Sunday, June 4, 2023

Wenger laments woeful FA Cup exit

There aren’t really any excuses for losing at home in the FA Cup to an outfit as shambolic as Blackburn Rovers but this Arsenal team seem to thrive on testing the patience and loyalty of even the most ardent supporters with performances so tawdry they’d shame even the most hungover pub team.

Speaking after the game about what he’d witnessed from his squad, Arsene Wenger’s accepted that the 90 minutes was far from acceptable.

“I do not want go too too much into detail but I believe we were really guilty on the goal.

“Not one defeat is acceptable. You are in this job to win every single game,” he continued.

“It is very painful and very disappointing to lose a game like that. What is important now is to focus on the next one.”

Having missed out on another trophy the boss also accepted that the fans were well within their rights to voice dissatisfaction.

“I can understand it [the boos]. You do not want your fans to be happy when you lose at home to Blackburn when the team has one shot on goal.

“I leave all the headlines and the definite thinking to you. Football is much more unpredictable than that and I believe that 16 years without losing against a lower league team (casually forgetting losses against Burnley and Ipswich), no one has done it so that means up until now the record has been quite good.

“It is very disappointing that the two defeats have happened in the same season (remembering Bradford at least) but I prepared these two in the same way that I did in the 16 years before. If you lose a game people will be very unhappy, I am as well, don’t you worry.”

On this occasion Arseblog News really can’t be bothered to dissect any of the above.

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Not fucking good enough!

Hudson H

Just go away Arsene. Ruining all the great work you did.


I hate to admit this but Arsenal will get roasted by Bayern. Please retire Wenger as I can’t stand the unreasonable excuses…


At another top european club, would a manager who has not won anything for the past 8 years (regardless of qualifying for the UCL every year) been allowed to continue?. I’m not in any way saying that Arsene should be sacked. But this situation could only be tolerated at Arsenal meaning deep within the organization there’s a mentality that trophies are no longer of arsenals concern, as long as there’s a manager who knows how to maintain a good financial model while qualifying for UCL each year (dust on the fans eyes) and threatening to compete for trophies…but only just,… Read more »


It is a shame. These days he seems more happy to go with “I hope this pays off” rather than actually doing what’s right. Here’s a thought arsene… Stop trying to prove everyone else wrong, put your tail between your fucking legs and go out and buy the players we deserve. Stop selling our fucking vital squad members just so you can pick up a guy for a 9th of the cost and say I told you so. Here’s a thought Wenger, maybe after 8 years of the fans telling you want and where to strengthen, maybe we are right… Read more »


bbc was reporting that the arsenal dressing room was still closed for about half an hour after the match and am sure a dressdown was going on in there …why cant arsene just come out for once and say as it is…like..”that was,frankly,bollocks”


We don’t have enough resources: teams like Swansea, Blackburn, Bratford have at least 50 times less money and supposedly weak squads, yet they beat us Wenger doesnt’ receive enough money: The board has given Wenger enough money to buy at least two extra, actual top players and not 7 shitty ones we can’t offload later. Blame Wenger, sorry Who can take the wheel later, only WEnger: No, even Laudrup, Pellegrini, Henckes, lots of coaches do a better job considering they aren’t part of one of the 5 richest clubs in the world with great players. ANY other COACH has a… Read more »


It’s especially infuriating when you know he’s one of the highest paid managers in the world with 7mil a year – same as Ferguson


as arsenal fan, If you’re not feelin mad about arsenal now,then i’d to call you RETARDED as ffffffuck.

this situation just like another day, but wenger never learn! against BAYERN would be huge. but yesterday its only blackburnnnnnn. idk about the big forehead and lazygiroud?

i cant even think positive about us now.

help us GOD…

Pride of London

Blame Wenger its alot easier that way. im annoyed with him too but thats outta line. In Arsene I Trust


just one fact
since the 2004/05 season
arsenal have brought in 49 thats right 49 new players!!!!
and sold 79


Wenger needs a proper boss. Someone who holds him to account and assesses and measures his performance. He seems to be the only person in the world who does not report to anyone.


A really inconsistent and pathetic performance yet again. What happened to the Arsenal I know and adore?


The worrying thing is it’s not inconsistent is it?! We’re consistently shite these days with the odd good performance.

