game, can all of the sudden become so stubborn, never use any different formations in the past 4 years, have a set plan for 70 minutes substitutions and never earlier no matter how the match is going. What the fuck is going on Arsene? What is it that your not telling us. Why have we resorted to playing a formation full of players with 50% of them not in their natural positions. To… Read more »


U are correct, Can’t give u enough tumps up, I’m so depressed

gnarly charlie

Liverpiss ain’t got a deeper squad than us mate.


I hope the worst this season for wenger to be sacked .. 4th place and wenger will stay


Agreed, yehaa. Short term pain for long term gain.

” In Arsene we rust.”


Utterly predictable. Every aspect of the club had become predictable if not staid.

[…] Read More Here: Downbeat Wenger pays Bayern tribute […]

jamil shaikh

still havent lost hope from Arsenal as well as Arsene…would love to see that wenger change the leadership to Arteta,coz Vermaelen cannot handle the pressure of the team and lack talismanshp…and makes Podolski as a permanent Center-Forward of the team….coz Giroud is no doubt a slow and raw quality for PL…walcott had some instincts..damn why always we have to suffer with a problem of Patience ……


I’m guessing Aaron Ramsey’s failure to cut out cross for first Bayern goal was down to trauma of that Shawcross tackle.


Well, it’s actually due more in part to cunta like you being obnoxious.

booing helps

See the Bayern fans tonight? i wish arsenal fans were like that rather than,often at home, being the 12th man for the opposition if arsenal aren’t 2 up by half time. some people booed at half time!! Are they Spurs fans? Had they never heard of bayern? i know people will argue that bayern fans are used to winning hence them getting behind their team but look at stoke…morons yes but effective support. Of course the ticket prices are a prob but then vote with your feet…don’t boo your own team. You can be critical of Wenger but get behind… Read more »


Thank you for this!


How about Mourinho, Laudrup, or Moyes ? And the sooner the better.

” In Arsene we rust.”


so, we dnt hav d CLASS to be a top team..!! whose fault is dis arsene.?? practically there is NO CHANCE we will beat bayern…dats the story of past 8 yrs. 1st kicked out of fa or league cup n then kicked out of champions league in a same week…sum1 plz do sumthng to save d club..