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Patient Ox is patient

He might well be suffering from second season sydrome, but Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain knows patience is a virtue and that he’s got time to establish himself in the Arsenal team.

The 19 year old caught the eye with some exciting performances and goals last season, but has struggled to make as much of an impact, scoring just twice, but he knows time is on his side.

“I’m only 19 years of age and I’m at Arsenal Football Club,” he said. “I know I’ve got to bide my time, and maybe this is one of those times. Just to get a start was really important to me, and I know that when I get the opportunity, I’ve got to make sure I try and take it.

“It’s always nice for the confidence when you get a run of games. I had a few a couple of weeks ago, I think I played maybe five or six games on the spin and that was nice. I’ve got to expect to sometimes be pulled out because we’ve got so many talented players at this football club.

“Everybody wants to play so you’ve got to take being taken out of the team sometimes, let someone else have a go and make sure you’re ready to come off the bench and affect the games and help the team. You’ve got to bide your time, especially when you’re young.”

Meanwhile, Stoke City’s Michael Owen has escaped an FA charge despite clearly throwing a punch towards Mikel Arteta. FA officials carried out a series of tests at Stoke’s training ground this morning and having seen the former England man repeatedly fail to punch his way out of a wet paper bag decided against any punishment.

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MC Karu

I Fuckin Love The Ox!


I thought he had a great game against Stoke, tested Begovic, only his crossing was off. Used his pace and strength to good effect, their fullbacks (both of them) were given a torrid time by The Ox and Walcott.

A N Other

He will be fine just needs time..

Jack's Right Foot

Good lad. Seems to have his head screwed on right, his time will come.

Yeah Right

Yup. Shame he didn’t score on one of those two chances vs. the cavemen. Would really have boosted his confidence. We all know what he’s capable of. Great talent and still very young.

the only sam is nelson

as hideous as it may be to contemplate it, the Ox does – footballistically at least – have something of the Shrek about him. the ability to get to full pelt from a standing start, the willingness to leather the ball, the vicious shot with no backlift, the nuggety way he sticks to the ball (compare and contrast with Theodore’s super bouncy shins that repel footballs tens of yards, even into Row Z). he looks pretty fucking good to me. let’s hope the Ox doesn’t end up on the wrong side of the kind of morons who boo Rambo if… Read more »

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

Ramsey is going to be alright. And I don’t think anyone ever booed him, however I was afraid until the 31st last month that we would have another Eboue situation with Santos. No matter how bad he plays, the guy is a nice fella and its not his fault Wenger picks him.

Sisqo's agent

Are we really using awful, beaten to death memes Arseblog? You’re above that.

Mike Dexter

what’s a meme?

the only sam is nelson

well there’s a question

some might say that it’s something that most of us find difficult to pull apart, but once we see it we are mesmerised by the gaping depth confronting us.

Piers Morgan's punchable face

Blogs should make the next match rating post a meme special just to troll you good sir. 😛

the only sam is nelson

Ryan Shawcross: lemonparty


Tony Pulis: Meatspin

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

Ashley Cole: Goatse


Robin can Persie: jar squatter


‘Second season syndrome’ is a bit harsh on the lad I think. Considering he’s 19, it possibly just down to the fact that he’s not the finished article yet, rather than a discernible dip in previously established good form. Splitting hairs you might say, but confidence is so important at this stage of a career, and I wonder if bandying about phrases like that is entirely helpful.

Tom Thumb

That picture is brilliant,its like something from a kung fu movie


amazing how he can balance on a ball with just his fingertips, proof he is the legendary chosen one!


or space porn


He’ll be fine. Theo was doing nowt at 19, now he’s a 20 goal a season winger/striker. Might not know how to win trophies anymore but he sure as hell ain’t lost it in the youth development department


Theo is not yet a 20 goal/season striker. Well on his way there though.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

He has 18 already this season…

A N Other

18 already with fair bit of season to go.. His goals against Chelsea, Newcastle and Liverpool were awesome.. I am glad he signed his contract.

Adam H

He’s only 19 and he’s already that good. Yes its not better than last year but still..I get shivers of excitement when I think about what Ox and the rest of the British Core can become when they’re already so good. However to help these guys grow further we need that world class talent everywhere in the team and sadly we lack that. Hope Wenger addresses all the issues in the summer and not paper over the cracks again.

just your average gooner

I thought he looked lively at the weekend, should probably have scored 1 or 2, but was taking people on well and getting into good positions. If he keeps playing the same I’m sure the goals will come

arsenal DNA

IN few years the very name of ox will terrorize wingbacks,just wait and watch


I think nobody can complain about the Ox. He might have not played amazingly every time, but that’s just normal. Important is that he works on his game. He didn’t get many chances to play which I think is great, not because he is bad or anything, but it’s good that we’re not too reliant on a 19 year old. He’s right on track to become the player we know he has in him. Also it is beneficial for him to not be pushed too much at his age, to let him develop not too much in the public’s eye,… Read more »

Armchair gooner

I think other players will hate playing against the Ox in years to come , he is good on the ball and a big fucking unit too!

Cazorla is awesome but a bit of grunt is needed around him to back him up, Wilshire and the Ox are that….( but not hoof footed orcs!)

Armchair gooner

Basically what Arsenal DNA said…….


Some thoughts on the Ox. He’s got some weight about him (not a belly, but just overall body mass) that gives him a real physical presence, and he doesn’t easily get bullied. Combine that with his super fast acceleration and he’s really hard to stop. Then, he’s got great technical ability and dribbles are a natural part of his game. I really love how tidy his movement is, it’s really textbook stuff (unlike the chaotic Gervinho). Now he looks to add a fierce shot to his arsenal and his combination play will get also better and better (thanks to our… Read more »


I believe that the OX have potential to become our own BALE.

He is strong,quick,technical, got a great shot, not sure of his crossing but he is deadly 1vs1.
What he has now is secund season syndrome, hope he can step up next season.
Just wait and see, in 4 years the OX and walcott could be the best wingers in the league/europe.


If the Ox develops anything like the technical ability of Bale he’ll be twice the player.
Put yourself in the position of a defender. Given the choice of the two, which would you rather be taking on? The prancing gibbon who can be relied upon to drop at the hint of a tackle, or the charging bull who isn’t going to be stopped by anything short of a full-blooded challenge, which is very likely to hurt you more than him?

Jim Jimminy

Prancing gibbon. Lol.

A N Other

I dont know Prancing gibbon but since its be related to Bale it must be quite bad.

What’s it with Southampton academy and pacy wingers? They seem to produce a lot of these on regular basis..


All got something to run from … Apols


He looks much better on the left that he does on the right for me. The games he has played instead of Walcott I think he’s struggled but when he has played from the left, like against Stoke, I’ve been more impressed. His best games last season were from the left as well, Blackburn, Man Utd. I thought he did alright Sat. Went past which ever oaf they had at left back a couple of times.

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Armchair gooner

I imagine he could the target man job as well as giroud when required to mix things up in and around the box…..

(NB giroud is doing a good job)
(I.E. when girouds not available)
(AKA impact sub)
(PS I wish wenger was my daddy)

Armchair gooner

I see a couple of wenger out campaigners thumbed me down,

Oh you tabloid reading oiks…….

LANS calendar

this lad is going to be top quality

3rd place is a trophy

Roy Hodgson is no idiot. He obviously can envision our Ox getting assists and scoring goals for England in Brazil 2014.

C’mon Ox, keep your head down and work hard and I’m sure you’ll become the English Messi.


The problem with that bit is that England won’t qualify for 2014.

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i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Ox is the man! Like watching Glenn helder in his pomp, before the gay porn addiction

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