I’ve said it for a while but it’s as if he has no control over his team any more. It’s as if they look at him as “that uncle that used to be cool once, you know him that tells stories of yesterday but now stinks of piss and drools a bit.”

I don't comment here often

It’s still there, just not playing as well as they used to. Simple.


We sold it.

The Grime Raper

The Arsenal you and I knew and adored has been dismantled and reassembled with faulty or sub-standard parts, by someone with little or no idea. The team – dare I say the club – is totally fucked. Only radical surgery is going to turn this round. Prepare for the stuffing of a lifetime next Wednesday.


Your right I can’t believe how lazy arseblog news is being.


Does our concerns get considered here?


@Des I have to agree that Arsenal are only in it for the money and not for trophies. Qualifying for Champions League (doubt this season) and finishing in top 4 of EPL is not satisfactory to me perhaps to Kroenke. Please address this issue from the top and Wenger stop being so damn stubborn.


I’m lamenting as well mate

flying dutchmen

Arsenal have lost their last three cup ties and won just one of their last 17 league games with Mike Dean refereeing.

At the very least an interesting stat no?


No. And it’s not getting any more interesting for being repeated endlessly over and over at every chance possible.


We all know Dean is a proick but he was in no way responsible for our fucking dismal season. Arsene is, he’s the manager


Sorry I meant Prick, with a capital P

The Grime Raper

Let’s not protect the culprits any longer by blaming the Ref FFS. Interesting stat or not – Wenger justified his lack of action in the January window by saying he had a strong squad with two quality players in every position. There was more crap about not buying anything less than ‘super super quality’. He is also on record as saying (in defence of those who have already written our chances off against the Germans on Wednesday) “we’re going to surprise you all”. This I must see!


For once, Dean had fuck all to do with that result.

paid for by Fergie

Were you there? The ‘triple-substitution’ of Wilshere/Walcott/Cazorla was standing on the touchline at the 67th-minute. By the time Mike Dean allowed the substitution it was the 73rd-minute, and there were THREE clear stoppages of play when they should’ve been allowed on the pitch earlier. The Blackburn goal happened immediately after the belated substitution.

Just how much is Doctor Evil Fergie paying into Mike Dean’s Swiss bank account anyways?


“Yao gervais shittecus”.

That’s the scientific name for a shit footballer.


Fuck off, Wenger! You’re finished!


Actually he’s not.

The Grime Raper

Those of you who have thumbed this down have no grip on reality.


Reality shows that the heat of the moment is never the time to make long-term decisions.

Just look at the likes of Palermo etc.

Some perspective is always needed.

LANS calendar

how does 8 years of perspective sound


I said pretty much what you’ve just stated on this blog the night we signed Moreno and got plenty of thumbs down. Too many ‘fans’ live in an unrealistic utopia, believing all will become good because we are Arsenal FC but you cannot escape the facts. And once again, yesterday was another example of the current squad simply not being good enough. And it’s a mentality thing which is a large part of the problem. However, had Wenger gone out and purchased another striker in Jan (just 1 example) we would have had the option of mixing it up yesterday… Read more »


Diaby being the replacement of Viera is just a wishful thinking. He doesn’t have the physical presence of Viera. He is not a hard tackler and fall down even under little pressure. Diaby is just an excuse for Wenger to not buy a defensive mid. Shuld have signed Sissoko.


Stop with the knee jerk. He had 2 decent games and now he is your hero, isn’t he? Did you even watch him in Ligue 1? My guess, no, you didn’t.
You are one of those, who wants Laudrup instead of AW cause he’s enjoying a decent spell now, forgetting, he was basically shit in La Liga. Last year, you were moaning about Rodgers or Lambert taking over Wenger and missing Huntelaar. You are just a flavour of the week type guy.


Laudrup wasnt shit in La Liga. He’s always been a good manager, and believe me, i know this.


i didn’t want Rodgers/Huntelaar/lambert at Arsenal. But I would like to see a decent defensive mid at Arsenal



You know fuck all about La Liga then.


Swear he’s linked to He has hasn’t he.


@ffff It is not a made up story, Idiot. That consists of direct quote from Sissoko.


I think its hilarious that your talking about tough tackling midfielders and mention sissoko… When he actually plays in santis position with cabaye and tiote deeper.

