Tuesday, May 17, 2022

God gets a statue

Christ the Redeemer looks over Rio, the Statue of Liberty graces New York harbour, the Sphinx sits proudly just outside Cairo and the Stadium of Light has Titus Bramble.

Arsenal though will be blessed by the presence of God. Again.

Having made Highbury his home and the Emirates the venue for his goodbye, Dennis Bergkamp looks set to grace our new stadium in perpetuity with a statue all of his own.

Pictures posted on Twitter by @chippingvon (since deleted) show a plaster cast capturing the Dutchman in mid-air, effortlessly and gracefully controlling a football in a pose immediately familiar to anyone who watched him throughout his career.

He currently looks a bit like Beavis (from Beavis and Butt-Head fame), but he always kinda did, so we’ll overlook that.

Arsenal have yet to confirm when or where the statue will be unveiled, although they’ve been happy to play up the excitement.

“We’re pleased that speculation surrounding a future possible statue at Emirates Stadium is generating interest and will obviously communicate details if and when there is confirmation of any new developments,” a spokesman told the Daily Telegraph.

Bergkamp will join the likes of Herbert Chapman, Thierry Henry and Tony Adams as the fourth figure from the club’s history to have a statue erected at the Emirates.

If this is how the club are planning to lure Dennis into a coaching role at the club Arseblog News is all for it…

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lol obviously theres a Arsenal fan out there who doesnt like Denny B!


Sp*rs. *cough*

Arsene's Nose

Hope there’s gonna be enough space for Jack’s….


Bit early for that in fairness

....................Tottenham arw shit....................

Put DB10’s on the right of TH14’s and then when jack is done playing put his on the left…maybe even make one for Santos and stick it outside that chippy with all the arsenal stuff in it

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Who the hell is the one dislike from.

Probably some guy who thought Legend was not high enough praise.


The words legend and genius are branded around willy nilly these days. But when they are rightfully applied to a player or person, no other descriptions are necessary.

49 eat that!

Goosebumps whenever the name comes up


Making a statue is against Islam. Repent and ask for forgiveness!


Absofuckinglute legend…. Fucking winner!

Tony Adams morning breath

God yes!

Emannuel Eboue

Nothing for me?

Dr Baptiste

If you can’t even spell your own name right, what hope do the statue makers have of creating anything for you


You know Baptiste, you should stop taking your self so seriously. Laugh a little. It is all we have.

Dr Baptiste

Strangely enough, 6 people have got the joke. You on the other hand did not.

Teflon Goon

At this very moment Gunnersaurus are standing model for your statue, Eboue.

Butter my Arsenal

The Ice Man cometh

Paulo Di Gunnio

He’s the master of Karate and friendship for everyone


And so did I.


I read on twitter that it was one @chippingvon who posted the photo. Could be wrong though

Next year folks

This is tremendous news. I reminisce arsenal drawing with bolton and in danger of a missing a place in the european spots. Then a certain dutchman stepped up with a rocket into the far corner. Stadium erupts.


After the disaster of last week going out of two cups, there was only two things that could cheer us up. A statue of God & a win at SHL. 1 down, 1 to go….. #UTA

Arsene Wenger

That statue shows top,top quality. I think it is ready to play down the middle


Still better than chamakh.


My fucking hero my favourite player of all time wish u had a son who played for us like u. U made me have goose pimples whe I watched u u were that good.

Next year folks

That’s how you honour legends chelsea not airbrushing them out of your history (Di Matteo). Arsenal =class apart. Chelsea = filth.


eh? please explain

Fergie the Gooner

Chelsea had a print of the squad photo at the start of the season with DiMatteo in the centre on a wall outside their stadium. In the last week or so they have removed it in favour of a shot of the squad celebrating in Munich without him.


How about you get off your comp and read a fucking newspaper!

Arteta's perfect hair

And about time too :-)))))

petits handbag

Best goal,that one against FC Thun in his last season….won me a lot of money. But the one against Spuds…..made me a man

Chris Leebowski

hell yeah, just need ljungberg now… complete with shiny red hair


And Pires. Obviously.


naah, too dangerous. imagine the swooning and the resultant car crashes.

Chris Leebowski

maybe they could just make a terra-cotta army style invincibles statue

Eric Irish gunner

Even do Vieira is in city setup he is an arsenal legend, past captain and gave his all for the club in all the years he was with us,his last kick for arsenal won us our last trophy and he’s worth mention

Merlin's Panini

Great stuff. Looks good, probably the best likeness of the new statues, and I think just about the perfect image to capture of God too.

Amaury Bischoff

I learned so much from the man during my time there,thoroughly deserving of the honor.


Fail. “You” never played with Bergkamp. Not at Arsenal, not anywhere.


Who the fuck is giving thumbs down here??

