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Giroud: Video’s drilled me into a star

Olivier Giroud has revealed that ever since Arsene Wenger presented him with a special videotape he’s garnered a better understanding of how handsome he is what he needs to be doing on the pitch at Arsenal.

After a slow start to life in North London the Frenchman has become a very effective tool in the Gunners armoury scoring 14 times and getting 10 assists in 34 appearances.

It’s not a bad return for a player who until recently was still getting to grips with the physicality of the Premier League, although he admits he still has room for improvement.

“It’s all going to plan, but I know I can do better,” the 26-year-old told Le Parisien. “I have room to improve, which means I can be more ambitious.

“I have matured in my mind. I have also learnt a lot, in particular with my back to goal. I control the ball more when I receive it and I read the situation.

“I am fortunate to have a coach who I can talk to and share things with. Recently we made a video and he talked me through how I can improve. On the pitch we know what we are doing. There is a trust and communication between us.”

Slightly disappointingly Giroud also revealed that his life’s motto was not ‘I’m sexy and I know it,’ but rather some claptrap about constant self-improvement.

“As a striker you can’t doubt yourself – in a career you will have periods of scarcity. You must be positive constantly and I’m like that. Here, it’s a requirement at a very high level.

“When you have an opportunity you must take it. When it’s not easy, you have to look ahead and demand more from yourself. That’s just my motto.”

Arseblog News doesn’t know what was on the videotape but we’re almost certain it involved some weird dream sequence montage (possibly narrated from beyond the grave by Ted Drake and Cliff Bastin) featuring the best goals of Thierry, Dennis, Bobby, Freddie and Wrighty all interspersed with super slo-mo footage of that hilarious moment John Terry fell on his face in the 5-3 win at the Bridge last season.

Either that or Arsene gave him some classy plot-driven porn which gave Olivier the scoring horn.

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Whatever it was I bet the audio was “Hey Jude”… Na na na na na na na na na na na GI-ROUD!!! That seems to get him going.


I love that song when you guys sing it. I sing it at home haha

rendezvous at Wembley

Olivier GIroud, go on son!

The only video you need to watch is footage of those two awe-inspiring goals against Brighton, and your picture-perfect header versus Liverpool!

Merde Bag

Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women


I’d love to make a video with Olivier

Loop A Hole

Keep them coming you beautiful creature.


Don’t stop putting the ball in the net, either.


Gay for Giroud


Jackie Treehorn draws a lot of water in this town.

Also, not to be a grammar national socialist, but it should be videos, not video’s.

the only sam is nelson

*phew* I was starting to worry about that

the moment QPR lost any of my sympathy wasn’t when they appointed used car salesman ‘Arry Twitcher – it was when I saw a banner at the branch of B&Q they call Loftus Road saying “COME ON YOU R’S” (sic). And this was one of those “official” club banners, not some 12 year old’s bed sheet. Frankly for that misplaced apostrophe alone they should be banished to non-league.

Not that I get angry at that sort of thing. Oh, no.


A backing soundtrack to this video (on the lines of Eye of the Tiger) would take his performance to the next level..

Determination, of course can be given to a player Mr.Brady


He had me at Bonjour..


au revoir mon frere

Curtis Harris

LMFAO! Oh man the feeling that you get when you can only give a comment a “thumbs up” once.


I know a video which can cheer our guys if morale is low…ARSENE TRYING TO ZIP UP HIS COAT!!


Some things in this world are just unfair….beautiful bloke with charming attitude with nifty hairdo….plays football and getting goals. Now give us a hattrick ollie!!!


The video was this:
With a Post-It note that read “chin up, it could be worse…”

[…] Read More Here: Giroud: Video’s drilled me into a star […]


Waz it a video of gervinho missing all his shots on goal?…

Wenger to Giroud: “y u miss like gervinho, start score now!!”

Ken Marshall

Can Arseblog manage one post without 2 sleazy innuendos re Giroud? It really is tiring. We get it, you’d all like to cream him off multiple times a day. Enough already ffs!


Someone’s suppressing their Giroud love


I dont know what Blogs looks like. But as you were imagining him ‘cream giroud off multiple times’, was arseblogger’s face the same as your’s? It was explain a lot.


You must hate Christmas too?


A video tape???Oh well will go the porn route then..some good ol’ ’70s vintage.Don’t forget to rewind it!Per awaits to tax you!

typical tantrum

unrelated, but
Official arsenal website has “media watch” tab?!?!?!?!
i’m all like whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaatt?!?!?!


So did the old one. What am i missing?=)

It is what it is

Fact he has had a hand in 24 goals in 34 appearances, in his first season in English football, is quite telling. Long may this continue.


I just so wish he was less one-footed than he is. Same with Podolski if they receive a chance on their weaker foot they have no choice but to control or lay off rather than finish.

It’s what makes Walcott dangerous now, as defenders can’t just show him on to his left side, because he’s well capable of finishing with either foot.

rendezvous at Wembley

Yup, that’s what made Dutch Skunk dangerous (when he finally mastered his technique with his right foot).

But Giroud scored a beauty vs. Newcastle on his right foot so he’s definitely been working on it in training. And remember Poldi’s right-footed goal for Germany in Euro 2012? (the only goal he scored that tournament) Ball flew into the net at 100mph!


Scored a cracker with his right foot against Newcastle though.


Wouldn´t call that a “weak” foot, would you?

New guy

Podolski can definitely hit it with his right foot (although he won’t do it unless he has to). It’s our non-spanish midfielders who struggle to use two feet.


Other than the goals and shots that he has taken with his right……


While the other commenters are right – his right root isn’t all that bad, and plenty of great strikers have been one footed – I do get what you’re saying. At times he seems overly concerned about it getting it on his stronger side, which is a weakness. That’s trainable though, and I bet that aspect of his game improves.


-walcott – dangerous left side – finishing with either foot –


[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Did anyone else sing the title of this article to the tune of “Video Killed the Radio Star”?


…or am I being Captain Obvious here? Haha


you are.. but its fine lol

Tiger Tadgh

I wish Wenger would make videos for the defenders


yes and Hopefully not backed by the benny hill theme song.

Arsene's Zip

I remember that miss at the start of the season against Stoke from long range. I knew there was something in there.

He’s been awesome for a first season. There’s a lot more to come from ‘Dongmeister’.


Who does his hair?

Naija Gunner

“Either that or Arsene gave him some classy plot-driven porn which gave Olivier the scoring horn”

I love the way u said it, lovely rhyme!

Jennifer Lopez

With a face like that, you don’t need to score them goals. Call me.

Taylor Swift

I need you to write my new songs. Call me Giroud.


Bet that video was ‘Dirty Nuns with big guns’.
It’s Wenger’s favourite.

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