Just saying….


I also don’t understand why you’ve brought diaby into the defensive mid debate.. he is not the same player as viera, nothing alike except build. Mikel arteta is our defensive mid, yes diaby has played there before but only when our actual Lego haired man was injured.

Toure Motors

Dross. Complete and utter dross.


I still back Wenger but never will back his substitutions. Takes Rosicky off when he was starting to really influence the game. Diaby was absolute pants all game and he still stayed on. It was a sad game. Unlucky on many fronts.


I agree. And why not keep the Ox on as well and move to a 4-4-2 with Giroud and Walcott both up front? We needed to keep every attacking outlet on the pitch.

Jim'll touch it

Think I’m going to support Spurs now.


Please fuck off and do

Jim's touched it



Frantic Gooner

I understand people lamenting this loss, it obviously hurts a lot. But fucking comments like this piss me off. I’m a Gunner through thick and thin, go take your sorry ass elsewhere


Now that’s a whole new crazy.
Spurs? The filth of the earth?…..go home, you’re drunk!


You are just a troll.


And you’re feeding him.


Why they got knocked out by Championship opposition as well. As well as the myriad of other reasons why you shouldnt support them lot


What a moronic thing to say..


You dirty fucking bastard. I bet your wife wishes she married a real man.


Comport yourself!

Vic Viniger

I hope Gareth Bale creeps into your house tonight and fuck’s his monkey AIDS into you anus!


oh fuck offf bitch!








Gervinho and Diaby will get a new contract at the end of the season. Wenger knows

petits handbag

Honestly arseblog…..just put it all up as fuck off until Tuesday


Home draw against a lower league side that is owned by a family of Indians that are good at selling chicken and have very little knowledge of football. Rested several keys players for the only cup we had a realistic chance of winning. Just depressing.


Year after year after year we sacrifice winnable cups for fourth place, and make that as difficult as possible. When we go put of all cup competitions in the weeks (sorry but Bayern will do us) then we have a terrible run in the league too and AW blames it on confidence! We’ve got sp*rs in a couple of weeks waiting for their holy grail, a win and they’ve more or less guaranteed finishing above us. That SHOULD be Wenger out.


The only way to respond to this defeat is to be absolutely ruthless against bayern.


OR .. OR … a thumping which will make us forget this


Completely agree. Break Ribery slowly, add another scar to that other ugly assholes’ face, and then bring on Arshavin to seal the late, come from behind win. On wait, I’m imagining what I would do to them and I’m stuck in 2009.


Go home Arsenal, you’re drunk!

Oh wait……We were at home!


Don’t even know where to start.


I’m not watching an Arsenal game in which Forehead starts. End of story.


No arsene, I don’t think you’ve got a fuckin clue how we, the fans, feel. You get paid 7 million pounds a year to preside over this fuckin dross… We help pay your 7 million pounds so you can preside over this fuckin dross… Enough is enough…. Your constant bullshit is fucking numbing… You tell us that their are no players of “super quality” that will improve the squad… You are surely jesting, taking us fans for fuckin mugs… Are you seriously saying that there are no players in the whole fuckin world who are not better than gervinho…? If… Read more »

matt senior

Good rant.

“Ive prepared for these games the way I prepared for 16 years…” this is the definition of insanity right? times change so should a successful manager. Evolve or die… we seem to be doing the latter. Come on Arsenal!

do we even practice corners in training?

I didn’t count but it felt like we had two dozen corners vs. Blackburn’s none. Just wondering, but is “corner kick practice” even included in this ‘preparation’ of your Arsene?

The Grime Raper

Shame the old fool isn’t going to read your comment.

Even if he did, he’d probably regard you as a pleb with no mental strength.


I agree Arsenal needs improving, but you’ve got what Wenger said wrong – he’s saying there is no top quality player for a ‘reasonable’ price, ‘reasonable’ being not at what he considers an inflated price.

And after Andy Carroll, I tend to agree.


How much was Sissoko?
No top quality player for a reasonable price? My arse.