Fuck off spuds, don’t like your kind ’round these parts…

irish arse

God never wore nike boots. Always wore reebok…..pedantic pat, and that is that.


It’s not a Nike swoosh on his shoes, and they even appear to have Puma stripes, too. It’s supposed to be a no-brand shoe.

F. Davies

Nice to see a statue of the great man! I think there should be one of Pat Rice who served the club as both player and coach for so many years!!!!

weeDy Dewey

Poor old Wrighty…


It didn’t help that after his Arsenal career, he showed up in public venues dribbling from the side of his mouth and uttering complete bollocks.

I don’t see a statue of Wright ever being made.

I want my Arsenal back!

What took so long?

Henry's beard

That headline reminds of something someone brilliantly pointed out on /r/gunners. Bergkamp doesn’t deserve a statue.

He deserves a temple.

A N Other

great statue..fully deserved…only piece missing for the set now is Arsene Wenger but i reckon that would take a while.


Liam Brady great servant to club in all departments deserves a trophy. Maybe even pat rice to…..

How much?

I’ve had enough of these pretend trophies. Self back slapping. Void filling and brain washing. Yes, son….Once upon a time, these were players who made us the best. Would we be celebrating our past if we were winning trophies now? DB10 is God….how we miss someone like him.

Clock End Mike

Of course we would. Never forget the past, it’s always something we have to be proud of. So we don’t forget the Chapman years just because of the Invincibles, and there’s a statue to prove it.


With God looking over our men in red and white, maybe we’ll start winning trophies soon(and I’m not talking about the Emirates Cup)

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Watching DB10 in his prime makes you realise why you love football so much, absolutely incredible talent, tried the outrageous when required and pulled it off!

I think Henry just shades Bergkamp as Arsenal’s greatest player due to the goals he scored, but Henry said he was the best player he’s ever played with, definitely deserves a statue!


It will be like a new signing…


We got God in our Arsenal.

Joe Starkey

Thumbs up if you think they should erect a statue of Gervinho.


I may be wrong but I think you’re 10. If not then you’re probably retarded. Both may be worth a shot too!

Eric Irish gunner

Cost to much on iron for the forehead

A Yank

Still faster than Mertesacker.


I’ll skip church on sundays just to have a one on one with the statue. “what is wrong with our defence?” I ask.

(meanwhile) Vermaelen pulls by in his car…..
Me: that’s it!, thanks god.


I don’t know mate, for somebody talking a lot of shit on this thread, that joke wasn’t even a little clever. You should be embarrassed.


Hahaha there you’re frog. Sorry for bringing you out with my shit joke….i only try.


Have a couple of people just gone through this thread and selected the thumbs down button simply for the sake of being a bit of an arse?

Olé Mwanakatwe

Bergkamp is God, who has sent his son upon us to deliver glory unto thee: Jack “Jesus Christ” Wilshere


I’d love to see a statue recreating the moment Keown made Van Nilsterprick shit himself.

Midfield Corporal

Well deserved, greatest player I’ve ever seen. Martin Keown next please, arms outstretched landing on Van Nistelroy.

Eric Irish gunner

With pele from Romford landing one in the ribcage

gooner odst

they should suspend this statue in mid air, maybe a few inches off the ground/statue base or something.

Anti-gravity devices, invisible wires, staff (or players) to hold it up physically, anything to show that he does not stand amongst mere mortals, he floats.


I don’t remember Jens Lehmann ever trapping a ball like that. But good likeness.


what?! the non-flying dutchman is back?!!! oh, wait…

abit late, but still great.

loved bergkamp, he was the player that made me love arsenal. even up to now he is my first and favourite player.


Just seen the pic of it on Facebook amazing . About time too . Best goal I’ve ever seen v Newcastle top class


Hattrick vs leicester? All 3 goals were spectacular. Hard to find a man with bergs skill, really.


better late than never


Although a legend and very much deserved.. This can’t help but smell of propaganda to deflect from recent poor form… Recent being about 5 years.. If arsenal management are one thing it’s great spin doctors … In my opinion the emirates should be renamed to the berkamp..


One of my absolute favorites growing up. True giant of the game, and of our club.

Mate Kiddleton

Ridiculous player to watch – the control, the passing, the flawless technique, the way he bent the ball into the top corner by defying physics. He took Arsenal to another level.

By far and away my favourite player of all time.


Once read on the holy book of arseblog that God has a son. Wondering if that portion of the holy blog is declared a heresay yet?


If that statue doesn’t float on water then it ain’t lifelike enough….
Bin it and start again…..


God Lives Underwater (as long as DB lives in Holland/Netherlands)


i became an Arsenal fan very recently. That doesn’ change the fact that i’ve read up on the illustrious history of the club, and youtube is evidence enough to say this player was what they call a class apart.

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