LANS calendar

the market dictates what’s reasonable, not Arsene fucking Wenger. I don’t go out to buy a house and say – naah these London prices are crazy, I’ll probably just take the cardboard box and the alley to be honest


Mate, agree with you totally re Andy Carroll and the like…. Jesus, laughed my cock off when the mickys paid that much for him…. But surely there must be players out there better than gervinho and not at an inflated price…? And who says the price is inflated anyway…? Wenger… Back to his fuckin stubbornness again aren’t we…?! See previous post…! All I’m saying, with the resources we have, we must be able to find better players than we already have…. If they can’t find the players then they aren’t doing their fuckin jobs…. We are arsenal, we shouldn’t have… Read more »


Stop defending wenger, he cannot motivate his players. And he is making wrong decisions all the fucking time. He is responsible for the team we got, and no one else. This is not good enough for arsenal.

He have done a great job for the club and he is an arsenal legend, but right now he is destroying his own reputation and destroying everything he has build.


Please arsene go away

Inigo Lopez

Please xeecoo go away as well.


At the moment the players don’t even seem to be motivated on the pitch, thats where you come in Arsene…….


And when Arsene won’t come, there’s always Lasagna-time. Prepare yourself, we need you.

Danish Gooner

He is so arrogant it is unbelievable.Focus on the next game that is the same bullshit he says after every disgusting defeat.There is no excuse for a manager and a squad of players paid 134 mil a year to crumble twice in a season to lower league clubs it is indefensible and he would have been sacked a long time ago at any other club.We are the third biggest club in England and we are reduced to rubble by this french ego manaic and an indifferent yank who couldnt give a shit about the club as long as it makes… Read more »


This “ego maniac” is also the reason why we are the “third biggest club in England”.


What an absolutely absurd post and indicative of the sheep that have been bred under Wenger.

Study the clubs history before 1996 and you will find we were already a massive club and have been for generations.

This is the legacy of a club that has flattered to deceive and with a manager who thinks he has done a Clough. Though both managers careers ARE mirroring each other for the latter part aside from the fact Wenger has a glass of red with dinner as opposed to a bottle of scotch for breakfast.

Not that you would know it…..

Kroenke's accountant

Actually, I think the total wage bill is GBP148million. Unfortunately, half of that goes to deadwood who can’t be entrusted with even a minute of Premier League football.


Come on for most of that match we were the dominant force, some superb saves from keane the blackburn goalie and a mistake by Szcesney lost us the game. For highlighting players who could have performed better there is no point because you could pick from any on the pitch, even so we were in control and it was a smash and grab job from blackburn. As for blaming mike dean that is unfair sian massey made an offside decision and this time she got it wrong she doesn’t make many. Secondly you don’t look to ref to do you… Read more »

santi's panties

sanity at last


Aha the old “judge us at the end of the season” line. Funny how at the end of the season that becomes “judge us at the end of the transfer window” which then leads to yet another season of all tease and no fanny.


We seem to be especially vulnerable to “smash and grab” teams which means that we are tactically inept. We dont have the mentality or the will to do the hard work required to get results, we cant defend set pieces, we cant score on set pieces, wer are a joke when it comes to defending (clean sheats against Sunderland and the Orcs dont mean shit, they are shite). I will always support the Arsenal but I have already judged both the team and Wenger and I have found both lacking, big time. If Wenger is still here at the beginning… Read more »


I like it how you decry us as being vulnerable to smash-and-grab types and then selectively try to ignore the performance against Stoke and Sunderland because they don’t fit your accusations.


Sunderland almost got us. They were better than us in the second half and should have scored. We were lucky then. Why i ignore those games is because People tend to bring them up to show how good we are at defending

jack jack jack

Thank fuck i’m not the only one Richard. Thumbs up. It didn’t happen for us tonight, the mysterious ingredient that makes us sometimes brilliant was missing, but there’s still plenty left to do in the league, and pride to be upheld in Europe. I was feeling so positive about our team but 24 hours ago, so I’m trying not to let this fuck-up get me too depressed; even though our major chance of silverware has gone out of the window I still think we have a good squad, and I stand by that. Now I’m going to be at the… Read more »


It didn’t happen for us because we (in my opinion) lacked the hunger, desire and motivation to make it happen. It was a listless display and too often this happens. If you cannot motivate yourself and, from a manager’s point of view, motivate your players to work as hard as the opposition do to ensure you break them down there has to be serious underlying issues. This happens far too often to put it down to bad luck, Blackburn would have been content coming away with a narrow defeat yet we coasted until it was too late and we were… Read more »

The Grime Raper

We seem to always have to look forward to the next season earlier every season.


We love you Arsenal, We do,
We love you Arsenal, We do,
We love you Arsenal, We do,
Oh Arsenal we love you!


So do I Joe, but i’m afraid it’s going to take a bit more than sing-songs to fix the shit we’re currently in.


Arsenal football club you are a disgrace from top to bottom,you are so mentally weak you are an embarresment. This is the weakest bunch of jokers ever to wear the red of Arsenal, Please Wenger fuck off and take your grand plan with you.


I couldn’t even be arsed to get angry earlier, so shit were we.

Now I’m fuckin livid that it’s got to the stage with my team where I can’t be arsed to get angry.

Where’s that fuckin cat?


I understand the frustration with Wenger and his policies etc. etc. but at the end of the day he fielded a team full of international players with a great deal of experience. They should have been good enough to do the job. Yes these players aren’t good enough for arsenal but they still should have been able to beat Blackburn very very comfortably. I don’t doubt the commitment of these players to the club but I do think Arsenal make them far too comfortable and that’s why there has been an increase in complacency. Furthermore, we need to put this… Read more »


Leave your sense at the door please, this place is not for you, at least not for the next couple of days. Let the moaning begin!


a fuckin excellent comment.


Surely as fans we can expect to beat a League 1 side and a Championship side?
No one expects us to win the League, but we (or at least I ) do expect is for the team to put in 100% effort every time they step on to the pitch and on numerous occasions that has not been the case.


Just 1 question. Who essambled this team?


No-one essambled this team, but yes he assembled it. But seriously i dont believe there is one arsenal fan who didn’t think the team put out was capable of winning this match. I agree the players aren’t arsenal quality. But rosicky, arteta, wojcech were all poor today. Players we can normally rely on to produce a decent performance


oh fuck offf…


I thumbed down this comment and I have idea why, sorry mate.

Dean '67

Arsenal can no longer compete. If we do, we do it in patches like gervinho’s play. But wait, gerv is just shit consistently. Wrong comparison, sorry.


” I prepared these two in the same way that I did in the 16 years before.”

I always wondered how teams figured out how to play against us

Ugandan Gooner

Thank you Wenger for getting me this thumping headache all in the name of supporting this dross……fuck off as well.


Is this you, Bernard? heh


Oh fuck off you old cunt. How many times this year has he said the same shit and nothing has changed? He went on in January about being busy strengthening the team but only because we got an injury to Gibbs he turned around and signed someone WITHIN 24 HOURS. He is pissing on our leg and telling us its raining. Times up you cunt!


Arsene Wenger has only 1 objective left and thats top 4 and I wouldnt want to be him if he fails.

I look at the positives atleast we have less games now to focus on the premier league.

I will be patient he will have a lot of money next season with tv rights and sponsorship deals if he doesnt pull things around and spend money on good players he has to go.


Why wouldn’t you want to be him if he fails…? What will happen….? Fuck all that’s what…. He interviewed his “boss” for his job for fucks sake….! Too much fuckin power and answerable to no one except the yank, who doesn’t give a fuck as long as the coin is rolling in….


Well let me say this AW has been criticised more this season than I have ever seen and the fans will lose patience eventually it wont go on forever thats for sure.

The Grime Raper

How many second chances are you prepared to give this fuckin clown FFS?


Shut this blog down, its a AW supports blog, u all heads are locked in AW ass hole.

£oyalty for $ale

Your truth seems to be bent by your dumb-ass self.

The Grime Raper

Never a truer word. Rammed with Arse(ne) licking AKB’s

furious arsenal fans

Don’t mix up Arsene and Arsenal you idiot!


C’mon mate, lay off Blogs. This is the only Arsenal blog for me. Just go read the ‘Terms and Conditions’… this is the only website in the world where you can laugh your arse off reading the Terms and Condistions. We all have our opinion about Wenger, there is no one right answer. He is a legend who has been put under tremendous financial constraints ever since that asset-stripping Kroenke became owner, but still he should be doing better than this… but then who the fuck else manager would both a) be willing to come, and b) able to do… Read more »


@truth shut the fuck up you idiot!


If you think things are bad now, just wait until Tuesday.


Not really losing to clubs like bayern should be normal by now. Even before we lost to Blackburn. In fact I had no hope we were going to progress deep in the champions league from the start of the season or the upcoming seasons.

gav lee

Wenger may have prepared the same team for the last 16 years as he has said but the rest of us know they are nowhere near the same teams.


I keep checking newsnow to see if Wenger has resigned or been sacked. I also check to see if my lottery numbers have come up. Guess what , none of them are happening but with odds of 14 million to 1, the lottery will happen before that fucking imbecile is out the door.


Made me smile that has crispy…. First time since five to three this afternoon….!

The Grime Raper

Our FA cup exit at the hands of a lower division side (as before) could be a blessing in disguise. We have no chance in the Champs League, nor getting Wenger’s other idea of a ‘trophy’ – 4th place in the Prem. Even that bunch of out-of-touch bufoons that call themselves Directors will have to wake the fuck up now.


Really? Imbecile? Wenger deserves better than that. If you must criticize, do it with some rationality. Show some respect. Ultimately, players on the pitch had to perform and they didn’t. Wenger will be held responsible for the shortcoming at some point, but calling him an imbecile is plain stupid.

Limp Bar

After we thrash Bayern on Tuesday you’ll all change your tunes.


You reckon?


We might actually give Bayern a spanking, but it wont last over two games. The self destruct button will be pushed at some point.

The Grime Raper

Dream on. They’re going to get beat like a dog.


Losing to Bradford was shit
Losing to Blackburn was shitter
Things can only get better then….
Well if we do get embarrassed by Bayern then shittest comes to mind and that’s a clear sign Wengers taking us backwards

The doombringer

Ladies and gentlemen, we are doomed. Bring in mourinho to be our saviour (or anyone who will ditch The Forehead)

The Grime Raper

Mour loves a challenge, but he wouldn’t take this shambles on – especially to be stuck stuck with those senile old Etonians and maybe even Wonga as ‘Director of Football’.

Perish the fuckin thought


It used to be that everything I said was classy and respected now I’m just a broken record spouting the same excuses and hiding behind past achievements its a shame that what will be remembered is the trophy drought and stubbornness not what went before


After 8 years of speaking the same sh*t you eventually get found out!


Seriously though, WTF are these guys being paid for?
Do they even realise who they’re playin for?
When is it enough?! No spirit, no will, no guts, no pride no nothing! Stick me in there instead of Gervinho. For real !!
Wenger makes more then 7.000.000 GBP !!
What a misery… what a mo’fucking misery.


Just one question.. What happened with the Verminator?Recently he doesn’t act like a captain, and he does a lot of mistakes, like today he could save us from the goal.


You know what kills me. There is no consequences for him loosing this game. He pays lip service to the fans. “It wasn’t good enough but we’re now looking forward to the next one” if he was the head if any other industry or team he would be long gone. If I took over and kept losing could I still get away with saying: “it was disappointing but we’re now looking forward to our next game”. How many times do we have to see the headline ‘wringer looking for a response’ on Sky sports news? He is killing our once… Read more »


That is due to the AKB,s and Wengerites.


Cant wait for this season to bite the dust….The moment the word “Record:” and Arsenal get used in the same sentence I fear the worse. Wenger has managed some brilliant records with arsenal but he seems to be undoing every one of them nowadays.
He had a brilliant track record at finding talent as well but now look at what we have. We were quck to get on Arshavin’s back but Gervinho is worse. Its not that he missed the one on one but he missed the fucking goal as well!

Naija Gunner

Cunts! When will all these shit fucks go away.

Does Wenger watch his boys play?

He doesn’t have any fucking plan B and his changes are hard to believe.

pauly bear

Shockin pile of shit today. I just hope we have some kind of bounce back on tursday. Stranger things have happened.

The Grime Raper

Don’t bank on it mate

The Ghost of Henry

“We have just lost a game today and we don’t need to think too much about the eight seasons, The players who played today didn’t play eight seasons ago and we must focus on the next game.” well you fucking managed each of the last eight seasons!


I think Arsene has a secret mistress living in the trophy room. Thats why he doesn’t want anyone going there.




Fuck off all you Arsene-haters

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